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ppt 作文2 善待老人

(描述图片)An angry feeling arises in my mind when I look at this picture. The cartoon a family football match, which is totally different from a regular one. Without strikers, only 4 goalkeepers, who are sons and daughter of the old father, are guarding 4 goals respectively. Besides, the old father acts as a ball to replace the real one.

(引出主题)It is clear that the picture implies a common phenomenon in our society today: the younger generation take their parents as a burden and refuse to take care of them. (分析原因)What may account for this social phenomenon? People often make excuses for refusing to support their aging parents. They have forgotten how their parents took care of them, and have betrayed the Chinese traditions of respecting seniors.

(你的态度)From my view, such a behavior should be criticized and condemned. (给出对策)To solve the problem, a combined effort is really necessary. (对策一)First of all, the younger generation should shoulder the responsibility to take care the elderly. (对策二)Secondly, the government should set up a sound elderly-care system and cover more pension and medical care expenses. (进行总结)Only in this way could the elderly have a happy life.


原因分析:1. 他们忘记了老人对他们的抚养。

2. 背叛传统。

得出结果:对个人和社会都带来不好的影响。1. 老人很痛苦悲伤。2. 传统道德丢失 对策:1. 年轻人应该肩负抚养老人的责任。2. 政府应该建立健全养老体系、退休金、医疗照顾。