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美好的星期六 A Nice Saturday

Today is Saturday, the weather is very nice. I’m very happy to finally have the opportunity to go to the zoo with my parents. My parents work very hard to support the family every day, so they often do not have time to stay with me. I hope that they can accompany me to the zoo for a long time.

Because it’s weekend, there are many people in the zoo. First, we go to see some birds. There are many kinds of birds in cages, I can not tell all their names. Then, we go to visit the dolphin show, the dolphin is very lovely and its show brings everyone happiness. At the end, we go to the shop in the zoo; my mother bought me a bear doll that I like very much. Today is a happy day, thank you my parents to giving me a beautiful memory. I hope that they can have more time to take a break and have more time to stay with me. I love them so much.




童年故事 Stories of Childhood

I live with my parents and my grandmother. My grandmother is a kind elderly people. She likes talking and she always tells me stories of hers, my father ’s and mine. She is full filled with memories. She told me that I was quiet and docile when I was little. My parents went to work all day, and my grandmother took care of me and my cousin. After she fed me, I sat and played myself. She didn’t have to worry much about me. I almost made no troubles. But my cousin was not. He never sat well or ate his food tactfully. My grandmother had to always keep an eye on him to prevent making troubles. But, there was one thing drove her crazy. That was I didn ’t like going to school. When I was at the school age, my parents sent me to school. But I cried every morning when I arrived at school. They had to comfort me for a long time to bring me into classroom. After two or three months later, the situation became good. I like my grandmother sharing the stories with me. It makes me warm and beloved.



我爱英语 I Love English

We start to learn English when we enter the primary school. I think English is great. First of all, learning English we can watch the English movies without subtitles, what’s more, we can understand the lyrics of English songs. Second ,we can use English to communicate with foreigners, make more friends. We can have a lot of benefits through learning English. Thus I love English.


十年后的我 Me, in Ten Years Later

When we have nothing to do and are in a daze, many of us would have thought about how we would be in ten years. Looking the rain outside the window, I couldn ’t help imagining myself ten years later. Ten years later, I don’t need to wear school uniform any more, instead of many beautiful dress and some sexy clothes. I would be a famous fashion designer . It must be very wonderful to go around the world, hold large number of fashion show. How great it is!


我最喜欢的节日 My Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Mid-autumn Day. Do you know why? Firstly, it’s day for family gathering. On Mid-autumn Day, families will stay together and eat a big dinner. My families always make very delicious food. After dinner, families will enjoy the beautiful full moon. We often have a good talk and eat moon cakes and fruits. For me, I like moon cakes very

much. They are so tasty. Besides, the Mid-autumn Day is in autumn. It’s my favorite season.


美国之旅 Travel to the USA

I have come back from the USA. From my diary you will know that I’ve been to many places in the States and I’ve tried different means of transportation. Here is a list:

I have taken the subway to the Central Park and I have enjoyed the beautiful views there.

I have taken a ferry to Liberty Island and I have visited the Statue of Liberty.

I have taken a bike to Chinatown and I have eaten different kinds of Chinese food. I have flied to San Francisco and I have walked on the Golden Gate Bridge.