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1 1、 What ’s your impression on Charles Chaplin and his film ? What ’s his secret for success ?

First recognize Chaplin because of his unique style of comedy movies. At that time I saw a series of his films , such as "Modern Times " Gold Rush " and " Tramp ".He gave me the deepest impression is he always with tiny moustaches ,huge pants or tail coats. he’ll struggle through snow, and fall from windows. He’ll fight men who are twice his size, fall in love with women who hardly notice him and try to hug them.

His films are unique because there is no sound. But every people who don’t understand English can enjoy Chaplin’s films, because they are mostly silent. It isn ’t what says that makes people laugh. His comedy doesn’t depend on words. It depends on little actions which mean the same thing to people all over the word.

He used his unique comedy style to win the audience favorite, But his way to success was not always smooth. Chaplin makes all kinds of stupid mistakes in his films, but he is always in excitement, and never give up. He once said : "You have to believe in yourself , this is the secrets”. So I think this is the secret of Chaplin’s huge success.

2、What are the secrets for success in your mind ?

There are many secrets of success, I think that to be successful, we must first have a firm belief, believe in yourself, because Self-confidence is the first step to success , believe in yourself first , then others will believe you. Give yourself a clear goal, to know yourself, to know what you want to be, do you mind master. Success depends on our own, so we need recognize our potential. At any time , we should have the courage to say to ourself : "I am not afraid failure, because my goal in front, because I have the courage to start again." If we walk towards the prearranged direction, know where to go, we have taken the first step to success.(如果我们朝着预先订立的目标努力着)

The idea is worthless unless we act. We are not a hot-headed approach to the action, but the attitude of can not fail to act. There is no shortcut to success. Therefore, we need to work hardly. In addition, we also need the chance. The achievements of people in this world , all try their efforts to find the opportunity they want . Success also need cooperation ,So we need to deal with the relationship between partners, we can exchange experience with each other, and learn from each other, this can let us faster succeed. That is what I think the secret of success.

3、please define “success ” by giving example

Generally speaking, when we talk about success, we will first think of Li Jia cheng, Bill Gates, because they are generally recognized successful example. Even be defined as the standard of success. I believe that success is when you want to do one thing, in the best

2 state of mind truly make it, whether it is big or small, can be called success. For example, Before the university I didn ’t dare to speak in public places, not even do a simple self-introduction. But, I look for all kinds of opportunities to exercise myself, for example, when have a class meeting I will try to stood on the platform(讲台) express my opinions, to participate in school activities, such as putting on a play. Also by doing part-time jobs to enhance my ability to communicate with others. Now in the face of many strangers, I no longer fear and nervous. Because I do it, so I think I succeed. I have seen many programs about the disabled, some of them are blind, some lost both arms and legs. In my view it is hard to survive, but they are very optimistic(乐观), positive, life is full of confidence. They do not rely on any people, only by their own strength to complete all of things, even do better than we do, so I think they are very successful.

5、When do you feel lonely? please describe your experience and feelings of being lonely

Most of the time I will feel lonely, especially when I came to an unfamiliar environment, there was no family, no friends, at the time the loneliness will multiply(倍增) . Just when I was first to the University that was I feel the most lonely time. Because it is my first time to leave home, leave my parents, to a distant and unfamiliar city. Although there are a lot of people in the campus, but are unfamiliar faces, let me feel only me. I feel so alone, so that a little scared. Another is my last summer vacation work time,That is alse the time that I feel lonely. After all, the school is different from company, in the company we not only need to work well, but also need deal with the relationship with colleagues, in order to better cooperation. The first day to go to work, I was in a torment. Fortunately colleagues are very enthusiastic, so relieved me of loneliness more or less.

6、please list advantages and disadvantages of living with your roommates There are advantages and disadvantages of living with roommates. The advantage is that someone accompany you will not feel lonely or afraid, When you are in trouble can turn to them for help. You can also talk to them, complain that some trifles(琐事), can share your joy with them. In short, the roommate like family or friends, when you need, they will lend a helping hand. Every day we share different feelings or interesting things, It brings me a lot of happiness, let me feel very relax.

But with a roommate will also have a lot of trouble. For example, because everyone comes from different areas, so living habits, personality, will have great differences. Every day to live together will always have the friction(摩擦). For example, I used to sleep early, but my roommates often play until midnight, so this will disturbed my rest. Or , sometimes I feel bad , but do not want to tell them , also do not want to be disturbed , just want to quiet , if this time they are very noisy , then it will make me more upset.

7、when you feel lonely, what would your usually do to get rid of this bad feeling? When I feel lonely, will be very eager to friends appear, Even if it is a friend’s

3 phone call, a message will make me reduce loneliness. So, when I feel lonely, I will take the initiative [i'ni ʃətiv ]主动的 to go to chat with friends, talk about some happy topic, or go to shopping with friends together, so as to distract my attention, dispel驱散 my loneliness.

But most of the time, my friends are not around me , and I don't like to talk to others casually ['kæʒju əli ]随便的, Therefore, whenever this time, I will go to the library to read some books I am interested in, or take a walk in the campus校园(无暇分心),so as not to take into account the lonely. However, as a general practice is to watch some comedy movie, let yourself relax. I feel my loneliness is from the depths of the soul, want to get rid of this bad feeling need rely on my own eventually. So I often as much as possible to participate in collective activities(集体活动), together with my roommate for dinner, class, enjoy the life of the group, it will make me have a sense of security(安全感) and don’t feel lonely.

8、Do you think IQ and EQ ,which one is more important? and why? I think that in the premise of IQ, EQ is more important than IQ. Embodied energy is EQ effect. In the fierce competition of the modern society, only their own power to make the world, it is very difficult to achieve success .A high EQ, good at making friends, career success is a very high probability. If after graduation, such as work, then embarked on the community, EQ is more important, because we need to communicate the exchange with the human, life in every hour and moment does not deal with people. Then there is a high emotional quotient, there must be great supporting role

我认为在智商一定的前提下,情商比智商更重要。情商所体现出的能量就是情商效应。在竞争激烈的现代社会中,仅凭一己之力打天下,很难获得成功。情商高,善于交友的人,事业成功的几率非常高。如果毕业之后,比如工作,那么走上社会的人,情商显得更为重要,因为我们需要跟人沟通交流,生活中无时无刻不与人打交道。那么有一个高情商,一定会有很大的 辅助作用

I think the premise of certain IQ , EQ is more important than IQ . The EQ embodied energy is the EQ effect . Competitive modern society , the mere existence to conquer the world , it is difficult to be successful . EQ is high, people who are good at making friends , the

chances of success are very high . After graduation, such as work , then took to the people of the community , the EQ is more important because we need to communicate with people all the time in life to deal with people . So there is a high emotional intelligence will be of significant supporting role

10、How can one improve his or her EQ?

To improve the emotional intelligence of individuals , should first establish an optimistic attitude towards life , self-confidence . Second , we should lift the shackles of their own

4 hearts . Such as low self-esteem , depression , etc., will affect the individual EQ . Own trap these mental shackles , to find the outcome , such as talk to relatives, friends , listen to their views . Again, should be wide to others , exercise self-discipline . Lenient to others means to have tolerance , tolerant of others have shortcomings and personality . Exercise self-discipline means to enhance self-discipline in all that rational thinking can not act on impulse .

要提高个人情商,首先应建立乐观的生活态度,充满自信。其次应解除自己的心里枷锁。如自卑、压抑等,这些都会影响个人情商。一旦发现自己被这些心理枷锁套住时,应及时寻找结局问题的方法,如向亲人、朋友倾诉,听取他们的意见等。再次,应宽以待人,严以律己。宽以待人意味着要有宽容心,能包容他人得缺点和个性。严以律己意味着要增强自律性,凡事都能理性思维,不能冲动行事。 In order to improve the personal emotional intelligence, first we should establish an

optimistic attitude towards life, full of confidence. Secondly should be relieved of his heart yoke. Such as low self-esteem, depression and so on, all these will affect the individual Eq. Once found himself being on these psychological shackles, should prompt a search for ending the problem, such as to relatives, friends, listen to their opinions. Once again, should be broad-minded toward others, be strict with. Be broad-minded toward others implies a tolerant heart, tolerant of others have shortcomings and personality. Discipline means to strengthen self-discipline, everything can be the rational thinking, not to act on impulse.

11/情商(EQ )又称情绪智力,是近年来心理学家们提出的与智力和智商相对应的概念。它主要是指人在情绪、情感、意志、耐受挫折等方面的品质。



为了更好地适应社会,取得成功,我们每个人只有在了解自己情绪的基础上,调控自己的情绪,理智客观地处理生活工作中的问题。一个高情商的人应该是一个能成熟地控制自己情绪和情感的人,也具备影响和调节别人情绪的能力。它使人们之间能够互相理解,和谐相处,建立起良好的人际关系。人们在准确识别了自我情绪的基础上,能够通过认知和行为有效调节自己的情绪,使自己摆脱焦虑、忧郁、烦躁的不良情绪。 情商是人们用来开启心智的钥匙,激发潜能的要诀。它像一面魔镜,令你时刻反省自己,调整自己,激励自己,是你人生获得成功的力量源泉。Modern psychologists think, emotional intelligence was more important than brains. If intelligence is more used to predict a person's academic achievement, so emotional intelligence is used to predict a person can get success, it reflects more individual social adaptability. A person in the life often have this or that kind of frustration, some people up in arms about the, the result is you get more and more worse; And some people but it can easily control of his emotions, poised to

5 face all kinds of difficulties in life in an invincible position.

In order to better adapt to society, to succeed, we only know everyone in their emotions, and on the basis of control of his emotions and reason objectively process life problem in the work. A high eq should be is a mature to control my emotions and feelings, also have influence and adjust the ability of others' feelings. It makes people understand each other between, harmony, establish a good interpersonal relationship. People in the self

accurately identify mood, and on the basis of the cognitive and behavioral can effectively adjust their mood and make themselves out of anxiety, depression, fidgety bad mood. Emotional intelligence is people used to open the keys of the mind, inspire potential gist. It is like a mirror, make you reflect on their moment, adjust, motivate yourself, your life is the success of power source.


In real life, some people high IQ, but emotional intelligence is not high, they may be learning and the ability to work the best, but interpersonal relationship is not so good, the business also doesn't go so well. And those IQ go but emotional intelligence but very life positive, interpersonal relationship, a struggle and progressive spirit, therefore, this kind of person is particularly easy to succeed. There has been aptly described "by IQ, get a job, by eq get promoted", is a reason. Daniel 'GeErMan in his "emotional intelligence is intelligence," a book points out: emotional quotient and people's life is closely related to each, is to influence people whole life happiness, the key success, emotional intelligence was more important than brains. Someone said, a highly intelligent people can be a good accountant, but only IQ and eq are beautiful person, can become the company's senior executives.

9、Should EQ determine one’s place in life? Yes or no and why? 情商应该决定一个人的生活的位置吗?