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One Possible Student Version

Our class is planning to organize a class activity during winter vacation. The winter vocation is around the corner. And I have a preference for holding a charity sale during this vocation, the reasons for which lie in the following aspects.

First of all, the money earned in the charity sale will be sent to those in great need. This will not only help them through difficulties, but also give them warmness and happiness. Moreover, it will also benefit us a lot. For instance, we will grasp the significance of being considerate and thoughtful. Besides, giving others a hand also makes us delightful.

In a word, it is good for us to hold the charity sale for it can help those in want of help and do

benefits to our personal development.



1、 活动宗旨,内容及其对同学的影响;

2、 你的评论。

注意:1.文章的标题和开头已给出(不计词数) 。

2.参考词汇:低碳生活 a low-carbon lifestyle 传单leaflet 郊区suburb

A voluntary activity

Last Sunday, our class launched a voluntary activity.

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 答案 A voluntary activity

Last Sunday, our class launched a voluntary activity. Its theme is to make the city more beautiful and advocate a low-carbon lifestyle. In the morning, we went to plant trees in the suburbs. We worked in cooperation. Some dug holes, some carried and planted trees, and some watered them. In the afternoon, we went to People’s Square to hand out leaflets, raising people’s awareness of environmental protection. Most of the students think highly of the activity, which will surely produce a positive effect on their daily life.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment. As long as there is the possibility of saving our planet, take action now before it is too late. Low carbon living is surely a way of great significance.(120词)





第二节:短文写作(共l 题;满分30分)


We all know that "Chances favor the prepared mind". Only if you are well prepared, will you be able to seize them.





There is no denying that we are eager for golden chances to be successful in life. However, many people are not aware that chances are always for those who get well prepared. I didn’t realize it until I went to high school.

Soon after I became senior one student, a singing competition was to be held in school. I love singing but I was very shy then and had never sung at the top of my voice in public. I could

only sing to myself most of the time. Somehow, I wanted to have a try. When I talked about it with my parents, they inspired me to follow my inner voice and told me as long as I got well prepared, I would make it. With their encouragement, I became confident and practiced hard after class. Sometimes, I would turn to my music teacher for help. When I felt I was ready, the day came. Standing on the stage, I took a deep breath and began to sing with my full emotions. It turned out that I won the first prize .

This experience has taught me a precious lesson in my life. If you are not successful yet, most probably you haven’t been well prepared. Once you have, chances will surely favor you. 最近一段时间我国多个地方出现雾霾天气,极大地影响了人们的健康与生活。因此你想以此为话题,写一篇通讯稿。应包括以下要点:

1. 对生活造成的影响; 2. 建议采取的措施

要求:1. 词数 100 - 120; 2. 开头已给出,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:雾霾haze 雾霾天气hazy weather

Recently hazy weather has occurred in many areas of China. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

One possible student version:

Recently hazy weather has occurred in many areas of China,which has great harm to our daily life. And it has become a growing concern throughout the country.

It’s obvious that hazy weather has many negative effects. First of all, people’s health is threatened and some of them even suffer from diseases such as coughing. In addition, more traffic jams and more accidents arise from it, which in turn disturbs people’s normal life.

Faced with this situation, we are supposed to raise the awareness of environmental protection. Not only should we stop sending out harmful gases, but more energy should be saved in our daily life. Meanwhile, importance should be attached to planting trees. Only when we take effective measures, will our environment make a difference.


众所周知,勤俭节约是中华民族的优良传统,但根据调查,近几年来中学生每月的花销越来越高,根本没有节俭的概念。请就此现象写一篇120 字左右的短文,要求如下:

1. 简单阐述此现象;

2. 分析这一现象的原因;

3. 你的看法。


参考词汇:thrift (n.) 勤俭

According to a survey, in recent years monthly expenses of a middle school student have been on the sharp rise.


According to a survey, in recent years monthly expenses of a middle school student have been on the sharp rise. Many students have no concept of thrift in their mind. They take it for granted that they spend money from their parents. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the following factors.

First of all, nowadays most of the students are the only children of their families. They are the apple in their family’s eyes and naturally get more care and pocket money. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, parents can afford higher expenses of their children. Moreover, some students like to pursue fashion.

From my opinion of view, a middle school student, as a pure consumer, should learn to be thrifty.We should limit our expenses and not buy whatever we want regardless of their price. The habit of thrift can help us form right values and is favorable to our future development.