Unit3 2014新人教八下 作文
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UNIT 3 基训

Notable Advertisement

These days there are too many kinds of advertisements around us. Many notables enjoy making advertisements in order to get lots of money. Some of them may be helpful to us. On the other hand, it might bring out many problems. Many notable advertisements mislead us to buy bad things or the things that we do not need. Food safety problem is the most serious. A lot of children get ill after they eat the food according to the advertisements. I think it is too bad. Notable should care for people’s health except for money. It’s their duty to make sure that the advertisements are good and helpful to people.

Unit 3 基训试卷

9th May Sunday Rainy

Today is Mother’s Day. I love mother so much that I’ve done many things for her.

In the morning I bought some flowers with my pocket money and put them in the vase. In the afternoon I went to the market to buy some vegetables and cooked a simple but delicious dinner for my family. After supper, I gave my mother the card made by myself and said “Happy Mother ’s Day” to her. Then I told her to pay more attention to her health and not to overwork. I also promised to help her do some housework from now on. Hearing the words, mother was moved to tears.

Today is a special day, warm and meaningful.


Nowadays many students say they are too busy with their study and they don’t have time to help their parents with the housework. I don’t think it’s true.

In my opinion, doing some housework such as washing our own clothes ans making the bed is our own responsibility. It can also make us independent. We can’t depend on others all our life. Sharing the housework is helpful for us to set up good relationship with our parents. I think trying to do some housework can keep us healthy and strong. Some hard housework can be regarded as a kind of physical exercise. And we can take care of ourselves better when we grow up.

On weekdays, I often help my parents clean bedrooms in the morning and wash the dishes after supper. At weekends, washing clothes and mopping the floor are my duty. And I also help my parents carry something heavy from the supermarket.

As the saying goes, one can’t make a big success without being self-reliant. So I think that students should often share the housework in our daily life.


Dear Tony,

I ’m going to go to the beach on vocation with my parents. Could you please take care of my pet dog when I’m away?

If you don’t mind, please remember to do these things every day. Take him for a walk,

give him water and feed him twice a day. Don’t forget to wash his bowl. You can play with him. It ’s very interesting. Have fun! I’ll see you next week.


Li Hua