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With the development of technology and economic, environmental problems begin to arouse people’s attention much more than before. Then some people argue that people can better protect the environment than they could in the past. On the contrary, hardly can I believe that people in this day and age can better protect the environment than people in the past, when I see and hear quite a lot of the negative effects of our human beings activities nowadays.

Firstly, the number of pollutions from transportations and factories is growing in a high rate. When time goes by, people become richer and are also able to buy more high-technology products such as cars. Like other products, cars can provide convenience and can help people save their time, so most people want to use them. In this way, factories need to manufacture a great number of products in order to reach the need and make more money although they know that it will truly bring pollutions to the air and water when some machines work. Even if they do try to reduce the pollutions, the environment is still getting worse and worse.

Moreover, living in an economic-oriented society, governments, companies and people all care about economic development instead of environment protection at first, leading to many environment problems. Taking my hometown as an example, in order to increase the number of gross domestic production, the local government imported many foreign companies which produced environment damage products. Under the pressure of developing economic, however, government ignored the regulation of environmental protection. It caused serious environment problems which cannot be offset. Compared to the current condition, I believe the environment should be protected better with a less pressure society.

Last but not least, though the environmental protection is a hot topic, many people are lacking essential sense of environment protection. It is crystal clear that it leads to a poor current environment condition. According to a survey conducted by China Social Academy among 1000 people with college education background, nearly 50 percent of them do not think garage classification is a required method to protect environment. Many similar conditions lead our environment protection still stay in a primitive status. Therefore, I firmly do not believe people now can protect environment better.

Although people now have more advanced ways to protect the environment, the harm they do is still hard to restore. People could not protect the environment better than they did before only if they carry out more practical methods will we really protect our environment better.