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The lecture is mainly discussing that. Thus, the lecture totally disagrees with what are stated in the passage.

Firstly , in contrast to the argument stated in the passage that the expansion of human population and settlement would decrease the birds’ habitats.The professor says that human settlement even provide birds larger and better living spaces.he also points out that although some types of the bird may decrease, other types may increase in the city.

Secondly , the lecture contradicts the point made in the passage that agricultural land would destruct birds’ habitats/settlement. The professor says, in fact, less and less wildness land had been used for agricultural products.USA had largely introduced new and more productive crops in every units of lands..

Finally,while the passage argues that the use of chemical pesticide can kill birds,the lecture maintains a different point of view. The professor says new pesticide with less toxic had been used.in addition more pest resistence crops had been grown in the US which was not attractive to pest and harmful for birds.

In sum, the contents in the reading passage are totally refuted by the lecture and the lecture advocates totally different ideas on the topics made in the reading passage.


词汇 同义词转换

逻辑 观点

开头: 背景+引出话题+话题转述 +表态

[背景] as the development of …, people begin to pay attention to …. /+话题

[引出话题]… is causing great concern. / has sparked much debate.

[话题转述]some people think that … ,while others….

[表态]in my opinion, I am in favored of the former one/ latter one.

017 Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.





简单句 svo →主旨句

并列句 and /but /or →解释

复杂句 除了 and/ but/ or 以外其他连接词



主体段二: A2


主体段构成: TS + EX + EG+ TF


Social practise →abilities

1. there is no denying that

eg. There is no denying that social practise could develop students’ abilities.

2. nothing is more .. than.. that…

nothing is more efficient than social practise that could develop students’ abilities.

3. … is ..est way to …

Social practise is the most efficient way to develop students’ abilities.

4. so +adj. +is … that ….

So efficient is social practise that could develop students’ abilities.


linker: in other words,that is to say , to put it another way, it means, by that I mean

1. 词汇的排比

Students can promote their abilities in different areas,including verbal abilities[词汇能力],social skills[社交技能] and interaction with others[与他人交往].

Government should make more efforts to solve this problem, including explicit guidelines ,明确的指导, democratic policy 民主的政策 and financial support 财政支持

2. 引入抽象词

。。。感觉 a sense of

Wellbeing 幸福感 achievement satisfaction belonging …

Job satisfaction 工作满意度

*同位语 job satisfaction,a feeling of one’s current attitude,reflect their purpose…

3. 并列句

Keep cleaer perspectives of the world

Social practise could enrich students’ knowledge and expand outlook.


分词短语 ing 主动 / ed 被动

Ed :kept in the zoo,animals can enjoy better living condition and professional care. Social practise could enrich students’ knowledge, expanding outlook.

4. 后置定语 ing / ed

定语从句 which /that ..

People who decide to study hard should finish their homework.

→people deciding to study hard should …

The problem which troubles us a lot is sleeping.

→the problem troubling us a lot is sleeping.

5. 下定义 coin 铸造。。。 term 术语 定义

让步段常用: some people may think that the real purpose to attend university is acquiring knowledge. However, social environment coins knowledge a totally different term which puts all the knowledge into practise.


a.Schooling & parenting

b.theoretical knowledge & social practice

c.traditional education & long-distanced learning programme

d.independent & with a teacher (skill)

e.nature / nurture


对…有影响 hava an(positive/ negative积极/消极) effect/influence on …

对…起作用 have an impact on 冲击力

扮演角色/有作用 play a… role in … (significant/crucial/ pivotal 至关重要) 给…更多的机会 make … more opportunities to …

给.. 优势 make more advantages for… to

对…造成威胁 pose a threat to …

填补差距 bridge the gap between… and…

本国的domestic economic order

1. 个人:academic atmosphere 学术氛围→educational environment 教学环境

→facilicities 教学设备 →academic resource 学术资源

2. 个人:tutor →refine mistakes → more personality education 个性化教育→ exploit

开发探索 gift / talent →天赋fulfil one ’s potential abilities 潜能→培养 cultivate/foster 兴趣curiosity to learn →性格培养character-building →generate 形成/spark 激发→curiosity 兴趣

3. interact with others 跟别人接触→traditional education 传统教学 ,one teacher

with students in a room, could hardly be replaced by technology. 分享→Share their opinions with their peers同龄人→ keep clear perspectives认识 of one’s life

4. Social skills 社会技能→ expand one ’s social circle 扩大社交圈→ avoid some

difficulties in adult relationship→encounter 遇到 difficulties in adult relationship → establish建立Set up/ build up 社会地位 social status

5. modern teaching style = on-line teaching program→saving more additional/ extra

cost 节省额外花费→spaces and facilities 空间→geographic problems 地理问题 students would not be restricted in a specfic area →they can attend the classes via the Internet. →feasible time schedule 灵活的时间安排→ reduce time-consuming 减少时间花费

6. indepently 独立的学习→mislead 误导→there is misunderstanding information

existing via(通过) the Internet→inaccurate information 不准确信息

7. education system →early year education 早期教育→gift/curiosity/exploit 开发

potential 潜力→ pre-school Education 学前教育→secondary language preparation for further study→lifelong education

8. →compulsory education 义务教育→primary/elementary school→secondary school

→senior high school

9. →Vocational (vacation)education 职业教育→college →qualification 证书

professional skills 专业技能→生存能力Existence ability →support yourselves → without existence abilities →commit illegal activities 从事非法活动→professional trainings 专业训练→skillful →熟练deliberately 掌控maintain 掌控 professional skills →解决:solve –resolve =handle =tackle =address=cope with = deal with →Face the risks in their future jobs

8.higher education 高等教育 academic level / standard →certification 资格证→Degree 学位/ diploma 文凭

Bachelor ’s degree 学士学位 master ’s degree 硕士学位 doctor ’s degree 博士学位 Undergraduate 大学文凭 postgraduate 研究生文凭→Academic standard学术标准 Long-term career 长期职业生涯 →have a promotion 升职机会→decrease their position risks 职位风险

10. job market →Employer 雇主→value employee s’ abilities more highly 员工能力

→social practise → professional skills →find good jobs→ employment problem → existence abilities →commit illegal activities →criminal rate→stabilities of our society.

1. 作业

017 Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

2. 开头 主旨句+解释

3.schooling 词汇