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Just as an old Chinese proverb says


Aspire to inspire until I I expire


Simple as the picture is,the meaning behind it is as deep as ocean 4问题如此严重,是马上采取有效措施解决这个问题的时候了

The situation being so serious ,it is high time that we took effective measures to tackle this problem


It is imperative that laws and regulations be introduced and enforced to curb and harness this urgent problem


In no country other than china ,it has been said ,is the problem of environment more serious


There has been a heated discussion about a picture in the newspaper 8

the past decade has witnessed a huge development in economy owing to the reform and opening-up policy being carried out,bringing some problems at the same time,with the following one being the foremost 9英语作文三段式


(1) 第一句图画描述句;第二句总结句。

(2) K k 三步法(图画描述):确定中心对象在图中所占位置(用完


(3) 如图所示(As is shown above)

(4) 例文:As is shown above,behind the lost and found counter sits

an old lady,waiting for the owners of the lost articles,with lost items put on the shelf behind her ,among which are love ,responsibility ,sympathy ,conscience and the like,uesd to be valued by all of us。

(5) 象征句型

Symbolizing=which is symbolic of

(6)with a caption reading that =with a line going like this 图片上显示着


The drawing above does demonstrate certain informative implication and certain thought-provoking social phenomenon.(总结句) 上图确实表明了某种令人深思的社会现象和某种有意义的暗示。



the picture tells us that nothing can be compared with +重要主题,+状语

the picture does reveal that +有害主题 is not only harmful,but also damaging,+状语。 主题很重要:nothing is more important than...

主题很有害:...is not only harmful,but also damaging.


What ’s more ,the public attaches due attention to...+重要主题 What ’s more ,the public fails to attach due attention to...+有害主题 重视重要主题:give priority to/emphasize the importance of ...

不重视有害主题:fail to give priority to/ fail to emphasize the importance of ... 第三句:句群——展开P52(选4个角度)

第四句:结尾句—— 虚拟语气法

利弊句型:The disadvantages overshadow the benefits 弊大于利 The benefits overshadow the disadvantages 利大于弊


第一句:(取其精华,去其糟粕)It is imperative that the essence be absorbed and the drawbacks be neglected ,during this process,especially in the times of knowledge explosion , when the news , facts , opinions even rumors have been bombarding us from every corner of the world (万能时间状语)

第二句:(如何面对)In view of the significance and complexity of such a favorable/unfavorable situation , we must treat it socially , economically , and culturally and maintain it the very force that has driven our society forward. 考虑到这个问题的复杂性,我们必须从 社会,经济,文化角度看待这个问题

第三句:(展望未来)Only in a reasonable , prosperous and healthy atmosphere can we hope to witness the ideal scene in which people can enjoy their life to the uttermost. 只有在一 个理性的,繁荣的,健康的环境中,我们才能有希望去见证到一个理想的场景—人 们能够享受他们的生命直到永远。



(1) 第一句万能开头句,点出图表的来源(chart given by a certain

organization )

(2) 第二句图表描述句,柱状图(bar ),饼状图(pie )线形图(line )

表格(table )

(3) 占据英语的表达:a makes up 34%;51% stands for b;9% refers

to c;6% is defined as d

(4) 学会抓住主要矛盾

The total charm is divided into four parts,with a and b making

up % totally/% and %respectively


(1) 看标题,定主题;看纵轴,定主语;看横轴,找变化。

(2) 1+1形式,点出变化,具体描述

(3) 例句:the past decade has witnessed a great change that private

car is playing an increasingly important role in people’s means of transportation 。As is shown above,the number of……decreased ,while the number of the increased rapidly

(4) 关于上升的下降的词语

上升:surge ,climb to,rise ,skyrocket ,jump to,a steady rise,asteep increase

下降:plunge ,decline ,drop ,fall ,descend

程度:sharp ,drastic ,intensive ,remarkable ,sustained ,temporary

(5) 倍数的表达

As much as

A car runs 10 times as fast as bike runs

More than

The population of china is 10 times larger than that of japan

(6) 图表总结句

尽管图中的文字看起来是孤立存在的,但事实上他们是紧密相连的 Isolated as the figures seem to be ,as a matter of fact ,they are connected to one another closely


(1) 第一句因果展开的套话0

(2) 第二句:句群——展开原因——平行展开法和科学论据法。(4


(3) 第三段:呼应——

1预测趋势不好变化 2展望未来

After considering all the information presented above ,i,as most of others will do ,safely draw the conclusion that the trend would continue as it is.after all,it is an irreversible tendency.不可逆转的潮流