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Interpret its meaning:

Obviously, the meaning conveyed by the picture not only show that ……, but, what is more important, that this social problem/phenomenon/issue, which the drawing point out, is simply one of various social problem to have become ordinary and already attracted broad attention in China/in the world in recent years. Over the past quarter of a century, China has firmly enforced the policy of reform and opening up to the outside world, which has won rapid economic growth, sustained social progress and continuous improvement of people's living standard, while China has been confronting a great number of social problems, such as energy crisis, environmental pollution and so forth, and the collapse of the invaluable traditional virtue and culture as well. In a word, there is undoubtedly the reality that Commercialism and westernization erode spiritual values, and degenerate the cultural fabrics of a society.

such as fraud and deceit, the low credit, fraternal scarcity, social indifference, ill manners, ill breeding, official corruption, AIDS, energy crisis, environmental pollution, a widening gap between rich and poor, money talking, the losing of affection, the spiritual void, young suicide, and so forth.(酌情删减)

全球化/Internet问题meaning :This is the indication that with the rapid increase of

globalization/Internet, our world becomes more and more like a small village, people in global village have much more communication and cooperation by various means than all of the past time and peoples need to understand each other more eagerly than the past. Possible reason for this phenomenon:

The reasons for this problem, if the possible ones are enumerated one after another, may be innumerable. Nevertheless, I contend that the main reasons are due to the social and economic circumstances given. Over the past quarter of a century。

Give your comments:

1)中西文明现象或问题:Now with economic globalization, the Western civilization,

especially the American culture, holding the strong position, is exerting its impact on every part of the world, including China. what kind of cultural awareness should we have in copying the Western culture? We daringly take in those that should be taken in and

decisively discard those that should be discarded, namely we should extract the essence and abandon the dross from the Western culture. What kind of culture awareness should we have in facing our traditional culture? The traditional Chinese culture, namely

Confucianism or the mixture of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and other traditional thinking in ancient China, is a gigantic culture system, which has lasted for over two thousand years. So we should inherit and prosper it.(酌情删减)

2)其他社会现象(如家庭教育过于严格、大学生在校打工或创业、考研热、出国热等):The comment to this question, in my opinion, may be not absolute, no right or wrong, and depends on different people. Advantage and disadvantage are two sides of the same coin. we should see one side of the advantage while looking at another side of the

disadvantage. On the one hand, the biggest disadvantage/advantage is

that ……Nevertheless, on the other hand, in the long run, the biggest

disad vantage/advantage is that ……So we have to acknowledge that …….. is

half-and-half of the advantage and the disadvantage.

3)其他无形社会问题COMMENT 同有形社会问题SUGGESTION 。


Interpret its meaning /reason : 同无形社会问题

Give your suggestions /solutions :

I have some suggestions about this problem. Firstly, China should learn from many developed countries to deal with this social problem, including other social problems moral and non-moral, by means of state legislation, social policy and other relative regulations, especially because China has become a member of the World Trade

Organization (WTO) in 2001 and taken place the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 as well as. Secondly, our government should clearly stipulate the responsibilities and obligations of the relative departments for the fulfillment. Thirdly, in the long run, we should set up a special education organization or other non-governmental organizations to promote and strengthen citizens’ awareness of environmental protection(变量), and hence improve their values/ideas/notions of consumption and morality(变量). In addition, I recommend that children should start some education of Chinese traditional virtue as early as possible, such as thrift, honesty, affection, filial piety, courtesy, loyalty, humaneness and so on. 国际社会问题SUGGESTION :Besides, international cooperation in energy field are also another important channels to alleviate this problem. The relevant international

communities should increase financial input and information sharing and step up

cooperation in research, development and innovation of technology. We also call on other

countries to join hands in dealing with climate change(变量) and promoting harmonious, clean and sustainable development in the world.(酌情删减)

相关关键词:少数民族文化(the ethnic groups、the ethnic culture)、互联网/电脑时代

(Internet/Computer Age)、青少年(young teenagers/young adult/young children)、传统美德(traditional virtue)、铺张浪费(extravagance and waste)、勤俭节约(industry and

economy) 、资源保护(Energy and Resource Saving)、环境保护(environmental protect)、生态失衡(the global ecological imbalance)、非法的毒品交易(the unlawful traffic in drugs)、艾滋病(HIV/AIDS)、家庭问题(The Problem of Domestic or Family Violence)、最低生活保障(the Minimum Living Standard Scheme (MLSS))、社会保障基金(social security fund)、假冒伪劣产品问题(counterfeits and unqualified products)、消费者权益保护(the protection of consumers' rights and interests)、知识产权保护(intellectual property protection)、垃圾泛滥(more and more rubbish)、继续教育(adult education, further education: The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and hence further education will be something that continues throughout life)、青少年犯罪(juvenile

delinquency) 、留学生 (overseas students)、足球世界杯(the football World Cup or other international sporting occasions)。


学术抱负: My first introduction is to be a student interested in international affairs,

especially the economic growth of nations, poverty reduction, and role of leadership in the economic policy making. My research work is a neither purely economic study nor purely political, which is a political economic approach to analyze the growth history of China and India. My second introduction is that I am a student of foreign language. I started learning in 2000, and since then I am trying to speak and write good mandarin. I believe that in order to understand Chinese politics and economy I had to have master the mandarin spoken by 1.3 billion Chinese and many overseas Chinese in South East Asia and other part of the world.

Through my research work I want to establish a fact that the role of leadership,

international environment, and political stability are three major prerequisites of economic growth of a nation. My comparative study of growth in India and china will use the macro policy making process, foreign economic policy, and the role of private and state

enterprises as framework to establish the above conclusions.

I aspire to be part of economic policy making in India that will be possible only when I qualify for civil services exam, or become the member of Indian parliament.

学者精神(Scholars ethos, responsibilities and values):

I think that Chinese scholars should possess the following six spirits. Firstly, as Thomas Edison put it, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Secondly, as Si Maqian noted, “an alp is so steep that you will stop your step when you look it and

landscape can not go there as well, and although I’m not capable of mounting it, I want to climb up it in my heart.” Thirdly, we should be to ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages and to establish peace for all future generations. Fourthly, it is our maxim that while I have little possession at hand, I care deeply about my people across the land. Having devoured ten thousand books and drawing inspiration from ancient thinkers, I have the whole world in my mind. Fifthly, it is our selfhood forever that neither riches nor honors can corrupt me, neither poverty nor humbleness can make me deviate from my principle, and neither threats nor forces can subdue me. sixthly, as Kant said, “there are two things that fill my mind with ever increasing admiration and awe: the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”

我认为中国的学者应具备以下六种精神:第一,正如爱迪生指出的那样,天才是1%的灵感加上99%的汗水。第二,如太史公司马迁说:“高山仰止, 景行行止, 虽不能止, 然心向往之。” 第三,我们应该做到为天地立心、为生民立命、为往圣继绝学、为万世开太平。第四,我们的格言应当是这样:“身无半亩,心忧天下;读破万卷,神交古人”。第五,“富贵不能淫, 贫贱不能移,威武不能屈。”将永远是我们的人格。第六,正如康德所说“有两种东西,我对它们的思考越是深沉和持久,它们在我心灵中唤起的惊奇和敬畏就会日新月异,不断增长,这就是我头上的星空与心中的道德定律。”


教育及其教育改革的重要性:It is recognized by everybody that the strength of a country depends upon its education. The higher the education standards, the stronger the country becomes. It should be recognized that our current educational development still cannot fully meet the needs of the social, economic, scientific and technological development. Many Chinese educators, parents and politicians have long been calling for a fundamental reform in the country’s education system in order to adapt effectively to the needs of socialistic market economy, globalization and the 21st century.

人文性的教育与实用性的教育: Firstly, practical education should be the central project o f the current reform and practice on education. While enjoying a rapidly growing economy for more than 20 years, China has begun to witness an increasing shortage of skilled professionals. To resolve the problem, experts urged more efforts to promote vocational education and shed the outdated practice that only stresses the diploma of higher

education. China needs more professionals of certain skill to support its economic growth, and such people can be trained by developing vocational education. Secondly, since the human being came to existence, people began to explore the relationship among the God, nature and human being. Humanism is just the choice from these three. It is also the affirmation to self value and ability. Education, which is a key link in the social

development, takes the responsibility to portray human being. To develop humanism has been the trend of the modern development of education.

全球化环境下的课程改革:China's education system should adapt to the market economy and globalization by introducing suitable academic and practical courses from abroad and otherwise changing the education system. Firstly, emphasis on practical course is

demanded by our ever-developing society. If a student has little knowledge of computer, English or business, he will lag behind the times. The balance should be tipped toward practical courses in school curriculums. Secondly, as English is greatly emphasized with the rapid development of global communication, correcting the defects that exist in current education system are needed urgently.