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In modern society, there is no denying that our paces speed up. A small proportion of people who cannot keep up with this trend may hold a viewpoint that a mutable society leads people to less satisfaction and mitigation of sense of happiness since such a world might cause the alienation between good fellows and contamination of our environment. But it can not represent all effects brought by the development. People are actually gaining more happiness in both material and mental aspects.

Materially, the speed up economic structure abates the survival pressure. Nowadays, less people have to worry about enough food, drinkable water or solid shelter. But years ago, the lack of ability to overcome nature disasters and the inefficient social economic structure lead millions of people died for starvation or chilliness. In 1942 ,30 million

Chinese people suffered from a great food crisis and 3 million of them died for starvation. But such events are definitely not going to happen now, since we have abundant food storage and sound emergency action systems. More than that, new policies published to encourage personal enterprise to make their own fortune, which provides more

opportunities for people to obtain a prosperous life and achieve their goals. Thus, free from worrying about survival issues and easier to obtain a wealthier life increase the sense of satisfaction and happiness to a great extent.

Mentally, modern people can easily find more way to reduce their stress. It is true that modern people are more likely to accumulate pressure from their work and family and happiness can hardly gain in this circumstance. But correspondingly, there are many

ways to reduce pressure efficiently. For example, a stressful man can ask for a leave and enjoy a fancy movie, when he is totally luxuriating in the film, and all stress would

disappear. After the film, he can hang out with friends, drinking in a favorite bar, playing shoot games all-night or watching a comedy drama. Afterwards, he could gain a refreshed brain and feel released from pressure. Furthermore, psychologist can also solve problems such as over stressful or depression, which is also efficient and relaxing. The feeling of overcome difficulties in a stressful environment is more enjoyable than

having little stress all the time since the sense of accomplishment and freshness could be obtained. And during this process, happiness and satisfaction are attained.

So even if the pace is accelerated nowadays, people still could gain happiness both mentally and materially. We have more ways to resist pressure and enlighten our life from stress. Despite stressful, who doesn’t want to live in a safe environment where people have opportunities to achieve their goals?