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In the past, buildings often reflected the culture of a society but today all modern buildings look alike and cities throughout the world are becoming more and more similar. What do you think is the reason for this, and is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Facing the worldwide architectures in cities, people are always confused, for most landscapes are alike, compared with decades ago. Personally, this is definitely a bad sign for cultural diversity now and in the future.

When it comes to the reasons of this similarity in building styles, two aspects are as follows: first, the globalization and standardization enables people living in different places to enjoy the same achievement of world technology, and architecture is not an exception for sure. Most cities invited famous designers for their city style, which may lead to the similarities in many spots. Second, the modern buildings need function more than looking, compared with old ones. In other words, buildings are aimed to fulfill people’s working and daily requests but not the stylish appearance.

Admittedly, the similarity of modern building does contains some benefits on the development for some big cities such as being easy to recognize for new comers. However, the loss of this being alike is irreversible, for we take the heavy loss of cultural diversity at the same time. In addition, the cultural legacy and historical values of those building with styles should never be neglected forever.

Obviously, the negative influence of the disappearing of old buildings is a disaster. If the old buildings are removed in big cities, the culture attached to them will not exist then. Without those fantastic architectures standing in the main street of the city, it is impossible for people to remember the history and tradition with textbooks. This is to say, to memorize some important dates of history, people should always have some objects like buildings and relics to interact the deep feelings.

To sum up, the great architectures like museum and castle should always be preserved without any discrimination from politic preference, which may benefit the human civilization all together.


We have three important parts of education: reading,writing and math. (Background) Some people believe that every child will benefit from a fourth

skilladded to the list: computerskills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Educational content has always changed from time to time. For decades, three fundamental subjects are well-acknowledged in both primary and higher education. Some may advocate that reading,writing and math are as important as the new technology, namely, computer science. Personally,I cannot agree with that.

Admittedly, using computers and surfacing online are vital formodern citizens, and students cannot be exceptions. In other words, it is a help to boost the time-efficiency in both working and studying. However, not everyone should master the skills of computer and the Internet as necessity. Obviously, other kinds of skills are more essential than that.

First, reading, writing and math are the foundation of people basic learning skills, for reading supplies more informative resources all around, writing cultivates logic thinking and thoughtful ideas, and math teaches people connect number close to their life. Second, besides those three subjects, some extra classes should be mentioned such as language skill, especially for overseas students, because people who master well a second language may accomplish his study in another country. Otherwise, it is easier for him or herto encounter with language barrier. Even if some could not get their further education aboard, the lingual skills are skill the elementary section to communicate freely. For example, a research, conducted by Oxford University, language Researching Lab, in 2009, reveals that more than two-thirds of overseas students reflected that they suffered from the language issue in theirfirst 50 to 100 days.

To sum up, it is entirely wrong to define the fourth important skills in the list is computer. Although the content of learning plays significant role in educational system, the various personal choices should always be considered and respected prudently


Some think we should take more measures todeal with criminals. However, others think that there is not much we can do tocurb law breaking. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Among all the vital public issues in big cities, high crime rate is and will be the most serious one. Some advocate that more treatments should be implemented to reduce the law breaking. However,others with negative thoughts believe we can do nothing to the disordered community.

On the one hand, besides imposing those convicts in prison for a long time, some other measures should also be effective to use such as community education. If a prisoner is allowed attending some community work outside the wall, it will be a golden chance to keep a close relation with the

changeable society. In this situation, they may avoid the throwing out of society, which reduces and even eliminates the greatest revenge on society from those criminals. More important, they are legal citizens who made some mistake in their lifetimes, accidentally or intentionally, so that their civil rights should be always protected and respected according to the law.

On the other hand, admittedly, tiny progress we have made in

rehabilitating prisoners in recent years. Compared with the punishment after committing crimes, the prevention is more fundamental to carry out in the whole community. However, the serious poverty and the huge gap between the haves and the have-nots, will definitely lead to the clash in society, especially in developing countries. Furthermore, the loss of public trustiness and the inequality of legal system will also give rise to the outcome that people prefer to solve their personal problems by violence but not through court. In this perspective, to cope with the crime issue, the first priority isto create and maintain a society full of fair and justice.

To sum up, facing sorted crimes around, both the individual as well as the local authorities should work together to deal with the public crisis prudently, and more important, equally as much as possible.


Advertising discourages us from being different individuals and make us all want to be and look the same. To whatextent do you agree or disagree? Advertising, namely publication, enables consumers to be well informed about the recent products timely. Some may advocate that the losing of individuality is the instrument of widespread of promotion on TV and other media. Personally, public advertisements should be restriction for personalities.

When it comes to the disappearing of individualities after following promotions blindly, two aspects should be noticed: for one thing, it is advertising that popularizes the general awareness of some certain products in the whole market in a short while. In other words, people living in the same place and same time will get the information on some commodity spontaneously, which may give rise to the same purchase from the unchanged commercials. For another thing, the better function that public advertising may achieve is to create a social image, in which people will compare with others' behaviors and demands. This is to say, if some certain number of consumers get the products from one promotion on TV or

othermedia, people in the same group get the same thing in order to be friendly or sociable, regarding as "peer group pressure".

Admittedly, some advertisements with great tastes do enrich people's dull and monotonous lifestyle such as the new TV commercial made by Apple for the iPad mini with fantastic piano music. However,what should never be neglected is that the only purpose for advertising is to increase the sells of some products for a producer. Due to the worldwide industrialization, the mass production forces the producer to use TV promotion with the determination of selling the same standardized commodities to many different people.

To sum up, the advertising can promote and enhance the sells of a product, with the loss of individuality and diversity in community. Thus, consumers should always use posters as a valuable information sources, but never the only choice.