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From the cartoon given above, we can observe that there are two

people walking towards an apple tree. With an idea that “the

apple is so delicious and I can enjoy it ”in his mind, the man on the right side just stands

there but does nothing. However, after seeing the apple , the man on the left side turns around

and leaves soon. A moment later, he brings back a ladder and then finally catches the apple,

leaving the other man standing there with much regret and envy. The caption below reads “ why not take actions ?”

The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of taking actions. One would

wonder, then, why does taking actions play such an integral role in our life ?Answers can be

quite explicit: it is through concrete and specific actions that our objectives and dreams

can be achieved smoothly and rapidly , because the more actions we take,

the more likely we are to accumulate precious experience, master useful skills

and seize fleeting opportunities. In contrast, those who spend much time

daydreaming about the presence of good fortune and miracle while desdian to take

actions can hardly enjoy the fruits of success.

Having dreams is important. However, putting your dreams into

practice should be considered a more noble quality than simply picturing in your mind the

things you want to have. Then ,what kind of person do you prefer to be? A giant of actions or a

genius of illusions ? (246 words)



果一定美味,我能吃到”然而却站在那儿什么也不做。然而,左边的人在看到苹果之后, 马

上就转身离开了。一会之后,他带着梯子回来并且最终摘下了苹果, 使得另外那个人 只能



们日常生活当中会扮演如此重要的角色?首先,正是通过具体而详尽的行动,我们才能 顺

利并快速实现目标和梦想,因为我们采取的行动越多,我们就越有可能积累宝贵的 经验,

掌握有用的技巧并且抓住稍纵即逝的机会。相反, 那些不屑于采取行动却只会 幻想幸运的



里 想象自己想要的东西更为高贵的品质。那么,你想成为什么样的人呢?行动上的巨人,


From the cartoon given above, we can observe that there is young boy running

towards the finish line. Sweating profusely but wearing a smile on his face , he

has no intention of stopping. Taking a look at the arrows on the track ,we can find that they are

written “the beginning” and “the ending”. Definitely, his behavior best explains

the meaning of the words on the arrows and the caption below: “the ending is a new beginning. ”

The cartoon informs us of a truth that, having reached periodical

objectives, we should not be satisfied with them. Instead, we need to set up

new goals and keep on fighting for them. However, few people would like to do that.

Some people have defeated by hardships and challenges even before they reached

their goals. Then, others fulfill their goals through diligence and good fortune but fail to set up

new ones and motivate themselves to rise to a higher position. They can

hardly achieve a greater success, what is more serious is that they are likely to be surpassed or

even eliminated by their rivals.

Whatever inborn differences people may exhibit in their native

intelligence and backgrounds, those differences can be offseted by their diligence

and persistent efforts. people can achieve success and stay ahead temporarily, but it is their

modesty and and higher pursuits that determine whether they could go further. (238 words)



而且没 有停下来的想法。看一眼跑道上得箭头,我们发现他们上面写着“终点”和“起点”。

很明显, 他的行为很好地解释了箭头上以及图画下方的文字的意思:“终点又是新起点”。


的目 标并继续努力。然而,能做到这样的人很少。有一部分人,在达到目标之前,已经被

困难和挑 战击垮了。也有一部分人,他们凭借努力和机遇,很幸运地实现了梦想,然而却

没有能继续设 定新的目标并且激励自己做到更好。对于这些人来说,非但更大的成就无法

取得,甚至会失去 眼前的成就以及被竞争对手超越或淘汰。


努力 来弥补。人们可以暂时地取得成就或领先,但是谦虚的心态、更高的追求才能决定他

们能否走 得更远。

Along with the Internet, the mobile phone has revolutionized communication as well as other aspects in our life as well. One of the greatest advantage of mobile phone is that we can contact with our friends and relatives more conveniently than ever before. However, mobile phone has also inevitably exerted negative impact on our life. For example, it is the convenience of mobile phone that reduce face-to-face communication among people. It seems that most of us enjoy the convenience of contact at the expense of personal relationship. Moreover ,entertaining electronic games, magnanimous information and a bewildering variety of social networking tools in mobile phones have occupied much of our time. Information distribution tools and social networking tools, in particular, have attracted all of our attention, which tempts us to keep our eyes on the screen Around the corner of every second. Then, do not expect us to talk with the people around us, we don’t have time! This, has resulted in a phenomenon of

“alienation between acquaintances and familiarity between strangers”.

Science and technology and modern tools should serve as an angel to improve our living strandard, rather than a devil to disturb our normal life and communication.

Just imagine ,live one day without mobile phone, will you be relaxed? Or anxious ? (218words )


与互联网一样,移动电话已经彻底改变了我们通讯方式以及生活的其他方面。移动电话给 我们带来最大的好处,就是我们可以比过去任何时候都方便地联系到我们的朋友和亲人。然而, 移动电话也给我们的生活带来了一些负面的影响。比如,正是移动电话的联系的便利性减少了 人与人之间见面沟通的机会,沟通的便利似乎是以感情的疏远为代价的。再者,移动电话上有 趣的游戏、爆炸性的海量信息以及五花八门的社交工具几乎占据了现代人所有的时间。尤其是 信息传播工具和社交工具完全吸引了人们的注意力,使他们每分每秒都盯着手机屏幕,甚至都 懒得和身边的朋友亲人说上一句话,这造成了一种现象:“熟悉人迅速陌生化,陌生人迅速熟 悉化”。

科学技术以及现代化的工具应该是位人类服务,为人类提供更好的生活而不应该影响和干 扰我们的正常生活和沟通交流。想象一下,如果让你过一天没有手机的生活,你会轻松,还是 焦虑?

The Internet romor is essentially a false rumor that spreads very rapidly in the online universe, typically through social media. It's a piece of misleading information that can rip through the public consciousness at breakneck speed, and the ramifications can be serious, even potentially dangerous. The spread of the Internet rumors should be based on three conditions: firstly, the widespread availability and convenience of the Internet. Compared with other channels of transmission, the Internet enjoys a feature of fast speed and wide extent ,whereby spreader can lower the cost of distributing rumors. Secondly, there are many ill-intentioned people existing on the Internet, as snakes in the grasses. These people are always hopping to draw others’ at tention or even disturb public order via circulating rumors. They focus on self- satisfaction while overlook the negative impact of their misdeeds on others’ peaceful life. They are selfish and to blame. Thirdly, the anonymity of the Internet which enables some spreaders to avoid being pushished for their malpractice. Sometines, they can circulate undesirable information uninhibitedly without suffering much in the way of consequences. The c oncept underpinned by the expression “the Internet rumor” is also sometimes described as “digital wildfire”. The metaphor of fire seems much more appealing, aptly comparing the damage caused by the spread of misleading facts to the trail of destruction left in the wake of a wildfire. Definitely, it is widely accepted that the Internet rumors exert a detrimental impact on our life. Perhaps it is time that we should take some measures to clamp down on this trend. (258 words)


在网络上,尤其是社交媒体中,迅速传播的虚假言论,即“ 网络谣言”。这种言论是一种误 导性的信息,能够以极快的速度攻破公众观念,其导致的结果可能会很严重,甚至有潜在危险 性。网络谣言的传播基于三种条件:其一,互联网的广泛使用和其便利性。相对于其他传播途 径,互联网的传播速度更快范围更广,而且成本也更为低廉。其二,大量的居心不良的人的存 在,这些人总是希望通过传播网络谣言来吸引人们的注意力甚至扰乱社会,他们关注自我愉悦, 却忽视了这可能会影响他人的正常生活,这些人时自私的;其三,互联网的匿名性,这使得很 多人可以避免传播恶意谣言带来的惩罚。有些时候他们可以肆无忌惮地传播谣言却可以不承担 后果。

“ 网络谣言”另外一个的说法是 “电子信息误传”。用火来做比喻似乎更加引人注意,而且这 个说法巧妙地将传播误导性事实带来的破坏性结果比作野火烧过后留下的残迹。众所周知,网 络谣言会对我们的生活造成有害的影响,或许,是时候我们采取一些行动来压制一下这种趋势 了。

From the picture given above, we can observe that there are two young men using different ways to show admiration towards their role model. By writing “Beckham” on his face, the man on the left picture expresses his intense enthusiasm for Beckham. Meanwhile, to make himself resemble his idol, the man on the right picture spends 300 RMB making a Beckham ’s hairstyle.

The cartoon aims at informing us of the phenomenon that many adolescents admire their role models in an excessive and blind way. Quite a few reasons can account for this: for one thing, with the mass media spreading the positive image of superstars, young people can hardly resist the charm of them. They regard superstars as their examples and desire to be people like them. For another, youngsters’ craze for superstars can also be attributed to the influence of the force of “group dynamics” :when members of their social networks show great enthusiasm for some idols, young people are so easily influenced by their friends or classmates and then imitate the behavior they see. This could be a subtle form of peer pressure.

We cannot draw an absolute conclusion whether idol-worship is good or bad. Simply imitating role model’s dresses or behaviors, youngsters may lose themselves and it will definitely interfere with their personal life or studies. However ,when learning idols ’ diligence, spirit and ambitions, young people can transform their worship towards idols into the passion for life, the stimulus to success and the driving force of struggling. Hence, whether idol worship is positive or negative is up to youngsters themselves. (272 words)


如图所示,我们可以看到有两个年轻人用不同的方式展现对他们的偶像的仰慕。通过把贝 克汉姆写在脸上,左边这个人表达了对贝克汉姆的热情喜爱。同时,为了使自己更加像偶像, 右边这个人花了 300 元钱做了贝克汉姆的发型。

这幅漫画在于告诉我们一个现象,那就是,很多的青少年都以过度而盲目的方式崇拜偶像。 相当多的理由可以解释这个现象:首先,大众传媒传播明星的积极形象,年轻人几乎无法拒绝 他们的魅力。他们将偶像当成自己的榜样,并且渴望成为他们那样的人。另外,年轻人对明星 的崇拜也可以归结为所谓的“群体动力学”的力量的影响:当他们社交网络中的成员显示出对 某些偶像的巨大热情,年轻人很容易受到他们的朋友和同学的影响并且模仿他们所看到的行为。 这是一种同龄人压力的潜在形式。

我们无法得出绝对的结论,是否偶像崇拜是好还是坏。如果只是模仿明星的穿着、行为, 年轻人可能会失去自我,这很明显会影响他们的个人生活和学习。然而,当他们学习偶像的勤 奋、精神和上进心的时候,年轻人可以将偶像崇拜化为对生活的激情,成功的动力和奋斗的驱 动力。因此,偶像崇拜是好是坏,由年轻人们自己决定。

Symptoms of waste in our soceity are not difficult to find. Lots of foods on table which could not be eated at a time are thrown away casually. Besides, new clothes deemed out of fashion are also discarded by people. Last but not least, people without habits of turning off the faucet or power switch in time abound in our life, they waste water and electricity without even realizing it. Such careless waste can mostly be attributed to the absence of the consciousness of thrift. People today place a higher value on exploiting resources , while they overlook conserving and economizaing resources.

There is an old saying in China, “waste is shameful, thrify noble. ” Definitely, China has always been a country which celebrates thrift and distaste waste. If this trend is to be left unfettered, it will not only waste financial and material resources, but also damage Chinese traditional virtue or even impair the interest of our future generations. Perhaps, it is about time we began to address this issue. (172 words)


在我们的社会中,浪费的现象并不难发现。满桌的没有吃完的食物被人们随意的扔掉; 再者,崭新的却被认为跟不上时尚的衣服也被人扔掉了;最后,那些没有及时关掉水龙头和电 源开关习惯的人在我们生活中大量存在,他们在毫无意识的情况下浪费了水和电。 这些漫不经 心的浪费大多数可以归结为节约意识的匮乏。现在的人似乎更重视开发资源,而忽视了保护资 源和节约资源。

中国有句老话:“浪费是可耻的,节约是高尚的”。的确,中国自古就是一个崇尚节约, 反对浪费的国家。当前这种浪费之风如果得不到有效遏止的话,不仅会浪费宝贵资源,损失财 力物力,甚至会破坏中国的传统美德以及子孙后代的利益。也许,我们是时候想一些办法解决 这个问题了。