心灵鸡汤 哲理人生
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Patches are supposed to be a regret, but a skillful craftsman can make it take on a kind of perfection.


Perfection is impossible to achieve in everything. Patches are unavoidable, so is human ’s life,which will appear in the form of injury,disability or disease.since you can ’t change the existence of wound,you should not expect people’s sympathy by exposing the wound, which reveals nothing meaningful. All you can do and have to do is to suture the wound by patches and try your best to bloom a most beautiful flower on the wound,and that is the significance of life.


A thread of hope sparkled in those gloomy days suddenly.


Everything is so simple:To run without an umbrella!

When you run out of the rainy season of you life,there will be bright sky ahead of you.

A little tear in life can make the reminiscences sweeter and more



The changes of life are unfathomable forever.


We get used to the life with a tent overhead. Virtually ,the true beauty is often detected by accident.


It is our habitual thought that we would feel safe with a tent. The tent of life may be wealth,profession,steady income,sociality or human relations, which are regarded as a shelter in the daily life.It’s seemingly important,but only when we lose it,can we find the more beautiful things are kept off. For instance losing the tent,we have stars twinkling all over the sky.


Life Lies in Persistence.人生在于坚持

The loyal are misunderstood while the misunderstood cannot stick it out.


I am not the light or the source of light. But light --truth,understanding,knowledge--is there,and it will shine in many dark places as long as I reflect it.

I am a fragment of a mirror whose whole design and shape I do not know. Nevertheless,with what I have I can reflect light into the dark places of this world--into the black places in the hearts of men--and change some things in some people.Perhaps others may see and do likewise.



Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is you gift to God.

你的才能是上帝给你的礼物,利用他是你给上帝的礼物。 To always go for your dreams and never give up.


Shoot for the moon because even if you fall,you will land among the stars.


Never let anything get in your way.


Continual and consistent. 始终如一

Never let anyone come to you without coming away better and happier.


Everyone should see goodness in your face,in your eyes,in your smile. Too often we underestimate the power of such things:a touch,a smile,a kind word,a listening ear,an honest compliment,or even the smallest act of caring.


We should thought of other,not just thought of ourselves.


No one can be your mirror. Only you are your own mirror.


I was unique,so I needn’t be as mediocre as others.


You can consult the other people ’s attitude to determine your own ,but you can never follow others to do so.



You must see yourself clearly,and know you’re your pursue is. Your future doesn’t depend on how others do,but on how you are going to do.


There is no peak that no one can conquer, so we don’t want to be a peak, but we want to be a person to climb the summit.


Standing on the peak, you are not tall, but even smaller.


Any peak can be conquered, for there is no giant in the world but the one who stand higher!


There is no mountain higher than people, nor is the road longer than feet.


There is always a way out. As long as we have our feet, we will have a road.


In looking for your soul mate, please don ’t always compare and

hope that there will be a better one. By doing that, you will waste your lifetime because time never goes back.


A person who knows to look upward can clearly understand his position; a person who knows the blue sky is always overhead won’t be foolish to put himself on a sovereign position.


It is love that gives us life and understanding that brings about love. 正是爱给了我们生命,正是谅解产生了爱。

Love is a two-way street. Any loving act must be warmly accepted or it will be taken as rejection and can leave a scar. If we are too busy to give and receive love, our life will lose its true significance. Nothing is more important than responding with love to the cry for love from those who are near and precious to us.