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1 „„be (beneficial, important, essential, required, crucial, vital, critical. Challenging, difficult, harmful, detrimental, exposed, subject, vulnerable) to something

例句: Overworking is detrimental to workers’health.


2 Be of benefit (value, importance, interest, concern) to something

例句:parents should consult children on matters of importance to children’s development.


3 be likely (unlikely, able, unable, willing, unwilling, reluctant, pleased, inclined, prone) to do something.

例句:Environmentalists are inclined to disagree with intensive farming. 大意:环境注意者倾向于反对高密度种植

4 the main purpose (objective, function, duty, key, priority) of somebody/something is to do something.

例句:the main function of schools is to impart knowledge.


5 be aware (mindful, wary, conscious) of something.

例句:many parents are now aware of the importance of early childhood education. 大意:很多父母现在意识到儿童早期教育的重要性。

6 Be familiar (satisfied, obsessed, preoccupied, concerned) with something. 例句:many parents are completely preoccupied with their careers. 大意:很多父母现在满脑子都是他们的事业。

7 Be under threat (under pressure, under scrutiny, at risk of )

例句:many scientific projects are under threat of closure due to lack of funding. 大意:因为缺乏资金,很多的科学项目有倒闭的风险。

8 it is important (necessary, easy, difficult, reasonable, imperative, pointless) to do something.

例句:it is pointless to deny the importance of parents in children’s early education. 大意:否认父母在小孩早期教育的重要性是没有理由的。


9 …… disappeared/vanished/emerged/surfaced/occurred/happened

例句:problems have surfaced when countries make an effort to develop their economies.


10. something increased (climbed/grew/rose /dropped/declined /slid/slipped/ plummeted )

例句:E-commerce has increased in importance as a share of GDP.

大意:电子商务在GDP 的比重越来越重要。

11 something contribute to (lead to, result in, result from, give rise to, consist of, made up) something.

例句: industrialization has contributed on the depletion of resources.


12 somebody focus on (rely on, depend on, belong to) something/somebody 例句:some people rely exclusively on the internet for entertainment.



13 have a positive (negative, adverse, chronic, cumulative, profound) impact/effect on something

例句:globalization has profound impact on a country’s cultural dentity.


14 choose (decide, intend, refuse, endeavor, struggle, arrange) to do something

例句:many working people have chosen to update their knowledge by attending online courses.



15 encourage (prompt, motivate, require, allow, enable, invite, permit, urge, persuade, empower, except, anticipate, force) somebody to do something 例句:teachers require children to obey some rules.


16 somebody is encouraged (motivated, required, permitted, invited, urged, persuaded, empowered, compelled, expected, tempted, entrusted) to do something 例句:children are encouraged to pursue their hobbies.


17 prevent (discourage, deter) somebody from doing something

例句:Education can prevent offenders from committing crimes again.


18 consider (regard, perceive, treat, deem, recognize) somebody/something as somebody/something

例句:some countries, developing countries in particular, regard the travel industry as an important industry.



19 it is clear (true, obvious, apparent, unquestionable) that……

例句:it is clear that parent’s behavior has a direct impact on children’s world view. 大意:很明显的是,父母的一些行为对孩子的世界观有直接的影响。

20 it should be noted (recognized) that……

例句:it should be noted that some animal-based tests are not for the development of medicine.

大意:需要注意到的是, 有些动物实验不是为了开发药物。

21 it is worth mentioning (noting, emphasizing) that….

例句:it is worth mentioning that the average working life is now longer than decades ago.


22 it is widely believed that…

例句: it is widely believed that education prepares children for adulthood. 大意:众所周知的事,教育帮助小孩儿以后的成年期准备。

23 it can be argued that…

例句:it can be argued that cooking meals at home is more expensive than earing fast food.


24 it is surprising that…

例句:It is not surprising that work-life balance is now a challenge to many people. 大意:无可置疑的是,劳逸结合对很多人现在都是挑战。

25 it is not unusual that…

例句:It is not unusual that women have to quit jobs for childrearing responsibility. 大意:不足为奇的事,女人有时候需要辞职,为了照顾小孩儿。


26 it is not unusual that…..

例句:The success of some self-made billionaires indicates that formal education may not be as important as expected.


27 … believe/argue/hold/suggest/claim/realize/contend/agree that.

例句:people tend to believe that young people’s lack of work experience is a clear disadvantage.


28 it is important to realize/recognize/acknowledge/note/remember/bear in mind that…

例句:It is important to realize that some resources are non-renewable.


29 it is commonplace to argue that……

例句:It is commonplace to argue that music is not essential to the career success of most people.

大意:音乐对大部分人的职业成功不是重要的,这个是常见 的说法。

30 it is reasonable to believe that…

例句:it is reasonable to believe that literacy can help eliminate poverty. 大意:文化普及可以减少贫穷,这一看法是合理的。

31 ……aware (convinced) that……

例句:people are now aware that they should overcome language barriers in a globalized world.


32 one main argument is that…

例句:one main argument is that online education suits the needs of adult students. 大意:一个主要的观点是网络教室适合成人学生的需要。

33 the main reason is that…

例句:the main reason for online shopping’s popularity is that it matches people’s busy schedule.


34 the advantage (benefit, consequence, counterargument, difference, disadvantage, downside, explanation, fact, implication, possibility, problem) is that….

例句:the main explanation for children’s anti-social behavior is that children tend to express their dissatisfaction radically.


35 the question remains whether

例句:the question remains whether nature predicts one’s behavior more reliably than nurture.


36 it seems/proves that…

例句: it proves that women work as well as men do in many occupations. 大意:女性已经被证明在很多职业和男人表现一样的好。

37 one important point to note is that….

例句:one important point to note is that famous athletes are sometimes as inspiration to younger generation.


38 another fact to bear in mind is that….

例句:another fact to bear in mind is that children do not realize the practical value of education.



39 despite the fact that….

例句:despite the fact that people hate rules, they in fact accept rules or even set rules from time to time during the course of their lives.


40 due to/in view of the fact that….

例句:due to the fact that rural economies are normally backward, the rural-to-urban shift is understandable.


41 this is evidence that…..

例句:globalization is evidenced by the fact that multinational enterprises now dominate the market in many countries.


42 there is little evidence that….

例句:there is little evidence that viewers can critically analyze the messages of advertisements.


43 … can come to the conclusion that…

例句:I can come to the conclusion that modern entertainment may not be detrimental to one’s creativity.


44 there can be little doubt/there is no denying that….

例句: there can be little doubt that technology advances are the precursor of a country’s economic boom.


45 it goes without saying that….

例句:it goes without saying that one’s physical strength declines with age. 大意:无可置疑的是,人的身体强度随着年龄的增长而下降。

46 it can be explained/ justified by the fact that….

例句:the preservation of older buildings can be justified by the fact that these buildings are of cultural and historical value.


47 it lies in the fact that….

例句:parents emphasize education. It lies in the fact that education appears to improve children’s job prospects.


48 there is a growing recognition that….

例句:there is a growing recognition that more people than ever before vacation overseas.


49 there are growing concerns that….

例句: there are growing concerns that the extensive media coverage of crime can affect viewers’ behavior.


50 I am of the view that…..

例句:I am of the view that no society functions properly without rules governing citizens’ behavior.

附录二 雅思作文核心词汇


Assimilate/integrate into 融入

Country of origin, native country 祖国

Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 不同文化和语言背景 Cross-cultural communication/interaction 跨文化交流

Cultural assimilation 文化同化

Cultural background 文化背景

Cultural clash 文化碰撞

Cultural diversity 文化多元性

Cultural difference 文化差异

Cultural heritage 文化遗产

Cultural identity 文化认同

Cultural impact 文化影响

Cultural sustainability 文化可延续性

Cultural tradition 文化传统

Minority culture 少数文化

Minority ethnic group 少数民族

Minority language 少数语言

Global integration 全球一体化

Global village 地球村

Globalized world 全球化的世界

Historic places/sites 历史遗址

Home country, native country 祖国

Host community/society 当地社区

Impoverished/underdeveloped country 发展中国家 Industrialized/developed country 工业化国家发达国家 Language barrier 语言障碍

Language difference/gap 语言差异

Multi-cultural society 多文化社会

Multicultural setting/environment 多元文化环境 Multiracial , multi-ethnic 多民族的

Nationals , citizens 公民,国民

Native language 母语

On a global scale 全球范围内