5A6A- 新版白雪公主
初一 散文 3145字 106人浏览 ——尐月

1 Snow white and seven dwarfs:

旁白: A long time ago, there was a queen. She had a pretty daughter named Snow White. Soon after the child was born, the queen died. The king married another queen. The queen didn’t like her very much. She made Snow White do the housework all day and all night.


白雪出场 扫地 做清洁 .

白雪:My name is Snow White , I am a beautiful girl, I miss my mother so much, Where is my mother? Where is my mother. OH, I don’t like to work. I want to play with my friends.Hello, Boys and girls.



皇后:I’m the new queen. I’m very beautiful.

I have a magic mirror , Now, mirror, mirror, come here!

魔镜:Yes, I’m coming. What do you want to know?

皇后:Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the most beautiful?

魔镜:You are beautiful. But Snow white is much more beautiful than you.


皇后:Snow White? No, no ,no . Oh, hunter, come here, come here!

猎人:Yes. I’m here now.

皇后: Hunter! Go and kill Snow white .

猎人:Yes! Yes ,yes .I will do it .


白雪:( 高兴地摘花 ) One flower, two flowers, three flowers …. How many flowers! How beautiful!

齐:童谣:Roses are red.

猎人:( 慢慢地拔出刀, 但犹豫着说 ) Oh! My God! She is so lovely !I can’t! I can’t kill her! 白雪:(看到后大声哭叫) What are you doing, hunter?

猎人: I ’m very sorry.

白雪:But who? But why?

猎人:The queen。 You are more beautiful than her.

白雪:My dear .Don’t kill me. Please!

旁白 :At this time, a young bear was running by.

The hunter shot it and took the heart to the queen.

Snow White ran into the forest . She saw a little house.

齐:童谣: Little Tommy little mouse

第五场 小矮人出场

旁白 : When it’s dark, The seven dwarfs came back. They were looking for gold.

小矮人: (1)I am TOMMY

(2)I am JEFF

- (3)I am BOB

(4)I am BILL

矮人1:oh, somebody ate my food----

矮人2:oh, somebody drank my water-

矮人3:oh, someone is sleeping now--

2 矮人4:oh, What a beautiful girl--


小 矮 人(齐说): How do you do ?

白雪公主: How do you do?

Nice to meet you!

小矮人 : (齐说) Nice to meet you ,too----

小矮人:(齐说)Welcome to our house.

小矮人:(齐说) Oh, It’s working time. Let’ s go to the farm。

齐:童谣:Down on the farm

旁白 Snow white worked on the farm everyday .they were very happy. But, One day , the queen asked the mirror again.


皇后:Mirror, come here, who is the most beautiful?

魔镜:Snow White is the most beautiful .

皇后:What? But why … Ha ha~~ , I got a good idea. ……

旁白 :The queen made a poisonous apple

and dressed herself like an old woman. She came to the house .




皇后: Apple ,apple, beautiful apple,

白雪: Hello, grandma!

皇后: beautiful girl , give you one.

白雪: Oh, yes ! Thank you! ( 咬了一小口, 倒地,死了 )

皇后:Hahaha….Now I’m the most beautiful in the world. …


旁白:When the seven dwarfs came from work. They saw Snow White was dead

小矮人(齐喊):Snow White, wake up, wake up…


旁白 :One day, a prince came to the seven dwarfs’ house. When he saw Snow White, he fell in love with her.


王子:What a beautiful girl. She will be my queen. I wish she would be awake soon.(做许愿动作) 齐:童谣: I wish upon a star.


白雪: Thank you for your help!

王子:My pleasure

旁白 :After a while, Snow White came to her life。 The prince took Snow White to the palace. Their wedding was held with great snow. And they have a happy life.

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