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Advice for You of Tomorrow

My child, I hope that you can always be an idealist.

No matter where/wherever the trend/current of times/the world may carry us, such good virtues/qualities as integrity/righteousness/uprightness, bravery/valor and self-reliance will remain to be eternal/permanently unchanged.

My child, I hope you will hang on to the name of an idealist all your life.

You can be a farmer/peasant, an engineer, an actor/actress, or even a vagrant, but you must be an idealist.

In your childhood/boyhood/girlhood, we tell hero stories to you, not to require you to be a hero, but to be a idealist.

You may choose to be a farmer, an engineer, an actor/actress, or even a vagrant, but you must/have to be an idealist.

When, in your childhood, we told you stories about legendary heroes, we did not necessarily mean you to become a hero. Rather/stead, we hope you can possess/acquire pure and upright morals.

In your early youth, we instructed you to learn poetry, painting, music in order to foster lofty sentiment in your soul.

When, in your teens, we got you acquainted with poetry, painting, music, our intention is to feed your mind full with refined/lofty tastes.

Those refined tastes will support your whole life, and let you never forget the aroma of roses.

Those refined tastes can sustain all your life and bring to mind the perfume/fragrance/aroma of roses even in most bitingly cold/harsh winters.

Ideals make one outstanding.


Entertaining/nursing/harboring/bearing ideals enables you to stand out of the common run of your peers/contemporaries.

My child, you should not worry about your appearance.

My child, you should not be upset/disconcerted by your appearance.

Remember, it is your ideals that elevate/polish/purify your temperament, even a pretty woman can be disgusted

for her philistine

Your ideals can refine/purify/polish up your temperament/disposition; whereas a woman of vulgar tastes, even having a most pretty face in the world will be equally repellent/revolting/disgusting/

The path to ideals is full of twists and turns and you have to struggle against troubles.

The path to ideals may not turn out quite smooth as you wish/expect it to be, and you will thus have to endure/suffer innumerable/unspeakable trials and


Still, my child, you ought to do your utmost to fight/strive for them. An idealist may end up in a heroic/stirring/inspiring tragedy, but it never seems pathetic/pitiful/pitiable.

In your life rife with seeming frustrations and setbacks, you will befriend with many wise minds and virtuous men and come across spectacles and miracles others may have no chance to.

Choosing mediocrity is safe but not colorful.

Safe as it seems to choose to lead a mediocre life, it will be deprived/robbed of spices and colors.

Don ’t give your ideals up for a paltry/insignificant/petty/trivial/trifling profits and let a new trend of whatever sort shake your faith.

The all too complicated and dazzling appearances of the material world tend to belie its true nature. You’d better learn how to resist/reject the lure/temptation of vanity.

Unlike a material boon, an ideal cannot bring you any worldly enjoyment, and hence you must accustom yourself to the appreciation of no one, to the spiritual enjoyment and to being different from others/distinctive

After that, my child, I hope you will be a steadfast person..

After that, my child, I expect you to be a down-to-earth person.

Life is too short, and we are particularly prone to be dazzled by a deluge of fancy and flashy things and thus achieve nothing in the end/come to nothing/we will get nowhere.

If you are a pretty girl, it is much convenient for you to

win favors and indulgences of many boys, which is most likely

to reduce you to frivolity/superficiality/shallowness and fickleness. Tantalize

If you are a most smart boy, you are inclined to presume that you can without fail achieve great undertakings. Such presumption is too extravagant

Bear in mind that it is satisfyingly enough for us in this

life to try to do one thing well, for the level of our ability is finite/limited.

You should devote yourself heart and soul to the composing of one book and to being a good/dutiful housewife.

Don ’t belittle ordinary people and exploit dishonest/tricky means for achieving your own ends. When you grow up, you will find that it hard to do one thing well. But you should never give it up.

Don ’t shout abuse at whatever is beyond your ability.

When you grow up, it will dawn on you that, difficult as it is to do one thing well, you should apply your dogged perseverance to it.

You should know and cherish what is affection.

It is hardly an easy matter both for men and women, married or unmarried, to get into company/come into association/enter into friendship with each other.


and frictions will inevitably arise/occur in making friends.

But think of that, in this wide world, how many of us can have the good fortune/luck to be friends?

An understanding/knowledge of our friends will depart at length brings home to us that we ought to be thankful that we have some friends who can keep us company, listen to our innermost thoughts and feelings and confide to us theirs from the bottom of the heart.

We should love and show sympathy for others as well as ourselves.




共鸣 体恤

You should have/possess a heart as soft and tender as stream water and your pool of eyes as bright as a spring day.

You should shed sympathetic tears and listen to

sentimental/melancholy/blue music sitting alone in the dark.

You have to learn to appreciate tragedy as it can enrich your heart/soul.

It is degrading for you to cater to the vulgar taste of the world.

You are an individual of independence, and no one can afford to abolish/annihilate/delete it unless you reconcile/resign/subject、compromise yourself to the world.

You should strip down to the truth and appreciate it.


You should grasp through layers upon layers of masks the essence/truth and appreciate it.

Numerous are those who live by slick and sly means. Rare are those who are honest and upright.

Usually, honesty and uprightness are hidden beneath dissipation and meanness/filthiness/sordidness/baseness.

Outwardly, it is beyond our ability/we are powerless to combat the established world; inwardly, we ourselves are our own kings.

If an ingratiating/flattery smile radiates/comes over your face, I will walk away, burying my shameful face into my hands.

Dazzling many of the worldly things may appear/seem, they are devoid/void of values. The world may weigh you up, but do not come under their influence. Otherwise, you will find yourself absolutely at a loss and prone to

parrot whatever others may say.