My Weekend六年级上英语作文
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My Weekend

The weekend is coming. On Saturday morning, I’m going to do my homework. And then, I ’m going to read some books. In the evening, I am going to have dinner with my parents .On Sunday morning, I ’m going to do my homework. In the afternoon, I ’m going to go shopping with my mother. I like shopping very much. This is my happy and busy weekend.

My favourite city

Guangzhou is My favourite city.In Guangzhou, I can go to the xiangjiang zoo. I can go to the BaiyunHill. Guangzhou has more and more people. The weather In Guangzhou is very well. You can see many flowers all the year. Guangzhou is a very beautiful city ,I like it.

January 18th , 2013 sunny It was the firt day of our winter holiday .We needn ’t go to school. I was very happy .I did some homework in the morning .I played computer with my friends in the afternoon . I read some books in the evening . I had a busy day.(用过去式写寒假日记)

My favourite festival

My favourite festival is spring festival . Before spring festival , We usually clean and decorate our houses and We go to the flower fairs to buy some flowers. During spring festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to me . We often get together and have a big meal. I love spring festival .