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As we all know, water is very important to all living things on Earth. People can’t live without water. But many countries in the world are short of water. So, it’s necessary for us to save water.

First, remember not to waste or pollute water, because water is valuable, like liquid gold. We shouldn’t leave the tap on while we wash our hands or brush our teeth. Second, we should learn to reuse water. For example, we can use the water to clean the floor or wash the toilet after we wash fruit and vegetable. Third, we’d better take a shower instead of a bath. A last, it’s also helpful to tell people around us to save water together.

If everyone can do all of these. We are sure to save a lot of water.

二:1:你对哪本书感兴趣?原因是什么。2:故事所提及的看法。3:你的意见是什么?。 My favorite novel is War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. It is much more interesting than other stories because the story tells about some important things and people’s life situation in the 19ht century in Russian. So, we should refuse war because war is very fright. And we ought to try our best to protect peace in the world. At last, we should value our lives because everyone has only once life.

三:周华上个周末去看电影,在电影院门口碰到一个找不到妈妈而正在哭的小女孩,他带上小女孩去派出所,正好他的妈妈也在派出所。之后,警察,她的妈妈很感激周华。 Last Sunday, Zhou Hua went to the movie. At the gate of the cinema, he saw a girl crying. So, he went up and asked what was wrong with her. The girl said she couldn ’t find her mother. After that, Zhou Hua took her to the nearest police station. When they entered, the girl saw her mother speaking to a policeman. How excited the girl was! At last her mother and the policeman thanked Zhou Hua very much. Although Zhou Hua was late for the movie, he felt very happy.

四:假如你是Richard ,今天是父亲节,请写一封信给爸爸。内容包括两点:1:表达对爸爸的祝福。2:给出两个或两个以上理由说服爸爸同意你每天打半小时篮球。 everything you have done for me.

I know you are worried about my study, so you don’t want me to play basketball too much. But I can’t study all day along. Sometime I need to relax. I really enjoy playing basketball. It keeps me healthy and strong.

Could you allow me to play basketball for an hour and a half every day? I promise I will try my best in my study.

五:食品安全(food safety) 是人们最关注的一个问题,我呒如何才能确保自己的安全饮食呢?就食品安全在下类问题表达见解:1. 在哪用餐?2. 如何烹饪食物?3. 购买怎样的食物?

Nowadays, many people more and more worried about the food safety because there have been many food safety problems in the world. How to eat safety? Here are many suggestions.

First, we had better eat at home and try not to eat outside because roadside food is very dirty. Second, we should cook the foods properly because some uncooked foods are good for us. Third, it’s safer to buy foods with QS signs because there’s always something wrong with most of the foods without QS signs.

If you can follow these suggestions, I think you can eat healthy.

六:写一名初中阶段的老师,要求有老师的性格或特长,举例说明老师在哪方面帮助过你,最后写感谢老师,祝愿老师。 Li, my English teacher. She is very kind and friendly. And she is good at English and Japanese. She helped us not only in class but also after class. About two days ago. My English is bad. So he offered me some advice to improve it. And she always encouraged and supported me. She also said for me: “I will be there for you!” And she also gave me every chance possible to speak in class. With her help, my English became better and better.

I must say many thanks to Miss. Li. I wish her a healthy and happy life in the future!

提示词:regularly(有规律的), active, junk food, a balanced diet, as a result.

So they keep healthy and look active. About 25percent of students just have junk food instead. They don’t have a balanced diet. It is bad for their healthy. And 15 percent of them go to school without having breakfast. As a result, they often feel hungry in class and can’t listen to teachers carefully. Also, they fail ill easily.

It is important for us to have breakfast. So, we should have breakfast regularly every day and have some nice kinds of food for breakfast.



The successful person in my mind is Lin Dan. He is one of the youngest and most famous badminton players of our time. He has won a number of awards in many important competitions. However, his success came at a price. He spent most of his time practising playing badminton when he was a little boy. At age of 17, Lin Dan the first became a world champion. Lin Dan often says:” Lin Dan’s experiences tell me whatever I do anything, we should do it

九:有一天你乘坐公交车,一位老爷爷带他孙子(grandson )上车。要点:1:老人拿着一个书包和小提琴。2:你给老人让座,老人孙子却坐下,老人站在一旁。3:孩子大声喊老人要喝水,并将空瓶扔到地上。4:你的感想。

On my way home on the bus, I saw an old man with his grandson of about ten get on the bus. The old man carried his grandson ’s schoolbag and a small violin. I looked around, the bus has no seats. So I gave my seat to the old man at once. But his grandson sat down first. The old man had to stand nearby. After that, the kid said loudly to his grandpa for water. When he saw the bottle was empty, he was very angry and dropped the empty bottle on the floor. I thought the kid was very impolite and rude. So I believed children should take care of and respect the old and keep the environment clean.


What terrible weather it was yesterday! I went to the Lian Hua Park. To my surprise, I saw a lot of trees were blown down because a huge typhoon came to Shenzhen yesterday. And I felt sorry for tress because trees can take in harmful gases and protect our environment. So I saved trees with other people. Although the rain became heavier and heavier, more and more people helped us to save the trees. I felt very happy because I believed our behaviour was right.


As we all know, the environment is very important to us. But it is becoming worse and worse because people are polluting it. How can we protect the environment?

First, we had better recycle things to save natural resources. Next, we should plant more and more trees because trees can absorb harmful gases. Then, we must save water because people can’t live without water. After that, we ought to use shopping bags in place of plastic bags.

In short, measures must be taken to protect the environment from being polluted. If we can take good care of the environment today, it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

十二:假设你叫李华,约想好友Jim 看电影。但他不在家,请你给他写一篇留言。注意:留言内容包括:①电影名(Harry Potter) ②电影放映时间(8:00pm)③电影院名字(International Cinema)及票价(60 yuan)④两人会合时间与地点⑤要求答复。 Jim,

Are you free? I have bought two tickets and I wanted to ask you to see a film with me. The film is named Harry Potter. You must have heard of it. It is very interesting. The hero is really brave. I have read the books. I show a great interest in them. It is shown at International Cinema at 8:00pm on Sunday. The ticket is 60 yuan each. But when I came to your house, you were out. So I had to leave this note to you. Let ’s meet at 7:30 at the gate of the cinema on Sunday, okay? Please give me a reply when you see this note. At last, I look forward to you and I go to the movie.

Li Hua

十三:你的美国好友Lisa 想了解中国学生的假期生活,请你写封信。要点如下:1:学习和休闲都很重要。2:帮忙做家务。3:参加社会活动,当志愿者(volunteer ),帮助他人。 and relaxing are still very important to us. Besides, we often help our parents do housework or farm work. Though that, we realize how hard our parents work every day. And we can make a habit of laboring at the same time. Also, we take an active part in social activities as volunteers. Sometimes, we go to the streets to collect rubbish or go to the hospital to cheer up the sick children. We try our best to help people in need and make our city more beautiful. We find great pleasure in all these activities.

十四:你和你的同学一起去北京动物园参观动物。请你写一篇英语日记,描述今天的经历(注意日记格式。要求用到一下词汇:1:fine day, sun, bright 2:visit, Beijing Zoo 3:animal, so interesting, people, love 4:see, visitor, throw…to, stop, say

Sunday June 23rd

What a fine day it is today! The sun was bright. I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmates. The animals they were so interesting that all the people loved them. I and my classmates took many photos about animals. When we came to the Monkey Mountain, I saw a visitor throwing food to the monkeys. So I ran to stop him from throwing food. And I said:” We must protect animals because they are our friends.”


Summer vacation is coming soon. I am going to the place where it is relaxing. So I and my parents decided to go to London. London is famous city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And London is famous for its culture and food. If you walk in the London Avenue, you will taste kinds of local delicious food. The 30th Summer Olympic Games will be hold in London. What exciting news! More and more people will come to watch the Olympic Games in London. I think we’ll have a good time there.

十六:今天是母亲节,请你写一封信给母亲。要求:1. 表达对母亲的感谢2:谢母亲对你的帮助3:祝愿母亲。


Today is a special day---Mother’s Day. I want to say” Thank you, mum.” I really appreciate what you have done for me since I was a child. You cook breakfast for me ever day. You look after me carefully and you take me to hospital if I am ill. Whenever and wherever I need help, you are always help me even thought you are so busy with your work every day. On the special day, I want to say:” I love you, mum!” Yours,