My favorite season我最喜欢的季节
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My Favorite Season

Of the four seasons in the year, I like autumn best. It's doubtless that there are many lovable things in the year round. Some people may appreciate the sprouts (新芽) of spring, the thunderstorm of summer, or the snowflakes (雪花) of winter. I, too , value those presents of the nature very much. Autumn, however , is the soul of the year in my opinion. Obviously , autumn is the season of foliage (叶子). There are leaves of so many colors that no painter has enough pigments (颜料) to paint them down, and that no author has enough words to describe them. This wonder can only be credited to (归功于) the nature. I am always attracted by the beauty of the colorful leaves. Even a single leaf has a lot of hues (色彩). Is it green, brown , yellow , or red? I just cannot tell the definite one. When you held it against the shining sun, the yellow leaf itself is shining like gold.

The high blue sky is another charm (迷人之处) of autumn. It seems like a wise old man, calm and high-spirited, and is always generous (慷慨的) with tepid sunshine and clear weather.

Those leaves and the blue sky, though arousing my love for autumn, are still not the dearest characteristics of the season. The leaves are fragile (脆弱的) and will fall one day. And sometimes in other seasons the sky may be clearer, for example ,the summer after a shower. But no other season is comparable to the autumn in terms of its“wisdom ”. It benefits people with not only the harvest but also the magnificent scene (美妙的景色). It really shows the intellect of the nature.

We human beings also have the spirit of the autumn. Have you ever seen old people doing morning exercises? In spite of their old age and fragile bodies, they are still active and industrious. They are to the society what beautiful leaves of the autumn to the nature. I am really moved by them. I really love autumn.