三年级 记叙文 1778字 208人浏览 二源萌的海角

1 4A 专项训练(连词成句)

班级 姓名


1. animals any do have you(?)

2. thirteen have pictures you(.)

3. lovely the the cat looks tree very in(.)

4. all at those cakes look(.)

5. don ’t I any toy have dolls(.)

6. like you that do tiger (?)

7. toy you have any do cars (?)

8. can’t brother basketball my play (.)

9. at that look dog toy (.)

10. play you table can tennis (?)

11. about hot a dog what (?)

12. fly like to my I kite (.)

13. love little I bedroom my(.)

14. on living room they're in the sofa the (, .)

15. your is in the cap bedroom (.)

2 16. would what like you(?)

17. would I like cups two of tea(.)

18. is a bar snack here (.)

19. you like glass would of milk a(?)

20. are here you (.)

21.socks these beautiful are(.)

22.how is much it(?)

23.are shoes those nice(?)

24. twenty have we yuan(.)

25. I help you can(?)

26.like I’d umbrellas please these(, .)

27.nose very and eyes are small her(.)

28.a now king cool he is(.)

29.but hair is his long(.)

30.she tall is (?)

31.short am I fat and(.)

32.ears big red and my are(.)

3 33.boys look and girls at animals these toy(, .)

34.cute I this like cat(.)

35.like do this panda you and fat cute(?)

36.don ’t I like thin small monkey and this(.)

37.that what it ’s lion a is(?.)

38.big an I have mango a and orange(.)

39.but don ’t I have some grapes any I have bananas(, .)

40.salad let ’s make fruit a(.)

41.apples do you any have(?)

42.have you do many how mangoes(?)

43.cherry have a with cake we hot a(.)

44.grapes purple do you like Tom(, ?)