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I live in a normal family, my family is neither rich nor poor, my mother can’t satisfy me with every thing. But I understand my parents, though my family is not rich, I feel proud of my family. I think happiness is nothing with money, some rich people are busy all the time, they don’t have time to be with their family and enjoy life, while family like mine, I communicate with my parents every night. At weekends, we go out for shopping and watching movie. I feel so satisfied with what I am now. We are taught that money can’t buy happiness, I totally agree with that, the more we want, the less we are happy.我出生在一个普通的家庭,既不富裕也不贫穷,我的妈妈不能样样满足我。但是我理解父母,虽然不富有,我为我家感到骄傲。我认为幸福和金钱无关,一些富有的人总是忙,没有时间和家人在一起享受生活,然而像我家,我和父母每晚交流。周末,我们出去购物和看电影。我对现在的自己感到很满足。我们被教导说钱不能买快乐,我完全同意,我们想要的越多,越不开心。