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1. 沉迷网络游戏

题目:李华沉迷于电脑游戏中,影响了学习。作为他的好朋友,你打算怎么帮他呢? 请用下面所给的提示词写一篇不少于80字的短文。字迹工整,语言流畅。

提示词:give up concentrate on be (become)interested in ★ 范文

Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others.李华花太多时间玩电脑游戏,所以他落在别人后面了。 As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him.作为他的好朋友,我必须要做些事情来帮助他

First , I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. 首先,我认为学好功课对他来说是非常重要的。

He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. 他应该把大多数时间花在学习上,而不是电脑游戏 Second, I must tell him that playing computer games too much is bad for his health. 其次,我必须告诉他,玩电脑游戏太多对他的健康有害。So he must give it up.所以他必须要放弃。 I can play more sports with him after school.放学后我会和他多运动 Maybe he will become more interested in sports than computer games. 也许相对于电脑游戏,他对电脑游戏更感兴趣 , I will try my best to help him with all his subjects. 我将尽我最大的努力来辅导他所有的功课 and let him find much fun in studying. 让他在学习中找到更多的乐趣 At the same time, I'll ask both his parents and our teachers to help him, too.同时,我也会要求他的父母亲和老师来帮助他 I'm sure he will make great progress soon. 我敢肯定,他很快会取得很大进步。

2. 怎样学好英语


要求:1. 词数:80—100词(开头已给出,不计入总词数)

2. 字迹工整,语言流畅,表达正确,逻辑清晰。

★ 范文

How to learn English well怎样学好英语

English is important for us.英语对我们来说是很重要的。But how to learn English well? Here are my suggestions.但怎样才能学好它呢?这是我的一些建议。

First, we should often listen to the tapes, English songs and programs. 首先,我们应该经常听磁带,英语歌曲和英文节目

Watching English movies is also helpful to us.看英语电影队我们也有好处 。Second, we should speak English in class as much as possible.其次,我们应该尽可能多的在课堂上讲英语 Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. 不要怕错 The more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.你讲得越多,你fan 的错误就越少。 We'd better join the English club and practice with others.我们最加入英语俱乐部和别人练习 Third, we can read more English newspapers and magazines. 再次,我们可以多看英语报纸和杂志。 It’s good for us. 这对我们有好处。

In a word, we do more listening, speaking, reading and writing, we will learn English well.总之一句话,我们多听,多讲,多看,多写,我就会学好英语。

3. 现在的中学生面临着太多的竞争和压力。由于体育锻炼的时间少,身体素质有所下降。请你根据下面的要点和要求写一篇短文,呼吁同学们锻炼身体。 锻炼身体的好处:healthy energy strong

锻炼身体的方式:outdoor activities :ball games ,running swimming...


★ 范文

参考词汇:competition (竞争) pressure(压力)

Exercise is very important for us students锻炼对我们学生来说是很重要的.Nowadays,we are under much competition and pressure.如今,我们有着太多的竞争和压力。So we should be strong enough to deal with the competition and pressure.所以我们必须足够强壮来应付这些竞争和压力。Doing exercise makes us healthy and strong and more energetic.锻炼使我们更健康更强壮和更有活力。 Doing exercise is good for our studies.锻炼对我们的学习是有好处。的We can do outdoor activities I our spare time.

在业余时间,我们可以做户外活动。We can play basketball and football.我们可以打篮球和踢足球 We can go running and swimming。我们可以去跑步和游泳 I think doing exercise is good for our bodies and studies.我认为锻炼对我们的身体和学习都有好处

三、 5. 怎样保持健康的生活习惯

健康的生活习惯对于成长中的我们是非常重要的。你认为健康的生活习惯应当是怎样的呢? 请根据下面的信息提示, 写一篇短文, 首句已给出。

信息提示:健康饮食; 早睡早起, 不熬夜; 参加运动, 强身健体。

要求:根据信息提示, 把握要点, 适当发挥, 不逐字翻译。字数在80词左右。 ★ 范文

I think healthy habits are very important for us.我认为健康的生活方式对我们来说是很重要的

Everyone wanst to be healthy.每个人都想健康。 First, we should get enough sleep at night. 首先,我们晚上要有足够的睡眠 We can go to bed early and get up early我们要早睡早起. Staying up late is bad for our health.熬夜对我们健康是由害的。 Second, We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. 其次,我们应该多吃 水果和蔬菜,少吃肉。We should drink a lot of water.我们应该多喝水。 We should have healthy eating habits.我们应该有着健康的饮食习惯 Third, we should do more exercise再次,我们应该多做锻炼 . Finally, we should wash hands before meals and brush our teeth twice a day.我们饭前要洗手,每天刷牙两次 If we don’t feel well, we should go to see the doctor at once.如果我们不舒服,我们应该马上去看医生。

7. 当前我国政府正致力于建设“节约型”社会,倡导节约,抵制浪费。作为学生我们也能做些力所能及的事情,如步行或骑自行车;随手关水。断电;减少物品的使用和做好废旧物品的回收。再利用。请根据要求和提示完成主题How to Save 的海报,号召更多的人来加入节约的行列

提示词: taps (水龙头) uneaten food/leftovers剩饭剩菜

How to Save怎样节约

Our govenment is aiming to build an “econonomied society.”我们政府正致力于建立一个“节约型”的社会。I think it’s our duty to achieve this goal.我认为实现这个目标是我们的责任As a student,we should do something to help.作为一名学生,我们应该做些事情。

First,don’t waste things. 首先,不要浪费东西We should go to school on

foot or by bike instead of taking a car.我们应该走路或骑自行车去上学

而不是坐小车Turn off the lights when we leave the classroom.当我们教

室时,要关灯Remember to turn off the taps afer washing things.档洗完

东西后,要记得关水龙头When we eat in a restaurant,ask for smaller dishes

and take leftovers home.当我们在饭店吃东西,要少点食物,并把剩饭菜带


Second,use things as long as possible, 其次,尽可能久的使用东西。when

we buy things ,make sure they last a long time 当我们买的时候,确保他

们用得一段时间.Don ’t use a paper cup or paper bag.不要使用纸杯或纸袋

Finally,collect what we can be recycled.Don’t throw them away as

rubbish.. 最后,收集我们能回收利用的东西,不要把它们当垃圾扔掉

In a word ,Saving is a good habbit,we should keep it .总之一句话,


8 最近媒体对“中国式过马路”这一现象进行了尖锐的批评。请你以一个中学







参考词汇:红绿灯 缺乏交通安全意识 尊守交通规则

Chinese style of crossing streets中国式过马路

Chinese style of crossing streets has been a hot topic on the Internet recently. 中国式过马路最近在网络上是个热议的话题。

Now many people cross streets without looking at the traffic lights

现在很多人过马路不看红绿灯。 Why? 为什么?I think there are two main

reasons. 我认为有两个原因。Some people lack awareness of traffic safety .

一些人缺乏安全交通意识。,some people are so busy that they don‘t want

to wait for the green light. 一些人太忙了不想等绿灯

However,it has brought to themselves as well as to others.然而,

这给自己也给别人带来了危险So I hope something must be done to avoid

traffic accidents. 所以,我希望要采取措施来避免交通事故 For


breaks th。e traffic rules should be punished例如,无论谁违法交通规则都要收罚

. As middle school students ,we should obey the traffic rules.作为一名学生,我们必须要遵守交通规则 What’s More,Iwill try my best to advise people to obey the rules .而且,我也会尽我的力量来建议人们遵守交通规则

中考英语写作专练-Lost and Found


假如你是王利,在十五中工作,今天(2004年6月8日)早晨在上班的路上丢了手提包。 提包里面装有一支钢笔,一把钥匙和许多钱。


LOST (失物启事)

I lost my handbag on the way to work this morning. There is a pen,a key and a lot of money in it. I wish the finder(捡到的人) to return it to me very soon. Will the finder please come to the NO. 15 Middle School or call me ?My telephone number is 8675331. My name is Wang Li. I’ll pay him or her for it.(有酬谢) Thank you!




FOUND 招领启事

I piched up a handbag with some money and a notebook in the school garden this morning ( Nov. 18th ) . Will the owner(失主) please come to Room 301,Buil ding 14 and get it ? 邀请信

下星期一是Jenny 的生日,她的父母亲要在家里给她办一个晚会。Jenny 要邀请些朋友参加,晚会6:30开始。请你帮她写信邀请Jane 。日期是5月18日。


Dear Jane,

I'd like to invite you to join my birthday party. Next Monday is my birthday. My parents will hold a party for me at home. It will begin at half past six. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. yours, Jenny





Asking for Leave请假条

Auguest 6th, 2013

Dear Mr Li,

I ’m sorry to tell you that I have to ask for sick leave for one day class. Because I have a heavy headache now and I am not feeling well .I think I have to ask for sick leave to go to see a doctor.

Yours repectful,