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1 高中英语作文范文

Protecting the Environment-保护环境

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence.

The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the government. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.



Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. With the development of industry and agriculture, cars make GREat noises and give off poisonous gas. Trees on the hills have been cut down,and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers. Furthermore,wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. The whole ecological balance of the earth is changing. Massive destruction of environment has brought about negative effects and even poses a great threat to man's existence.

We must face the situation that exists and take actions to solve our environmental problems. For instance, new laws must be passed to place strict control over industrial pollution, the pub!ic must receive the education about the hazard of pollution and so on. We hope that all these measures will be effective and bring back a healthful environment.



2 我的理想

When I got settled, the total use of the microwave to do their own things to eat. One day, my father saw me, I am afraid to say that I grew up as a cook. I immediately shaken like a rattle-drum head, you said : "That is not my ideal. When I grow up I want to IT (information technology) industries. "Yes, I bought a computer five years ago after his father, I am familiar with it day by day. Until last year, and I have formed a deep bond with it. From then on, I want success in the information technology industry to make contributions to the cause of national computer. But my father said I could only do in the field "testing the game," is what the new game, and always let me play with, the report there will be any games. I think what he said is not their fault, I always play games recently, those who do not have a veteran like Flash. In recent days, I sprouted out of a bad idea : I will be playing the game that the network server to the black. My account will revise the highest level. However, I Xiangliaoyouxiang, this is wrong, but was caught by the police network is not good. When hackers but also need high computer skills. As a member of the IT industry is my ideal, I would like to advance this goal, to improve their computer skills

当我闲得没事时,就总自己用微波炉做点东西吃。一天,爸爸看见我这样,说我长大恐怕是要当厨师了。我立刻把头摇得像拨浪鼓似的,说:“那不是我的理想,我长大想做IT (信息技术)行业。”


可是爸爸说我在这个行业中只能做“游戏测试员”,就是什么游戏新出来,总是先让我玩玩,报告游戏中有什么错误。我觉得他说的没有错,我最近一段时间老是玩游戏,那些FLASH 之类的老也不用了。


成为IT 行业的一员是我的理想,所以我要向这个目标前进,提高自己的电脑技术.

3 英语的重要性



The importance of English rests with the language being used in most countries in the world as a communicating tool. For example, a German and a Chinese can't speak opposite side's language, but they both know English. And then there is no problem between their language communication. We must know the importance and learn the language earnestly.

The key to learn English well is to recite words. Words are the bricks of language building.Only keeping them in our mind, can we master them. To learn English well,we need to listen more English broadcast and contact with more foreingers so that we can practise our listening comprehansion. Only in this way, can we study for the purpose of application


My beautiful home, where its spring scenic.

Spring, my hometown, green grass and flowers are in bloom. Out of the tree branches, birds singing in the merry. Looking around is the continuous mountains, mountains and rolling hillsides in the spring, as if a domesticated hen the carpet, until the sky. Graceful flowers blossoming in a dotted mountains, attract colorful butterflies; in the depths of the mountain is the terraced rows of shapes, by definition, is the same as the stairs rice; a winding path to article rice into the ever-changing shape, some like crescent, and some, like boats, some as sickle ... ... in the spring, when seedling growth, fresh green color of the home that add still more beautiful.

Summer, sun spit fire, but the hills in the home full of trees, in the shade of the shelter, the very cool; also known bird burst into song. Kind of ripe watermelon in the mountains, home of the watermelon usually round and bright, and that the air moon, as round; cut, I saw a bright red flesh, sweet and delicious; black seeds, like the eyes of swarthy .

Autumn is a golden rice, breeze, rice started singing a harmony of the song, when hard-working farmers are harvesting rice; rice harvest of the cheerful sound of voices and interwoven success of the harvest of the symphony .

Winter, although the trees have been dying, but is everywhere in the roadside grass and wild flowers, which stand at attention in the cold. They tell you: "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

This is my beautiful hometown, my favorite home

五一_My May Day Holiday

I had a great time throughout my May Day Holiday.

On Monday, I went BBQ with my classmates who threw a celebration party at our middle school principle's flat. Our parents were invited to the party. Everybody was excited about the

4 holiday. I ate a lot of delicious food at that time.

On Tuesday, I went visiting my uncle's family with my parents. We went to celebrate our good time at a fancy restaurant in Shanghai. Later that day, we sang karaoke in my uncle's house. We stayed for the night.

On Wednesday, I went shopping with my cousins. We bought some brand name t-shirts and pants. In the afternoon, my cousins gave me a fun ride on the city highway. They also taught me how to drive their fancy car, so I tried to do some turning and parking. It was not easy first. But I learnt quick.

On Thursday, we returned home with many gifts from our trip. I tried to get some rest. At night, I chatted with my classmates on the phone, and I watched CCTV before going to bed.

From Friday on, I started to finish up my homework assignments on my personal laptop. Some of my assignments were quite boring. After I finished the homework, I emailed them to my teachers. That was the end of it. I started to prepare things for school on this coming Monday.

All in all, I enjoyed my May Day Holiday in many ways.


我最好的朋友 My Best Friend 与To introduce myself 自我介绍 希望大家喜欢,谢谢大家对-的支持。

he has a short hair but long cilia,and he is a friendly student who never bicker with others,so he is very popular,too. In a word,Tom is a good student.

To introduce myself 自我介绍

I’m 15 years old and I live in the city of Wuhan .I study very well.

I have a brother. Everyone loves us. But they often compare my brother with me. This makes me angry. I don’t want to be like my brother. I only want to be myself.

I am an active boy. I like sports very much. I am good at swimming . I also like riding a bike. Because my home is far from school, I ride to school every day.

I am kind-hearted. If you need help, please come to me . I will try my best to give help to you . I hope we can be friends.


外貌 Physical Appearance -

在描写人时, 通常会描写其外貌特征, 如:年龄, 身材, 体形, 头发(长短, 颜色, 发型), 脸型, 肤色, 眼睛, 衣着, 表情, 情趣, 爱好, 个性等, 但不必面面提到, 一般要抓住某人比较明显的特征来描述. 在描写人的外貌时, 用一般现在时。


外表(appearance) -

beautiful, pretty, good-looking, ill-looking(其貌不扬的) -

cute / lovely 可爱的,ugly 丑 old 老的,young 年轻的sexy 性感

charming, sweet, handsome, funny , ugly, rough(adj. 粗糙的, 粗略的, 大致的, 粗野的, 粗暴的)

体格(build ) -

fat 肥胖的; thin 瘦的; slim 苗条的; overweight 超重的 slight 瘦小的; 身高 (height ) tall 高的; short 矮的; tallish 有些高的; -

(of) medium height中等个子 (of) medium build 中等身材

5 脸型(face ): -

round 圆的; thin 瘦的; long 长的; square 方的-

She eats too much these days , so her face is getting round .


头发(hair ): -

发型(hair style)

straight 直的; curly 卷发的; pigtails 辫子 bald 秃头的-

性格(character/nature) -

sensitive 敏感的, easy-going 随和的active 积极的, 主动的

introverted ['intrəv ɜ:tid] adj. (性格) 内向的 www.xgnyy .com

extroversive [.ekstrə'v ɜ:siv] adj 外向的


Life is always exciting winter vacation in the winter vacation, I've learned a lot, seen a lot, also felt a great deal. However, the most so I was surprised that the home change is so fast. From black and white TV to color TV, from phone to phone, from the small, inadequate housing to the tall, luxurious villas ... ... home has undergone an enormous list goes on!

Changes in home really fast. Previously, the family house is very old, broken everywhere, and even some corner of the moss has grown, made a mold. Under heavy rain, the housing estate, take the ride for the next subtitle of the rain, so the house really good live. Now, the family room is very strong, and they have complete sets of equipment, these devices are advanced, and some do not even have manual.Moreover, high-rise buildings springing up along the road going up.

Changes in home really fast. Previously, hearing his mother say, when there is Shiji Li far from home and school to school are to go on foot a long time. There is a bike ride to school has been a very bad condition, but also a long time so in the past. If to a rainy day, the ground bumps and hollows, and go to school, the water was splashing mud all clothes, dirty. If the summer, a big back to school bags, clothing and certainly all wet, can squeeze water from it. And now, home has a new high-tech - car, this way, even if the long way again, it does not charge leg muscles, but also not worry about anything happening.

Changes in home really fast. Previously, clothes are always broken supplement and complement the Zaichuan. Now, each bought a set of clothes for Gesanchaiwu.

Changes in home really fast. Previously, hard to eat things that are their own species, and so mature and re-hired to eat. Now, people eat on the feast at the table.

Changes in home really fast, I believe that in the near future, we will use our hands to create a better, more advanced equipment, allow people to truly live a comfortable life. Let us for future efforts,hard bar!

寒假生活总是多采多姿 的,在寒假中,我学会了许多,看到了许多,也感受到了很多。但是,最让我感到惊讶的是,家乡的变化是如此之快。从黑白电视机到彩色电视机,从电话机到手机,从矮小、简陋的房屋到高大、豪华的别墅„„家乡的变化真是举不胜举呀!


6 家乡的变化真快。以前,听妈妈说,那时候学校离家有十几里远,上学都是靠步行得走很长时间。有自行车骑车上学已经条件很不错了,不过,这样过去也对很长时间。要是到了下雨天,地上坑坑洼洼的,到了学校,水溅得衣服全是泥水,很脏。要是夏天,背个大书包去学校,衣服肯定全都湿了,还能拧出水来。而现在,家乡有了新的高科技——汽车,这样一来,即使再远的路,也丝毫不费脚力,也不用担心任何事情的发生。





Our English Teacher

Our English teacher, Ms Huang, came to our school in 1970. She has been an English teacher for more than 30 years. She works hard and has been a model teacher for many years.

She is kind and friendly to us after class, but She is rather strict with us in class. She always encourages us to speak and read more English. She often says, "Practice makes perfect."

She is good at teaching and tries her best to make every lesson lively and interesting. She often gives us slide shows, teaches us English songs and helps us to put on short English plays.

She is not only our teacher but also our friend. We all respect and love her.

Tomorrow she is going to attend an important meeting, at which she will be given a medal for her advanced deeds.


Three attributes can help people in their studies. First, a sense of responsibility is important for building a sound character. If you aren't responsible, you'll postpone your assignments or devote too little time to your schoolwork.

Second, in school life, relationships between people are valuable. Friends can bring you happiness and laughter. In addition, you can discuss problems and pursue knowledge with them.

Last, it is important to have a constructive philosophy of life. If you are defeated, don't be disappointed. Try to face your life and your studies with courage and determination.

If you can work toward these goals, you'll become a well-rounded and versatile student instead of being a bookworm.

7 英语作文万能句子


want to do sth help sb with sth Help sb do sth ask sb to do sth

forget to do sth take sb to sp stop doing sth get/Tell sb to do sth

see sb do sth see sb doing sth hear sb doing sth be angry with sb

teach sb to do fill A with B decide to do sth like doing sth

hope/wish to do sth remember/forget to do sth begin/start to do sth

There is/are sb doing sth it is kind/dangerous of/for sb to do sth

so+adj/adv„that+句子 it takes sb some time to do sth

Not…until… it is happy/glad/sad…to do sth

How+adj+主语+bel What+a/an+adj+名词(单)! Too+形容词/副词+to do sth


be good at be late for be worried about be interested in be busy dong sth be afraid of on one’s way to+地点 have a good time have a rest

have sth done look after look over look like look the same look at look+形容词 get ready for Get on/off get up get down get to

turn on/off/up/down learn from sb do well in take away take sb to sp take sth with sb take one’s temperature take off give up doing pick up

put up put down put on put sth+介词+地点 go away go on doing go into go out of go back to go home go along make friends make one’s bed


Listen to the music talk to sb read books write a diary walk to school smile to sb run on the playground take jumping exercise See a film watch TV ask sb for help tell stories sit at table lie on the bed Sleep in bed play basketball/football

Sing a song laugh at sb have breakfast/lunch/supper Clean my bedroom swim in the river

lay on the ground teach me English throw about litter Wear a red coat fall off/down on go shopping/fishing/swimming/boating do some cooking/washing/shpping ride a bike to sp 混淆点:lie (躺)-lay-lain-lying lay (放置/下蛋)-laid-laid-laying

feel (感觉)-felt-felt-feeling fall (跌倒)-fell-fallen-falling

die (死)-died-died-dying-dead (形)-death (名)


1、行为动词(表示动作和状态的词)原形 单三 过去式








8 4、助动词+行为动词


do not/does not/did not/+v



will/would/be going to+v原










常见的有 when before after as soon as


But,however 然而,如:③Jim is intelligent but lazy.


For example, in other words,换句话说


Better early than late.


It is never too late to learn.


Where there is a will, there is a way.


Health is better than wealth.


Parents are the first teachers of the children.


Time waits for no man.


Knowledge is power.



As we know, we students are very tired because of study.

Just as the saying goes: “Every coin has its two sides”,television has both advantages and disadvantages.


The problem of ..is important/serious/..to us. Now let me talk something about it.


9 In a word,I think I will have a good time in „

I believe everything will be better in the fulture.

I am sure the world must be better if we all give our love to others./if we all make a contribution to it.

Let us do it hard/try our best to do it.


1. 结尾万能公式一:如此结论 说完了,毕竟要归纳一番,相信各位都有这样的经历,领导长篇大论,到最后终于冒出个“总而言之”之类的话,我们马上停止开小差,等待领导说结束语。也就是说,开头很好,也必然要有一个精彩的结尾,让读者眼前一亮,这样,你就可以拿高分了!比如下面的例子:obviously (此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others. 如果读者很难“显而见之”,但说无妨,就当读者的眼光太浅罢了! 更多过渡短语: to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, on account of this, thus 更多句型: thus, it can be concluded that„, therefore, we can find that„ 2. 结尾万能公式二:如此建议 如果说“如此结论”是结尾最没用的废话,那么“如此建议”应该是最有价值的废话了,因为这里虽然也是废话,但是却用了一个很经典的虚拟语气的句型。拽! obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem. 这里的虚拟语气用得很经典,因为考官本来经常考这个句型,而如果我们自己写出来,你说考官会怎么想呢? 更多句型: accordingly, i recommend that some

measures be taken. consequently, to solve the problem, some measures should be taken.