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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should Parents Send Their Kids to Art Classes? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.

1. 现在有不少家长送孩子参加各种艺术班

2. 对这种做法有人表示支持,也有人并不赞成

3. 我认为……


Should Parents Send Their Kids to Art Classes?

With the hope of their kids the cream of the community , a growing number of parents send their children toart classes, where how to play the piano, dance, sing and play musical instruments is taught. 有关,关于this trend, some people hold a firm position that it is beneficial for kids to attend the classes, through which kids can have an all-round development by acquiring knowledge and skills (which are) not taught in their schools. Besides, kids can also make a lot of friends there, thus enhancing their communication skills. Others, hold an opposite opinion. Kids, in their eyes, should be given more flexible time to relax and do whatever they are interested in. They also list some figures achieving great fame with little school education, not to speak of attending art classes.

As far as I am concerned, children’s interests should be taken into serious before being sent to art classes. Children should be given enough develop by themselves. Whether parents should send their kids to art classes, it depends.






Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Due Attention Should Be Given to the Study of Chinese. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 近年来在学生中出现了忽视中文学习的现象

2. 出现这种现象的原因和后果

3. 我认为……


Due Attention Should Be Given to The Study of Chinese

Currently, the Chinese 绝大部分individuals 在中国远远不显示出,反应出重视 elements have combined to trigger it. For one 加强语气under way, making the whole planet a village, and English has been in the driving position主导地位 错误的认为拥有an excellent command of Chinese, and further study of it will be of no value. Chinese courses are barely offered in contemporary colleges, which to some extent also compounds this headache .

Great efforts, ought to be made remedy this 应该重视 what we have learned only our splendid history, and only by commanding Chinese can we grasp the essence of our culture.






Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of My View on University Ranking . You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 目前高校排名相当盛行

2. 对于这种做法,人们看法不一

3. 我认为……


My View on University Ranking

For the past year or two, college ranking has become immensely prevalent 在中国. A bewildering array of university ranking frequently emerge in various media, (ranging ) from newspapers to magazines to educational sites.concern currently.

of university ranking argue that it can able to be well aware of the gap between them and first-class ones. In this case, those middle or low-ranking institutions will the ranking and the overall academic enhanced. Plus , many college-students-would-be are capable of acquiring more useful information about their desired schools. However, university ranking a wealth of conditions, many college rankings are not objective and even positively 很大的 一小批,一些(贬义)schools with evil intentions fabricate伪造 college ranking in efforts to lure high school graduates.

, we should not overrate this kind of ranking because it cannot the sole criterion to appraise a certain campus. As far as the colleges and universities are concerned, they are supposed to put boosting comprehensive capabilities at the top of the agenda, say, academic fruits and teaching equipments and faculty. Only by doing so can we build first-rated universities progressively.






Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Certificate Craze. Y ou should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.





Certificate Craze various certificate among people at all levels. Indeed, obtaining a glittering array of certifications has emerged as According to one recent report conducted by Sina Weibo, one of China's leading Twitter-like services, up to 70 get certificates. As far as the college students are concerned, a wealth of graduates-to-be argue that a wide variety of certifications, especially those highly recognized ones by the whole society, will enormously sharpen their competitive edge compared with their peers in the talent market. From the perspective of white-collar employees, many professional certificates will prominent part when moving up the rigid social ladder.

Admittedly, whether a simple certificate can truly reflect one's real capabilities is widely questionable. Simply stated, we should keep a clear head when it comes to the certificate craze. stand a much better chance of staying ahead in this brutally competitive society.






Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Way to Success by commenting on Abraham Lincoln's famous remark, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe." You should write at least words but no more than 【参考范文】

The Way to Success

To paraphrase the US former president Abraham Lincoln, a household name across the whole planet, "I will devote the first four hours to honing the axe if I am assigned a task to cut down a tree within six hours." This prominent comment, in my eyes, ought to trigger rounds of soul-searching over the long-standing issue on the way to success.

Undoubtedly, each individual aspires to taste success in their life. As a matter of fact, we will encounter a wealth of top-performers as well as low-achievers. What is the fundamental difference between them? Digging into this phenomenon, we may identify that those high-achievers have made adequate preparations before embarking upon new tasks. Take Steve Jobs, a great innovator who came up with a string of products having immeasurably transformed our life. We must be acutely aware that he has dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort to preparing for the launch of new items. Therefore, the past decade has witnessed his unprecedented success that no one else can rival.

From my own perspective, in an effort to get ahead, setting a well-defined objective is of crucial significance. More importantly, however, we are supposed to gear up for it sufficiently, both psychologically and physically, which can help us achieve our desired success smoothly.



全世界家喻户晓的美国前总统亚伯拉罕·林肯曾经说过," 如果让我在六小时内砍到一棵树, 我将用前四个小时将斧子磨得锋利。" 在我看来, 这个著名的言论应该对一个长久的话题引起一轮又一轮的深刻反省:成功的道路。

毫无疑问, 在一生中每个人都渴望成功。事实上, 我们会遇到很多高成就者, 当然也有不少失败者。他们之间的根本差异是什么? 探究这个现象后, 我们会发现那些高成就者在开始新任务之前都已经做好了充分的准备。让我们以史蒂夫·乔布斯为例, 这个伟大的创新者发明了一系列极大地改变了我们生活的产品。我们必须清醒地认识到在新产品发布前, 他都会投入大量的时间和精力去准备。因此在过去的十年里, 他取得了无人匹敌并且史无前例的成功。

在我看来, 为了取得成功, 制定一个明确的目标是至关重要的。然而, 更为重要的是我们应该从身心两方面做好充分的准备, 这将有助于我们顺利获得我们想要的成功。

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

The advent of the Internet ushers in a new era of interpersonal communication. The picture features a compelling scene: a lovely little girl tells her father that he can gain a glimpse of what has happened at school today through her weblog. Along with the emergence of the web and a host of post-Internet products such as blogs, we are supposed to ponder the impacts they yield on interpersonal communication.

Few if any would deny this most transformative invention of the 20th century has hugely boosted interpersonal interaction. To name only one: thanks to the Internet, we now can keep in touch with each other through delivering emails or sending text messages instead of posting lengthy letters in the old days, enormously enhancing the efficiency and cementing the intimate ties among people. However, we should not turn a blind eye to the adverse effects. Currently, growing numbers of folks get hooked on the web and ultimately become socially isolated. Poor social life and feeling of loneliness are not uncommon for a wealth of heavy Internet users.

Admittedly, the net has fed immensely into interpersonal communication, both positively and negatively. Simply stated, what really needs to occur is to make full use of this extremely powerful tool to promote interpersonal communication and strive to reduce the unfavorable influences on us meanwhile. And I firmly believe that desirable interpersonal relationship is exceedingly rewarding for the on-going drive to build a highly civilized and more harmonious society.




这个20世纪最具革新力的发明极大地促进了人们之间的交流, 对于这一点很少有人提出异议。仅举一例:互联网使得我们可以通过邮件或者短信息保持联系,而不是过去通过信件交流,这极大地提高了效率并且加强了人们之间的密切联系。然而,我们不应该对于其负面影响视若罔闻。现在,越来越多的人沉迷于网络,并且逐渐与社会疏离。糟糕的社交生活及空虚寂寞感在互联网过度使用者中屡见不鲜。



1. individuals , characters, folks代替(people , persons)

2. positive, favorable , rosy(美好的) ,promising (有希望的) ,perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding 代替good

3. dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse(有害的) 代替bad

如果bad 做表语,可以有be less impressive代替

4.(an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of ,many, if not most) 代替many.

注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many 后一定要有词。

Eg. Many individuals, if not most, harbor the idea that…. 同理 用most, if not all ,代替most.

5. a slice of, quite a few , several代替some

6.harbor the idea that, take the attitude that; hold the view that, it is widely shared that,

it is universally acknowledged that)替think(因为是书面语,所以要加that)

7. affair ,business ,matter 代替thing

8.shared 代 common

9.reap huge fruits 代替get much benefit )

10.for my part ,from my own perspective 代替in my opinion

Increasing(ly)/growing 代替more and more( 注意没有growingly 这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing.修饰形容词,副词用increasingly. !!!不要再用 more and more

A growing number of 越来越多的

Sth is increasingly popular 越来越受欢迎

12.little if anything, 或little or nothing代替hardly

13.benefitial rewarding代替helpful; be beneficial of

14.shopper,client,consumer,purchaser, 代替customer

15.exceedingly, extremely 代替very

16.hardly unnecessary, hardly inevitable ... 代替 necessary, inevitable

17.sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 代替sb take interest in

18.capture one's attention代替attract one's attention.

19.facet,demension,sphere 代aspect

20.be indicative of ,be suggestive of,be fearful of代 indicate, suggest,fear

21.give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 代替cause.

22.There are several reasons behind sth 代替..reasons for sth

23. desire 代替want.

24.pour attention into 代替pay attention to

25.bear in mind that 代替remember

26. enjoy , possess 代替have (注意process 是过程的意思)

27. interaction 代替communication

28.frown on sth代替 be against, disagree with sth

29. to name only a few, as an example代替 for example

30. next to/virtually impossible,代替nearly impossible

31. Mirror 代替reflect 32. A host of ,a wealth of 代替 a lot of

33. 我认为的表达 不要再用 i think ,in my opinion To my mind

On the part of sb (很好的用法)

In the eyes of sb

I would argue that

34. 重要 的表达 不要再用important !!!!

V ital ,crucial ,essential ,significant ,adj 重要的

Play a key part 重要的

35. 中国的代替用法

In this ancient land 在这个古老的国度

On the Chinese mainland

36. 在将来 in the future 可以换成in the foreseeable future 在课预见的将来

37. 如图所示的表达 as is manifested in the picture

38. Provided that 代替 if

39. In the wake of 代替 after 在..... 之后

40. 每件事物都有两面 everything cuts both ways

41. 其他人观点不一 others think otherwise = others see a different picture

42. 大学生的几种表达

College students

Y oung adults in the Ivory Tower

43. Thanks to 代替 due to 由于

44. 全国各地的表达 from four corners of the nation

from four corners of the globe 代替 all over the word

45. 发达国家 advanced societies