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1 Study Comes First

More recently, a sentence —Life is a process of constant learning —has never failed to catch my sight when I read a book on self-improvement. 近来我读了一本关于提升自我的书,其中一句话给我留下了深刻的印象——人的一生就是个不断学习的过程

In order to keep pace with the step of modern society, those who have quit school are choosing to go back again after encountering various setbacks in the real life. 为了与时俱进,那些过早辍学的人在体会到生活的艰辛之后又选择回到学校。The report that a 75-year old grandma sits in the classroom of Peking University has aroused the considerable public attention to learning. 一则关于75岁的老人在北京大学读书的报道引起了社会各界人士对学习的关注。 In response to this striking tendency, we couldn ’t resist figuring out a question—what is it that leads quite many people to do this? It is self-evident that knowledge plays an incredibly significant role in the process of achieving our distant ambitions.面对这种愈演愈烈的趋势,我不禁想起一个问题——是什么导致

2 如此多的人这样做呢?不言而喻,知识在获取成功的过程中地位尤为重要。

In the first place, study will broaden our horizons and increase our own sense. 第一,学习能拓宽我们的视野增长我们的见识。 Realize it or not, knowledge has been giving a rapid boost to the exploration of the whole universe and human beings: which renders us a better understanding of “knowledge is power”. 不管你是否意识到,知识都一直在推动着我们对整个宇宙和人类的探索,这种探索活动也让我们对知识就是财富有了更好的了解。This is mainly due to the fact that consistent study has offered us diverse interesting notions or ideas. 这是因为持续的研究给我们提供了许多有趣的构想和见解。 People with different levels of knowledge are equipped with different attitudes and behaviors towards life.不同知识层面的人对待生活的态度和行为都因人而异。 All this has given much valid evidence about the fact: studying law makes man logical; studying philosophy deepens man ’s mind; studying literature makes a mind colorful. 上述事例无一不在证明:学习法律使人逻辑敏捷,学习哲学使人思想深刻;学习文学使人思维多样化。

3 In the second place, although technology has had a profound impact on human ’s life, learning remains an indispensable part. 第二,尽管科学技术对人们的生活意义重大,但是学习依然是不可或缺的。As is well-known to all, people acquire enough food and clothes from this material world, satisfying their basic meets. 众所周知,人类从自然界获取食物和遮体的衣物来满足基本的生活需要。Nonetheless, the severe shortage of knowledge makes it virtually impossible for some folks to adjust to today ’s ever-changing era. 然而缺乏知识的话,一个人也是很难适应当今日益更新的时代。As a consequence, a good many individuals seek for something to fill their vacant minds as well as tackle the urgent issues encountered by them. 因此,许多人在处理他们面临的紧急事务的同时也试着学习知识来填补心灵的空虚。We will undoubtedly fall behind others unless we update our knowledge without any cease. 如果我们不能时时更新知识,最终会落后于他人。 From all vantage points, learning is the best option available to us. 总之,学习对我们来说是最好的选择。

In the third place, I don ’t mean that we are bound to learn theories, information deriving from books but rather skills and

4 strategies that we haven ’t grasped. 最后,我们一定不能只学习书本上的理论而忽视我们还不曾掌握的技能。In the long term, there is some need to take into consideration the practicability of knowledge we ’ve learned, eventually laying a solid foundation for our would-be vocations. 从长远来看,我们有必要考究我们所学知识的实用性以便能为我们日后的事业打好基础。Xunzi has made it quite clear: a man’s ability to cross a river lies not in the fact that he is adept at swimming but in his taking full advantage of a boat; a man who can cover hundreds of miles is not because he excels in walking but because he resorts to a horse. 出自荀子劝学 Apparently, it is exactly learning that matters most in the process of achieving brilliant triumphs. 很显然,知识在获取成功的过程中意义重大。

Based on the full analysis conducted above, what I intend to underline is that study is not merely able to expand our knowledge but also shape our personalities. 基于上述分析,我最想说的是学习不仅能拓宽我们的知识面还能塑造我们的性格。 It is most essential that we become fully aware of its tremendous impacts upon all of us.充分意识到只是的重大影响是极其必要的。