雅思 表格及非主流图写作技巧
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The table provides information about the favored tourist destinations in the city of Llorente of different age groups.Each figure for destinations shows the percentage of tourists who visited the destinations on their last holiday .There are four age groups—twenties ,thirties , forties ,and over 50-year-old group.


The most favored destination for all age groups was shopping

centres .The percentage of tourists who visited there was more than 80%, and 95% of tourists of the forties group visited there. The percentages of tourists who vislted art galleries,zoos ,and museums increased as the the age of tourists increased. For example,only 21% of people in the twenties visited art galleries,however ,81% of the oldest age group visited there.On the other hand,the percentages of tourists who visited nightclubs , discotheques ,and cinemas/theatres decreased as the age increased .For example,87%of tourists in twenties visited discotheques,however ,only 5% of the oldest age group did so.

(按大家都喜欢的地点—老年人喜欢的地点—年轻人喜欢的地点这个逻辑顺序进行描述;用on the other hand, for example 等连接词来串联句子。)

To sum up,favored destinations were different for each age group,however ,almost all tourists visited shopping centers.(176 words) (总结得出结论。)表格常用词汇

noticeable trend 明显趋势

pronounced adj. 明显的

significant changes一些较大变化

rank n. vt. vi. 列为,排列,等级

distribute vt. 分布,区别

unequally adv. 不相等地

average n. vt. vi. adj. 平均

corresponding adj. 相应的,通讯的

represent vt. 阐述,表现

overall adj. 总体上讲

in the case of adv. 在... 的情况下

in terms of / in respect of / regarding 在... 方面表格常用表达


1) The table shows (reveals,illustrates ,demonstrates ,depicts ,describes ,indicates) _____.

2) According to the table, _____.

3) As (is) shown in the table, _____.

4) As can be seen from the table, _____.

5) Figures/statistics show (that) _____.

6) It can be seen from the figures/statistics that _____.

7) It is clear from the figures/statistics that _____.

8) It is apparent from the figures/statistics that _____.


1) _____ accounts for (takes up) 20% of all.


2) On the top of the list is _____, which accounts for 70%.


3) At the bottom of the list is _____,which takes up 20% only . 比例最低的是_____,仅占20%。

4) A ranks first,followed by B at 20% and C at 15%.

A 占比例最大,其次是B 占20%及C 占15%。

5) The figure reached the highest/lowest point in _____.

数据在_____时候达到最高点(最低点) 。


1) A has almost (nearly/about) over a quarter (half/twice /one third) as many students as (as much money as) B.

A 的学生数/钱(差不多) 是B 的四分之一/一半/两倍/三分之一/一样。

2) A has about (approximately/exactly /precisely) the same number (proportion/amount) of students (money) as B.

A 和B 的学生/钱/数量/比例差不多/正好一样。

3) A has something in common with B.

A 与B 有一些共同点。

4) The difference between A and B lies in _____.

A 与B 的不同之处在于_____。


1) The number increased (/rose) suddenly (dramatically /rapidly /substantially /considerably /sharply ) from _____ to _____. 数量从_____激增到_____。

2) During 1990 to 2000,there was a sudden (rapid /dramatic /substantial /sharp /considerable ) rise (boom ) in the number of 1990年到2000_____急剧增长到_____。

3) The ten years from 1990 to 2000 witnessed (/saw) a steady growth


4) The number of private cars increased (rose / fell/dropped /declined /decreased) by 20%.


5) The number of private cars in 2000 was 5 times more than that in 1990.


6) The number of private cars roughly (/approximately) doubled (tripled) between 1990 and 2000.

1990年到2000年间,私人汽车数量大约是原来的2倍(3倍) 。 结尾

1) We can conclude from the table that _____.

2) In short (In brief), _____.

3) In conclusion, _____.

4) To conclude, it seems clear that _____.

5) From the table/diagram, we can see _____.

6) As can be seen from the chart/table /diagram, _____.

7) It is clear (/apparent) from the chart (/graph/table) that _____.表格模板

The table shows _____.


According to the figures,as people age in Someland, their social lives reduce .Teenagers and people in their twenties _____. People in their 30s ,40s ,50s and 60s _____.

(general statement,点明从数据中概括得出的一种趋势。)

Group and individual exercise follow a similar pattern.People of all ages spend a good part of their leisure time on entertainment. Teenagers and retired people _____. For everybody else, _____.

(general statement,点明从数据中概括得出的另一种趋势。)

Consequently ,it can be concluded that there is a significant trend towards _____.

4.5.5 流程图 解题关键

流程图flow charts是一个难点。流程图的题目基本不会重复;流程图的词汇随着图表不同而变化,很少出现重复的词汇。幸运的是,流程图考题次数并不多,一年大概三到五次,主要集中在年初年末三个月。


² 1流程图基本不会出现数据,文字信息占主要地位;

² 2流程图以描述为主,比较的机会比图表题少;

² 3流程图中出现的信息都需要描述,而普通图表则不需要描述每一个数据;

² 4流程图的时态多比较单一,主要用一般现在时;

² 5流程图的分段比较灵活,只要不同阶段之间的差距很明显,就可以另起一段。


F 1首先说明该过程是做什么工作的,目的是什么。

F 2准备工作。

F 3按时间/过程先后描述。

F 4结果。

F 5简单总结(可有可无) 。


F 1实物是什么,做什么用的。

F 2基本结构。

F 3工作过程。

F 4简单总结。



例4-33:In two weeks,the fry will grow up to two inches long.


改正:In two weeks, the fry will grow up to two inches long, more than twice longer than it was when hatched.


例4-34:In the second step,workers will rinse bottle glass of any colour.


改正:In the second step,workers will rinse bottle glass of any colour.While the glass in the first phase is possibly life-threatening and contaminated,the glass is now hygeian and ready for the next stage of the recycling process.


例4-35:In the second phase of urban sprawl,land developers start to build a residential area.


改正: In the second phase of urban sprawl,land developers start to build a residential area.It is to serve the needs of those people working in those office blocks and factories built in the first phase .