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Today so many students are learning English, parents pay special attention to their kids’ English, while Chinese has been neglected by some students. They think Chinese is their first language, so they can learn it well naturally. I don’t think so, Chinese has a long history and the culture is various, the language is broad and profound, it needs work hard and spend more time to learn. Just as English, Chinese grammar, structure and idiom are full of difficulties, so we must learn Chinese by our hearts. We should learn Chinese well when we study English.今天很多学生把英语学得很好,家长很注重学生的英语,然而,一些学生忽视学习中文。他们认为中文是第一语言,自然很容易就可以学好。我不这样认为,中文历史悠久,文化多样,语言博大精深,这需要下苦功和时间去学。正如英语,中文的语法,结构和习语充满困难,所以我们必须用心学中文。我们应该在学英语的同时把中文学好。