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be getting on well with one’sstudy 某人的学习越来越好

take several courses at school在学校学若干门课程

have English(Chinese, physics, chemistry...) every (other) day


work hard at...努力学习„„

put one’sheart into...专心于„„,致力于„„

be interested in...对„„感兴趣

be fond of...喜欢„„

like...best 最喜欢„„

be good at.../do well in...擅长于„„

be poor at.../be weak in...在„„(方面)不好

make progress in...在„„上取得进步

fail to do...在„„上失败

succeed in...在„„上成功

be tired of...厌倦„„

pass the examination通过考试,考试及格

give sb. a passing grade给某人及格分

major in history主修历史

sb. has the best record in school某人的成绩最棒

get a doctor’sdegree 获得博士学位

...be more interesting to sb.„„对某人更具吸引力

learn about...知道一点„„,了解„„

be active in class在课堂上很活跃

take an active part in...积极参加„„

learn...by heart记住„„,用心学„„

work out a math problem算出一道数学题

improve oneself in...在„„上取得进步

get 90 marks for (English...)(英语„„)得了90分

get an “A ” in the exam在考试中得“优”

have a good command of...精通„„,熟练掌握„„

lay a good foundation in (language study...)在(学习语言„„方面)打下良好的基础


get on well with sb.与„„和睦相处

like to be with students与学生打成一片,喜欢和学生在一起

be gentle with sb./be kind to sb.对„„很亲近,对„„很和蔼

a strict teacher一个严格的老师

be strict with one’spupils 对学生严格要求

First catch your hare.首先必须捕获兔子,然后才能宰之。

be strict in work工作很严谨

We think of him(her) as...我们把他(她)当作„„

help sb. with sth.帮某人做某事

praise sb. for sth.因为某事夸赞某人

blame sb. for sth.因为某事责备某人 give advice on...给某人„„建议 question sb. on...问某人„„问题 be satisfied with...对„„满意 correct the students’ homework carefully仔细改正学生的作业 give sb. a lot of work给某人很多工作;给某人布置很多作业 try to teach sb. good study habits尽力教给某人良好的学习习惯 make one’slessons lively and interesting使某人的课讲得生动有趣 teach sb. sth.教给某人某事 teach sb. to do sth.教某人做某事 devote all one’stime to work全身心投入到工作中 admire (sb. for) his devotion to the cause of education佩服某人对教育事业的献身精神 【课余活动】 spend one’sweekend in many different ways过周末的方式各不相同 enjoy doing things by oneself喜欢独立做事 go swimming去游泳 go for an outing/have an outing at (the seashore)去海边玩 see the sights of Beijing游览北京风光 play the piano弹钢琴 play chess下棋 have dances on weekends参加周末舞会 have a picnic over the weekend周末野餐 go to the cinema去看电影 have a party聚会 hold a sports meeting举行运动会 do some reading看书 help sb. do sth.帮某人做某事 enjoy a family trip家人共同出游 get everything ready for...为„„做准备 ride one’sbike with sb. to the park骑自行车载某人去公园 She would like to bring...to the picnic.她要带„„去野餐。 It was a very relaxing Sunday.这个周日过得很轻松。 There are good programs on TV on weekends.周末有好看的电视节目。 【沟通交流】 take a message for sb.给某人留口信 send a message to sb.给某人发信息 Every day is not Sunday.好景不常在, 好花不常开。 hear from sb.收到某人的来信 talk about/of sth.提到某事 tell sb. to do sth.告诉某人做某事 get information about...得到„„的消息 express one’sidea/feelings in English用英语表达某人的思想(感情)

Write sb. a letter saying...给某人写信说„„ apologize to sb. for...因„„向某人道歉

thank you for...感谢你„„ make a speech at the meeting在会上讲话 【立场态度】 explain... to sb.向某人解释„„ look upon sb. as...把某人看作„„ think sb. to be...认为某人是„„ take sb.’sside 站在某人的立场上 would like to do...愿意做„„ allow sb. to do...允许某人做„„ keep/prevent sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事 be afraid to do/be afraid of...害怕„„ feel like doing sth.喜欢做某事 insist on doing sth.坚持做某事 drive sb. off赶走某人 think highly of sb./speak highly of sb.高度评价某人 speak ill of sb.对某人评价很差 force sb. to do...逼迫某人做„„ offer to do...主动做„„ refuse to do...拒绝做„„ agree to do...同意做„„ regret doing...后悔做了„„ prefer to do A rather than do B愿意做„„而不愿做„„ had better do...最好做„„ would rather (not) do(不)愿做„„ 【事情过程】 have the habit of doing...有做„„的习惯 have trouble in doing...做„„有困难 make up one’smind to do...下决心做„„ prepare sth. for...准备好做„„ give up doing...放弃„„ do sth. as usual像往常一样做某事 do what he wants us to do做他要求我们做的事 set about doing...开始做„„ try one’sbest to do...=go all out to do...全力以赴做„„ get into trouble遇到困难 help sb. out帮某人的忙 wait for sb. to do...等某人做„„ find a way to do...发现做„„的方法 make friends with sb.与某人交朋友 show(tell) sb. how to do...告诉某人怎么做„„ take(send) sb. to...带(派)某人去„„ I ’m trying to find...我尽力找到„„

It is dogged (that) does it.天下无难事, 只怕有心人。 I ’m afraid we are out of...恐怕„„用完了

feel a little excited about doing...因做„„感到兴奋

can ’t help doing...禁不住做„„

do some good deeds to people做好事

be prepared for more hard work为更艰难的工作做准备

Some are doing A, others are doing B and still others are doing C.一些人在做A ,一些人在做B ,另一些人在做C 。