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Nowadays,campus love ithe college students are now allowed to get married in campus, which is declared officially by the National Education Bureau. The results of this issue take a broad influence on the colleges, even on the whole society. Some are in favor of it while some are against it. Whether college students should be allowed to set up a family has become a hot topic to be fiercely argued from then on. found everywhere.No matter what university you go to,you will see couples of sweethearts strolling past holding hands and sharing their own secrets happily or having some troubles and even quarrel sometimes.Obviously,love on campus seems to be a tendency in college life now.So what lead to the phenomenon?Is it good to fall in love with somebody on campus?

Love in university campus, we have It is quite common for.First of all, I want to say about the situation of College Students' love.

1, love is the age of small, popular from the start

2, love the open, and in high school, now we all love your male (female) friends toreveal to the public, countries allow college students to get married, how can so many school tube;

3, the low survival rate of increase of love, tragedy. Due to the lack of economic foundation and a qualitative University future, love marriage low probability. Some students can not deal with academic and love relationship, love first, increasedweariness, truancy phenomenon, serious can't even graduate, delayed his bright future. Also some social experience shallow, the psychology bearing capacity is weak, and expectations are high, easy impulse, once the romance or hit, often caused the tragedy of love. Hurt each other with the Dutch act; have;schizophrenia is earthly, Poguanposhuai; aversion to also have. Therefore, we need a rational understanding of love in the university.

Some believe it is reasonable for college students to select marriage in campus. Because, firstly, the college students have reached the national legal ages, 22 for men and 20 for women, for marriage. Secondly, suppose two students are fall in love with each other. Is it necessary for them to struggle to avoid marriage until graduation? The couples are supposed to help each other, love each other and conduct the harmonious little family on their own. All the matters they are faced with will not only help them taste sweet produced by family but also get to know the hardness to sustain a family. Furthermore, college students are usually to be found living together. Such behavior has no difference from those done after marriage. We should rather legalize such behavior than put aside them to happen secretly.



There is no doubt that campus love has some advantages.Facing a heavier stress than before as a undergraduate at present,some students need a way to reduce their pressure and need someone to listen to their feelings in deep heart.Falling in love with their own sweethearts is a appropriate choice because they can express their truest selves to their lover without reservation.A romantic relationship not only can make each other more mature but increase the experience of dealing wi

th emotional problems.On the other hand,most students,of course,support the view that love is more interesting than study. And what’s more,if you find your lover in your college life and marry with your boyfriend or girlfriend then your marriage will be steadier and happier.When you graduate without a lover,you may find it hard to seek out your marriage partner cause there are so many conditions needed to consider after graduation.

毫无疑问,校园爱情有一些advantages.Facing 较重的压力比以前截至目前一个大学生,有的学生需要一种方法来减少他们的压力,需要有人倾听他们深heart.Falling 感受爱自己情人是一个合适的选择,因为他们可以表达自己最真实的自我,以自己的爱人没有reservation.A 浪漫关系不仅可以使对方更加成熟,但会增加情感problems.On 处理另一方面的经验,大多数学生,当然,支持这样的观点,爱是比学习更有趣。而更重要的是,如果你发现你的爱人在你的大学生活和你的男朋友或女朋友结婚那么你的婚姻会更稳定和happier.When 你毕业没有一个情人,你可能会发现很难找出你的婚姻伴侣的原因有这么多的情况需要在毕业后考虑。 The meaning of college romance can’t be ignored.

Firstly,it teaches us how to love, how to communicate and how to take care of others.It can’t be denied that EQ is more important than IQ to some extent. you can learn many qualities from her, you will change your lifestyle and habit gradully when you stay with him .

Then ,it encourages us to study harder because there is someone we can study together. we can talk about the question together and learn some good thoughts from each other . I think we can absorb knowledge more quickly and efficiently by this way .

What’s more, we can leave some unforgettble memories for college,you know how the time flies, four -year is so short that we must enrich our experience , we travel at somewhere with our good friends or lover, there are many interesting things happened on the way .

Personally,I think we can fall in love with the one we adore.We need an integrated development on campus.A romantic relationship will enrich our college life which makes us gain more experience.But the most important point is that we must balance the relationship between love and study.In every sense of word,falling in love with your sweetheart maybe can give you a huge motive power and inspire you to progress for your future.Why don’t we turn a romantic love into the energy we need?

However, some think it more negative then positive for college students to get married on campus. In their opinion, the college students, especially male students, are too young and semi-matured to be likely to shoulder the burdens brought by family and take the relative responsibility. On the other hand, it is showed by study that the devoice rate of those who get married early is much higher than that of those who get married late or at right time. Such high devoice rate is mainly due to the less consideration taken before marriage, even being a totally prompt impulse to some extent. Some stubborn problem appears gradually after marriage, which leads to the mutual discontents between couples and end up in devoice as a solution.


Campus love seems so wonderful but actually it also has many disadvantages.After all,we are stu

dents and our main purposes are study well.Falling in love with someone,to a great extent,will distract you from your studies and influent your prospective career.From another perspective,our living expenses are almost all from our parents and campus love is a heavy financial burden for those students in love.Worst of all,once those couples of lovers face the breakup,they will be confronted with a heavy psychological burdenand problems.They may feel very depressed just because of a small argument. As we all know,there are so much suicide and murder happening in campus because of breakup. What was supposed to be a romantic relationship turned into a tragedy.What a pity!

然而,有没有weeds.Campus 爱似乎如此美妙的花园,但实际上它也有不少disadvantages.After 所有,我们是学生,我们的主要目的是研究well.Falling 爱上了一个人,在很大程度上,会分散你的注意力从你的研究和进水你的潜在career.From 另外一个角度来看,我们的生活费都来自我们的父母几乎都和校园的爱情是为那些学生都love.Worst 沉重的财政负担,一旦恋人那些情侣面临分手,他们将沉重的心理burdenandproblems.They 可能会感到很沮丧仅仅因为一个小论点对质。我们都知道,有这么多的自杀和谋杀校园发生,因为分手的。什么应该是一个浪漫的关系变成了tragedy.What 太可惜了!

Anyhow, far away from home and alone, seeking friendship, understanding and love, the boys and girls easily find comfort and appreciation from eachother. As a mater of fact, love is a sharp doublebladed knife. Having it will make you very happy; while losing it, you always feel disappointed and depressed. When the bond of love broken, it’s difficult for someone to get out of the shadow especially for girls . 总之,远离家乡,独自,寻求友谊,理解和爱,男孩女孩容易从海誓山盟找到安慰和赞赏。事实上母校,爱是一种双尖刃刀。有了它会让你很开心; 而失去它,你总是感到失望和沮丧。当爱的纽带断裂,这是很难有人走出阴影尤其是对女生。

And another reason is that love relationships may cause the risk of having babies before they get married. And what if that happens? To get induced abortions? I’d say that’s a god-damn bad thing! I think most of us won’t support that, right? Induced abortion will be very harmful to thegirls,also to the girls’ families, we should never let things like that happen, and you know what will cause these things, so I don’t need to explain more about this.


I think love relationships on college campus are quite harmful. I have many reasons about supporting this opinion, and I want to list the main ones here. The first one is stationary, and if we pay more attention to the love relationships, we will have less attention to our educations, our lessons. But what are our main goals in the university? I don’t think it’s to find a partner, but it’s to get knowledge, make ourselves more and more powerful. That’s what we should do, isn’t it?



College Students' love and marriageis a double-edged sword, has both advantages, and

disadvantages. We should let its beneficial effects become larger, adverse effectsto a minimum.