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Create Your Own Life

Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but upon reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you never would have realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart.①

Illness, injury, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved road to nowhere. It would be safe and comfortable, but dull and utterly pointless.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.②

Make every day count.③ Appreciate every moment and take from those mo ments everything that you possibly can for you may never be able to experience it again.

Talk to people that you have never talked to before, and listen to what they have to say. You can make anything you wish of your life.

Create your own life and then go out and live it with absolutely no regrets.













�reflection n. 反映,反射,深思,考虑

�potential a. 有潜力的,有潜能的;n. 潜力,潜能

�willpower n. 毅力,意志力

�sheer a. 纯粹的, 彻底的; ad. 完全,全然

�betray vt. 背叛,出卖,失信于

�cautious a. 谨慎的,小心的


①【注释】upon reflection沉思,深思熟虑

【临摹】At first I thought it was a bad idea, but upon reflection I realized she was right.最初我认为那是个坏主意,但考虑之后我认识到她是对的。

②【注释】hurt, betray, break 三个动词的连续使用,构成了一个排比句式,加强了语气。

【临摹】We were in the midst of shock — but we acted. We acted quickly, boldly, decisively. 我们处在惊恐之中,但是我们采取了行动,迅速、大胆、坚定地采取了行动。

③【注释】count 计算在内; 认为有价值。

【临摹】Take careful aim and make every shot count.仔细瞄准而弹无虚发。


Life is not all roses.人生并非康庄大道。

Adversity is a good discipline.苦难是磨练人的好机会。

Storms make trees take deeper roots.风暴使树木深深扎根。

Laptops Enter into Campus

Laptop computers are popular all over the world. People use them everywhere. They connect people to their work place. In the United States today, laptops also connect students to their classrooms.

Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program allowing students to study schoolwork anywhere they want. Within five years, each of the 1500 students at the college will receive a laptop. The laptops are a part of a $10 million computer program at Westlake. Students with laptops will also have access to the Internet.① In addition, they will be able to use e-mail to “speak” with their teachers, classmates, or families.② However, the most important part of the program is that students will be able to use computers without going to computer labs. They can work with it anywhere they like!

Because of the many changes in computer technology, laptop use in higher education is workable. As laptops become more powerful, they become more similar to desktop computers. In addition, portable computers can connect students

to not only the Internet, but also libraries and other resources. State higher education officials are studying how laptops can help students.

At Westlake College, more than 60 percent of the staff uses the computers. The laptops will allow all teachers to use computers in their lessons. As one Westlake teacher said, “Here we are in the middle of Virginia and we’re giving students a window on the world. They can see everything and do everything.”


本文结构简明:理论+实例+理论+实例。首段首句直接点题,从而引出论点。随后非常自然地引出 笔记本电脑在美国的发展,为第二段有关韦斯特莱克大学的实例埋下了伏笔。第二段通过对韦斯特莱克大学的笔记本电脑计划的具体解析,阐明了笔记本电脑在学生学习中的重要作用。之后又在第三段中提出笔记本电脑在高等教育中应用的可行性。第四段再举实例并总结收拢全文。







电脑科技的变化发展使得笔记本电脑在高等教育中的应用成为可能。笔记本的功能变得很强大,几乎和台式机无异。而且,便携式电脑不仅能上网,还可以把学生同 图书馆等其它资源联系到一起。国家主管高等教育的官员们正在研究如何使笔记本电脑更好地帮助学生学习。



�laptop n. 膝上型电脑,便携式电脑,笔记本电脑

�workable a. 可使用的

�desktop n. 桌上型电脑

�portable a. 手提的,便携的


①【注释】have access to有权使用

【临摹】Citizens may have free access to the library.市民可以自由使用图书馆。

②【注释】in addition另外,除此之外

【临摹】In addition, intelligence also depends on an adequate diet, a good education and a decent home environment.另外, 智力的高低还取决于充够的营养、优秀的教育和良好的家庭环境。


Computers and scientific tools should not replace school education.计算机和科学工具不应取代学校教育。

Modern technology makes life more convenient; tools are the milestones of the technology as well as human being’s progress.现代科技使生活更加便捷; 工具是科技进步和人类进步的里程碑。

Importance of Being Busy

Sometimes life becomes so busy that you feel as if you are the only person to whom the whole world has been merciless and that you are the only person who is working harder than anyone else. Yes, the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener and fresher.

However, the more things one has to do or one is into, the greater the involvement in a mental, physical or social way in these things.① Due to this, one’s own personal problems are out of sight, because all the time one’s mind is thinking of completing the undertaken tasks.② Problems, once they are out of sight are out of mind.

Each thing that we do adds a new dimension to our personality. It shapes our thinking and makes us more organized, experienced, knowledgeable and creative. The time and sweat that we put in everyday into our tasks is the brick and mortar of our future. So friends, it is always better to be busy rather than idle. Now hasn’t everyone heard that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop? Behind every successful man is a devotedly followed busy schedule rather than a woman.



首句使用了so ... that句型,强调现代生活的忙碌程度。第二句用grass 作比喻支持了首句。第二段以However 开始,笔锋一转,指出忙碌使一个人投入到所做的每一件都会对我们有好处,并引用谚语an idle mind is the devil’s workshop,从反面说明闲散的危害。结尾以改编名言的形式画龙点睛。

文章短小精炼,正文中没有出现important 或importance 等词,却将忙碌的重要性论述得合情合理,水到渠成。文章使用比喻、谚语等写作手法使语言生动活泼,句式多变新颖,如第二段首句使用the more the greater句型,不仅在内容上强调了第3段首可而且在可式上显得有所变化,避无单一。第三段第二句中则以四个并列的形容词organized, experienced knowledgeable and creative深化观点。





我们做的每件事都会提升我们的人格魅力。它塑造我们的思想,让我们更具组织性,更有经验,知识更渊博也更具创造力。我们每天为完成任务所花的时间和所流的汗水就是建筑我们未来的一砖一瓦。因此,朋友们,忙碌总比无所事事好。大家不是都听过“游手好闲的头脑就是魔鬼的作坊”这句话吗? 每个成功男人的背后是一张兢兢业业的繁忙的日程表,而不是一个女人。


merciless a. 无慈悲心的,残忍的

undertake vt. 承担,担任,着手作; 答应,保证

dimension n. 方面,特点; 尺度,深度; 面积

creative a. 创造性的,有创造力的

mortar n. 砂浆,灰浆

devotedly ad. 忠实的,一心一意的

schedule n. 时间表,进度表,计划,安排


①【注释】the more ... the ...越„越„

【临摹】The truth of life is that the more you want the less you get.生活的真谛就是你想要的越多,反而得到的就越少。

②【注释】out of sight看不见了,不让人看见

【临摹】They looked for the cyclist but he was already out of sight.他们找那个骑自行车的人,但是已经看不见他了。


Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.进步是今天的活动,明天的保证。

Better wear out shoes than sheets.宁可磨破鞋子,也不要蹭破床单; 宁奔波健身也不贪睡而得病。

Never Put off until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

We have been told that never put off until tomorrow what you can do today since childhood. However, there are still many people who like putting off the things that should do today until tomorrow.① They have no plans for their work and their time. As a result, they will not accomplish their goals in the end. For example, one Sunday I felt so tired after having a football match that I did not finish my homework even at night. I thought I could get up earlier to

go to school the next morning so that I could finish my homework before class. But the next morning I was not able to get to school in time because of the traffic jam. I was punished by the teacher. It taught me a lesson. From then on I made a determination that I would never put off anything important until the next day. Please remember: Work today, for you don’t know how much you may be hindered tomorrow. Seize the present day,cherish every minute you have now and trust the tomorrow as little as possible.②








�traffic jam 交通堵塞,堵车

�determination n. 决心,决定,确定

�hinder v. 阻碍,打扰

�cherish vt. 珍爱,珍视; 怀抱(希望,想法,感情等)


①【注释】put off 推迟,拖延

【临摹】She is such a workaholic that she even keeps putting off going to the dentist.她是个工作狂,甚至一直拖延着不去看牙病。

②【注释】排比句式,连用seize, cherish, trust三个动词表达强调的语气,并增加句式结构的美感。

【临摹】Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability.读书足以怡情,足以博彩,足以长才。

Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.读书时不可存心挑刺,不可尽信书上所言,不可只为寻找谈资,而应推敲细思。


To save time is to lengthen life.节约时间就是延长生命。

We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright. 只要我们能善用时间,就永远不愁时间不够用。

Time flies. 光阴似箭,岁月如梭。