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上海市2016届高考英语作文预测一范文 A Guided Writing 1-3

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

A .近些年,不少大城市先后出现了雾霾现象,请结合下图谈谈你对雾霾问题(haze )的看法,你的文章必须包括:

1. 简要描述图片内容;

2. 谈谈你在雾霾天的感受并提出你的应对建议。

As is vividly portrayed in the picture, people in big cities are suffering from haze, forcing them to guard against haze.

In contemporary society, haze has become one of the serious pollutants in China, especially in highly-developed cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. On condition that we are in haze for a long time, we will not only feel frustrated but also suffer from a variety of diseases. It sounds unbelievable, but it happens around us whenever and wherever. Both the government and the citizens should seek solutions to handle this problem. Initially, the government should spend more money promoting the development of anti-pollution technology. Moreover, more effective environmental policies ought to be made and carried out. In addition, the public awareness of safeguarding the environment is supposed to be raised. To illustrate, we can choose public transportations and bicycles instead of private cars.

To sum up, only in these ways can we relieve environmental pollution like haze to better our life.

B .随着上海近几年的快速发展,私家车越来越多,曾经很宽阔的马路现在也变得很拥堵,作为上海市民中的一员,请你想出几条办法来解决交通拥堵现象。你的写作要满足以下要求:

1. 描述交通拥堵现象;

2. 说明你解决交通拥堵的办法。

Currently, with the rapid growth in economy of Shanghai, private cars have been increasingly popular with people. Meanwhile, the roads are becoming more crowded as a result of the heavy traffic. To



solve the problem, I am going to put forward several feasible ideas below.

Firstly, taking a taxi should be advocated. It is true that going anywhere in a private car is comfortable and convenient. However, the cost of a car includes petrol fees, parking fees, insurance fees and other costs, which results in a big sum of money paid for cars while there is no need for it by taking a tax i. What’s more, more roads can be built to relieve traffic. And at the same time, buses should have their own special routes so that more people will take the public buses instead of travelling by private cars and bicycles. Besides, taking underground is another better way to go out, especially in rush hours as well as in a busy street. In this way, you will never be worried about the traffic jam. Instead, you will get relieved from a great amount of cost and a tense life.

To sum up, the problem of traffic jam is an urgent one concerning safety and convenience. It’s our duty to take action to solve it.


A Classmate Who Influences Me Most

As the old saying goes, “A life without a friend is a life without a sun.” During my high school life, Han Meimei is my best friend who has great influence on me.

Han Meimei is my classmate in high school. She is a little plump and has a round face. You can always find a nice smile on her face, which reflects her amiable and pleasant character. Our friendship attributes to her help to me in many ways.

In terms of study, she is good at English, while English is not my cup of tea. When I am confused about teacher’s explanation of texts, she always interprets them to me in a simple and clear way. Besides, she also teaches me a few language learning tips which arouse my learning interest.

In addition, in our free time, she helps me a lot as well. My home is far from our school so I am a boarder . Sometimes I feel homesick. However , I always have Han Meimei on my side, whose accompanying comforts me a lot.

A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both. I feel so lucky that I have such a good friend who has good influence on me both in my study and leisure life.


Guided Writing 4-6

Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.



A. 从自动驾驶汽车到为老年人设计的看护机器人,长期以来,对于某些通常由人类完成的


1. 简要描述你所了解的人工智能产品;

2. 请谈谈你对于人工智能在未来的应用前景。

Now we are entering a brand new era full of innovations, so artificial intelligence products are increasingly available to our life, which has brought us countless convenience.

As far as I know, cleaning robots can help do housework while health-care ones are able to take care of the old. They are both artificial intelligence products, which reduce human labor and may even completely replace mankind one day.

From my perspective, AI products will take up an essential place in future society, springing up everywhere. Difficult jobs that require great labor will be coped with by excellent AI products and human can live more easily.

Actually, it is just like a double-edged sword. With great support on the development of AI products, there is also a growing concern over the issue. As far as I am concerned, high on our agenda is that we humanity should improve ourselves as well as develop the technology.

B. 中国的广场舞已经流行到大街小巷,最近在法国的广场上也惊现了中国大妈跳广场舞的


1. 你怎么看待广场舞;

2. 为什么老年人会喜欢广场舞;

3. 广场舞在国外可能会产生什么影响。



Contemporarily, Square Dancing has become the focus of the public. Many senior people even go abroad to dance rhythmically and selflessly. Personally, I am in favor of this action, covering the following factors.

Initially, square dancing is a new way for senior people to enjoy their life. I completely support its development. Being financially sufficient doesn’t bring spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, square dancing just provides a way to relax and enjoy themselves who have devoted to work and family in the past century. Moreover, dancing makes seniors healthier . Compared with playing games, dancing is a positive and energetic exercise, entitling the old to a life of higher quality. In addition, peers who can have heart-to-heart talks can live independently thus reducing the burden of their relatives. As to the government, it is sensible to build more squares to provide stages for the old to dance rather than spend more money on hospitals.

For the foreigners, it is a special culture full of Chinese features. Maybe, one day, they can accept square dancing as a fantastic sport and take an active part in it.

C. 如今,上海各个学校都在不遗余力的开展课外活动,以便丰富学生的课外生活的同时,缓解学习压力。假设你是学校一位学生,给校长写一封信,提出一些建议,你的信必须包含以下内容:

1. 你希望开展什么样的课外活动;

2. 说明你选择这样的活动的理由。



Dear headmaster,

It is a common phenomenon that we are faced with worsening traffic, so I strongly propose that we students should volunteer as assistant traffic police after school. The reasons are as follows.

To begin with, not only can our knowledge of traffic rules be enlarged but also our awareness of safety can be enhanced. Fast-paced life, nowadays, blinds people to their manners and traffic safety. Therefore, it is urgent that we students do our part to alert people to manners and ensure their safe.

What’s more, during our volunteering outside school, we will come across people from all walks of life, which serves as a golden opportunity to broaden our horizon and achieve a deeper understanding of society. Exposed to authentic experience in a mixed world, our ability to communicate and cope with emergency can undoubtedly be improved.

Last, by volunteering, we can always be reminded of heavy traffic and air pollution around, thus arousing our sense of environmental protection and innovative thoughts of eco-friendly means of transportation, which exerts significant influence on our outlook on life and future career in the long run.

To sum up, volunteering as assistant traffic police takes priority when it comes to what extra-curricular activity is preferred and I’m looki ng forward to the adoption of my proposal.




Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


1、 环保宣传的对象;



2、 请写出一两项环保宣传的具体内容;

To raise people’s awareness of environmental protection, we are planning a campaign to publicize the importance of rubbish classification and recycling used batteries in the coming weekend. Held in Fanghua Community, the largest housing estate in our district, our campaign is expected to attract as many residents as possible.

It is generally accepted that rubbish classification is of great significance in our society. Not only can it help reduce rubbish pollution and save money, but also it can enhance people’s qualities. Therefore, in our campaign, we are supposed to let the residents know the advantages of rubbish classification as well as how to segregate our daily waste. What’s more, the residents are appealed to to place their sorted rubbish in different dustbins.

Used batteries, environmental killers, have drawn increasing attention in recent years. Accordingly, enormous efforts will go into the publicity of used batteries. By means of video, play, poster plus speech, we hope that the residents, who used to be casual about disposing used batteries, will know the proper way to handle those “killers”.

As the saying goes, together individuals can make a different. With full preparation and cooperation, we are firmly convinced that our campaign will be a great success.


When it comes to study, the aim of acquiring knowledge varies from person to person. Most of us pursue success in scores or recognition by others. While some put their minds into exploring his or her own interest regardless of so-called social reality and peer pressure.

It's not bad to have different viewpoints after all. As for me, I consider study not only a means of making plenty of money or winning the admiration from people around us, but also a necessary tool which we can make use of to open doors of many opportunities. Therefore, what we have learnt today is a preparation for our future, an opportunity to fulfill our further development. With solid language skills and a desired and welcomed



major , there comes the possibility of enjoying a high-quality life.

So from my perspective, it's extremely important to follow our inner thoughts and feelings from the very beginning of our learning career instead of focusing on fame and fortune alone. Only by this can we purify our spirit and turn out a better self, and deal with

any difficulties and challenges at any time.

三、 中国女科学家屠呦呦获得诺贝尔医学奖,颁奖仪式已经落下帷幕。假如你是启明中


1. 简单介绍你自己以及本次采访的目的;

2. 你打算提哪些问题以及如何规划你的未来学习。

Last weekend, as a reporter of QM Middle School News, I had an interview with the famous scientist Tu Youyou, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine. The meaning of this interview is primarily helping us students know more about TuYouyou and stimulating students to study harder for their dreaming university.

As I entered Tu Youou’s office, she looked at me smilingly and asked me to sit in front of her. Then, I asked her my first question, “Are you busy every day? What’s your everyday job?” She gave me a cup of tea and said, “I am a little busy reading some articles on medicine.” According to professor Tu, medicine can never fail to fascinate her . When I asked her what inspired her to do her job for so long a time, she said she didn’t care the Nobel Prize much but focused on her real interest. She suggested us that we should persevere in doing what we interested us.

Feeling delighted and fruitful, I went out of the office and bore in mind that interest was



the greatest teacher in our studying career. Only if we do what attracts us can a brilliant future be in store for us.

A rewarding day, isn’t it?


Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


1. 简要描述图书馆现状;

2. 提出一些吸引学生过来读书的建议或措施。

Dear Sir or Madam,

Currently, as is known to all, a growing trend has arisen that more people enjoy reading online instead of in the library, thus making the library, once crowded with folks of all ages, a deserted land. To bring the library back to life, a handful of suggestions will be come up with as follows.

To begin with, a book festival should be established to encourage people to be devoted to reading. To meet this, our library should spare no efforts to purchase the latest publications as well as make sure that it has a full set of classic and reference works. What’s more, surfing the I nternet via computers is approved of. The library should use net service to keep pace with the times so as to attract a large number of readers. Furthermore, it may also be a good idea to organize some lectures to arouse people’s, especial ly students’ interest in literature and broaden their knowledge of famous writers.

I hope my proposals will be beneficial to you. If you need any further information, feel free to contact me.


1. 举出一两个例子说明由于信息安全问题给人们现实生活带来的危害。

2. 就信息安全防范问题提出你自己的观点并给出理由。



With the rapid advancement of computer science, we are stepping into the information age, which has brought us a lot of benefits as well as harms. Thus, information security becomes an important issue.

In our daily life, we can find many examples illustrating the harm done by information leakage. There are many people today who love posting online whatever they do every day. In this way, others can easily know your privacy, such as your job, your hobbies, and even your address. Some information could be misused for some bad intentions. In recent years, crimes caused by private information leakage have been rising. In my viewpoint, we should pay more attention to the protection of our privacy online. In order to stay safe on the Internet, we should distinguish right from wrong among all kinds of websites and not offer our private information at random to strangers online. On the other hand, the government should strengthen its supervision over the Internet. In conclusion, prevention is better than cure. We must improve our safety awareness of Internet to create a safer network environment.


1. 说明你的选择;

2. 简要说明你做出该选择的理由。



Summer is coming to town, with Gaokao and the senior school life finally ending. After graduating, the majority have their own plan. Traveling, college bridging courses and society volunteer activities are the common choices, and some may just take this free period to help parents with the housework. Personally, I am willing to take a two-week aid education in Tibet, covering the following factors.

Initially, aid education is mainly intended to transport the materials lacking in the countryside area, such as food, water and literally study tools. It is these materials that can make their living conditions a little better.

Moreover, as a senior high school graduate, I do have the ability to give some simple lessons to local students. Compared with teaching some text knowledge, I am more likely to teach some typical and practical learning methods, such as making a personal collection of English words.

What's more, aid education also means being a companion. Singing songs and playing games with children, whose parents perhaps work in town to support the family, are what I am supposed to do.

To summarize, I will take the so-called extremely boring vacation seriously and try my best to make it meaningful. Traveling is relaxing, housework assistance is fresh, but the aid education is both. (五)Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.



1. 简述你喜欢哪种购物方式;

2. 说明你喜欢这种方式的理由。



Currently, with the rapid development of Internet technology, growing popularity and wider acceptance of shopping online are steadily on the increase, even becoming a fashion among youngsters. Personally, as a middle school, I undoubtedly prefer shopping online.

Several points below contribute to my preference. Initially, online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable, allowing us to avoid long lines at checkout counters and a great deal of time on the way between home and stores; therefore, more time and energy can naturally be put into our academic work. Moreover, lower prices and higher quality may be another important reason for my pouring into the irresistible trend of shopping online. In many cases, the network platforms also encourage customers to shop around via getting to know the information and details of products so that we pick out their favorites. Furthermore, the Internet has opened up the door of the world, where we have expanded our horizon and shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers. Not only can we understand the items we have never known before, but also we can buy them, even in other countries.

From my perspective, shopping online is an irreversible trend. With the improvement of e-commerce, there will be more online shoppers.


1. 推荐一位合适的人选;

2. 简要介绍自己所推荐的人以及你推荐他或她的理由。



Dear headmaster,

Recently, a wide campaign has been launched on campus that a successful celebrity will be invited to our school to deliver a speech. I can’t help feeling wild with joy at the inspiring news. As far as I’m concerned, Emma Watson, an actress starring Hermione in Harry Potter and Belle in Beauty and Beast, a movie to be released in 2017, and a Straight A student in Yale University, is the most attractive choice for me.

In my viewpoint, the reasons for my vote to her can be listed as follows. The most important one is her success around the world, not only as an actress but as a straight A student in one of the most famous universities---Yale University, both of which are desired by millions of girls from all over the world. Speaking of the second reason, apart from her outside beauty and success, it’s her inner quality that wins her fans regardless of their sex, age or nationality. She has proven that dedication is the key to success. Most success stories, even if they look as they happened overnight, didn’t. She has a strong will and commitment to any task or endeavor, which is what it takes to make a difference.

Therefore, her appearance and speech in our school will undoubtedly have significant influence on our life and study, just like her speech in the camp aign “He for She” in United Nations did. We’ll be greatly honored to be together with her and I’m looking forward to this moment.


1、 你希望参加哪种或哪些社区活动?

2、 请说明你的理由(可以从安全性和实用性等角度进行分析)。

In recent years, varieties of activities have been organized in each community to enrich old people’s life. Every time I pass by those communities, I can see their active participation in dancing or painting with big smiles on their face, inspiring me to think freely what kind of activity I will take part in when old.

As for me, I would like to be involved in Tai Chi and volunteer work. As we all know, health is the top priority for the old. Not only is Tai Chi a martial art, but has also been widely acknowledged as an effective health exercise. The slow, soft and continuous flowing movements always appeal to me so much. By practicing Tai Chi, I can improve my health as well as have the opportunity to interact with other friends, which will result in great joy and harmony in daily life. Another activity I dream of is volunteer work. The reason why I am keen on this part is that I hold a firm belief that old people can do something to help rather than being taken care of by others. I look forward to being engaged in teaching the kids English in



my community, which will remind me of the fact that anyone, old or young, has his own worth. Life can be colorful with thoughtful arrangement for old people, isn’t it?


Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

一、众所周知,迪斯尼乐园逐渐对上海市民开放,现在面向全市招募中学生园区服务志愿者,方便游客游园和体验快乐。假设你是启明中学的黄华, 计划写信去申请这个职位,你的内容包括:

1. 先简要介绍自己;

2. 说明你申请该职位的理由。

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. I’m a student from QiMing Middle School. AsShanghai Disneyland is going to open these days, I would like to apply for the opportunity of being a volunteer in it. To start with, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Huang Hua, a senior two student in QiMing Middle School. I’m outgoing and glad to help others. My hobbies varied from individual to group activities, such as swimming, playing the piano, playing basketballs and so on, offering me a strong body and a wider vision.

The main reason of applying to be the volunteer is that I believe it will be an unforgettable and great experience to me, serving people from all walks of life throughout the world. Besides, my character is suitable for this job. I’m warm-hearted and good at communicating with others. Therefore, I can provide tourists with joyful and considerate service.

I would be grateful if you could send me an application for Disneyland volunteer work. I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Huang Hua


1. 支持爸爸妈妈生二胎,并说明理由。

2. 反对爸爸妈妈生二胎,并说明理由。

My dear parents,

With the worsening aging trend of our country, the two-child policy is introduced. I will feel more than



delighted to have a brother or sister.

In the first place, having a brother or sister is in positive response to the two-child policy advocated. As far as I am concerned, China has gradually entered a society of aging population. Many people must care for their elderly relatives including me. If I have a brother or sister, we can take good care of our grandparents and you with joint efforts.

Moreover , having a brother or sister will get rid of my loneliness. Not only will I keep him or her company but also I can entertain myself full of love instead of spending my life online in the leisure time.

Last but not least, the two-child policy strongly guarantees the number of Chinese population. As everyone knows, with the widely spread of the one-child policy, some people have changed their conception about giving birth. If they firmly stick tothe one-child policy, our country will be famous for lack of population in several decades.

All in all, the two-child policy is a must. I am intensely for the viewpoint that I will have a brother or sister . I hope you will take into consideration all aspects and make a favorable decision.

Yours faithfully,

Li Ming


1. 描述一道你最喜欢吃的菜; 2. 对妈妈说几句心里话。

Dear mom,

From my earliest childhood, my affection towards home and family was always connected with the



food you prepare for us, one of which was called Shanfenyuanzi. It's the tastiest one in my menu. I was always overwhelmed by the beautiful color, sweet flavor, amazing taste and warm feeling.

Mom, I really appreciate it not only for your years' selfless devotion to the whole family but also for the happiness and harmony you have tried to bring to us. It's because of you and dad that we are free from hunger, fear and insecurity.

Also, you offer me the opportunity to be educated. You pass me the virtue that makes me an independent and responsible man, and you are exactly one of the examples that I always try to follow. From my inner heart, with all my respect, I will try to be a considerate little companion who can share the happiness and sadness you have been through.


Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


1. 说出燃放烟花爆竹的危害,举出一到两个实际生活中的例子。

2. 我们可以做出哪些措施,既可以不燃放烟花爆竹,也可以保留节日的喜庆气氛。

This year , Shanghainese have been prohibited to set off fireworks within the outer ring road. Personally, I am in favor of this policy.

Fireworks often cause casualties and even fire accidents. We can find news about people, both children and adults, injured by fireworks every Spring Festival. In addition, the ground is littered with



remains of fireworks, which turns into a huge burden for sanitation workers. Last but not least, the fireworks will generate a huge amount of pollution in a short time. On windless days, this kind of air pollution can increase PM 2.5 dramatically.

We can celebrate holidays in a greener way. For example, we can go to a concert to give our ears a treat, spend a whole day wandering in a nearby library, or see a popular movie with our families and friends. All these can substitute fireworks as better forms of celebration.

To sum up, we should come up with more environmentally-friendly ways to spend our holidays instead of harming both the environment and ourselves with fireworks.


1. 请简要描述现状;

2. 请谈谈你的看法。

Recently, a growing number of youngsters in China are in poor health, especially among students.

However , when it comes to us Senior Three, many schools tend to substitute PE lessons for major subjects. Some people may hold the viewpoint that PE lessons should be reduced or even cancelled in order to fight for the examination, whereas I would like to hold an absolutely opposite view that PE lessons are not supposed to be cut off with my reasons followed. To cultivate overall students, we have to be aware that PE lessons are essential for them to exercise more often. Moreover , physical activities make us more energetic, enabling us to study more actively. Besides, a more gorgeous atmosphere will be created through team exercise, such as playing ball games together.

PE lessons in our Senior Three do have more benefits. We should bear in mind that it is not sensible

for us Senior Three students to focus on study only!





1. 你在网上购物时发现的网购陷阱的方式

2. 谈谈对于这些陷阱你会给出的建议和防范妙招。


Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

一、临近高考了,同学们都在紧张的气氛中努力学习着,然而酷爱动漫和动漫真人秀(cosplay )的高三学生李华仍每天放学后看上一小时动漫,周末的全部时间都花在参与cosplay 节目上。为此,他的家长非常着急和无奈。请你给李华写一封信, 信的内容包含以下两部分:

1. 描述如何处理兴趣爱好和学习之间的关系;

2. 给他提出一些可行的建议和帮助。

Dear Li Hua,

I’ve learned that you have made great achievements in your favorite comic and animation, and even you have put on many cosplay performances. Congratulations! I’m too happy to express my admiration for you because you are doing what you are fascinated by.

As we all know, however, as the college entrance examination is around the corner, we senior three students are all engaged in making preparations for it, sparing no effort to exhibit their talent to the fullest. So, as far as I’m concerned, addicting yourself to animation and cosplay at the expense of your study and ideal university will produce more loss than gain at the critical moment. You should balance your hobby and study sensibly. Firstly, study comes first. You should make sure all the tests are fulfilled well undoubtedly. Secondly, you should shorten your play time to one hour every day, thus ensuring sufficient time and energy to take care of your school work. After all, opportunity knocks but once. You can return to your hobby after this crucial exam while you can’t make up for the lost exam.

So, it’s time that you made a wise choice and balance between them. Good luck and best wishes to you.






Hearing the news that the newly-built commercial center near our neighborhood is trying to introduce different businesses, I can’t resist the temptation to express my opinion on the two sections which I have been looking forward to.

A multi-functional sports center is on the top of the list. Not only can a sports center provide me with easy access to various sports facilities, but also it enables me to exercise to my heart’ s content without worrying about the bad weather . As a student burdened with great stress of studying, a sports center is the best place where I can improve my fitness and feel refreshed. What’s more, meeting different people who have a common goal in a pleasant environment can be fantastic.

Another business I am eager to see in the commercial center is a cinema with superb equipment. It is undeniable that watching a movie is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. On one hand, through watching different types of movies, I can enjoy various cultures, regions and industries, which will greatly broaden my horizon. On the other hand, going to a cinema offers me a golden chance to have a get-together with my family.

Hopefully, a sports center and a cinema will greet me and other residents in the near future.


1. 你想让该项技术运用到哪一门学科以及哪一项校内外的活动项目(如体育,参观体验等)

2. 说说你的理由。



Dear headmaster,

With the rapid development of contemporary science and technology, the invention of Virtual Reality has aroused wide attention. We students are also involved in this group. We are extremely absorbed in its amazing special effects. And we all appreciate it that you have finally decided to bring in this technology.

As for me, I would like it to be adopted in our science class . As we know, the traditional means of teaching with the aid of 2-D pictures and videos can't fully attract our attention now, so we all expect a brand new one which can give us a fresh experience. Also, I would definitely not give any objection if you can allow it to be applied to our biology class. Then we could see the movement of every living thing with its finest details as we are on the spot there, which could in turn deepen our comprehension on the whole process.

Therefore, if we could have this amazing technology introduced in these subjects, we would extremely like to pay even closer attention to what teachers illustrate, which you know would eventually lead to better effects on the teaching and learning process. Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Li Ming



Dear students,

Shopping online is common among teenagers and even those addicted to it have become shopaholics.

However , we gradually suffer from a wide variety of traps when shopping on the Internet. For instance, the pictures can’t live up to the real products after the consumers see the real products. It always can’t meet the consumers’ demands in quality, color , size and function. Besides, when the consumers want to return products with inferior quality or improper size the sellers will seek various excuses to refuse you. Lack of face-to-face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. Worse still, nothing will be delivered to you after money is paid.

So, as follows are the useful proposals. Firstly, close attention to many details of products are supposed to be paid before the items are ordered. Apart from it, you should browse the reputation level of sellers and the related comments about the products you need, especially objective comments, which can help you make a wise decision. In addition, try your best to pay after the items are delivered and you then check whether the products are answering all its descriptions to reduce unnecessary loss.


Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

一、因为社会过度注重外表,不少年轻人改变了他们原有的饮食习惯。假设你的朋友Grace 最近也在减肥,严格控制自己的饮食,导致体质下降。有人赞同节食,有人反对节食,说明你的观点和理由。

Keeping slim has become a hot topic among people especially among the young and heated debates are right on their way. When it comes to keeping fit, being moderate in



eating is usually the first thought in people. On account of unhealthy ways to lose weight, my friend Grace’s health has been worsening recently.

People’s viewpoints about going on a diet are different. Some people approve of it because they regard it as the fastest way to lose weight. On the contrary, there are others who disagree with it including me. Generally speaking, our stomach can’t adapt to the reduced food so we may have a stomachache. In addition, it won’t keep slimming for a long time. Once eating a little more food, we will find weight increases again. The most terrible consequence is that it is damaging our health.

For my part, I think it reasonable to take health into prior account while losing weight. Taking exercise and being on a diet healthily will be more helpful.


In the present age, an increasing number of vending machines have sprung up in every corner of primary and middle school campuses, having both advantages and disadvantages.

For one thing, it is more convenient for students to get soft drinks. For another, it saves adequate time for students to be devoted to study.

However , just like anything else, vending machines on campus have weaknesses as well. In the first place, schools serve as educational facilities where teaching and learning are carried out. Purchasing on vending machines is likely to have a bad impact on the daily teaching process, influencing the academic environment of the campus. Moreover, campuses should be protected from over-commercialization. In spite of the fact that vending machines bring profits to schools themselves, they should maintain its originality and the academic atmosphere, where students can concentrate on their studies.

Taking all factors into account, I maintain that the cons outweigh pros. Obviously, the school should not be open to vending machines and I hope that certain regulations will be



issued to ban it.



1. 你认为应该不应该提倡这种超前学习。

2. 说出你的理由,并举例说明。

The slogan “don’t lose at the starting line” has profound influence on thousands of parents. This concept has already made its way into the everyday life of the whole society, many parents hurrying their children beyond their natural learning rate. From my perspective, the concept is misleading and harmful.

Over-step learning has no scientific proof to support it at all. Maybe it can give children advantages in the short term, but its harm outweighs its good if the children don’t equip themselves with systematic knowledge. In fact, it takes decades for a person to fully grow up and become mature, just like a marathon. It is not possible to hold on if you put much emphasis on the beginning of the race. It is a common phenomenon that many children prodigies grow into nobodies.

Besides, over-step learning can deprive children of their interest in study and set up dangerous feelings of failure and states of anxiety among them. Many ambitious parents force their preschool children to take all kinds of training courses, such as maths and English. This makes the children feel exhausted every day and naturally they will hate studying when they enter school.

To sum up, we should not advocate over-step learning but free children to live happily.




Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

一、假设你叫李华,你的外国朋友John 想了解中国的春节,请根据以下提纲,并结合图片,给他写一封短信:




Dear John,

How time flies! Four months have passed since we saw each other last time. I cannot help but miss you. You asked me about the Chinese Spring Festival. Now I’d like to tell you something about it.

The Spring Festival, which falls on the first day of the first lunar month, is a traditional festival celebrated by Chinese people worldwide. A few days before the festival, the houses are cleaned and the red couplets are put up on the doors of every household. They are said to frighten away the ghosts.

On that day, people are dressed up. Firecrackers ring out in the air, which adds to the atmosphere of the festival. People after a year’s hard work begin to relax and visit one and another. Presents and dinners are given to celebrate the happy reunion of friends and relatives. Families get together . They have jiaozi and enjoy the New Year TV show. Customs may vary from place to place, but the same happy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in the country.

Now, I hope you have some idea of the Chinese Spring Festival. Best wishes!

Yours Sincerely,






1. 简述你推荐给大家的这个或这些网站;

2. 说明你推荐这个或这些网站的理由或使用后的收获。

With the popularity of the Internet, a growing number of people are fond of surfing online, especially middle school students, who not only read the world via the Internet but also entertain themselves and study online. As for me, Baidu Library can never fail to fascinate me.

Baidu Library is a platform where abundant resources are shared such as documents, pictures and videos online. Friends online can read, upload and download documents and videos, most of which are free of charge.

The resources are closely related to the study, and students can download the files they like and need for free, which brings us convenience and save our time. As long as we input the key words, we can find several passages and documents. Furthermore, another advantage that strikes me is that baidu serves as a safe and green platform, where baidu will check all the documents uploaded, and block the unhealthy information, thus creating a healthy environment for middle students.

To sum up, I feel more than delighted to recommend Baidu Library to you.


1. 你期待发明的机器人家用电器是什么;

2. 说明你需要这种机器人的理由。

Nowadays, with the progress of scientific technology, smart machines, like robot sweepers, have entered common families, bringing considerable convenience to the household. Human beings, however , as we know, are always too busy performing too many tough tasks every day. As a consequence, hardly can they afford enough time to relax themselves, which is a great drain on their bo dy and mind. So, as far as I’m concerned, I want to invent a human energy charger, covering the following reasons.



To begin with, a human energy charger can save people’s time. The charger can be connected to people’s pulse just like a seemingly ordinary watch, to add energy anywhere at any time, especially at night, shortening people’s sleeping time to 4 hours every day at something more significant. With the charger a pplied, people’s sleeping and working efficiency can undoubtedly be improved because sufficient energy is the foundation for creativity.

What’s more, with great amount of time saved, people can enjoy their accompanying families and friends, sharing their sadness and sorrows, thus bringing them closer and producing a sense of belonging to them.

It’s really inspiring and exciting to be faced with such a creative and practical invention, helping people set aside time to address meaningful and urgent affairs.

(十一) Guided Writing

Directions: Write an English composition in 120–150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


1、 简述你所邀请的家长;

2、 你邀请该家长的理由是什么。

Dear head teacher,

I am extremely delighted that you are considering inviting a parent to give us a speech next Monday and I am writing to recommend an ideal one.

It is Wang Ming’s mother who I believe is the best person. A middle-aged woman with a round face, she always greets us with a broad smile, making us feel rather relaxed. An environmentalist herself, she spares no effort to help others to actively participate in environmental protection. As environmental pollution is going from bad to worse, it is quite essential to have a person whom we are familiar with help increase our knowledge concerned. On one hand, she has a large number of tips concerning energy saving, rubbish classification and so on, which are quite practical and feasible. On the other hand, she is keen on spreading environmental protection knowledge to people, especially students



because once I heard her remarks “Before we talk about environmental protection, we should first talk about education”, which impressed me a lot. Therefore, inviting such a person to our class is sure to do us a lot of good.

I would appreciate it very much if you could kindly adopt my suggestion.


Due to an increase in unemployment rate, more adults join the group of "kenlaozu", depending on their parents for a living. They can work themselves, but they give up the job opportunities. It has become a social issue on a nationwide scale.

Personally I oppose to this kind of behaviour, and I choose to stand on my own feet and make a living all by myself, covering the following factors. Firstly, with professional skills and a diploma in hand, I can find a job and accumulate working experience and most importantly bring the possibility of unemployment to the lowest. Also I am longing for success and want to prove that I am capable of doing anything I choose. At last, none of us should rely on our parents forever, for they have been working for almost half of their lives and come to a senior age now, and we should take care of them now. It's the requirement of our conscience and a common practice of Chinese traditional virtues. So by no means would I be a burden to my family.