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Are you making a trip to your favourite destination?At least I hope to ,because it contains great excitement as well as enriches our experences .On the other hand,maybe new opportunities somehow come to you.So,Why not?Here is some simple advice for you.

First,instead of turing to a travel agency,you'd better choose hiking for a change to get away from daily life.In my opinion,travel in groups is more a boring walk after a guide than a process of appreciating secenery in nature.However,it is a little adventurous because you may have to handle possible dangers,accidents and even disasters on the way.For example,you may have got hurt halfway before you realise what is going on,so a cellphone should be equipped for you to get in touch with people in time for rescue.

Second,if possible,it is better to go with a friend than separately.As we know,life is struggle and struggle is life.However,unless you know how to combine work and rest to relax properly,by no means can you really enjoy life.



When asked about the favourite Occpation,everyone can tell their dreams aside,including those still in childhood.Since then,we have devoted ourselves to realising the goals.It isn't strange for women to choose silver screen,where ,if lucky enough,they can play a leading role and take off overnight.For men,they better understand what matters in life:making a career to conquer the world .Besides,they never wait but take action.That is why you find men silent in most cases.As someone says:Life allows no "dress rehearsal"but "live coverage".At times god aslo plays jokes on you by interrrupting with setbacks and failures.In this case,we become accustomed to owing the faults to others.As a result,we can't escape feeling lost,pressed and even desperate. Most people,especially the young,can't accept cruel facts as true and then choose to give up.How so?Don't you see nobody can try once and for all?Don't you know we can never live in prayers,regreats and complaints?Don't you realise keeping up results in possible success while giving up means complete failure only?

Who is a true hero ?The answer isn't surely a leader,a boss or any top man but those who impress us deeply with a strong mind.So now let's take courage and face every challenge peacefully.




Love and death are everlasting topics in any period or dynasty.Love takes place where people live.Of course differences also come about based on various cultures,traditions and personalities .As a motto goes,love makes everything nice.Yes,it stands for the most sincere and romsntic feelings as in the fairy tale between men and women.Also,we are prepared to do what we can to satisfy the other.For example,we may stay alone like a fool while appreciating the portrait of the lover in a photo all day,wait to give the other a surprise all night and prefer losing all to getting separated from him or her.On the contrary,once the flame of love is out,one feels as if the world's doomsday is drawing near,burning all the letters,crying a river,losing weight day by day and even committing suicide at last.

In this case Ican say for sure there must be sth. wrong with the way to love or to be loved.As far as I know,love happens not to change the other.In other words,love means more share than occupation.The saying that distance makes beauty requires us to respect others first,no matter who or what they are.

True love is worth treasuring all life.As a winner against many competitors,why not stop complaining or blaming?Why not think in the other'sposition?Why not understand how blessed you are after your dream of love comes true.

Next please remember the fllowing gold principle:Change yourself first before you changr others.At the same time,hopefully all lovers come together at last.



Flying on a bike,fllowing stars blindly,disagreeing with parents,getting lost in Internet bars,making frequent appointments with people unknown the families ect..These features about teenagers.As parents,we can neither force them to behave as we require nor leave things as they are.It puzzles the whole society all along how to lead them to right ways of behaviour.Even worse,according to a latest survy,there is a sharp rise of crime among teenagers in recent years.No matter whether we are strict or tolerant,we also lately expect they can make a difference in the future.In a world,all above reminds us to take effective measures before it too late.

Environment makes a man.As is known to all,parents are kids'first teachers as well as original examples to fllow.Every child calls for care and love from birth,so we can take the chance to get close to them by spending weekends together,joining in funny games,talking heart to heart,and so on.As long as a harmonious relationship comes into being,they'll naturally become attached to you and the good days with you.Once communications between each other are more and more necessary and full of trust ,there never happens a generation gap.Only when kids treat you as a favourite friend,will they respond to your active education. Next comes the time to "pipe"good adeas and excellent qualities into their minds.Of all the most important item is"Be a man before being able".To be brief,wherever you go,you have to deal with others.That is to say.One's success in career depends on others' support all the way.Therefore you can never skip a nice relationship with people around.This is so-called "EQ".What's more,such qualities as kindness,honesty,bravery,politeness,which make one more attractive in personality also play an important role.

Nobody is a born genius.Everyone has a desire for others'comfort,encouragement and praise even if they are wrong.Next time before you worry or burst into anger,will you stop to practise self-criticism?Perhaps you are really to blame.

坐自行车飞奔,盲目追星,与父母看法相左,沉迷网吧,与家人不认识的人频繁约会等等。这些特征就组成了成年人对于青少年所了解的情况。作为父母,我们是既不能强迫他们按照我们的要求去行为也不能让其人其自然。一直以来,怎样把青少年引上行为正路,困扰着整个社会更糟糕的是根据最新的调查,近年来青少年犯罪锐增。无论我们是严格还是包容。我们都绝对希望他们未来有所作为,总之,上述提醒我们在来得及的情况下采取有效措施。 环境造就人,众所周知。父母是孩子的启蒙老师,也是孩子们学习的最初榜样。每个孩子下来都需要关心和爱护,所以我们就可以抓住这个机会接近他们。采用共度周末,一起参加好玩的游戏,谈心等等方式。只要形成了融洽的关系,他们就会自然的依恋你以及和你一起的好时光。一旦相互之间的沟通越来越必要充满信任的时候,就不可能会有代沟。只有在他们把你当成最喜欢的朋友的时候,他们才会对你的教育作出汇报和最好的响应。




Gone are the days when we struggle miserably for basic conditions of survival.With society developing further,what concerns people in common is the quality of life,including environmentally friendly food,beautiful living serrounndings,rich and colourful entertainment and especially nice health conditions."No health,No future"is Amway's slogan to promote its products,I feel the same way.As you know,nobody can guarantee theywon't come accross any desease all the life.Instead the fact is that quite a few people suffer from a series of health problems in unexpected situations.

The universal way to keep fit is taking regular exercise.however,according to latest scientific research,health comes from four main factors:balanced nutritions,enough sleep,right sports along with an active and optimistic attitude.It looks as if most of the time people eat what they like

rather than what they need.Once fitting supplies of nutritions are broken with one'seating habits.It has to happen sooner or later that the body won't work as normally as in the past,finally troubled by this or that desease.Second,there is such a comparison that shortage of sleep maches sufferings from an illness.I think it can't be more appropriate.Next,doing sports does make much sense to one's health,both strengthening bodies and improving and enterprising character.For the last,I want to ask you how you feel when facing vexing things around you,active or passive?

As a matter of fact,anxiety and anger only end up with a worse mood.After all,what's done can be never undone.Since it happens,adjust yourself,shoulder the responsibility,and work out a possible solution.

As is often the case,not until we get sick,will we make a decision to change the way of life.There is much to be done about health.The next time you aren't quite yourself,do you know where to go and what to do.

我们为基本生存条件痛苦挣扎的日子已经一去不返了,随着社会向前发展,人们共同关心的问题就是生活的品质,包括环保事务,优美的居住环境,丰富多彩的娱乐活动,尤其是良好的健康,有健康才有未来是安利产品宣传的口号,我有同感,你知道,随都不能保证一辈子都不会遇到什么疾病,相反,事实是相当多的人在未曾想到的情况下遭受一连串的健康问题。 保持见看的普遍方法就是将常锻炼,然而根据最新科学研究,健康在于四大因素:均衡的营养充足的睡眠,适当的运动以及积极乐观心态看起来人们大多数时候吃的不是他们需要的而是他们喜欢的,一旦适当的营养供给随着个人饮食习惯的打破,迟早身体就不会想过去那样正常,最后遭受这样那样的疾病之苦。第二,有这样一个比方:睡眠不足相当于海冰,我认为这个比方再恰当不过了,接下来进行运动的却对健康很有意义。既能强身健体又能提高智力。比如,反映的速度,协作的能力,甚至谁和上进心的性格。最后我想问你,当面对周边烦心的事情的时候,你适合中感受挤挤还是消极,事实上,焦虑和愤怒只会导致事情更糟,毕竟事情已经发生,不可挽回、改变。既然发生了调整自己承担责任,找出可行的办法。 通常如此,知道生病,我们才决定去改变我们的生活方式。关于健康,还有太多的事情要 去做,下次下一次,你深感不适的时候,你知道何去何从吗?

The earth

The earth,our unique home,is now buridened with much with fast pace of economic development.So far we haven't discovered any other planet for man to live.As time goes by,can our home "digest"all the damage caused in human's activities?However,a number of facts have proved that there is no going back so laong as we continue the way as ever.In my opinion,there exist major problem as fllows.

A long population ranks No.1 of all.Despite practice of birth control in some countries,the global situation tends to be beyond satisfaction as a whole.It is said that the total number will increase to ten billion by 2050.At that time what to feed them on?Where to gain living space?How to protect our earth will have in store for us.Needless to say,social and enviromental issues turn up one after another.Maybe that is what the world's doomsday is like in the future.

Pollution comes next to rapid growth of population with increasing consumption of limited energy on the earth like coal,oil and natural gas."Green-house Effect"melts the icebergs at both poles,raising sea level and flooding on a large scale.The day will come when our"mother" full of "tears"has to desert the"baby".On the other hand,thrown-away rubbish is everywhere,damaging drinking water day by day.There is such a saying in a public ad:The last drop of water on the earth is our tears if we don't act to stop water pollution.

we seem to have got trapped in a wretched and fatal cycle.Meanwhile,it is time that we made a

choice for continous survival or self-destruction step by step.


地球,我们唯一的家园,随着经济的快速发展,:现在负荷太重,到目前为止,我们还没发现其他可以供人类居住的星球。随着时间的流逝,我们的家园,还能够消化人类活动造成的伤害吗?然而众多的事实却已证明,只要我们像以前一样我行我素,将会万劫不复。在我看来,存在着如下重要问题:人口众多,首当其中,虽然有些国家进行了计划生育的实践,但整体上,全球形势难以让人满意。据说,到了2050年为止,总数将会增加到100亿,那时,用什么去养活他们? 到哪儿去找生存空间?怎样保护我们脆弱的环境?可以预料的球将会为我们准备什么?不用说社会环境问题将会接连二三的出现,也许这就是未来世界末日的模样。




Can you recognise an old friend notmet for ages?Do you still keep in mind those who used to attend school together?Will you help sb. out of trouble at any cost?There is no doubt that friendship is precious.However,a variety of sayings also come about in outline around us.Friendship is a debt of favours never paid off;Friendship is medicine,which both helps you to recover and poisons your behavour;Keeping oneself to oneself as the similarity among all above that people holding the views aren't confident enough?

Yes,it is really a matter of hardships to obtain a true friend.What is a true friend like?He must be the one who can put up with your merits and demerits,who starts you cheering up on your way to sinking low,and who is a timely reminder at the time of success.Actually what is more important is whether you deserve friends'support,understanding and respect because friendship based on nothing but fun is shakeble.One's friends reflect oneself,which suggests self-improvements are always necessary.A man of prestige means more quality than popularity.Now that you aren't diligent for better,there is no use feeling shocked that your friends,one by one,leave you in a hurry.As it turns out,you continue the way,forgive yourself easily and never ask why.

Friendship is nice wine.The longer,the better.Life is boring without a friend,while bitter and wretched without a true one.Every time you think of all occurring to you,will you determine to make some changes?







Home is a shelter to settle down while family is an environment for you to feel and to adapt to.The former leads to comfort and the latter produces happiness or bitterness depending on the way to run it.Since there are so many changable matters with a couple why make a family?Not allcan tell why before they go to the wedding.Instead,one conclusion is commonly reached that lovers wish for a life of more care,support and inspiration in face of any misfortune in the future.Thus it can be found that young people in love make frequent oaths to each other.Once getting married,both will expose what they are like by nature and feel confused about soecific difficulties so that quarrels and even fights aren't avoidable,comepeletely forgetting original promises.Perhaps this is what it means that love needs space.While most families look quiet on the surface,there do hide some problems of conception needing to be solved in night ways.

Home is a place for love but not for reason.To my regret,new couples seem to easily get involved in fighting for who is No.1 at home.In fact,in the endless conflicts nobody wins,just as nobody loves.The only way to keep a family harmonious is to try understanding the other,it is interactive and benefits everyone.To my surprise,many people think it is a shame to admit they are wrong or make an apology.At this time I'll recall a comparison that family is exetrely like a ship on the voyage,which calls for everyone's efforts and co-operation.On the other hand,honesty is important as well.Once it's gone,the couple won't trust each other as before.To make the things worse,all your efforts made to develop the family are possibly in vain at last.

Marriage is a "school".Only when you"graduate",will you know better love is responsibility.Marriage is a test of patience,teamwork and art of leadership.A family won't work without anyone.After you go through it you can become mature day by day.Now I ask you:"Do you still admire those in the family way?

家是居住所,而家庭却是一种环境要你去感受、去适应。前者能够带来舒适,后者能够产生幸福和痛苦,这取决于持家的方式。既然对于夫妇有这么多事情可变,那位什么要成家. 并不是所有人在举行婚礼前能说明原因的。然而,却可以得到一个普遍的结论,那就是希望恋爱双方在将来面对任何不行的编故时,希望得到关心鼓励。所以,就能看到恋爱中的年轻人相互之间信誓旦旦。一旦结婚,双方就回原形毕露,就会对具体困难感到迷惑或糊涂,以至于争吵打架,完全忘记当初的沉默,或许这正是远香近臭的原因吧。虽然大部分家庭表面上看来很平静,但的却隐藏着一些需用正确观点来 解决的观念性问题。





Life is a great stage,where everyone plays all sorts of parts.Or rather,humans are social creatures,and we can never exist all alone.It is because people are related to each other that skills of communication turn out to have an important effect on one's personal valuable and even the fate.Besides,people are aslo creatures of emotions.When one has accepted you,somehow he'll accept what you say and do.It sounds strange,but it is the fact around us.Maybe the following points can be used to guide you.


More praise,less or no criticism.All people,no mater how wise they,have an inner eagerness for positive comments from others even if they aren't as excellent as you say.Practical praise always satisfies one's vanity,eventually giving you a close relationship in return with him or her.It is especially true to those suffering this or that in the life.On the contrary,no matter how sincere and correct you are ,what you have pointed out at least results in a bad mood for the moment.At the same time,we must remember the fact that those we think wrong rarely hold the same view as you.That is,once you put forward an opinion against them,the first reaction is to try to support their own idea in this way or that instead of admitting the mistake.Nobody is easy to change by nature.In fact it is quite satisfactory to discover one who has only sth.in common with you.Since all think well of themselves,why not stop criticism with praise?


Hummour is an effective method to shorten the Psychological distance between each other.Have you ever found an interesting phenimenon that every unhappiness is gone with a smile from the heart?In order to develop a sense of hummour,you are supposed to think in a funny way.In addition,it also takes more effect than you expect to be a good listener,to use body language when necessary and not put in when others are taking.


Communication is power.Communication is wealth.I can't agree more.Of course it is necessary to"get charged"all the way and to learn more from observation .Your ability to survive in today's society will be improved a lot immediately you settle down to study what Itell you as above. 沟通就是力量,沟通就是财富,我非常赞同。当然一直充电以及观察中学习都是必要的,一旦你一静下心来去全心研究上面我说的话,那么你在当今的生存能力就会大大提高。