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since I graduated from primary school and therefore, I could hardly place her now. But I would always remember that she is a kind-hearted elder lady. She never scolded the pupils in the class and her voice was always reassuring. Love for students is crucial for a good teacher, especially the primary school teacher. Though I cannot remember her name, I would bear

the image of her kindness in my mind for good. Her love of students and her kindness make her a good

trouble, we need friends to offer us help, support and encouragement. With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys. Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures that we can enjoy. It implies loyalty, cordiality, sympathy, affection, and readiness to help. In short, when we have established friendship, we ought to cherish and treasure it. Only thus, can we


To start with, it ’s convenient for the user at any time to contact others. Secondly, it’s helpful companion. With a multifunctional cell phone in hand, one can easily surf the net, downloading what he needs.

However, the cell phone has many disadvantages. For one thing, the machine itself is very expensive. For another, the radiation from the mobile phones might do harm to the user ’s heath.

In my opinion, with its expenses being reduced sharply

after China ’s entry into the WTO, its development will have a brighter future. Therefore its advantages will far for distance learners because they study alone most of the time. They do not meet their tutor or classmates very often. However, distance learners can learn a lot from each other .So autonomous learning and collaborative learning go hand in hand. I am a distance learner. I have to do

most learning tasks by myself. Meanwhile we have group activities every two weeks to complete some learning tasks or share experience. I have found both forms of teach us, and the most important, educate us to be useful to the society. I still remember it clearly when I was denied the opportunity to participate in the writing contest, my heart sank. The frustration and sadness almost overwhelmed me as I felt I was discarded and I thought for sure I would never pick up my pen to write. At that time, my teacher gave me power and energy to regain my confidence. Immediate help and advice on writing were also offered, which made me realize my weakness and know how to improve. Through the encouragement, I soon picked up my pen. And also I learned to enjoy writing instead of focusing on prize.


always wanted to see Bin Ma Yong, so I chose to go there. I went to there by train with my parents and I had breakfast in the hotel. Then we went there by bus. When I got off the bus, I was very excited. I saw a lot of false man whose hand with all kinds of things. I took many pictures. Finally we went back the hotel in the afternoon. Though I was very tired, I felt very happy. I will never forget it for ever.

manners can still be found here and there. For example, some cyclists run the red traffic lights, many

passengers litter waste papers and plastic bags in public places, and some tourists scrabble in tourists’ attractions, let alone spit on the street. In the cinema, some audiences talk loudly on cell phones in front of others.

I’m strongly against talking loudly in the cinema, for this behavior shows no respect at all to others; what’s worse, it upsets the audience who are in the mood of having fun.

There is no doubt that private cars make us travel faster and farther, but they have caused some problems. First, too many private cars make the road crowded and cause traffic jams. Second, they pollute the air. Third, they cause a lot of traffic accidents. How can we solve these problems?

I think we should go to work by bus instead of driving private cars. Only in this way, can we protect our living environment.

is the source of happiness, because money provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, and clothes for the needy. While others hold that money is the root of evils, because it is the devil of money that drives a person to lie, cheat, steal and worst of all, to murder.

In my opinion, money is essential to being well-off, but not necessarily to well-being. Happiness is a state of mind, not something that can be bought.

is better off. For clothing, I have spare money to buy sorts of pretty clothes. But in the past, there were fewer clothes in my wardrobe. For food, I usually had traditional Chinese food for every meal, rice, noodles or a steamed bun with one or two light dishes such as preserved pickles. Nowadays, I can afford any delicious food, including western foods. For housing, I have moved from a cramped and gloomy room to a big and bright flat. For getting around, I rode an old bike on my way to work a year ago. At present, I drive my private car to travel.

I believe my life will be better and better in the future.


in the future. He or she might want to be a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, a sportsperson and so on.

To tell you the truth, my ideal job is in business. The idea came into being when I was a child.

With the development of market economy, there are many prosperous opportunities in business. I like reading stories about some successful businessmen such as Bill Gates, Li Jiacheng, etc. I believe I will be a man like them some day. Now, I am majoring in Computer.

there are several difficulties in learning English. First of all, it’s hard to build up vocabulary. English words are quite different from Chinese. I find it takes quite a long time to remember the words. But if you don’t use them, you’ll soon forget. Secondly English gra mmar is another difficult part. I’m often confused by English tense because it’s such a different system from Chinese. English idioms and expressions is the third difficluty I have met in my study. Sometimes you know every word in the expression, but you don’t the exact meaning of it, because it is used in specific situation and has spcific meaning. That’s why yo can tell

perhaps you may say it’s Zhongnanhai, the White House or the Kremlin Palace. But I’ll tell you that it’s home rather than any one of them. Because a proverb says well that “East or west, home is best.”

That’s why? Because home is the port of our soul and the only one place that we are looking forward to going for the whole life. Because I think home means all to me and anybody else. It’s home where we can go whenever we are hurt or tired. It is also home where we can enjoy the feelings of parents, brothers and sisters. It’s home that that fights against wind or rain whether in the day time or at night.

In a word, whatever we do and wherever we go, home is the best place that we can go Some are afraid of failure, while others welcome it. I think failure is a good thing.

Failure can be a good teacher. It can reveal that where we need improvement. So we know where we should invest more time and energy, and what strategy to take. In this way, failure teaches us to be better the second time around. As they say," The more you try, the more you'll succeed."

No one can keep from failure. If we can turn failure to our advantages, we will succeed

childhood is a pleasant one to me.

When I was in kindergarten, I was very popular with my playmates because of my naughtiness. Once I made an arrow, with which I hurt one of my playmates and received scolding from my mother afterwards.

When I grew up, my father and mother dare not allow me to play outside. But

7 sometimes when we had time they would bring me to the parks, movies and went swimming. I liked swimming very much. Thank them for teaching me swimming. I liked to play with my play games because I was only a boy. My mother often scolded me when I didn't get home after school but never too severely.

fit, we should pay more attention to our eating habits. My tips on good eating habits are as follows:

First, don't eat too much or too little for each meal. Eating too much will cause overweight and eating too little is bad for health too. Second, don't eat between meals. Sometimes we like eating a little before the mealtime; as a result, we lose our appetite for lunch or dinner. Third, eat more vegetables and fruits every day. As the saying goes, "An apple a day makes the doctor away."

In high school, students have to wear school uniform. Teachers always ask students to do many tasks in the classroom. In a college, students have to be responsible for themselves. They have more freedom than those in high school. For example, they put on the casual clothes instead of uniform. Tutors give them lectures and assignments, and they must spend more time studying by themselves in the library. That means students must manage themselves very well.

achieve success of distance learning?

For me, I think firstly, we should be able to use computers. If we are good at computer, we can surf online and learn the online knowledge offered by distance education. Secondly, we should make a study plan before a new semester begins. Remember 20 new words and read an English article in China Daily every day etc.

should we do to keep healthy?

First,we should get up early. we should eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and do more exercise . Food can give us energy. Doing exercise can make us strong. Second,we should change clothes often, wash hands often, keep the air fresh and clean and do house cleaning often to

stop germs from getting into our bodies. You shouldn’t keep long fingernails. At last, we should go to see a doctor at once if we don’t feel well.

you will think of it every day. Secondly, if you are interested in something, you will study hard to be good at it. Thirdly, if you are interested, you will be happy to overcome the difficulties you meet in doing it. Fourthly, if you are interested, you will get more joys and happiness from it. And you will get bigger success in it.

Therefore, interest is the best teacher in your life.


a handsome boy. I have big eyes. a tall nose, a small and red mouth, small ears and black and short hair. My favorite sport is playing basketball, as it is very exciting. I play basketball three times a week. Most often I play it in my school.

My favorite food is ice-cream. I hope I will be an engineer. I live in a beautiful city. There are many tall buildings in the city. you can see trees and flowers

everywhere. My family lives in YongBian Street. Our house is near the school.

competitive at the cost of a comfortable easy life a highly-paid job can obtain. They are afraid that the stresses and strains of work will rob them of joy and happiness and do them harm both physically and mentally.

In fact,however ,stress isn't the bad thing it is often supposed to be. Unless it gets out of control ,a certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and challenge,and to give

purpose and significance to an otherwise meaningless,idle life.

Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. What we can do is cities to settle down. I think that people who move to big cities must enjoy the advantages of city life. I am certainly a supporter among them. If you live in a big city, shopping centers, restaurants and recreation centers are always within easy reach. Therefore, it's very convenient to buy various goods. In addition, people in big cities can participate in different activities more often than those living in the country.

However, crowded big cites are being faced with many problems. The most serious ones are "Traffic jam", "housing condition", and "pollution". So we should pay more attention to the environment and public facilities. Only in this way can we live in great

share a 3-bedroom flat with each other. My grandparents have got retired and enjoy the love from the grandchild-me. My parents both work in a bank. I study in Fudan University and like the college life very much.

Every weekday, we are busy with our own business. But on weekends, our whole family will gather together with Mum cooking delicious food. I love my family and enjoy living in a 1) 人们为什么会有不同的活动习惯

2) 你是早上工作效率高还是晚上

3) 你通常是怎样渡过一天的

In our daily life, people have different activity habits. Reason for it is that some people belong to morning person , others belong to night person.

To me, I like doing things in the morning and work best in the morning. After breakfast I usually go to work in our school, preparing lessons and checking students’ exercises. After lunch I have a rest . At 3 p.m, my friends and I go shopping. From this, you can see I belong to morning person.


hard all their lives and sacrificed a lot for my family. Not only that, but they are also special friends to me. They are easier to talk to than my parents and they are very kind to me. For example, my grandmother makes me delicious things to eat and my grandfather often takes me fishing.

In addition, they are the leaders of my family. They are full of wisdom and know the stories of our ancestors. They are the ones that hold our family together. As a result, I owe them a great deal, but I don't know how to repay them. All I can do is cherish them and

hair.She is warmhearted. She is always ready to help others; She is also kind to us. My m aths isn’t very good.She always give me a helping hand.

She is cute and pretty. She has big eyes. She likes to play with me after class. We play on the seesaw. We take turns to play on the swing. She doesn’t like to do the homework. She likes to draw. She always draws pictures for me. She treats me some cookies every day. I like her very much.

very happily. When we have a new task, firstly both of us will express our opinions of how to do it. Then we will have a discussion and make a detailed plan of what she and I should do separately to finish the task. Afterwards, we will try our best to do our own job. Lucy is really hardworking and careful. She will always finish her task perfectly. I will try my best

house should be very big and comfortable. There should be three bedrooms in the house, because I would like to live with my parents. I would like my parents to live in a bedroom, my wife and I live in another bedroom and my son live in the third room. There should be a big kitchen. I like eating very

have studied English for several years, I am still not very good at it. There are a few reasons. For one thing, I find it hard to remember English words. Secondly English grammar is quite different from Chinese grammar. The most important reason is that I have little chance to practice English in my daily life. Although I find English difficult to learn, I still keep up

interest in English. I believe “Practice makes perfect”. I will do my best to learn it well, for I lot of expectations on my distance education. Firstly, I hope to improve my spoken English. I work in a foreign invested company. My boss is a foreigner. I need to talk with him in English every day. So I would like to improve my spoken English very much. Secondly, I hope to improve my English writing ability. I need to receive and answer emails in English every day, but I don’t know many English words. These above are my expectations of the long-distance education.


family, my mother, my father and I. We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family.

My father is a hard-working man. He works as a doctor. He always tries his best to help every patient and make patients comfortable. But sometimes he works so hard that he can't remember the date.

My mother is a woman with a bad memory. She always does a lot of housework, but sometimes she makes mistakes out of carelessness.

They’re my father, my mother, my sister and I.

My father is a teacher. He teaches English. He loves his student, and often plays with them. My mother is a doctor. Because she thinks

it’s a great job and doctors can save people’s lives. She cooks meals and cleans the house every day. My sister is a student. She wants to be a singer, and she likes dancing. I’m working in a company and studying in TV University.

author, political activist and lecturer. I like the book partly because of the author —the courageous and hard-working woman. She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. I like the book also because it offers us a different view on life—“to live each day as if we should die tomorrow”. It tells us to value and cherish what we have today, to appreciate the beauty of nature,

to feel grateful to the warmth you’re given by Maybe you ’ll feel surprised because English is often considered to be the

most difficult course. The reasons I like it are as follows: First of all my job is doing international trade and requires a higher level of spoken and written English. Learning English well, therefore, is very useful. Secondly I love Hollywood movies and English songs. Learning English helps me enjoy the movies and music better. The last reason I like it is that English is most widely used in the world. I love travelling and I notice that people in many places can speak form of entertainment much more than ever.Then entertainment plays an more and more important part in peoples' daily life.

Though there're many forms of entertainment, I like mountaineering most.

Because on the one hand, it requires walk for a long time, it's good chance to test my patience and force myself to do excise. On the other hand, I can have a good view on the way. Besides, climbing always makes up of several persons and I can have a good chance to chat with others. The last but not the least is that it always makes me feel proud as I touch the top of the mountain.


like sports very much. I go running at five o'clock in the morning. After classes in the afternoon, I play table-tennis with my friends. These sports have kept me healthy. At home, I like to sing and play the violin. I practice singing and playing the violin every day. Busy as I am, I am quite happy. Of all my hobbies I like reading books best. In my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. There are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. All these books have enriched my knowledge.

The movie is a very touching and unforgettable love story, which sings praise for true love and sacrifice. The song called “My Heart Will Go On” is sung by singer Celine Dion. The beautiful music tells the lasting love between Jack and rose and their determination to stay together, at least spiritually, no matter what happens.

I think if you’ve ever listened to it, you’ll be deeply touched, too.

it is usually fine. We can put on fashionable outfits, for example, beautiful skirts and short pants and to enjoy the time of summer vacation. It’s cool to go to the beach, either to take sunbath or to swim.

Although summer is hot and sometimes rainy, I like it. Another reason is that in summer

the days are long and nights are short, then we can do a lot of things in the day. the majority of arable land is occupied by buildings and roads. It used to have a clean river that wound all through the city but now the water is too dirty to be used directly. In a word, DY has already been transformed into an industrialized city but with a medium size. It has limited natural resources, so many people would like to enter the business community and

more often than not, to join the national network of foreign trade. In fact, many merchants in DY do make a considerable sum of money out of their hard work.

The first reason is that the pace of a teacher is regular and predictable. Secondly, I personally have great admiration for teachers. T hirdly, I’d like to be with young people.

They are so energetic and interesting, who can give me strength and inspiration. With them I Many people will prepare many things for the Spring Festival. Now this is my plan for the Spring Festival. First, I will visit my friends and my relatives. Second, I will make a big snow man with my daughter. Third, I will stay with my parents, because I don’t have much time to stay with them when I am at work. I will make a big meal for them. This is my plan for the spring festival. I hope all of you have a good time in the Spring Festival.


entered the senior high school. I owe it to my English teacher. She was kind and patient. She showed great love to us which is deeply appealing to our heart. Different from other teachers, she has never been impolite to us. She made efforts to attract us to the world of English, to understand the beauty of the language and enjoy the cultures of the foreign countries. With her skillful help, the students in our class took great interest in this course and improved rapidly.

She is such an excellent teacher that we got so much from hera. And all those will be I owe it to my English teacher. She was kind and patient.

She showed great love to us which is deeply appealing to our heart. Different from other teachers, she has never been impolite to us. She made efforts to attract us to the world of English, to understand the beauty of the language and enjoy the cultures of the foreign countries. With her skillful help, the students in our class took great interest in this course and improved rapidly.

She is such an excellent teacher that we got so much from hera. And all those will be

I like country (suburban) life better than city (town) life. Why? First of all, country life is very quiet and comfortable, while the city life will be very noisy and busy. Secondly, air in country is fresh, people can have good health. At the same time, air in city is dirty and it is bad for people’s body. People will get a lot of diseases from it. Thirdly, country life is economical, everything is cheaper, and you can save a lot of money.

So I like country life better than city life.


It is true that

is convenient and entertaining. There are restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls in your neighborhood. You can easily buy any stuff you need. and the most important thing is quietness.

that luck is one of the important factors that determine one's success.

When one manages to do something, people would say, "You have good luck."While one fails, people would say, "You are unlucky". But some people hold different views, they believe that nothing but diligence is the mother of good luck. People can gain success only by their hard work and efforts. On the other hand, good luck doesn't occur all the time.

In my opinion, I believe that success comes from diligence and hard work.


by people when they are frustrated. It means determination and encouragement. In my opinion, it’s is of great importance to success. Therefore, I believe that we should never give up.

If we give up too easily, we will rarely achieve anything. It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged by our failures; instead we should try again.

to have one copy at hand. Being convenient, inexpensive and full

of information, the dictionary indeed is a great aid to language learners. Then how do I use my dictionary?

Whenever I meet with an unfamiliar word or a new expression, I will look it up and get a clear explanation of the word or expression. The constant use of various dictionaries will help develop our language skills. However, we should not depend too much on dictionaries. Basic language skills do not come from dictionaries, but from practice.

money is not everything. Money can both benefit people and do harm to them. On the one hand, we can't deny that money is useful. We need money to buy food or a house or pay our education cost.

Money can make us live more comfortably. For example, with more money, we can help others and take part in more social activities and receive a good education, thus increasing our knowledge and developing our skills. On the other hand, some people try to get money by dishonest means, for example, they often cheat and gamble, even rob and kill people.

Sooner or later, they will be punished by the law. Money can bring them nothing but cars. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there

is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth.

Some people consider it important to control private cars. Because the development of the private cars will bring about many problems. For example, cars cause air pollution and do great harm to our health; too many private cars will lead to traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on.

in life. It increases our pleasure when we are cheerful, and lessens our troubles when we are sad.

The people we meet in books may delight us, may be welcomed as our new friends. Our human friends sometimes may bore us, but the friends we make in books may never trouble us. When human friends desert us, good books are always ready to give us friendship, sympathy and encouragement.

One of the most valuable gifts offered by books is experience. In books we may visit famous places, meet various people, get to know new thoughts, which is quite beyond our experience of everyday life.


popular across the nation. No one can deny that not everyone has the chance to go to college since educational a resource is quite limited compared the population number of our nation. Some of the world's top universities , including Harvard , Yale and many others , put the videos recorded in classes online for students, teacher or anyone willing to achieve self-education to use them for free, which I think is fantastic . Traditional teaching method requires you to attend your classes at certain place and at scheduled time. Online education, however, allow you the access to education round the clock at any time. This educational system, as far as I ’

m concerned, is a new way of teaching oneself, but at the same time , you need to make to do these basic things in your life. So don't you think that parents are the best teachers?

Firstly, parents know us very much. Parents give us life, so they know our merit and demerit in details. Meanwhile, they will help us to get rid of our demerit. Furthermore, parents possessed many experiences. Sometimes, they are just like our models. And as the saying goes: "Example is better than precept."

Just as the saying goes: "There is no place like home." And I think there is no teacher

us with wood, which is not only an important building material, but also indispensable in making paper, furniture, matches and many other useful things.

Trees also do good to our

environment. They not only make our world greener and more beautiful but also produce oxygen which makes the air we breathe fresher and better for our health.

Fortunately, trees, unlike other resources, can be “reproduced”. It will never be used up because we can always plant new ones. And when we plant trees, we are helping make our our parents. We owe them a great deal for the love they’ve given us in our childhood.

As loyal Chinese citizens, we must have a strong sense of responsibility to our country. It is our duty to keep China strong in the eyes of the world. Therefore, we must be willing to join the Army and defend our country against invasion.

school gate and saw my new classroom and teachers I thought I would have a new start. The school life is very busy and exciting. There are many activities in our school, such as Sports Meeting, Science Week, Art Week and so on. We all take an active part in it . I have made many new friends and we often help and learn from each other in study. Our teachers have taught us a lot. They not only teach us how to study but also teach us how to be a useful person in society.


mistakes sometimes. That's what people often say when they talk about computers.

Now a computer can do a lot of everyday work wonderfully. It is widely used in factories, hospitals, banks and universities. A computer can report, decide and control in almost every field. Many computer scientists are now thinking of making the computer "think" like a man. With the help of a person, a computer can draw pictures, compose music, talk with people, play chess, recognize voices, translate and so on. Perhaps computers will one day really think and feel.

Do you think people will be afraid when they find that the computer is too clever to listen to and serve them?

much time and effort in English every day, only to find little improvement in my English studies. I failed several times on the English tests and I lose heart in it.

As far as I’m concerned, English is very difficult to learn. I find it hard to remember English words.

Secondly English grammar is quite different from Chinese grammar. The most important reason is that I have little chance to practice English in my daily life.

I don't know what I can do to improve my English.

example, the first thing I do after waking up is to switch on my cell phone to check my text messages and read the latest news. Then listen to music on my IPod on my way to school. At the end of the day, I enjoy watching TV programs, or surfing the net.

Why are we so fond of those digital products? The answer is simple. They are doing us good---- making our lives comfortable and convenient. These two key factors represent the trend of new inventions of modern age that brings in the wide use of digital products.

but he is a man of perseverance. He works very hard and his services are highly appreciated. My father is a man of devotion. Every morning he gets up the earliest to make breakfast for us. In the evening, he is always the late to come back home. At weekends, he always takes us to go outing in his car. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I will always remember these words.

taught me a lot.

They cheer me up when I was in low mood and let me see the sunlight again. They gave me warm hug and encouragement when I was sad and lost hope. They often offer me good advice as to where I should go, what I should do and how I can make it. My success today should be greatly attributed to their effort. They've done so much for me without asking for any reward from me.

I love my parents, and I hope I’ll do whatever I can for them.


a severe problem. More people make more waste. All this waste is polluting our surroundings.

Pollution has a bad influence on our life. The air is polluted by the smoke and fog coming out of the factory chimneys. Plants die for want of fresh air. The river is polluted and the fish are unfit to live. There is noise pollution made by cars and factories, etc, which hurts the ear.

It is high time we did something about pollution. I suggest more trees be planted to keep the air fresh. We should purify the water and make use of the wastes and turn harm into

good.By our common efforts, we will make a clean and purified environment for life and in

their lives. Most people will meet with failures on the way to success. Why do some people get successful in their lives?

I think there are three reasons. Firstly, they have strong willpower. Once they decide to do something, they will never give up. Secondly, they work hard. Once they set up a goal, they will work hard to achieve it. Thirdly, they never easily quit. They always stick to their aims.

I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and that success belongs to those who modern industrialization, we are losing something precious on this planet. Fresh water, among others, is dwindling down day by day, owing to the large-scale industrialization everywhere in the

world. Just as sunshine is a necessity to life, so is fresh water. Without fresh water, our human society would come to a stop.

As fresh water is such an important resource to the human society, we need to treasure it as we treasure our life, but how?

First, our government should have a good plan for the use of fresh water and develop industries that consume less water. Second, waste water must be recycled. Finally,everyone pollution is becoming more serious now. The polluted water not only kills fish, it is also harmful to our health. Many people get sick because they drink the polluted water. In some rivers the water is so dirty that they can even kill plants.

People can't live without water so we should fight against the pollution. Our government has taken measures to protect the rivers against pollution. People also realize the seriousness of the pollution. We should stop using harmful things and keep the water clean.

train. There is less accident on the rail and better view alongside. What’s more, I can sleep on the train and enjoy myself. It is comfortable to travel by train, because I reach the destination when I wake up. In addition, the ticket is not so expensive.

In conclusion, traveling by train can offer you good view, joy and safety. If you choose other means of transportation, it will cost you more or bring you some worry.


learn English for different purposes. Most of the students learn English because they need to read English textbooks or journals and attend English lectures, while a few students use it to talk to English-speaking visitors, attend seminars, or write letters and reports. Whatever the purposes are, one thing is certain: Students need English, and English teaching should be strengthened in universities. However, the current teaching methods

we make a visit to foreign countries or do business with foreigners, we need communicate with them in English. Secondly, with China becoming stronger and stronger, we have more chances to go abroad. We can know the English-speaking countries much deeper if we know English. Both China and English-speaking countries have realized the importance of the culture exchanging.

I’m very pleased to know that you are now studying in Qinghua University from your email. How about your study and life there?

Since I am now working in an American company where I have to use English every day, I began studying English in DY TVU this summer. But it’s really very hard, and the most difficult for me is how to memorize all these English words.

I know that you are good at English. Would you tell me your own experience in English study and give me some good tips? Well, take care of yourself!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Dear Wang Hong:

How is everything getting along with you? It is almost one year since we graduated from university. I miss you very much. What have you been doing all these days?

I have been a middle school teacher in my hometown since graduation. Teaching always keeps me busy, but I like my students and I love teaching, you know. So everything is fine here. There will be a former classmates’ getting together during this May Day holiday at my school.

You are my best friend. I never forget those happy days we spent together. I hope you will be free then and can come to my school attending the party.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


I’d like to tell you that your tips for study are really very helpful to me and I have made rapid progress in my English study. So I’m going to take CET-4 next term.

I know that you passed it last year. Would you tell me how I can get prepared for it and what should I pay attention to? I don’t want to fail it.

I think you must have much experience in it, so could you recommend me some books for practice?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Oct. 16 2007 Dear Li Hua,

It ’s long time we haven’t seen each other. I miss you very much. How’s everything going on with you? I am busy preparing for PETS 4.

I would appreciate if you could help me buy PETS4 English oral textbook which was issued by the Beijing Press, because the books were sold out here.

Drop in when you are free. I often think of those happy days we spent together when we were at University.

Please let me know as soon as possible once you get the book.

My best wishes.

Yours truly,

Wang Lei the class are invited to take part in it. Please note the time and place of the party as follows: Time : 6 pm

Place: Classroom 102

Here ’s a requirement for every student. Each of us is asked to prepared some programs. It can be an English song, or telling a joke in English or reading an English poem. Whatever you can think of! It doesn’t matter whether you a good performer or not. It is just for fun!


概况: 自从1981来是香港最大的资金募集活动之一。

目的: 帮助香港以及亚洲(Asia )、非洲(Africa )其它地区的穷人。



April 12, 2008

Dear Kate,

Have you heard of Oxfam Trailwalker ?

Hope to hear from you soon!

With love


get up late; call; get to; many people; do exercise; read; lake; fly

Wonderful Sunday


Last Sunday, I got up late a bit than the usual time because it’s the weekend. I called my friend Jack and invited him to play with me in a park together. About ten o’clock, we got to the park. The park is full of people already due to the sunshine. Some elderly people were doing exercises. Some young people were reading the books on the green grass under the tree. In the distance, and some boys and girls are playing the boats in the lake. They looked so happy. Jack and I played the badminton on the green grass under the sunshine. We had a I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future.

Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, I will be a police officer in 20 years. Because it's always a dream I wish to be ture. Since my favorite sports are swimming and table tennis, I will be a member of health club at that time. In my spare time, I will work out regularly in the gym. If I can afford, I will buy a flat in Hangzhou, a city I’ve always been fascinated. I will have two lovely children. They will be my treasure.

Life is not all roses, but with what I am being equipped in the university, I surely deserve a promising prospect.


I lost a book at 5 pm on December 29th in room 210 of Wenxin Building. The title of the book is 《Advanced English Grammar》. This book is very important and helpful to me, for I am bad at grammar. The final examination is getting nearer and nearer and I am worried about my English exam very much. Anyone who finds the book please contact Li Ming on 13774336899. I will be very grateful to you and your kindness. I am looking forward to your calls.

Li Ming


If I have a five-day holiday, I am planning to go to Australia. On the 1st day, I would like to visit Sydney for the well-known Sydney Opera House. It is like a shell lying in the bay. Then, I will go to Melbourne by train. It is the trading center of Australia, and what is more, the best college in Australia, the Melbourne University, is located there. It ranks the 22nd in the world college billboard. It is such a wonderful chance for us students to pay a visit to the great academy, hoping that one day in the future I will grasp the opportunity of Thank you so much for your invitation to your birthday party this Sunday evening.I'd love to come,but I am afraid I cannot make it.I will leave for Beijing on a business trip the day after tomorrow.And I will have to stay in Beijing for several days.So I am afraid 1 will not be able to come back until next Monday.Please say hi to all our friends.l wish you all a good time!

Happy Birthday!

All the best,