初中英语作文精选 (6)
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∙ 水污染 Water Pollution


∙ 我的妈妈 My mother


∙ 为什么中国大量使用自行车 Why Are Bicycles So Commonly Used in China


∙ 一场足球赛 A Football Game


∙ 元宵节 Lantern Festival


∙ 我错了 I Am Wrong


∙ 雾都孤儿》读后感 Book Review of Oliver Twist


∙ 诺贝尔奖的来历 The History of Nobel Prize


∙ 自行车:我喜欢的交通方式 My Favorite Transport—Bicycle


∙ 友情 Friendship


∙ 我最喜欢的书《哈利波特》 My Favorite Book Harry Potter


∙ 童年“傻”事 A Foolish Act in My Childhood


∙ 一封给笔友萨拉的信 A Letter to My Pen Pal Sara


∙ 周末活动 Weekend Activities


∙ 一位害羞的同学 A Shy Classmate


∙ 送客途中 On the Way of Driving


∙ 有意义的一天 A Meaningful Day


∙ 家乡的变化 Changes in My Hometown


∙ 我最喜欢的课程——英语 My Favorite Subject---English


Everyone Needs Help 每个人都需要帮助


Water Pollution 水污染

Today, I read a piece of news in China Daily.It reports that water pollution exists not only in Haihe River but aIso in some

other rivers, lakes and seas in our country.


∙ Everyone agrees that water pollution is a serious problem today.Rivers, lakes and even oceans all over the world are

bec0mingpolluted by garbage and dangerous chemicals.Oil and other chemicals can kill fish and make water unsafe for

drinking.Polluted water is a hazard to everyone.


∙ Now more and more people have realized how serious the problem is.Our government is doing its best to take measures to fight against pollution.We've done a good deal of work, but there's still a long way to go.We must keep on fighting until we find ways to protect the environment from being polluted, and do away with pollution.We are sure that we'll win the battle.Goodbye, water pollution! 现在,越来越多的人都认识到这个问题有多重。我们政府止努力制定措施与水污染作斗争。我们做了许多工作,但还有很长的路要走。我们要坚持斗争,直到我们找到解决环境污染的办法。我们相信,我们能打赢这场战斗。再见,水污染!

My mother 我的妈妈 ∙ I have a charming humorous mother.Because of this, my disposition is also very open and bright, who was called mother to I that many humorous cells.


∙ My mother has 1.68 meters, Xiu's long stature, because has lived me, the belly is a little big.Sometimes daddy laughs at her, her actually spot is not angry.She said: “looks like a lesser panda to be the same.It is not very good! ”.Sometimes my mother from the useless a wee bit cosmetics, also has used me “Johnson the baby Run skin dew”, I asked her, she always said: “you looked that mother the skin is good, because I am the small treasure!My mother like this, what is more laughable is 3 years ago .......


∙ That day, I am riding the baby carriage and mother go to the garden to take a walk.Suddenly, mother remembers some

people to be called her to chat.Therefore, mother delivered immediately me goes home, to mount the car to go.As soon as that

movement swings a pendulum, nimble freely.Listens to mother saying that that day on the avenue people face her to look, looked while smiles.Made that mother is very embarrassed.


∙ Once, in family's window blind clasp has fallen several, could not pull open.Daddy likes himself making, within result one day has not fixed, therefore is angry very much.Mother wants to tease daddy to smile, therefore hides after the window blind “squeek”, pulls open the window blind, smiles is going forward one step, recommends a wooden staff to treat as “the microphone” conveniently, sang, after singing in good voice and with feeling sings, she wields begins saying:“goodbye, my faithful singer fans!”I and daddy “bu puff” have smiled, more smiled is happier, smiles “ha ......Ha ha!How to do, daddy also smiled?Originally a mother's song, pulled open unexpectedly the window blind.Therefore, daddy smiles is starting to install the window blind hook.Hey!Mother you are really good.You are we “the pistachio nut”, forever happy “pistachio nut” a forever happy mother!Mother, I loves you.

有一次,家里的窗帘钩子掉了几个,拉不开了。爸爸爱自己弄,结果一天之内没修好,所以很生气。妈妈想逗爸爸笑,于是躲藏在窗帘后“吱啦”一声,拉开窗帘,微笑着上前一步,随手举起一根木条当作“话筒”,唱起了歌,声情并茂地唱完后,她挥着手说:“再见,我忠实的歌迷们!”我和爸爸“卟噗”地笑了一下,越笑越开心,笑成了“哈哈……”. 哇哈哈!”。怎么搞的,爸爸也笑了?原来妈妈的一首歌,竟把窗帘拉开了。所以呢,爸爸笑着又开始装窗帘钩。嘿!妈妈你真行。你是我们的“开心果”,一颗永远开心的“开心果”一个永远的开心妈妈!妈妈,我爱你。

∙ Why Are Bicycles So Commonly Used in China


∙ Bicycle is a convenient means of transportation. It has been very popular in China.During the rush hours, particularly in big cities, you can often see a sea of bicycle riders in the streets.People can ride bicycles to their working places, to schools, to shopping centres and so on.In a word, bicycles play an important role in daily life.


∙ Compared with cars, bicycles have many advantages.Firstly, they are not so expensive as cars and almost every family can afford to buy and repair them.Secondly, riding bicycle is a healthy form of exercise. They do good to our health.Thirdly, bicycles can save energy and does not cause any pollution, while cars will cause serious air pollution, which makes the air in our living place very dirty and makes a lot of people suffer from lung cancer.As we all know, China is a country with a large population.If each family has a car, a large amount of energy would be wasted and air pollution would become more and more serious.Finally, most Chinese people don’t live far away from where they work or study, it is convenient to ride bicycles.I think that is why bicycles are used so much. 和汽车相比,自行车有许多优点。首先,自行车不像汽车那么贵,每个家庭都买得起,也负担得起修理费。骑自行车是一种有益的锻炼方式,对身体有益。第三,自行车能够节省能源,不会造成污染, 而汽车却会造成严重的空气污染,使得我们生活的地方的空气变得非常脏,许多人都患了肺癌。众所周知,中国人口众多。如果每个家庭都有一辆汽车,就会浪费掉大量的能源,而且空气污染会越来越严重。最后,大多数中国人居住的地方离上班、上学的地方不远,骑自行车很方便。我想这些就是自行车在中国大量使用的原因。

∙ Bicycles are so popular in China that China is often referred to as the kingdom of bicycles.I hope more and more people can ride bicycles in order to make our planet better and cleaner.


A Football Game 一场足球赛 ∙ Yesterday my companions and I held a football game in the playground.We were divided into two groups, with eleven players on each side.When the game started, both of us played actively.I could only see the ball passed quickly from one to another. It was really a wonderful game.At last, the game ended in a draw.We congratulated each other. The game really embodied the sports slogan of "friendship first, competition second".


Lantern Festival 元宵节 ∙

Lantern Festival is a China’s traditional festival.It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year. 元宵节是中国的一个传统节日。通常在阴历年的第一个月的第十五天庆祝。 ∙ Lantern Festival is one of the biggest holidays in China.Several days before Lantern Festival, people begin to make

lanterns. Lanterns are made in the shape of different animals, vegetables, fruits and many, other things.While making lanterns people usually write riddles on lanterns.On the eve of Lantern Festival, all the lanterns are hung up.


∙ On Lantern Festival people go outside to have a look at the lanterns and guess the riddles on the lanterns. Perhaps you call see some wonderful folk performances,Dragon Dance and Yangko.Everything is very interesting and everyone is very happy. Our life is rich and varied.


∙ I Am Wrong


∙ One Saturday evenmg after buying something in a shop, mum and I walked along a path back home.Then I found a lawn, beside the path.If walking across the lawn we would arrive home quickly.Thinking of this, I looked around. Seeing few people coming, I strode into the lawn.But I heard mum calling me back at once.I said to mum cahnly, "We can quickly get home by crossing it," pointing to the opposite.Mum seriously said, "The lawn is used to beautify the surroundings.You should take good care of it.And can such tender grass bear your stepping?"


∙ Hearing Mum's words, my face turned red.I admitted my fault and walked home along the path.


Book Review of Oliver Twist 雾都孤儿》读后感 ∙ “Oliver Twist” is a realistic novel of the British author Charles Dickens.It was published in 1838.This story based on the background of London, telling the tragic life experience and encounter of an orphan.Oliver grew up in an orphanage, experienced apprenticeship hard refugees.He experienced many difficulties and bravely overcame them.No matter how hard the situation was, he still held good hope and kindness in his heart.Therefore, he got help from kind-hearted people who know his life experiece and got happiness.I am moved by this inspirational story and this brave, kind little boy.I think that no matter what happens to us, we can never lose hope, kindness and braveness, because these are the motivations that can support us to go on.


The History of Nobel Prize 诺贝尔奖的来历 ∙ NobelPrize is part of the heritage of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, who is a Swedish chemist and dynamite inventor. He put 31000000 SEK as the fund to establish theprize.Nobel Prize contains five awards, which are physical, chemistry,physiology or

medicine, literature, and peace prize. They awarded the peoplewho make great contributions year in the world in these areas last past dependingon the annual interest of the fund or investment income. The first award set in1901.It was a feather in one’s cap to win the Nobel Prize.Mo Yan sets a goodexample, who won the Nobel Prize recently.He is the pride of our Chinese.


My Favorite Transport—Bicycle 自行车:我喜欢的交通方式 ∙

Among all means of transportation, I like bicycle most.It’s cheap as well as popular. 在所有的交通工具中,我最喜欢的是自行车。它很便宜也很受欢迎。 ∙ There are many advantages to ride the bicycle.In the first place, riding bicycle makes me feel independent.I can go

anywhere by bicycle.Especially during rushhours, I can still move freely.Secondly, using a bicycle is good for environment protection, because it won't emit any waste gas.Moreover, bicycle riding is also a good sport.While riding a bicycle, I can exercise myself, which is healthful to me.


∙ In my free time, I often ride my bicycle to get around in the down town area or in the countryside, so as to relax myself.It's really a nice outdoor activity forme, I think.


Friendship 友情 ∙ There are various emotions in the world.People need valuable emotions which can support them both in mind and in life.Friendship is one of the most vital emotions.


∙ It is not easy to deal with friendship.As for friendship, sometimes you and your friend may meet difficulties.Trust is the most remarkable trait of forever friendship.Trust plays a very important role in daily communication.As the saying goes, “Between friends all is common.” Furthermore, tolerance is also a considerable factor in remaining good friendship.If your friend makes a mistake

accidentally, you should have largeness of mind.Friendship is too precious.When we face some misunderstandings, we need to make joint efforts to protect our friendship.We should not give up friendship at random.We should treat our friends as treasures.


Friendship is so pure, clear and beautiful.We cannot be lack of friendship in our life.Try our best to insist our trust in making

friends. 友谊是纯洁、美丽。我们的生活中不能缺少友谊。在交朋友的时候要尽量坚持信任。 ∙

My Favorite Book Harry Potter 我最喜欢的书《哈利波特》 ∙ Do you know Harry Potter?It's one of my favorite readings.The hero Harry Potter is a student in a magic school.He wears glasses and has no parents, and now he is sixteen years old.He is very brave and known to everyone, because he is the only person who will not die by devil.


∙ When I read the book, I feel very excited and interested.So I have read it again and again, each time I have different feelings.Do you like Harry Potter?If you haven't read the book, read it now and you'll find a wonderful world.


A Foolish Act in My Childhood 童年“傻”事 ∙ I did many "foolish" things in my childhood.This is one of them.When I was eight years old, my uncle came to see my parents with some beef one day.The appealing smell of the beef made my mouth watering.But uncle told me that little kids shouldn't eat beef. If they ate, they would soon become real cows!I was so scared that I dared not eat it at the dinner.But it really attracted me. So after he left, I put a little piece into my mouth.After that, I began to regret. I just waited to be changed into a cow.Mom came and asked me what had happened. I told her all about that.She laughed and said that uncle just joked with me. It's not true!Since then, I made up my mind not to be so credulous. I should believe in myself.


∙ My dad bought a computer when I was five years old.I could draw pictures and listen to music on it. But once, the computer was down suddenly.My dad told me that it might be attacked by computer virus.I was so scared that I asked dad anxiously, "Did it get a flu? Did it need some medicine?" But dad laughed and said smilingly, "Don't be silly, son. No medicine can cure a computer virus.It's a problem of program." I didn't understand what my dad said at that time. But I made up my mind to study hard and to be a computer expert in the future.

我五岁的时候,爸爸买了一台电脑。我可以在上面画画,播放音乐。 可有一次,电脑突然死机了。爸爸告诉我电脑可能感染病毒了。我吓坏了,急忙问爸爸,是不是感冒病毒呀? 要不要给它吃药呀? 爸爸听了笑着说,傻孩子,电脑得了病毒是不用吃药的,这是程序问题。我当时并不明白,可我下定决心以后一定好好学习,争取成为一名电脑专家。

A Letter to My Pen Pal Sara 一封给笔友萨拉的信 ∙

Dear Sara, 亲爱的萨拉: ∙

I'm very happy to visit Beijing again.Great changes have taken place in Beijing. 我很高兴又一次来北京参观。北京发生了巨大的变化。 ∙ Yesterday, I went to visit Xinming Primary School-I had studied there for nearly two years.Maybe you don't believe. I

couldn't find the way there.A taxi driver took me there in the end. He said, "Beijing changes too much. Sometimes even a Beijinger can't find his way."


∙ Now English is spoken everywhere in Beijing.Many people go to English classes in the evening schools, and some of them can speak very good English.They are looking to the 2008 Olympic Games and getting ready for it.I'm sure the 2008 Olympic Games can be held in Beijing successfully.



你的, ∙

Wang Lin

王林 ∙

Weekend Activities 周末活动 ∙ My father is a driver and my mother is a teacher. Both of them work hard during the week.No matter how busy they are, they always manage to take us to our uncle's home at the weekend and work on their farm.


∙ The farm is not very big, but there is always so much to do on a farm.I like to look after the animals, taking them to the field, giving them food, and playing with them.


∙ My parents help my uncle in the field, while my aunt prepares dinner for us.Sometimes I help in the field, too.It is on the farm that I get to know the meaning of the saying, "A grain, a sweat."After several hours' hard work, we are all hungry and tired. We usually have a big meal, and then go back home in the evening.


∙ A Shy Classmate


∙ Chang Yuxian is my best friend.I think he's a handsome boy.He came to our school half a year ago.He's very shy in class, but not a stupid boy.


∙ Every time when the teachers ask us some questions, he doesn't often put up his hand.He lowers his head in order not to meet the teachers' eyes,because he's afraid and shy.But he knows every answers.


∙ Little by little, he begins to answer the questions in class, and takes part in the activities with us.He wants to challenge himself.If you are as shy as him, please follow him.Teachers are not tigers, but they are our best friends in school.


∙ Let's be brave. Don't be shy any more!


On the Way of Driving 送客途中 ∙ one day, xiao zhang drove his taxi and sent an american couple to a hotel.when they got there, the couple got out of the taxi, paid the driver and waved goodbye.


∙ later, on the road, xiao zhang found a handbag on the back seat of his car.he picked up the bag and opened it, finding some us dollars and a passport in it.he thought it must be the foreign couple's.so he quickly drove back to the hotel and learned from the receptionist that the couple stayed in room 518.he returned the bag to the couple.they were very thankful and praised him for his honesty.


A Meaningful Day 有意义的一天 ∙ I am used to reading in my bedroom on Saturdays.Once when I was reading a book, I heard something calling outside the window.I went out and saw a wounded bird flapping its wings painfuUy.I held it on my hands caref, lly and found its wing bleeding.I bound up its wound and made a small birdcage for it to recover.I hope this will make it feel better.


Changes in My Hometown 家乡的变化 ∙ My hometown used to be a backward place, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty.People lived a poor life.


∙ While in recent years, with the development of society, my hometown has been greatly changed.Now the roads are getting much wider.There are many different cars and buses running on the roads.Trees and flowers are planted on the two sides of the roads.They can provide us with oxygen and fight against the pollutants.So the sky becomes cleaner and brighter.What's more, you can see many modern and beautiful buildings everywhere, and the living conditions are improving.People are enjoying a comfortable life now.


∙ My Favorite Subject---English


∙ I like English most, because English is so popular these days.As far as I’m concerned, English is a well-known international language.If I could speak English well, I would be able to communicate with the people all over the world.


∙ Nowadays, English is widely used in news, business, communication and tourism.Especially after China enters WTO, our country needs more genius who is good at English.Mastering English can help us find more job opportunities.

如今,英语在新闻,商务,通信和旅游上被广泛使用。尤其是在中国加入WTO 之后,我国需要更多擅长英语的人才。掌握英语能帮助我们找到更多的就业机会。

∙ What’s more, some English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada are very beautiful.I want to travel to these countries very much.So I must learn English well.


每个人都需要帮助 Everyone Needs Help ∙ In our daily life, we are dealing with different kinds of people, no matter at home, in school, or at some other places.

Everyone needs help, I think.And only who are willing to help others will also be helped.


One day I saw a little girl in the street carrying a heavy schoolbag on her back. She was walking happily. 一天,我在街上看到一个背着沉重书包的小女孩,她正开心地走着。 ∙ Then suddenly an old man fell down while he was crossing a street.She ran towards him at once, but she was too short to help him to stand.I helped her and we together brought the old man to safety.He thanked us over and over.I think the little girl was, though very young, a very warm-hearted person.