Reading activities
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April 23 is world reading day. We held a huge mountain primary school reading activities, I'm very happy, we all wear red uniforms to take part in the activity, the students spirit coming, neatly lined up the team.

Reading activities started, we're all very spirit, suddenly, everyone is serious. Carefully listen to the teacher the principal speech, the President said: "we read every day, reading books is very good, often reading can make us smarter, carefully read, can be useful." I see, the book is like a big ocean, and we are teeming with fish, cheerful swim in the ocean, and realize the meaning of books, reading is like talking to man of noble, we should like to read books, love reading, because I love reading, so the principal sent me a book, and the book is as precious as gold, books give us food like the food.

I hope you love reading, like reading, love reading, can be more intelligent, book is your meal wisdom.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略: