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Model 1

Private school


More and more private schools are being set up in china these days, ending the state monopoly of the country’s educational system. Although private schools are still on the experimental stage and are much more expensive as compared with the public schools, there is no lack of application for enrollment.

People welcome private schools for many reasons. First of all, private schools are relieving our government of part of the burdens of financing so many schools. Secondly, parents are willing to send their only child to better schools even if it costs more. Thirdly, having more money than the government-founded public schools, those private schools can attract better teachers. They can also offer better environments including superior living facilities and more advanced teaching equipment.

However, adequate money doesn’t guarantee good education. Without well guided and properly disciplined, the privileged young children might turn out to be new aristocrats, and therefore unfit for our highly competitive modern society.

Model 2

Premature preschool education


The desire to expect kids to become genius is universal. In recent years many parents are keen on sending their kids of 3 to 5 years of age to have various preschool education programs. They regard these programs as preparative training vital to children who will be adaptable in the intense and intricate competition in a modern high technology society once they grow up.

To preschoolers, however, regular preschool education is harmful. If children of such an age are made to play the piano, recite ancient Chinese poems ,memorize English words, in which they don’t have any interest, they will feel that learning is nothing more than ordeal endurance. Consequently, premature regular education will unduly impose pressure on them and will deprive them of freedom for regular development physically and mentally.

In my opinion, preschool education should be based on playing games. In this meaningful entertainment-and-learning situation, children will not only grasp some basic knowledge easily,but also develop their practice capacity. Thereby(因此,从而,在那方面,在那附近), they will have a strong thirst for knowledge and solid foundation for their future study.

Model 3

Two educational patterns


In the last decade,advances in educational reform have led to a hot debate (争论,辩论) over two educational patterns——the exam-oriented and the quality-Oriented. To answer the question——which is superior,however ,we should take the following factors into account.

In general, exam-Oriented education gives priority (先,前,优先,优先权) to the scores of the students as well as the proportion of their entering schools of a higher grade. Under this pattern, cramming method of teaching has found prevalence (普遍流行) all over the schools. In contrast the quality-Oriented education system provides to all the students opportunities to share equal education and they are supposed to enjoy all-round development actively rather than passively. In a word, what the educational pattern cultivates will not merely elites (精华,精锐,中坚分子) in study, but citizens fit in health, rich in knowledge and tasteful in morality (道德).

To tell the truths, as a so-called elite produced by the traditional pattern of education, I believe that the quality-Orientation is much superior to the old one. We ever squeezed (挤,压榨) into a narrow passage (通道), shouldering too heavy pressure,enjoying no childhood. Strictly speaking ,the quality-Oriented education in itself bears no difference from the imperial examination system,which is root and branch out of tune with the modern melody (悦耳的音调). To my mind, knowledge can be sucked (吸取) not only out of books but also from the lively society,to which the quality-Orientation will build an expressway.

Model 4

Students ’ part-time jobs


There are many advantages for a student to have a part-time job. For instance, it helps him to realize that no success comes from nothing. It enables him to be independent and builds up his self-confidence. Therefore, part-time jobs can get the students out of the ivory (象牙) tower and give them the opportunity to know more of himself and of his personal value in society.

As one coin has two sides, the disadvantages can ’t be ignored. Part-time jobs cut into students ’ study time; some even become so preoccupied (被先占的,全神贯注的) with making money that they can’t focus their attention on studying. In the end, the students may fall behind or fail in their studies.

In my opinion, students can choose to take up a job according to their own situation. The most important thing is for him to keep a good balance, put his study on top of the list and assign (分配,指派) an adequate amount of time to it.

Model 5

Should class attendance be required?


Required class attendance is so common at colleges and universities that many teachers and even students themselves simply take it for granted. In fact, required class attendance does more harm than good.

There are several reasons that teachers should not require attendance.

First, rigid attendance policies do not benefit students ’ studies. For example, a student may have to give up a lecture which he finds vital to his studies simply because he dare not run the risk of being penalized for poor attendance in his course. Second, the lectures of some teachers are not always constructive. A student should be allowed to decide for himself whether an in-class experience is worthwhile when his teacher merely repeats material from the textbook or wastes class time by telling irrelevant stories. Last but not least, there is no proven correlation between attendance and performance in a course. A student may never miss a single attendance in a course ,but who knows whether or not he is just sitting there daydreaming all the time?

Required class attendance may secure one hundred percent attendance for a course, but it does not make much sense.

Model 6

If I were a teacher


If I were a teacher, I would speak to my students in stead of reading to them the test all the time, for teaching in my opinion is not only a communication of knowledge ,but also a personal communication between the teacher and the student. When the teacher keeps reading what is printed in the text book, it shows that he is not familiar with what he is going to teach. Otherwise he can talk to the students and dispense with the book or the notes. As his attention is limited to the textbook, the personal communication between the teacher and the students is reduced to a less

important role and in effect makes the teaching less fascinating. If I were a teacher ,I wouldn’t do that. I would talk of my own understanding of what is printed there.

If I were a teacher, I wouldn ’t discourage a student if he talks of his original idea and if I agree with him, I would encourage him to do so, for I don ’t want them to be so passive in their studies as to fill their heads with notions of other people without their own. Other people ’s ideas should only serve to contribute to the formation of their own ideas.

If I were a teacher, I would consider it most important to teach the students to be healthy young people. Knowledge comes second ,for humanistic ideas in a way determine the usage of knowledge one has acquired through education. We don’t want the students to be intelligent but morally bad.

Model 7

Make full use of school days


Almost one-fourth of our lifetime is spent in school. There we are preparing our future and our duty to the community, meanwhile, we make our lifelong friends who will be a great help in our future. Therefore, it is a most important period of our life.

Why do we go to school? Most of us would definitely think we go to school in order to be educated, to be a learned man, and be useful when we complete our studies. Of course, this is true, but more than that. We go to school not only to be educated, but to adjust ourselves, for school is a society in miniature. Our classmates are of different natures, so we begin

to learn human nature early. Thus it enables us to handle relationship between different kinds of people later. A school provides many extracurricular activities,which is a stepping-stone to social life. A school also trains a student to have a clear and sound mind.

Since we have to spend a long time in our life, we should make the most full use of our school days. We should be diligent and build up our upright disposition. Then, we can plunge ourselves into the mainstream of society and contribute a lot to our nation.

Model 8

Youth is a golden age


Youth is a golden age in our lives, often compared to the rising sun. Young people are full of vigor and vitality,which arouse the most pleasurable emotions ,such as first love. Youth is also an age of awakening, when the world looks new and feels mysteriously alive.

We should try to accomplish something when young. Youth is a good time for learning, especially for acquiring more and more knowledge. We are sensitive to everything and we should make full use of our youth to lay a good foundation for the future, which can then be truly successful.

Sometimes we hear our elders remark about our young people, “youth is always wasted on the young. ” What they principally refer to is youth ’s lack of awareness of time’s passage. What wise advice! If we waste our youth, we will never regain it. If we treasure it, we can say when we become old that the days of our youth have been spent to their fullest. Model 9

The one-child family


In china, most people take a positive attitude towards the one-child family. On the one hand, to have one-child benefits the family. It can reduce the economic burden of the family and the child can be taken good care of and get good education. On the other hand, to have one child is advantageous to the country. Overpopulation has become a serious problem ,especially in developing counties. It is certain that the one-child family tends to control population growth, thus promoting the economic development of the nation.

However, there are also some negative views about the one-child family. Some people say that it may result in some social problems in the future. For instance, the parents will feel lonely if their child gets married. Furthermore, parents tend to spoil their only child.

Comparing the different views, we can see quite clearly that the one-child family has many more advantages. It benefits people as well as the country. Besides, it is of vital importance to the realization of our four modernizations.