Go+ving 魔鬼训练 带答案
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1. go+Ving

go fishing 去钓鱼go swimming 去游泳go shopping 去 购物 go climbing 去爬山go skating 去滑冰go skiing 去滑雪

go hunting 去打猎go boating 去划船

1. Let’s go fishing.(改为同义句) __________ __________ going fishing?

2. --Would you like to go fishing with me tomorrow ?

--_________ .

A .Yes , please B.No, thank you C .Yes , I’d like D.Yes , I’d like to

3. How about _____ this Sunday?

A .go fishing B.go to fish C .going fishing D.to go fishing 4. ---What a fine day today! Shall we go fishing?


A .You are right. B.It ’s very kind of you.

C .Good idea! D.Not at all. 5. I will go swimming instead of ______(watch) TV.

6. ---What are you going to do this afternoon?

---I ’m not sure. I go swimming with my friend.

A .may

B .can C .may be D .must

7. Nora was ill last weekend, ______ she didn’t go swimming ______ go shopping.

A .but; and

B .but; or C .so; and D .so; or

8.He wants ______ a pair of white shoes. Let’s go shopping together. A .buy B .sell C .to buy D .to sell

9.Let ’s___________ this afternoon.

A. go shopping B. go to shopping C. go shop

10. ---Let’s go boating tomorrow. ---_______.

A .Good idea B .Let me see C .Never mind D .You are right

11. People often go skating in ________ winter.

A ./ B .a C .an D .the

12. I always go skiing with my friends ______ winter.

A .in

B .on C .at D .for

答案:What about/How about 2-12 DCC watching ADCAAAA