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初中生活即将结束,新的生活即将开启。回首往事,让我们感触颇多,因为我们的成长离不开老师的培养、父母的支持和同学的帮助,请以“we should say thanks to…”为题,用英语写一篇短文。

要求: 1. 将题目补充完整,60—80词;

2. 句子流畅,无语法错误;

3. 文中不得出现真实的姓名和校名,否则以零分计算。

We should say thanks to my teachers

How time flies!My junior high school lives will come to end.

In the past three years,I have studied in a beautiful school which prodivedes me with a good study place.Teachers in my school also give me lots of help.Whenever I was in trouble,my teachers always stood around me to comfort me.They taught me how to be a good man and gave me the courage to face difficulties.They are my friends.So,I want to say thanks to my dear teachers.Thanks to them,I have grown up happily.I hope they will be healthy forever.

提示:在生活和学习中许多人是很重要的。在我们困难时,真诚地帮助我们,我们真地要感谢他们,我们要学会感恩。请你发挥想象以“The person that I want to thank most”为题写一篇短文。

The person that I want to thank most

In my life,Miss Zhou is one of the teachers that I love most.She is my third English teacher.She is of medium height and has long hair.She always wears a smile and is kind to us.She also teaches very well and makes the class lively.Whenver we make mistakes,she asks us to correct and do it again.My English used to be poor and I once wanted to give up learning English.Miss Zhou encouraged me to begin my new study.She said to me,“I believe you can do it”Now though I’m not the best student in English,I really have improved a lot.So the person that I want to thank most is Miss Zhou.


Dear Mr.Li,

Thank you so much for teaching me so well.You are very kind to me.During the last three years I have learnt a lot of knowledge from you .I’ll keep on studying hard as usual in the senior middle school.

Wish you success in the future teaching work.Wish you a healthy body for ever.And wish you a happy life in the future.And I also hope that everything will go well in our school!Best wishes for you and for our school.

Your student,

Li Hong

提示:在生活中,每个人都难免会做错一些事,这些事总会让人感到遗憾或后悔。每当回想起这样的事情,你的内心会有什么感情和触动呢?你是否曾用适当的方式向你的家人、老师、同学和朋友….. 表达过你的歉意呢?请以“I Should Say Sorry to …. ”为题,写一篇英语短文,记叙你亲身经历的一件小事,以表达你的真实情感。

I Should Say Sorry to My Mother

Everyont has kind of experience in a life.Some make us enjoyable,some make us moved,some make us regretful….

I always feel sorry for a thing in my heart.

One Sunday afternoon,my mother asked me to help her with housework.I refused her.I told her I was busy studying for a math test and I needed money to buy a book.She gave me 20yuan at once.Then I left home,but I didn’t go to buy the book.I spent all the money playing computer games in an Internet bar.When I got back home,my mother had cooked delicious food for me.I couldn ’t say anything,with tears in my eyes.

When I think of it,I’m always so sorry,my heart is full of regret.I should say sorry to my mother.I’ll sincerely say:“Sorry,mum! ”


你能与人相处和谐吗?你能理解别人吗?在生活中难免有误会,你会如何处理呢?请以Understanding 为题,用英语写一篇短文来记叙你生活中经历的一件小事,通过这件事使你对友谊、亲情或师生情有了更深的理解。

要求:1. 根据所给提示写一篇短文,60—80词;

2. 意思连贯、语言流畅、符合情理、书写规范、卷面整洁;

3. 文中不得使用你的真实名字、校名、和班级名称,否则以零分计算。


Understanding is a bridge between teachers and students.Once I copied my deskmate’s paper during an exam and handed it in.The next day,my teacher told the whole class about it.I lost face,I hated the teacher.

Days later,the teacher had a heart-to-heart talk with me.He said he could understand that I would like to be good.But to be good should depend on hard work.From then on,with his help,I became so interested in study that I made great progress.

I think understanding is an important part of our life.Understanding can make us sucessful,knowing that,I understand my teacher



爱是心中的太阳,融化你我身边的冰雪。假设你是李明,你校的“English Garden”正举办主题为“付出即是收获”的征文活动,请联系自己平时的爱心行动和感受写一篇文章投稿。

要求:1. 文中不得出现真实的人名和校名等相关信息。


参考词汇:help,clean up,an old people’s home,make…happy

Giving Is Receiving

I am a student from Green Middle School.My name is Li Ming.I like helping others because I think it makes me very happy.I often help my classmates with their schoolwork.Sometimes I help clean up city parks.I go to the old people’s home and do some cleaning for them once a month.So I’m pretty popular here.I often visit the Children’s Hospital to cheer the sick kids up.I read stories ans sing songs for them.I’m good with children.I also give money to charities to help people in trouble.I think giving is receiving.Helping others is helping ourselves.Do you agree with me?

提示:请以“…Make(s) Me So Happy”为题写一篇英语短文。

Social Work Makes Me So Happy

Why so many young people are not happy in modern society?But even so ,you can find many merry things if you like to.

I join aa much as social work as I can.It is a good method to widen my vision and enlarge my social circle and close the realationship between the old and the young.It also improve the capability of social touch.Most of all,I can feel great pleasure.

Helping other people is a kind of virtue.It can purify my soul and built up my spirit,and also I can get much understanding when I pay my kindness to others.


微笑,是人们用以表达内心喜悦的一种方式,它可给人以欢欣,给人以安慰,是自我感情的抒发,是对他人表示关爱,是爱心的奉献。微笑可以给人激励,给人奋进,它能使绝望者重新燃起期望之火,是失意者重新引起自信的风帆。请以Learn to smile为题,用英语写一篇短文。


2. 不要逐句翻译,可适当发挥,使短文连贯、通畅;文中不得出现真实的人名、校名等相关信息。

Learn to smile(Don’t forget to smile)

Smiling is an attitude toward life.In our life,there may be some unpleasant things.For example,you fail in an exam;or another time,you are misunderstood by your friends.These unpleasant things may make you feel sad.Then what will you do?Why not learn to sm ile?Smiling to yourself can bring back your confidence.Sometimes,the greatest enemy is yourself;that’s to say,sometimes,you are beaten by yourself.We should also learn to smile to others.It will help us get closer to others.Smiling is the most widely understood language.


为了使同学们交往时举止更加文雅,你校学生会正在举办以How to behave well为题的英文征文比赛,请你写一篇短文参赛。

要求:1. 请列出一些文明的举止行为,并补充一至两点自己的看法;


3. 文中不得出现自己的姓名及学校名称。

How to behave well

Behaving well is the key to getting on well with others.

As a student,I think it’s very important to do everything on time and keep promise.Never lie to others or say dirty words.We should be polite to others and ready to help the people in need.We’d better not talk loudly in public.Don’t throw litter or s pit about.And rememeber to obey the traffic rules.

Finally,learn to work with others.Teamwork will be very important in the future.


With more and more cars coming into our families,we are happy that it has greatly improved our life.But unluckily,it has brought many problems,such as heavy traffic and traffic accidents.

So in order to keep safety,we must obey the traffic rules.We mustn’t cross the street when the traffic lights are red and we should walk on the sidewalk and go across the zebra-crossing when crossing the street.What’s more,it’s dangerous to play or play football on the street.So we are not allowed to do that.The most important of all,driving after drinking is most dangerous.We should warn our parents not to drive a car if they have drunk.If we can pay attention to our safety all the time,we can have a happier life.


你喜欢过生日吗?你的生日过得开心吗?每个人都曾有过难以忘怀的生日。请以My Birthday 为题写一篇短文,介绍你最开心、最难忘的一次生日,让大家共同分享你生日的快乐。

要求;1. 词数:80词左右

2. 语句通顺、意思连贯、书写工整

3. 文中不得出现自己的真实姓名和所在学校的名称。

My Birthday

I have a wonderful time on my birthday every year.But I will never forget my tenth birthday.On that evening,my friends came to my house.We had a big meal.Later,my mother put a big cake with ten candles,some fruit and drinks on the table.I made a silent wish.My friends said“Happy Birthday”to me.They gave me some nice presents,such as a basketball,flowers and my favorite books.We sang,danced and played games.I thanked them very much for their presents.I also thanked those who helped me and took good care of me,especially my parents.I felt I was the happiest boy in the world.


家是一个能让人感到温暖的港湾。在你的成长过程中,家给予你很多,那么你是否曾用适当的方式对你的家人表达过关爱和回报呢?请以I love My Family为题,写一篇英语短文,通过记叙一件你为家庭做过的事情来体现你对家人的爱。 要求:1. 不少于60词;语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁。

2. 文中不得使用你的真实姓名、校名,否则以零分计算;

3. 不得以单纯介绍家庭成员的方式来撰写。

I Love My Family

I have a happy family.Although my parents are very busy,they try their best to take good care of me.I think I should do something for them.

Yesterday was Sunday.I got up earily than usual.After washing,I swept the floor,watered the plants and then I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.At around 9 o’clock,breakfast was ready.Mum and dad got up.When they saw it,they were very happy,”Dear,thank you for your delicious breakfast.”

Hearing that,I was so happy and felt as if I had grown up.Mum and dad have done a lot for me.I should do whatever I can for my family though I am very busy learning.The more I do for it,the happier my family will be.


Love For My Parents

Yesterday,I got up earlier than usual.After washing,I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.After that,I put a nice card beside it.Then,I went to school before mom got up.It was mom’s birthday and I wanted to give her a special gift---a nice breakfast.I myself made the card,which said,“Happy birthday,mom!I love you very much! ”When I came back from school later that day,mom was waiting for me.With a smile,she said,“Dear,thank you for your wonderful gift.I like it so much!”.

提示:母爱是每个人的至爱,母亲为我们付出了许多。对我们每个人来说,母爱恩重如山,情深似海。请以“I Love My Mother ”为题,写一篇70词左右的短文,表达对母亲的感恩之情。

I Love My Mother(2011玉溪四中模拟)

There are many people around me,but I love my mother best.My mother is working hard.During my life,she makes me understand a lot.She teachers me to be a good man to the society.She also tells me the important of the knowledge.So I study very hard.When I am in trouble,she is always the first person to help me.She tells me not to give up whatever it happens.

So I must study hard to go to a good college and be an useful person to the society.If I have a good job,it will make my mother very happy.

We should help parents do housework

Now many students are too lazy to do housework.But I think we should help parents are too lazy to do housework.But I think we should help parents do some housework because they are busy with their work and tired after work.I often help my parents do many chores.In the morning,I will make the bed and water flowers.They are relaxing and interesting.In the evening,I often clean the room and take out the trash.When I see the tidy room,I feel proud of myself.My parents are pleased with me.I think it’s our duty to help our parents with some chores.


请根据你的实际情况,结合所给问题提示,以My Homework为题写一篇不少于60词的英语短文。

My Homework

I spend about one and a half hours doing homework every day.

After dinner,I have a rest.Sometimes I go out for a walk and listen to music.Then I begin to do my homework,I finish it at around 9:00pm.After that,I play chess with my father or do some reading.I go to bed before 9:30pm.Because enough sleep makes me energetic.

All of my homework is helpful.For example,do some listening practice,read notebooks and preview the new lessons.Because of the helpful homework,I am more interested in learning and I can get good grades.

And I have time to relax and do things by myself.

My Homework

I have to spend three or four hours doing my homework every day.

After dinner,I begin to do my homework at once.I keep doing it till 10pm or 11pm.It makes me exhausted,so I often feel sleepy and tired in class.

Some of the homework is helpful,but some of it isn’t at all.For example,I must write the English words twenty times,and I must copy the test papers.Because of the boring homework,I nearly lose interest in learning.And I have little time to relax and do things by myself.


一杯水举一分钟很轻松,举一小时手臂会酸痛,举一天你就会…面对长时间的压力(pressure )。是走出户外,呼吸新鲜空气?还是捧读书卷,感悟文字书香?是促膝交流,体会友谊温暖?还是…请你围绕面对学习压力如何放松自己这一话题,展开思路,谈谈你的感想。

要求:1. 请根据所提供的信息材料和话题(不要逐字逐句翻译),写出结构严谨、条理清晰、语言丰富优美、语法准确、可读性强的短文。

2. 至少80词。

3. 不得使用真实的姓名、地名和学校名称。

How to Relax Yourself

As junior high school students,we go to school on weekdays.On weekends,sometimes,we must continue going to school.If not,we ususlly have a lot of homework to do.

To face with this situation,we should learn to relax ourselves.

In my opinion,firstly,you can stay in bed for a while,sleeping makes people feel good.Secondly,you can take part in some parties or talk with friends.It will make you comfortable.Thirdly,why not go out for the fresh air and beautiful scenery?

What’s your opinion about relaxing?


请你结合自己的实际情况,以My plan for the future为题,写一篇100词左右的短文。内容必须包括:

1. 你对未来的规划;

2. 这样规划的原因;

3. 你的具体实施措施

My plan for future(I want to be a doctor in the future)

I’m planning to work as a doctor in the future.If so,I can help save lives.I think it is a great job.And I hope to provide a better life for my parents when I grow up,for they have done so much for me.I am supposed to give something back to them.To have a good future,I should work hard all the time for it.Also ,I need to make lots of good friends.In addition,I should keep exercising.it’s hard for someone in bad health to work for his or her big dreams.

每个人对自己的未来都有美好的憧憬,每个人都有自己美丽的梦想。请以“I have a dream”为题,写一写对自己未来的设想。

I have a dream

Everyone has his or her own dream.I have my own dream too.I want to be a doctor when I grow up.I have had such a dream since I was child.One day,my father was very ill,my family had to send him to hospital.He was saved by the doctors at last.It was the doctors that gave him a new life.At that time I made up my mind to become a doctor to help and save patients in the future.So I study harder and harder.If I am a doctor,I’ll try my best to help sick people out of their illness and pains.I believe that my dream will come true one day.

Our life in the future

What will the life be like in the future?

I think the world will be smaller and smaller because of the development of high technology.People can talk with each other with small mobile phones,from which people can see each other very clearly.Even they live very far from each other.

I also think the environment will be cleaner and cleaner.People around the world are now realizing the serious environment questions.And they are trying their best to make the environment beautiful

I hope the life in the future will become more and more beautiful

My Lifetime Dream

When I grow up,I’m going to do what I want to do.I’ll move somewhere busy and interesting.Cities like Shanghai are my best choice.They have lots of things that make you excited.I want to be a reporter,because I can travel to many interesting places.But first of all,I should finish my study in college.

I ’ll make enough money for my life,and I’ll save as much money as I can to buy a big house and a comfortable car.If I have extra money,I ’ll donate it to “Animal Helpers”to save some animals in danger.When I retired,I want to go back to my hometown because I was born there.And I will plant some flowers and vegetables in my garden.These is my lifetime dream,and what about yours. 提示:学校将要举行演讲比赛,请以“My Dream”为题,写一篇参赛演讲稿。

My Dream

Hi,everyone.Everybody has his dream job.I also have my dream job.My dream is to work for foreign tourists as a tour guide.

Why do I want to be a tour guide?First of all,I’m an outgoing girl,and I like doing some exciting things.Second,I like making friends.If I work as a tour guide,I can make a lot of friends all over the world.This may be great.

Now,I am still a middle school student.My job is to work hard in school.


提示:在阳光雨露里,我已长高、长壮,但这还不是全部,长大还应包括什么?是关心、帮助同学?是体贴、理解父母?是感恩、回报亲朋师长?还是…成长的点点滴滴,久久不能忘记。请以I Am Not a Child Any More为题,记叙你在学习生活中经历的一件或两件事,表明你已经不再是一个下孩子。

要求:1. 请根据所给题目,用英语写一篇短文,不少于60词;

2. 语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁;

3. 文中不得使用你的真实姓名、校名,否则以零分计算

I Am Not a Child Any More

I am a 16-year-old girl now.I have changed a lot,I used to be weak and short.But now,I am stronger and as tall as my mother.The most important thing is that I have learned to understand and care about otheres.

It was a Wednesday evening.When I went back home,no one was in.So I cooked the meal.I didn’t know my mother was ill until my parents came back from the hospital.They both said the meal was very delicious,although it tasted salty.After supper,I found they were too tired,I got hot water for them.When my mother put her feet into the water,with tears in her eyes she said:“Dear,you have grown up.”

It was the first time that I cared about my parents.I realized I was not a child any more.


一杯水,在平常人眼中最为平常了,不就是一杯水吗?有什么大不了的。错!一杯水能挽救一个生命,一杯水能滋润一颗秧苗……现在云南正遭受着连续三年的干旱,很多地方已经没有水喝了,更谈不上洗澡。你校准备举行“节约用水,从现在做起”的英语征文比赛,你打算投稿。请根据以下表格内容,以Act now to save water写一篇英语短文。

2. 不得透露学校、姓名等任何个人信息,不予评分。

Act now to save water

Water is very important to us.Without water,people cannot live.But in our daily life,we can see many people waste water.Some people do not turn off the tap after using it.Some take long showers and otheres throw away plastic bottles when there is still water inside.To save water,we should always turn off the tap when we are not using instead of every day.And we’d better flush the toilets with used water.

The last drop of water could be our tears,so save water,take actions from now on!

请结合你的生活实际,以“How to protect the environment”为题,写一篇英语短文。

提示:1你对环境保护的认识2. 阐述一些举措;3.60—80词

How to protect the environment

To save our earth from pollution,something must be done to protect the environment.I think we can do a lot in our daily life.For example,we can walk or ride a bike to go to school or work instead of taking a bus or driving a car.We can plant more trees to make our hometown green and beautiful.And if we don’t waste paper,we can save more trees.What’s more,when necessary,we should turn off the lights,taps and TV.It’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment.Let’s take action right now.

How to fight against the pollution

As we know,pollution has become a serious problem in the world.If we care about our world,we must realize the importance of protecting the environment.If we don’t take any measure to deal with the problem,we will lose our planet one day.

How to fight against the pollution?Here are some things we can do:

1. collect and resue waste water;pass laws against water pollution

2. plant more trees and grass to reduce air pollution

3. call on farmers not to use chemicals too much

4. don ’t spit or throw the rubbish here and there

You may think the things above are easy to do ,but it is important to keep doing them.If each of us can make a contribution to protecting the environment,the earth will become more and more beautiful.

提示:十月四日是世界动物日,你校组织以“I want to be a volunteer of protecting animals”为题的英语演讲比赛。假如李明参加比赛,请你以“李明”的名义写一篇英语演讲稿推荐自己,内容如下:

I want to be a volunteer of protecting animals

Hello,everyone.I ’m Li Ming.I want to be a volunteer of protecting animals.I’m glad to make a speech here.I am kind to others.I am good with animals.I like playing football and the guitar.I have ever organized raising money for Save China’s Tigers.And keep some homeless little animals.

Animals are our friends.We should love each other.I am always thinking protecting animals is protecting ourselves.If I can be a volunteer,I will work harder and do more meaningful things to protect animals.I will ask more people to love animals like me.I must try my best to make the world more untied.

Thank you for your listening!

Lower Carbon(低碳) ,Happier Life(2011年凉山州中考题)

It ’s our duty to protect the environment.The environment is becoming worse and worse,so we must do smoething to prevent people from polluting the environment.First,we can ride to school or go to school on foot and tell our parents to walk instead of driving the car.Second,we should save water and electricity by turning off the taps and lights in time when don’t need them.Third,give the old books to the next grade students if we don ’t use them any more.By doing this,we can save many trees.At last,remember to go shopping with bakset rather than plastic bags.I believe our life will become better and better if we can do these things.

Lower carbon,happier life.Let’s take actions.


给妈妈送过礼物吗?如果有,请你描述一下你所送的礼物;如果没有,请你设想一下你要送的礼物。请以My gift for mom为题,写一篇80词左右的英语短文。

内容必须包括:1. 礼物的特点;

2. 选择此礼物的原因;

3. 你想表达的情感。

My gift for mom

Last year,on Mother’s Day,I bought mom a pair of gloves.

The gloves were gray and thick.Mom doesn’t like bright colors,so I chose the gray color.Mom’s hands will become colder as the weather gets colder.In order to keep her hands warm,I got her the gloves.With the gift I want to tell her that I am thankful for her good care and that I will remember that forever.

When I grow up,I will provide mom with a better life.I will try my best to make her happier.

提示:你一定收到过许多礼物,其中你最喜爱的礼物总会不断地呈现在你的记忆中,它可能来自于你的亲人、朋友或老师,在礼物中有他们对你的爱和期待。请以“A Gift”为题,用英语写一篇短文,记叙你收到礼物后的启示和你的感动之情。

A Gift

I have received so many gifts on my birthdays.But I love the book named Beautiful English best.It was given to me by my mother last year.I like to read it in my spare time.From the book,I have learned that the world is full of love and beauty.I also know people should help each other,understand each other and love each other.I think I’ll grow up with the gift because it is on only a book but also my mother’s deep love.


幸福是什么?幸福是父母为你营造的温馨的家,幸福是老师投向你的赞许的目光,幸福是孤独时朋友送来的一杯奶茶,幸福是……请以My Happiness为话题,写一件曾经发生过的令你感到幸福的事情。


My Happiness

Happiness is important in our life.In fact,happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it.

I will never forget one thing.Once,I had a bad mark at a math test.I was shy and afraid to meet my parents.But when I got back home late,my parents knew what happened,they said to me:“It doesn’t matter,dear.Rember we’ll be always beside you when you need help.We believe you can be better next time.Never give up!”I was moved and made up my mind to work harder and harder. I feel happy.Whenever I am in trouble,I can feel my parents’ love.I want to be a good child for my parents.


上周六下午你和好朋友们一起去当地一家孤儿院做志愿者活动。请以“Volunteering is on”为题写一篇英语短文。

要点提示:1. 大家所参与的活动;

2. 自己的感受。

提示词:orphanage house 孤儿院

Volunteering is on

Last Saturday afternoon,I together with my good friends volunteered in a local orphanage house.The children there were very lovely and we soon became friends.Some of us helped them clean their rooms and the yard.Some of us sang and danced advice on how to get along with others.We helped them solve their problems in their daily life.They were thankful to all of us.How happily we spent the time together!Now we are looking forward to meeting them next time!

Through the experience,we all feel being a volunteer is great!


提示:我们生活中总有许多开心的事,也会遇到很多困难和挫折。当你把快乐的事情与他人分享,你就会收获双份的快乐。当你把烦恼和痛苦的事与他人诉说,其他人会与你一起分担,你就会感到烦恼和痛苦减轻了许多,而且他人的支持和鼓励能让你变得更坚强。请以Share My Happiness with Others(与他人分享我的快乐) 或者Share My Pains with Others(与他人分享我的痛苦) 为题,写一件你经历过的事。

Share My Happiness with Others

It is said that when you share your happiness, it will be doubled, when you share your sorrow, it will be relieved. Recently, I have learned this lesson.

I enrolled in the English Speaking contest. I did it seceretly because I could be embrassed if I didn't do it well. I made good prepareation for it , and practised a lot. I think that even if I failed, I could be relieved because at least I have tried and make my best. Fortunately, I was one of the top 10, which suprised me a lot . I told it to my parents , my mother huged me and said I'm so good, she is proud of me . My father looked at me and patted my shoulder .. Their reaction made me feel happy and I realized that I have grown up and I have

responsibilty . They make my happiness larger than the moment that I knew I was one of the top 10.

From this story , I know that you can pass your happiness to others , share it with others, which can make you happier .


提示:我们不但要了解他人,更要了解自己。请以“I am what I am”为题,用英语写一篇短文,谈谈你自己。

提示:每个人都应该自信,每个人都应该了解自己,你心目中的自我是怎样的呢?请以“This Is Me”为题介绍一下你自己

This Is Me

I am an ordinary girl,shy and quiet.I think few people would notice me too much.My parents want me to be myself.So I don’t copy any models.

I like smiling because I like to be sunny.I never feel disappointed because I like to challenge myself.I’m suer I can be one of your friends.

I ’m ready to help others.If you are in difficulties,you’ll find there is a girl giving you a hand.This is me.

I am what I am

Sometimes I feel lonely.Nobody in this world can understand me.But things are never like that. My friends and I always share happiness together.

I have to help others.I know that’s friendship.Once I helped one of classmates who disliked me.The classmate was absent from class for days.I helped him catch up with us.Some friends say I’m silly.But I think everyone needs support.That’s what I am.

Who Am I

Hello,I ’m very glad to introduce myself to you.My name is Luo Hua.I’m 16 this year.I’m a happy and healthy boy.Now I’m a Junior School student.I began to learn English when I was in Grade 7.I always ask my parents and friends for help when I am in trouble.With the help of them,I make much progress in my study every year.I like English and study hard at it.Being a good student,I believe:“No pain,no gain.”

My favorite sport is basketball.Every day after class,I like playing basketball with my friends in my school.I want to be a best basketball player like Yao Ming in the future and join national basketball team.I’ll try my best to serve my country.


提示:汶川大地震牵动了我们每一个人的心,请你围绕“To Be Strong”这一主题,用英语给汶川初三的同学写一封信,鼓


Dear friends,

I’m terribly sorry to learn that an earthquake hit your hometown.We felt sad when we learnt that some of you had lost your family memebers.Some even cried at the bad news.

I ’m sure the earthquake will never beat us Chinese people.I hope you’ll be strong enough to face the difficulties.We decided to do our bit to help you.Some of us gave away our books and clothes.We also collected some pocket money from the students.We’ll send all these to you trough the Red Cross.

We ’ll stand side by side with you and make your hometown more beautiful.

Best wishes!


Zhang Hua


在英语学习中,我们总遇到这样或那样的问题和困难,有的同学被困难所吓倒,而有的同学却迎难而上,最终克服困难达到胜利的高峰。请以“Believe Myself and I Will Win”为题,写一篇文章

“If I put my heart into it,I will succeed”

Believe Myself and I Will Win

Two years ago,I was weak in English and I nearly lost interest in it.I thought I couldn’t learn English well and I even felt that I had no hope on English until one day I met my English teacher whose English was very good.We talked happily.He told me that I could learn English well if I work hard.Since then,with his encouragement,I had a strong belief that I must learn English well.

With his help,I worked much harder and made great progress and even won the first prize in the English exam at the end of the term.I realize that if we believe ourselves,we can do everything well.


How to Learn English Well

English is important and useful to us.How can we learn it well?Here are my suggestion..

First,we should often listen to the tapes,English songs and programs.Watching English movies is also helpful to us.Second,we should speak English is class as much as possible.Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.The more you speak,the fewer mistakes you’ll make.We ’d better join the English club and practice with others.Third,we can read more English newspapers and magazines.It’s good for us.At last,we should recite some good passages and keep diaries.In a word,as long as we do more listening,speaking,reading and writing,we will learn English well.

(二十一)2011年红塔区模拟题______Changed Me


I have changed a lot

People are changing all the time.Different people changes differently,so do I.

When I was young,I was a sunny girl,but now I meet too many problems and feel not happy every day.I used to be outgoing friendly,so I had lots of friends with whom I could talk about my secrets.But now I am quieter.Although,I also have good friends,now I can’t tell them my secrets because I don’t believe them and I think they can’t understand me.In my eyes,I think my friends’ parents care them carefully,but in my family,my parents don’t understand me at all.They give me help in substance,but they can’t give me spiritual encouragement.They hardly ever care about my feeling.These are why I am not happy now.

In the past,I din’t like study.I thought study wasn’t useful in my life and I must spend lots of money and time on education.But now I know that knowledge is very important and I start studying hard.I used to copy my classmates’ homework,now I do it by myself.I never asked my teachers any questions before,but now I become a girl of questions.I think I can be a top student in our school if I work even harder.

I think I will succeed and I believe myself.


I have really changed

I used to be a shy girl in my primay school.I was weak in English at that time,especially for spoken English.So I was afraid to answer the teacher’s questions during English classes.

After I entered my dream middle school,something changed.I started to learn my interesting English stories and my English teacher was patient to help me a lot.I studied hard in class and practiced by watching English films and lisening to English songs in my free time.Little by little,I found it more and more interesting to learn English.I could even talk with my classmates fluently in English and I was not shy any more.At last,I got high grades in English and I had confidence to do it better in the future.

提示:人只有在改变中才能进步,只要在思想上有了一种强烈改变的意识,并下定决心,改变就会实现。请你发挥想象以“My changes”为题写一篇短文或对话

My Changes

Time flies!I’ve changed a lot.Let me tell you about some of my changes.

First,I am taller than last year.My mother is glad to see this.I used to be quiet,but now I am outgoing.I have made some friends,and they make my life happier.I used to like eating snacks,but now I know they are bad for my health.I didn’t like doing sports before,but now I enjoy running.It’s cool!The most important thing is that I study harder than before.I used to hate doing homework,but now I find a lot of fun in doing homework.That’s so good for my study!

So you see,I have changed a lot.Change is a good thing.I hope I can become better and better in the future.


提示:我们一生中可能会有很多的朋友,可谁才是可以和他推心置腹,吐露秘密的朋友呢?请以“My good friend”为题,写一篇文章

My Good Friend

My good friend is Jim.She is a lovely girl.We are both quiet,but she’s a little quieter than me.I am much more outgoing than she

is.Though she is quiet,she is a funny girl.Every time when I am sad,she often tells jokes to make me laugh and I feel very happy to be friend with her.

We always have opposite views and different interest.She likes wearing jeans and white T-shirt,but I like sportswear and sneakers.Her favorite subject is maths while I like English and Chinese.She likes lily best,but my favorite flower is jasmine.(茉莉花) I am four months older than she.She is cuter than me.When she is happy,she looks like a child.She is more careful than me.She is calm but I am wild.She works very hard but her study is not as good as mine.I hope both of us will get good grades in future. There are some differences between us,but I don’t think difference can stop a friendship.

提示:没有朋友的人生是孤单的,好朋友能与我们分享快乐,分担痛苦。请你发挥想象以“A true friend”为题写一篇短文。

A true friend

Fr i ends are so important that everyone needs them.And I am really lucky to have such a wonderful friend.Let me tell you about my friend.

Last term,I failed the final exam badly.I wasn’t brave enough to face the poor scores and my tears kept dropping down.At this time,my best friend Anne came to me.She understood how painful I was and there was also sadness on her face.Anne held my hands tightly and said in a very soft voice,“No matter what happens,I will always be with you.”I was deeply touched by her words.The power of friendship made me feel so warm.Then Anne patiently explained the difficult point in my test paper and encouraged me not to lose confidence.With her help,I caught up with the other students very soon.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.A true friend not only shares your happiness but also your trouble.So cherish the friends around you ,and enjoy every moment when you are together.

提示:关于友谊的话题经久不衰,每个人都有自己的看法。请你发挥想象以“How do you keep a good friendship”为题写一篇短文。

How do you keep a good friendship

How to find a good friendship and keep a good friendship?I have some good ideas.First,you should choose a friend.A good friend should be kind and patient.For example,if you are unhappy,a good friend should listen to your complaints and give you some advice.You should help each other and share your lives together.And of course,friends sometimes have fights.If you have a fight with your friends,you should talk to them,and try to get it over.If you do not want to talk,you can write a letter.

In a word,I think a good friendship is based on understanding each other and can make your life perfect.



Understanding is a bridge between teachers and students.Once I copied my deskmate’s paper during an exam and handed it in.The next day,my teacher told the whole class about it.I lost face.I hated the teacher.

Days later,the teacher had a heart-to-heart talk with me.He said he could understand that I would like to be good.But to be good should depend on hard work.From then on,with his help,I became so interested in study that I made great progress.

I think understanding is an important part of our life.Understanding can make us successful.Knowing that,I understand teachers better.


时间过得真快,这个学期就快结束了,无论你是刚踏入初中的新生还是即将参加中考的毕业生,丰富多彩的学校生活总给你留下美好的回忆吧?你有没有记录下那些精彩的瞬间呢?请以My School Life为题,记录下来你的学校生活。

My School Life

Hi,I’mⅹⅹⅹ,a student of Classⅹⅹⅹ,Grade9.My school life is very interesting.

In my school,classes begin at 7:20 a.m.I have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon.We study English,maths,Chinese,physics,P.E.and so on.I like P.E.and Chinese,but I don’t like maths at all.I think it’s difficult and boring.Do you think so ?After school,I like reading story books with my classmates in the library.In my spare time,I often dance,however,I like playing the piano best,but I have no money to buy it.I dream that one day I could be a pianist.

My teachers are very friendly to me.I like my school life very much.What about you ?Can you tell me about your school life?

My School Life

My school life has a lot of fun.I like studying in the classroom with my lovely classmates.We get on well with each other.We play sports and sing songs together.But sometimes there is too much homework.I don’t have free time to play with my pet.

I wish to have a job I like and have a house with a garden.I will share my success with my parents.Now,I must study hard to make my dream come true.



Dear editor,

I am a student of a middle school.I think taking cell phones to class is right. It's good to have a cellphone with students. First, students can contact with their parents easily. Second, students can use the computer to take photos or listen to music so that they can relax. Third, it is a kind of fashion to take cellphone with people. On the other hand, some students don't agree with the opinions above. They think students just use the cellphone to play games or send emails. They can't concentrate on study any more. Some students even use cellphone in class which does harm to the class rules. Parents have to pay for the fee of the cellphone.



要求:1. 字迹工整,语言流畅,表达正确,逻辑清晰


Dear friends,

How time flies!My middle school life is nearly ending.I have something to tell you about how to use computer correctly.

Computeres are very useful in our life.We can use it to search information,relax ourselves in our spare time and so on.But some students spend too much time in playing computer games and some stay in the net bars all day and all night.They don’t study any more.

In my opinion,we musn’t go online when it is time for us to study.We should use computers to improve our studies.If we make the most use of it,our lives will be much richer.

I wish you a colourful school life!


Li Lei

提示:紧张而又忙碌的初中生活即将结束,请你以“My Unforgettable(难忘的)Middle School Life”为题,写一篇短文。

My Unforgettable Middle School Life

How time flies!My middle school life is coming to an end.I can’t forget the happy time that I’ve spent with my classmates and teachers.At school,I am busy with my studies.I’m interested in English,because my English teacher,Miss Wang,is kind and helpful. I like playing basketball and reading books.After class,I join some clubs at school.In this way,I ’ve got more knowledge and improved my life.I learn how to face difficulited,and also learn how to get on well with friends.

My school life is meaningful and colorful.In a word,it is unforgettable,isn’t it?



要点提示:I can…/I like….

The first time I learned(to)…

It gives me a lot…

My first time I learned to ride a bike

Most of us can ride a bike.So can I .I like going around the city on my bike.

I shall remember the first time I learned to ride a bike.That was one summer afternoon when I was seven years old,I told my father how I wanted to learn to ride a bike.My father was very pleased to be my“coach”.At first I was too afraid to have a try.But my father encouraged me a lot.Finally,after several times’ falling down from the bike,I could ride.How excited I was!

Now I ride my bike to school,to the shop.to the park,to my friend’s house…It gives me a lot of pleasure.Whenever I see other kids learning to ride a bike,it remains me of that summer afternoon.


难忘的初中生活就要结束了。假如你是韩梅,即将迎来全新的高中生活。为了尽快适应新的环境,你将打算在英语俱乐部的QQ 群里留言,谈一谈自己在高中学习、生活和与人相处等方面可能遇到的问题,并向大家寻求帮助。


Hi,everyone.How’s it going?I’ll become a senior high school student this September.I’m very happy,but I’m worried that I may meet with some difficulities in the new school.Perhaps I can’t keep up with my classmates,especially in math.And I’m not sure if I can make friends with others because I’m not good at communicating.On the other hand,I don’t know how to take good care of myself.I’m afraid the food in the new school won’t agree with me.What can I do with these problems?Could you please give me some advise?I really need youre help.


请根据以下要点提示, 以My plans for the vacation 为题,写一篇意思连贯、符合逻辑的英语小短文。

要点提示:1. 好好休息 2. 帮助父母做些家务,并适当扩展 3. 紧扣主题,适当发挥

My plans for the vacation

I’m excited that the vacation is coming.Here are my plans for it.At the beginning of the holiday,I will have a good rest.Then I’ll go somewhere interesting.After that I’ll go to visit my grandparents.I’ll also help my parents with some of the housework.Of course,I’ll read some great books to improve myself as well.I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful vacation.



Confiedence Makes Me Learn Better

Confidence is just like sunshine,it makes my study and life warm and light.lets me face the difficulties and troubles bravely.

Three years ago,I started a new school life.I was so excited,but I met a difficulty—I couldn’t finish the 1000—meter race.The P.E teacher advised me to get more exercise and said to me with a smile:Believe in yourself,you will be successful!I was encouraged de eply and then I found a thing,that’s confidence!Althoug some classmates laughed at me because I ran slowly,I wasn’t afraid of it.I held on to exercising every day and din’t give up.A year later,another exam came,with the big confidence,I finished it and got the first!

How happy I was and when I get the memory of it,I always say,“Confidence makes me learn better!”.



I’m a middle school student in Grade nine this year.I want to enter a good h igh school.So usually I listen to the teacher carefully,and I’m active in class.When I get home,I do my homework first,and then preview next day’s lessons.When I have difficulties,I turn to my books and dictionary,or ask my teacher or classmates for help.We often help each other.I’m good at English and maths.I believe I can enter a good school by working hard.


请以“___________is fun”为题写一篇英语短文。

要求:1. 先把题目补充完整 2. 短文中不得出现真实的地名或人名等信息。

Cooking is fun

Why is cooking fun?Here are two reasons.First,it is good way to show my love to my parents.Both my parents are very busy.So when I come back home early,I’ll cook for them.After they return,we sit together and enjoy the meal.I can see them smile happily. Second,it is a kind of creation.I always try to cook differern dishes.When my new dish is praised by others,I feel proud.

I like cooking.It brings me a lot of fun.


现今社会学生学习压力那么大,生活中也有许多烦恼,那么如何解决这些问题呢?请以“Our worries”为题,用英语写一篇短文。

要求:1. 简要说明在学习生活中存在的烦恼和解决问题的方法。

2. 语句通顺,合乎逻辑。60-80

Our worries

Today we students have some worries at school.We can much too tired because of too much homework every day.We also worry abou t our exams,so we’re stressed out.We don’t have real friendship because we have no time to communicate wieh each other.

In my opinion,it’s good idea to tell our parents or teachers about these worries,they may give us some advice.Also,we can relax ourselves by listening to music or playing sports.

提示:初中即将毕业,同学们都感到压力巨大。就此问题,你在英语课上做了一个以“Less Pressure Makes Life Better”为题的值日报告,谈谈你的做法,与同学们分享经验。

Less Pressure Makes Better Life

Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world.Most students in our class are under too much pressure.Some students can’t get on well with their classmates,while others may worry about their exams too much.

I was always under pressure,too.My parents wanted me to be the top student in my class.They had me study all day,even sent me to all kinds of classes on weekends

I had a talk with my parents and told them I had done my best.Finally,they understood me.In this way,I feel less stressed out so that I can concentrate more on my studies.

Less pressure makes life better.Thank you!


提示:初中学习生活即将结束,在离校之前,同学们谈论最多的就是怎样做一件有意义的事情。请根据图表中所给的信息,以“How to do a meaningful thing?”为题,写一篇短文。

How to do a meaningful thing?

We’ll leave school soon.Now my classmates are discussing how to do a meaningful thing before leaving school.Some students think we should buy a proper gift for our school and thank the teachers for helping and taking care of us.Others think we should buy pencils,pens,notebooks,schoolbags and some other school things for the children in the disater areas and poor areas.

I think we can buy presents for our teachers.Besides,we should give the books,notebooks,and other things we won’t use in the future to those students who are in the poor areas.I think they need them most.

As students,we should thank those who help us.We should help those in need and do a bit for our society.


为满足人们日益增长的健身需求,我国政府于2009年将每年的8月8日定为“全民健身日”。为了让“全民健身日”这项活动更加深入人心,某英文报纸举办了一场征文比赛。现在请以“Let’s Do Sports”为题,用英语写一篇短文向该报投稿。

Let’s Do Sports

I think it’s very important for everyone to do sports.I like sports because they’re not only good for my health but also good for my study.My favorite sport is swimming.Whenever I am free,I will go swimming with my friends or my parents in the swimming pool.A fter swimming,I usually feel happy and relaxed.What’s more,I can put more energy into my study.So let’s do sports,and we will become stronger and stronger.

提示:“早起”对我们每个人来讲都非常重要,它能让我们更加健康,更加聪明、更加富有。请你发挥想象以“Early rising”为题写一篇短文。

Early rising

Early rising is important to everyone.It ’s good for us in many ways.First,by taking morning exercise we can improve our health.Second,it can help us in our studies.In the morning,we can learn more quickly.Third,it can enable us to plan our work for the day.We cannot work well without a good plan.Early rising can also give us enough time to get ready for our work.So we say that those who always get up late should try to get up early.

I Love Sports

I love swimming,running,ball games in my spare time.I think it is good for us to do some sports.Sports help to build our body and make us strong.It can also keep illness away.My favorite sport is gymnastics as it is very exciting.We can grow taller if we play gymnastics often.Also it keeps me fit.I play gymnastics three times a week.I love sports!




Helping others make me happy

One day when I was on my way home from school,I saw an old man walking slowly around the street.Sunddenly he fell down.I ran to him quickly,but I was the only one there to help him.I couldn’t move hime by myself.I looked around,but I couldn’t see anybody.Just at that time,I found a pay phone near there.I got an idea.I called the doctors at 120 in a minute.Theri bus came soon.They thanked me for helping the old man.“Everyone needs help”I said with a mile.


外教Jacky 让同学们讨论网上购物(Internet shopping)的利(advantages )与弊(disadvantages )请根据下列信息,代表你们组用英语做个发言。

好处:方便(convenience ),24小时营业,不用排队(queue with)


Internet shopping is a new way of shopping.It offers a lot of advantages.The most important one is convenience.You can shop whenever you like as the on-line shops are open 24hours a day,and you do not have to queue with others.Secondly it is often cheaper to buy goods through the Inertnet and it is also easy to find what you are looking for.

There are some disvantages too.You can not see the products or check their quality.Besides,you can not enjoy walking around the shops and talking with your friends.


提示:在现代社会里,广告无处不在。有人喜欢广告,有人讨厌广告。请谈谈你的想法,说说广告的优点与不足。 提示词:cheat 上当,受骗

In the modern world,advertising is everywhere!Some people like advertisement while others hate it!I think it offers some advantages and disadvantages.

Some advertisement are very useful.They can tell people how to compare two different products so that people can buy the better one.They can also help you save money.

However there are also some disvantages,too.Some advertisements can be confusing or misleading.Sometimes the words sound g ood but don’t tell you anything real.So you have to be careful not to be cheated.We shouldn’t believe everything.


每个人都有自己的心愿,有自己的希望,有自己想做的事情,如:“I hope to be a good football player./a singer/an astronaut”,“I hope that I can make more good friends”,“I hope I can learn more things and do something useful”等。请以“My dream”为题用英语写一篇短文,表达你的意愿。

My Dream

Everyone has his dream.Some want to be football players,while others hope to be singers.As middle school student,I also have my dream.I wish to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei when I grow up.When I was a child,I always hoped to fly to the sky to explore the mysteries in the outer space.In order to fulfill my dream,now I am working hard at my lessons and have sports every day to keep healthy.I often take classes about space and try to learn things about astronaut on the Internet.I am sure my dream will come true through net.I am sure my dream will come true through my hard work.


下学期,我们每位同学都将步入新的学校。请以“New School,New Life”为题,用英语写一篇80词左右的英语短文,谈一谈你的新学校、新生活、新打算。

New School,New Life

I’m a student at No.8Middle School and will graduate in two months.I hope to study in a beautiful thigh school.I want to make lots of good friends.My new teachers will be very friendly to me and I can learn from them.In the new school,we will have enough time to do after-school activities.The life will be very colorful.If I have some problems in the new school,I can go to a “buddy club”for help.In the future,I will do my best to improve myself.I believe I will be better and better.


云南作为一个国际知名的旅游胜地,吸引了越来越多的国内外游客。因此,建设一个绿色、文明的云南显得尤为重要。请你以“How to Build a Greener Hometown”为题,写一篇短文。


How to Build a Greener Hometown

As we know,Yunnan is an international tourism destination.It attracts more and more people to come and visit.So it’s our duty to build a beautiful green hometown.As students,we shouldn’t throw rubbish anywhere on the ground or use too many plastic bags.Ask the factories not to put waste into the river and we’d better not go to school by car so that we can reduce the air pollution.What’s more,we should plant more trees and flowers to make our city greener.Let’s work hard for our hometown to have a good environment.


提示:健康一直是人们关注的问题,人们通过锻炼身体,多词水果蔬菜、培养有规律的生活习惯来增强体质。请结合自己的亲身体会,写一篇以“Careing About Health”为题,写一篇文章。

Careing About Health

I used to be weak in health and often fell ill,so I couldn’t go to school.I used to say if I were a healthy one,how happy I would be. Now I am healthy and strong by exercising a lot.There are many ways to keep healthy.We’d better eat more fruits and vegetables.Take exercise for a least one hour every day.We also need enough sleep,so it is important to go to bed early and get up early.Besides,we shoul wash our hands as possible.Only when people are healthy,can they work,travel and protect the environment and so on.

In my opinion,we musn’t drink wine or smoke.They are bad for our health.Let’s keep healthy.Come on!

Saying No to Smoking

As we’ve known,smoking is bad for people’s health.It may cause many diseases such as cough,lung cancer and soo on.Smoking is especially harmful to us teenagers because our bodies are still growing.Second-hand smoke does harm to us as well.So we must do something to keep away from smoking.If someone offers a cigarette,we should refuse it.And if anyone smokes nearby,we should try to stop it.From now on,everyone of us should follow the law and say no to smoking.


提示:助人为乐是一种美德,但现实生活中却发生了许多助人为乐者反而被骗的事情,请你结合所见所闻或亲身经历的事,以“We Must Be Honest”为题来谈谈诚实的重要性或欺骗的危害性。

We Must Be Honest

Honest is good and necessary personality to all people.No one like to have friends who are dishonest.

I have a good friend named Mike.He once cheated in the exam and asked his father to take him for a vacation for his“good grades”.But I told him it’s the worst to cheat his parents.If he didn’t tell his father the truth,I would.At last,he agreed.And his father forgave him and his family felt good about me.

In life,if you just want to make others happy and then cheat,you will get less and less.And you will be alone some day.Honest is so important,so we should regard it as the most valuable quality all the time.


提示:现在的科技日新月异,各种发明以及高新技术产品成为了我们生活中不可缺少的东西,如电脑、笔记本电脑(laptop )、

手机(mobile phone)、Mp4、数码相机(digital camera)、数码摄影机(DV )等。请描述你最喜欢的一种发明并说明理由。

My Favorite Invention

As a student ,I have many things that can make me relaxed like laptop,DV and the radio.But my favorite inention is an Mp4.It is used for listening to music.It was a gift from my aunt on my last birthday.It’s red.It’s very tiny but nice.When I am tired after study,I am always listening to some music from it.

I like it very much.It becomes an important part of my study life.When I go to school,I put it in the box in the bookcase.After school,when I finish my homework,I take it from the box and listen to some music.I think it’s my good friend.

My friend,do you have your own favorite thing?Can you tell me what it is?


提示:现在,学校正在开展题为“What I Have Done for My Class”的征文活动,请你投稿,谈谈你为班集体做了些什么,有什么感受或受到了哪些教育。

What I Have Done for My Class

I love my class because it’s just like a big family.We should do what we can do to make it better.

I have done many things for my“family ”.For example,my classmate threw away the empty bottles after drinking the water last month.In my opinion,it is not only a waste of money,but also makes the room very dirty,so I collected them in a box and sold them with my classmate,and then we bought some useful things for ou“family ”.

I think we should do something for our big“family ”though we are very busy learning.The more we do for it,the better our class will be.


提示:孩子都希望有时间去做一些自己想做的事情;希望能与自己的父母平等的对话,交流;希望父母能够理解并支持自己。如果你是家长,你会怎样对待自己的孩子呢?请以If I were a Parent”为题,写一篇英语短文。

If I were a Parent

We always complain about our parents,because they can ’t understand us.For example,many parents take their children from activity to activity,and try to fit as much as possible into their children’s lives.We have already had too many lessons and too much homework every day.We are under too much pressure,maybe when I am ill,my parents can take good care of me.But they can ’t understand what I really want and think.I want freedom.I need more time to do what I want to do.

If I were a parent,I would give my child much time to do something funny.It can make hime become more clever and more capable.If I were a parent,I would spend more time on my child.I would always be with him.If I were a parent,I would rather encourage my child than criticize him.I think a kid ’s heart is easy to hurt.I think good parents not only take good care of their children,but also try to understand their children.If I were a parent,I would think of everything in my child’s shoes.That ’s what I think.

How to communicate with our parents

Recently I ’ve had a discussion with my classmates about how to communicate with our parents.Some shout at their parents at home when their parents talk to them.I think they should be polite to their parents.Some say that they can’t agree with each other on something.I think they should tell their parents their plans if they want to do something.Some go away at once when their parents want to talk with them.I think they should respect their parents and learn to listen to their parents carefully.


提示:我们国家有许多传统节日,比如:春节、清明节、端午节、中秋节、重阳节、元宵节等。这些节日承载着悠久的民族文化,各有各的节日风俗。请以“My Favorit Festival”为题写一篇短文。

My Favorit Festival

There are a lot of Chinese festivals ,most of them are very interesting,but my favorite one is Middle Autumn Festival.

It is on Chinese lunar August 15th .On that day all the family members will get back home,no matter how far it is ,to get together with the whole family.The moon is round and full,the weather is cool and comfortable,the sky is clean and blue,my family sit around under the moon talking and laughing,we talk about the harvest,the future plan,sometimes my parents tell their stories to me…We appreciate the beautiful moon,eating delicious moon-cakes,fruits and nuts,the sound of fireworks make the evening exciting and interesting,the atmosphere is full of happiness.

My family all like Middle Autumn Festival.


提示:光明的道路从脚下开始,相信只要再接再厉,学好本领,就一定能与时俱进,美梦成真。请你发挥想象以“Life in 20 years ”为题写一篇短文。

Life in 20 years

A Chinese song says,“I know my future isn’t a dream.”I think it’s quite right.So let’s imagine our happy future.

In twenty years,the technology will change our life.Transport will be much more convenient.We can travel all over the world by air,be sea or by land.It will be really interesting.

By then,I’ll be over thirty years old.As for my family,I will save money and buy a big apartment for my parents under the sea.I’ll

let them keep some pets just for fun.I like a lovely dog.How interesting!Okay,that’s my dream life.What about yours?Our dream may be different.But I believe,“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”So we should have confidence in our future.Let’s study hand for our happy tomorrow and cheer for our future.


提示:古人云:君子爱财,取自有道。当今社会有些人为了获取金钱采取了不法手段,害人害己。请你发挥想象以“What can money bring us”为题写一篇短文。

What can money bring us

Today,more and more people want to get more money.If they have lost of money,they can get whatever they want.To earn lots of money,some people work very hard,while some go to a wrong way.They steal,rob,cheat or do other things that are wrong.Finally,they get punished and even lose their lives.

In a way,money is really important.We can not do many things without it.But we must know money can’t bring us everything.We can ’t but friendship,knowledge,true love with money,while these are the most precious things in the world.We must know clearly that money doesn’t mean everything.


在我们的生活和学习中,任何人免不了会遇到这样那样的挫折,面对失败如何做个勇敢者呢?请你以“Face Failure Bravely”为题写一篇短文。

Face Failure Bravely

As well know,“Failure is the mother of success.”But few people can understand what the saying really means.

Whoever you are,you are sure to meet with all kinds of failure in your life.In fact,failure is not fearful.The most important thing is how to face it correctly and bravely.Facing failure,you must never take your fate lying down.Instead,you must try your best to work harder and harder until at last you succeed.If you are afraid of failure,you will have no chance to enjoy the pleasure of success.Whenever you are in trouble,please remember,“Failure is the mother of success.”


有的人喜欢生活在城市,有的人喜欢生活在农村,生活在城市和农村各有利弊。请根据你的喜好,以“I prefer to live in…”为题,选择其一,表达你的看法。

I Prefer to Live in City

I was born and brought up in the city.I am used to everything here,so I prefer to live in the city.There are so many things to do in the city and life is so colorful.We can see movies,go to parks or visit museums when we are free.Besides,I feel it is convenient to live in the city,with many hospitals,school,and shops here.The countryside,on the other,is too quiet,and life there is boring.In the countryside,there are not many chances to find jobs or to make money.

In a word,although the city is more polluted and noisy,I prefer to live in the city.



Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is important.But not all the students have realized its importance.Here’s the result of our survey.About 55 percent of the students have breakfast regularly every day.They keep healthy and look active.25percent of them just have junk food instead.They don ’t have a balanced diet.It is bad for their health,some students go to school without breakfast.As a result,these students often feel hungry in class and can’l listen to teachers carefully.What’s worse,they get ill easily.

It ’s necessary/important for us to have breakfast and we should also have the right kinds of food for breakfast.

提示:保持健康的体魄,拥有健康的生活方式对于我们每个人来说都是非常重要的。请以“How to keep fit”为题,从健康饮食、体育锻炼和养成良好生活习惯等方面,写一篇短文。

How to Keep Fit

As we all know,health is very important.But how to keep fir?Firstly,we should have a good diet.That’s eating more fresh fruit and vegetables,but less junk food.Drink more water instead of coke or other unhealthy drinks.Secondly,it ’s goog for us to take more exercise,such as running,walking,ball games and so on.At last,we should learn to relax ourselves.We can listen to some light music,chat with families or friends and have a good sleep.To keep fit is not difficult if you care about it a lot.


Health is more important than everything.

Many primary students and middle school students are unhealthy.Sometimes they get ill easily.They often have a cold or sometimes they have headaches.I think the most important reason is that they have an unhealthy lifestyle.They often eat junk food and hardly exercise.It ’s important for us to keep healthy.We should eat a lot of vegetables instead of junk food.Drinking milk is good for our health,too.And we should exercise more to keep healthy.Remember:health is more important than everything.

现在,食品安全是人们关注和担心的一个问题,我们怎样才可以确保安全饮食呢?请你以“Eating Safely”为题就下列问题发表你的见解:1. 在哪里就餐 2. 如何烹饪食物? 3. 购买怎样的食品

Eating Safely

Food safely is very important to us.How can we make food safe?Here’s some advice.

First,we shouldn’t go out to eat fast food often.At the restaurant there is also some food that isn’t safe,such as unhealthy oil. Second,we should make food clean before cooking.Remember to boil food.

Third,we should buy and eat food carefully.If the food is in bags,we should read instructions and dates carefully.Make sure the food is safe.



With more and more cars coming into our families,we are happy that it had greatly improved our life.But unluckily,it has also brought many problems,such as heavy traffic accidents.

Traffic safety is everybody ’s business.We must obey the rules.For example,we must walk on sidewalks.When we cross zebra-crossing,stop and look right and left,then go across fast.Don’t play football on the road.We can tell our parents not to drink before they drive,not to run through red lights,not to talk and laugh while driving etc.

We can say cars are coming into our life,but only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody’s business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalks.


提示:刘伟,无臂钢琴师刘伟。他十多岁时在一次意外中失去双臂,但他并没有放弃成为一名钢琴家的梦想。经过刻苦用脚练习弹琴,他最终在“中国达人秀”(Cina ’s Got Talent)的舞台上实现了自己的梦想。请根据以上内容写一篇英语短文。

Always have Dream and You Will Win

Liu Wei,an armless piano player,has a very special experience.He lost his arms in an accident when he was 10,but he didn’t give up his dream of being a pianist.He tried to practice playing the piano with his feet.Finally he realized his drean in “China ’s Got Talent” As a student,I’ve learned a lot from his story.We may meet a lot of difficulties in our future life,but we should believe that our drean will come true by working hard.No matter how hard life is,we won’t fail unless we give up our hope.


提示:有趣的人让人轻松快乐,有趣的事让人开怀大笑,意味深长…. 在你的生活中一定不乏有趣的人和事。请以“An Interesting________”为题,写一篇短文,讲述你身边有趣的人或有趣的事。

An Interesting Teacher

I have an interesting teacher called/named Mary.She has a round face with two big bright eyes.There is often a big smile on her face.She ’s slim because she keeps doing sports every day.She plays it very well.She’s also good at singing,dancing and drawing.Her class is interesting and lively.In calss,she acts as an actress,an artist,an instructor and so on.After class,she talks with us like friends.We all love her.

Mary is my first English teacher.Before I toched English,I was worried about it.Mary helps me a lot.She often says,“Where there is a will,there is a way”

That ’s Mary——an interesting,excellent teacher.


A. Enjoy____________

B. Don ’t forget_____________

Enjoy the visit to Guilin

Last summer I went to Guilin with my parents.We visited Lijiang by boat.The water was clean and we could see a lot of fish in the river.We also climbed the hills.Thr trees on the hills were very green.We had a good time and felt happy.Guiling is one the most beautiful cities in our country.The people of Guilin are friendly.I also like food there.I really enjoy the visit to Guilin.If I have a chance,I will go to visit it again one day.

Don ’t forget to smile

Smile is an attitude to life.In our life,there may be something unpleasant.For example,you fail in an exam;or another time,you are misunderstood by your friends.These unpleasant things may make you feel bad.Then what will you do?Don’t forget to smile!Smiling to yourself can bring back your confidence.Sometimes,the greatest enemy is yourself.That ’s to say,sometimes,you are beaten by yourself.Don ’t forget to smile to others,too.It will help you to get closer to others.So,smile is the most widely understood language.At any time,don’t forget to smile.


提示:每个人在生活中都需要关爱和帮助,当别人遇到困难时,只需要你献出一点爱,伸出援助之手,生活就会充满阳光。只要人人都献出一点爱,生活就能幸福,社会就能和谐。请以“Let the World Be Full of Love”为题写一篇短文,谈谈你对无私奉献的看法。

Let The World Be Full of Love

Love makes the world go around.

Love is the most beautiful language in the world.We can wipe our tears away when we cry.It can bring happiness to us when we feel lonely.It can even give us confidence when we have problems.I want to help more people so that the world will be full of love.It is said that if everyone gives his love to others,the world will be filled with happiness.

I often listen to some pop music,and most of them are about love.The singers sing these songs loudly.I think that’s very real.They express their feelings directly.It shows that they love.

The happiness of loving ang being loved is very wonderful.Let’s try to love each other so that the world will be full of love.


提示:醉人的春、热情的夏、羞涩的秋、快乐的冬,都是我喜欢的季节。因为他们各有不同,使我感受到了天气的冷暖,生活的播种与收获。请以“My Favorite Season”为题,写一篇文章。

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is autumn.It makes people cool down from the hot summer.As the temperature is right,we can go outside and play for more times because summer is the hottest season of the year.The leaves began to fall from the trees,and the golden leaves were very pretty when they covered the side walks.There are many flowers blomm in autumn.Together with the golden leaves,they made many autumn more beautiful.I usually go to the park with my friends at weekends and do some painting to record the beautiful scenery in autumn.



My Story

There were many stories in my childhood.Some made me happy,and others made me bad.But I will never forget an interesting story of them.

When I wa ten years old,I was in Grade5.One afternoon I was on my way home after school.Suddenly I saw an old woman who was asking about something.When I knew she wanted to go toNO.2middle school,I went to her and told her that I was a student in the same school.Then I took her there.The woman thanked me very much.

When I got home,I told my parents about the thing.Father said,“You are a good kid.We are proud of you!But you should keep doing like that!”

I was moved by his words and I decided to try my best to help others in need.


提示:同学们,在你们的成长过程中,一定会有许多让你难忘的时刻,请你以“At that moment I_____”为题,写一篇短文,描述给你留下深刻印象的某一个时刻。

At That Moment I Smiled

I used to be a shy girl.I was even afraid of speaking in front of others.Once my English teacher asked me to take part in a speech contest.At first,I wanted to give up the chance,but my mother encouraged me.She said ,”Dear,you are always the best.Believe in yourself. ”With my mother’s encouragement,I decided to have a try.Before the contest,I practiced again and again.To my surprise,I won the first prize.All my teachers and friends came up to me and said”Congratulation ”At that moment,I smiled with tears in my eyes!



My Good Habits

I ’m the stongest boy in our class.I also like studying.I get up at 6 o’clock every day.Then I run in the park for thirty minutes.Before breakfast,I read English for fifteen minutes.I always do these things.They are good for my study.My teachers also encourage me to do these.I think my habits are useful.They make me become stronger and stronger.I hope you try to have these habits.


请以“I ’m a member of ______________”为题,写一篇文章

I ’m a member of Singing and Dancing club

Hello,everyone!I ’m very glad to be a member of the Singing and Dancing Club.I have been in this club for 2years.I’m an actor in the club.I like singing and dancing very much.I sing and dance with my classmates on weekends.Though I am very tired,I like to sing and dance every day.It makes me feel very happy.


假如上周末你和班上的同学们到方山玩得很高兴。请以My happy weekend为题,根据下面的提示写一篇短文。要点提示:

1. 时间是星期天早上8点 2. 学校门口集合,人到齐后就出发 3. 骑自行车到达目的地大约30分钟 4. 有拍照,游戏,野餐等活动; 5. 大家都度过了一个快乐的周末

My happy weekend

Last weekend,my classmates and I went to Fangshan.It was so interesting.

At 8:00 on Sunday morning,we got together at the school gate.When everyone arrived,we started.We liked riding,so we went there by bike.After about 30 minutes’ ride,we got there.We found a beautiful place to have a rest.And we took many beautiful photos and played games together.When we felt a little hungry,we took out our food to have a picnic.Everyone ate a lot.We all had a happy weekend.


A . T ime to___________

B . ____________is(are) beautiful

Kunming is Beautiful

Do you know Kunming,the capital of Y unnan Province?It ’s a beautiful city.It lies in the southwest of China.There are some mountains and a pool around the city,so the weather here is very warm all year round.

There are many flowers here and there are different flowers in different seasons.They are very beautiful.And also there are some famous places in Kunming,if you come to visit,you will be welcomed warmly by the friendly people in Kunming,so isn’t Kunming beautiful.


提示:初中的学习和生活即将结束,在踏上新的征程之前,对自己进行适当的评价很有必要,这样有助于更好地发扬自己的优点,改进自己的不足。请补充题目,如:I ’m a (an)Helpful/Confident/Lazy…Boy(Girl),从某一方面评价自己,促使自己在未来的学习和生活中有更好的发展。

I am a confidenct girl

I am a confident girl,because I think confidence is one of the keys to success.If we are confident enough,success will not be far away from us,so I try to be confident in my life and study.When I meet difficulties and problems,I never give up.Instead,I try my best to get over them.

I like the old saying:“Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it”.I will try to be more confident in the future,because confidence makes me do better in life and study.