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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad.

Directions: Write an essay of about words to state your view.

In the first part of your essay you should present the advantages of studying abroad. In the second part you should put forth the disadvantages of studying abroad. And in the last part you should clearly state your views about whether you prefer to study abroad or to study in your own country.

Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.


Some people believe that attending a college or university in a foreign country has many advantages. They think that attending a college or university abroad can help them learn more than they can from universities in their own country, especially when they go to a developed country where they can catch up with the pace of scientific and technical advance of the world from that country' s modern lab facilities. In addition, they can pick up the latest developments of the living language there more quickly, develop their ability of coping with the routine matters such as finding a part-time job, renting a house and helping with the house work, and learn many new things to widen their views and broaden their minds.

But some people don't agree to it. They think that attending a college or university in foreign country also has many disadvantages and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. They hold that students studying in a foreign country will have more difficulties in both life and study. The most serious problem is the language barriers. They have to spend much time learning a foreign language and even if they have learned the language, they still can' t understand thoroughly what the foreigners and teachers say just because of the unfamiliar culture background and social customs. So ff they are not persons full of courage, flexibility, and determination, they are most likely to fail and learn nothing eventually. Besides, since costs and expenditure are much higher than those in their native country, most overseas students have to work for a living, and will find it impossible for them to pay all attention to studying. So it is of benefit to them if they study in their own country.

The above two viewpoints, I should say, are all reasonable in some respects. But I support the first kind of people. I think people should attend a college or university in a foreign country ff they can. In this way they can learn not only the useful knowledge of science but also the culture and Customs of other nations.

Besides, they can learn some new ideas and, when they come back, bring in some fresh air in our way of thinking and promote the development of our country. If nobody went to study abroad because of the disadvantages, the development of our country would be slower.


It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

【范文】 Book Knowledge vs Experience

Knowledge can be acquired from many sources. These include books, teachers and practical

experience, and each has its own advantages. The knowledge we gain from books and formal education enables us to learn about things that we have no opportunity to experience in daily life. We can study all the places in the world and learn from people we will never meet in our lifetime, just by reading about them in books. We can also develop our analytical skills and learn how to view and interpret the world around us in different ways. Furthermore, we can learn from the past by reading books. In this way, we won’t repeat the mistakes of others and can build on their achievements.

Practical experience, on the other hand, can give us more useful knowledge. It is said that one learns best by doing, and I believe that this is true, whether one is successful or not. In fact, I think making mistakes is the best way to learn. Moreover, if one wants to make new advances, it is necessary to act. Innovations do not come about through reading but through experimentation. Finally, one can apply the skills and insights gained through the study of books to practical experience, making an already meaningful experience more meaningful. However, unless it is applied to real experiences, book knowledge remains theoretical and, in the end, is useless. That is why I believe that knowledge gained from practical experience is more important than that acquired from books.

【参考译文】 书本知识与实际经验




A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

【范文】 A Factory near the Neighborhood

Having a factory nearswheresone lives brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. An obvious advantage is an increase in the number of available jobs, and many people in the community might find employment in the new factory. The factory would bring money into the community in other ways as well. It would have to pay some taxes to the local government, and workers might go shopping or eat at a restaurant in the area before or after their shifts.

However, the factory would bring some disadvantages, too. Depending on what kind of factory it is, it might pollute the environment and bring down property values. It would be sure to increase traffic in the area, causing congestion and making it unsafe for children to play outside. Finally, the neighborhood would become a noisy, busy place. For all of these reasons, I would be opposed to the construction of a new factory near my community. While the employment opportunities would help the community, I believe it would be better for residents to commute to work and preserve the peace of our neighborhood.

【译文】 住家附近的工厂




In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.


In many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school, while in other societies this is virtually unheard of. In the latter situation, students are expected to spend all of their time on their studies and consider schoolwork their "job". In my opinion, students benefit more from a more balanced lifestyle, which may include working at a part-time job. Therefore, I believe that it is a good idea for students to work while studying.

While it is true that a student's most important goal must be to learn and to do well at his studies, it does not need to be the only goal. In fact, a life which consists of only study is not balanced and may cause the student to miss out on other valuable learning experiences. In addition to bringing more balance to a student's life, part-time work can broaden his range of experience. He will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and will be faced with a wider variety of problems to solve. Furthermore, work helps a student to develop greater independence, and earning his own pocket money can teach him how to handle his finances. Finally, a part-time job can help a student to develop a greater sense of responsibility, both for his own work and for that of the team he works with.

For all of these reasons, I firmly believe that most students would benefit from taking a part-time job while they are in high school. Of course, they must be careful not to let it take up too much of their time because study is still their primary responsibility. In sum, living a balanced life is the best way to be successful.


在许多国家,青少年普遍会在高中时期打工。然而在有些国家,这几乎是前所未闻的。如果是后者的情况,那是因为一般认为学生应把所有的时间花在学业上,把学业当作是自己的" 工作" 。我认为,生活方式越均衡,对学生就越好,而均衡的生活则须包含打工。所以我认为,在就学期间打工是个不错的想法。




The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to decrease the violent crimes in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this issue?


It is widely acknowledged that the amount of violence in films and on TV is one of the direct causes that lead to our high crime rate in our society. The voice of demanding the government to control violent scenes in media has been much louder than before. Personally, I totally agree with this voice, for it is the most effective way to reduce violent crimes in the real world.

First and foremost, violence on TV or in films is often portrayed as extreme as possible in order to attract audiences. This will definitely set a bad example for those immature audiences, who, lacking correct parental guidance, are most likely to copy the violent behaviours and commit real violent crimes.

Next, media, such as TV or film, is considered as the correct information source regulated by the government. It should be reporting and reflecting true phenomena in the society. Violence, as one of the facts in the real world, certainly has to be reported. However, excessive violence is offering misleading information to the public, which will exert detrimental influence to the society. For example, teenagers will regard those killers and murderers in the films and on TV as role models and copy their behaviours. It is recently reported in the news that a seventeen-year-old killed all his family members, one sister and two parents out of hatred and jealousy. In the real world, we are often reminded of the harm and hurt that violence in fictional world has brought us. n a word, our society is preoccupied by the violent scenes and plots at present. What the government has to do immediately is to take effective measures to control the amount of violence in media. Only in this way, can our society enjoy high level of security and peace.


How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

【范文】 The Influence of Television and Movies

There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD. Therefore, the effects of visual media cannot be ignored.

One obvious effect of these media is that watching them induces people to buy certain products. Television advertising is widespread and, nowadays, even movie theaters permit advertisements. Another way TV and the movies affect people is that they give people either a broader view of the world or a distorted one, depending on what type of program they watch. Those who watch news and educational program can learn many new things while those who watch primarily entertainment shows may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks. It may make them become dissatisfied with their own lives. Finally, perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children, who may be unable to tell fact from fiction and may try to imitate acts that they see on TV or in the movies.

With the ever-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while entertaining and informative, cannot take the place of real experience.

以下文章主要讨论小汽车的利与弊(Advantages and disadvantages of private cars)。

With the fantastic spur both in industry and in economy in China, the number of people who own private cars is on the rise. Some people have bought cars of their own, and others are planning to buy cars. But there have been two quite different views on this phenomenon.

Some claim that there are many advantages brought about by cars. First, the automobile industry provides jobs for countless workers and strong support for other industries. Second, if conditions permit, owning a car can make us work more efficiently. Finally, life will become more convenient. A car allows one to move freely and with a car there is no need to wait for the bus in the cold or under the burning sun.

However, others strongly object to the increase in developing private cars. They hold that automobiles will give rise to a series of problems. In the first place, as more and more cars are produced and run in the street, a large volume of poisonous gas will be given off, polluting the atmosphere and causing actual harm to the health of people. Next, private cars contr123te to traffic congestion so greatly that the advantages gained in comfort and freedom are often cancelled out by the frustration caused by traffic jams. The last problem is the increasing number of car accidents that have killed and will kill a lot of people in a friction of a second.

In my opinion, although automobiles have been playing a vital part in the daily activities of our society, they also bring us numerous troubles such as more serious environmental pollution, more traffic accidents and more 123rgy consumption. They drink up huge amounts of fuel and throw out huge amounts of pollutants. Traffic accidents kill thousands and thousands of people each year and cripple more. Jams waste our precious time. Therefore I am against developing private cars.