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Reading report for text Ichoose(“THE LAST LEAF”byO ’Henry) 1502 Vickylee李惠琪2015.10.29

Last week I finished a novel called “THE LAST LEAF” ,a very famous piece of O ’Henry, which was an impressing story about a Johnsywho was dying of Pneumoniac and the miracle of her recovery,thanks to Behrman's masterpiece---a leaf that will never fall.

It was in late November when the horrible dieases hit the poor lady,Johnsy, a young painter who dreamt of going tothe Bay of Naples some day.However,her feelings of being doomed to die made it much more difficult for her to recover. Johnsycounldn ’t stopthinkinghow she would, indeed, light and fragile as a leaf herself, float away, when her slight hold upon the world grew weaker.Thankfully Behrman,an old painter who had been always about to paint a masterpiece, but had never yet begun it,finally made a real masterpiece by drawing a leaf that would never fall on the tree,givingJohnsy hope.

From my perspective,it is very touching that old Behrma,gave hope to Johnsy at the expense of life.(He died of pneumonia at the end of the story). I can’t deny how great it is when there was an ivy leaf that never fluttered or moved when the wind blew and Johnsy can survive. However, when we look at this story from other viewpoints,we can easily draw a conclusion that Johnsyshould’n take this good deed from Behrman for granted even though she didn ’t ask for it,nor should her friend Sudie. People were giving too much attention to Johnsy ’survival and too littleon Behrma’ssacrifice . He die in order to draw the remaining leaf, in some ways ,it is an equivalent exchange on lives. So I think it is a sad story more than a warm one. Since There Are a Thousand Hamlets in a Thousand People’s Eyes,people may have opinions differ from mine,whatI was talking about in this reading report is another aspect that Ifound,it may not be commonly acceptable but it made sense in some way I knew.