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How to Enhance the Sense of Happiness

1. 人们对于如何提升幸福感有不同看法

2. 幸福感提升不仅包含物质层面,也指……


The sense of happiness is of great significance. As a vital factor of life, it brings us power, arouses our enthusiasm for loving life, and helps us to create a promising future. However, in contemporary China, it has become a trend for Chinese people to hold different views about happiness and the way to enhance it.

In addition to material basis, the sense of happiness also refers to several others aspects. Firstly, based on a recent survey, a majority of individuals admit that they are no longer content with being fed and clothed adequately, and their happiness depends more on their success in careers, friendship and love. Secondly, a great many people claim that health is the key to their sense of happiness. It is health that enables them to build up a solid foundation for anything significant.

As a college student, I am convinced that never can money equal happiness. To enhance our sense of happiness, we should educate, advocate and encourage our friends and classmates to enrich their knowledge, broaden their horizon and cultivate their ability.




1. 我国作家莫言获诺贝尔文学奖。

2. 此次获奖的重大意义。


Several months ago, a good news swept on China that Mo Yan won the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature. After this big event, Mo Yan, the first Chinese resident to win the prize, has been the crispy fried chicken among China. Gaomi County in Shandong Province becomes a tourist attraction because of his popularity. For his award, Chinese media overwhelmingly report this exciting news. People are rushing to the bookstores to buy his famous book and some are even out of stock.

Generally speaking, his award means a lot to China, especially Chinese literature. The Nobel Prize for literature is a dream of Chinese literary field and all Chinese people. However, as a large cultural country that owns countless classic works, China had no winner of the Nobel Prize for literature which had become a great pity. Therefore, this prize finishes a pile wish of Chinese people. In addition, although we have a great number of great works, very few people can read a book carefully and tranquilly in the impetuous society. I think this exciting news will inspire people’s enthusiasm towards literature, which is a great motivation to the development of literature. This is what we are happy to see.




1. 现在流行网上购物

2. 网上购物的利弊

3. 我的看法


Nowadays with the ever rapid development and increasing popularity of the information technology , shopping on the internet has been a fashion especially among the youngsters.

Online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable. For example , shopping on the internet can save students a great deal of time on the way between home and store, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work. The internet has shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers and thus we can even buy goods in other countries .On the other hand , lack of the face to face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. What’ s more the delivery will increase the risk of items ’ damage.

In my opinion, shopping on the internet is a irreversible trend. More and more people will be accustomed to it. It will be much more popular in the near future. And at the same time we should take some measures to make it perfect.




1. 树立目标很重要

2. 原因是……

3. 如何设立和达到目标


The Importance of Goal

There is no denying that setting a goal is very important. We find that successful people are always those having and achieving their goals. They set goals, short-term or long-run, to help realize their visions.

Why is goal-setting important? By setting goals you are taking control of the tempo of your life. It is having a map to guide you to where you want to head for. With a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want. On the contrary, without a goal ,you will live a wandering life. You do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. Then your life becomes dull and meaningles just like the dead water in a muddy lake.

From my point of view, goals are not difficult to set and realize. First, you should make clear what you really want, which constitutes your goals. Then you make detailed palans and follow the through, as many winners do.



On Blind-date Show

1. 目前电视相亲节目很流行

2. 出现这种现象的原因是……

3. 我对此的看法


On Blind-date Show

Nowadays, the blind-date shows are becoming more and more popular. Whenever we turn on TV, those incredible scenes of blind-date shows would pop up on the screen. Many people, from teenagers to the eldly, are so crazy about these shows that they never miss a single chance to watch them.

Three reasons would contribute to the popularity of these blind-date shows. To begin with, there are over 180 million people who remain single long after they have reached official age for marriage. Moreover, a great number of people would like to amuse themselves by watching other people dating. Last but not least, more and more television producers add a couple of attractive elements to cater for the different tastes of the audiences.

In my view, the government should impose restrictions to these blind-date shows. Many of these shows advocate money-worship and materialism; quite a few of the guests' identities are artificial. If these problems are not solved, the misleading effects can be disastrous.




My View on Charity

1. 近年,部分慈善机构或个人受到批评质疑

2. 出现这种现象原因(重点背诵段)

3. 我的看法


Charity brings the society power, arouses people’s enthusiasm for life, and help others to overcome difficulties. However, after several scandals, it has become a trend for the public to criticize and doubt charity organizations or individuals. A case in point is China Red Cross, whose fame was spoiled by GuoMeimei.

It is evident that the causes of this phenomenon are diverse. In the first place, the disordered charity management is the root cause of criticism. Why? Charity organizations in mounting/ large numbers have not come to realize the problems in their management, budget and raising money. In the second place, the lack of public ’s trust constitutes another major cause. Based on a survey on the Internet, because of some negative cases, a majority of people admit that they are unwilling to donate or help others through charitable activities or organizations.

As a college student, I am firmly convinced that it is exceedingly necessary for the public to be involved in charity. However, we should advocate and encourage organizations to reform charitable activities.






1. 现在许多大学生放弃学业去参加“选秀”节目;

2. 有人认为“选秀”节目为这些大学生提供了展示自我的平台,他们应该抓住机会“秀出自己”;但也有人认为这种选秀节目会养成大学生 “急功近利”的心态;

3. 那么作为一个大学生,你是怎么看待这件事情的?

【思路点拨】1)对选秀节目的看法。2)理性对待选秀现象。一方面它满足了观众普遍参与的愿望,另一方面需要我们从正确的角度来理解它,用正确的心态来对待它。3)对产生“选秀”热现象原因的分析。比如选秀所带来的是前所未有的视觉冲击和心灵体验,偶像们和粉丝们似乎在这里找到了价值认同等。4)重在参与和过程,特别是在竞争中培养能赢也能输的心态。5)从选秀活动中得到的收获。比如张扬自我,敢于拼搏,认赌服输等。 范文:

Nowadays, TV PK Shows (or we can call it Talent Shows) are great hit in China and have attracted many young people. As for me, TV PK Shows, as all other things, have both positive and negative effects. Therefore, the most crucial thing is how we see them.

Some people think Talent Shows provide grass-root people with a stage to display their talents, so they should seize every opportunity to show off their talents. Some College students even give up their studies to attend these TV PK Shows in the hope of becoming famous overnight. They even regard TV PK shows as a shortcut to the success. While other people reckon that TV PK Shows will develop the

I am convinced that we should balance old people’ interest and this aging society. Thus, if those seniors have enthusiasm for work, we should educate, advocate and encourage them to work and perform their tasks. If we try our utmost to do so, the future of old people’ life will be promising, hopeful and rosy.



1. 现在许多传统文化正慢慢消失

2. 传统文化消失的原因

3. 我的看法


On the losing of Traditional Culture

It is widely noted that lots of traditional culture is disappearing along with the development of technology. Many ancient architectures and traditonal ways of living have been deserted. It seems that the traditional culture and craftsmanship will be replaced in this modern era.

The following reasons can account for the above phenomenon. Fristly, traditional technologies are always considered ineffective while the new sciences are always highly efficient, because modern science and technology facilitate both our daily and academic life a lot, with which we can save much money and time. Secondly, it is costly to protect the traditional culture, especially the maintenance and repair of the historical buildings.

In my opinion, although traditional culture is an ancient heritage, it couldn't keep

pace with the development of society. It is the tide of history that the traditional culture and technology will no doubt be eliminated in the end.



On Flat Sharing

1. 目前大城市中合租房现象增多

2. 该现象出现的原因

3. 合租房的好处和可能出现的问题


On Flat Sharing

It is reported that there are more and more people sharing flat with others in major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and so on. This is especially true for many fresh graduates.

There are two main reasons concerning this phenomenon. Firstly, the price of house renting goes higher and higher day by day. Therefore, it is not easy for common people to afford an apartment in the cities. Secondly, most people sharing the flat with others are those who have just graduate from the university. They don't have enough money to afford the flat and don't want to borrow money from their parents neither.

Every coin has two sides, so does flat sharing. On one hand, flat sharing can help people save money on renting. On the other hand, it may bring up some problems such as who pays for what, and in what proportion. However, in my view, that won't

be a problem as long as one deals with the problems kindly and fairly.