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In fact, we have always cry from the earthquake that mom ent, we have always cry from the first to see the bodies o f dead children the moment; In fact, we all cry together, t o see tens of thousands of PLA personal danger and rushed to the disaster areas moment, but we have not cry, becau se there are too many disaster areas we need to rescue ou r compatriots, we need to help, we simply did not have tim e to cry, so we QianGREnleishui, comfort each other, we A nother road, toward the disaster areas, where there is a n eed our help the brothers and sisters, we have to strong, we loudly told myself, now, we can not cry.

But today, three minutes, we cried, we cried the whole land of mountains and rivers touching it, over the entire C hinese nation and uniting the strength of the grief and indi gnation, we no longer need to suppress the sentiments in mi nd, no longer need to control in the past few days in Yanqu an Dazhuan tears, street car on a collective whistle, soundi ng the alarm over the city, a city of Wu Yan, it is also cry ing, cry on Kuba, we have too many needs to suppress the release, cry on Kuba, We have too many depressing need ve nting, 3 minutes, we do not want to do what, we just cry,

as we are brothers and sisters toward heaven, for those w ho are strong to survive the hand-foot-compatriots.

On that day, we all Chinese people, is a lifelong hard t o forget the day, because today is the "national crisis," Sa dness Yushu , the country Zhiai, we use such a way, to com memorate those in earthquake In the passing away of relati ves, we used this as a way for them came in on the road t oward heaven, I hope they can all the way 走好, Yao Wang homeland when they look back at the earth, will see tens o f thousands of their compatriots hand-foot - , Look up to the sky pray for them, so they will not be alone, not lonel y,

The deceased have to, toward the heaven, where there will be no more disasters, there will be no more tears, bu t for those who survived the disaster in the compatriots, a live to become a challenge, let them in an instant disaster Separated from the experience of life and death, the moth er and son have Qingshen, once the husband and wife Enai, the twinkling of an eye they are yin and yang, the two se parated, disaster, not only their physical destruction, destr uction of their soul, flesh wounds over time slowly healing,

Can be the soul of grief, but not so far recovered pieces, post-quake reconstruction of their homes can, we can even build their homes more beautiful, but for us, more importa nt is how to build their own spiritual home, how to ask The soul-deep scars.

Just as Premier Wen said the sentence, as you live, to live well, not only Premier Wen's expectations, even tens o f thousands of brothers and sisters of our expectations, th ink about all those days and nights in Disaster areas the ar my for help, from the ruins of their hand to you to save 1. 1 points out of the broken hand, the bloodshed, they move d the hands of tile brick shift has not stopped, they run t he risk of aftershocks at any time to And the death race, is to allow more people to live, so that the good live, not only for ourselves, but also to all the people we love, good living, is our responsibility as well as your Obligations.

May 12, 2008, let us all Chinese people always remembe r this day for it, our "national calamity," the history of the Chinese nation, engraved too many disasters, but never the candidate of our national glories , One of the disaster, an d again before loading the line, then let us bury the grief

of all good, clean up all the ruins, was once their homes on the land, rebuild our homes, to live boldly, to live On a go od living.

其实我们一直都想哭,从知道地震的那一刻起; 其实我们一直都想哭,从看到第一个遇难孩子的遗体那一刻起; 其实我们一起都想哭,从看到成千上万的解放军奋不顾身奔赴灾区那一刻起,但我们一直都没有哭,因为有太多的灾区同胞需要我们去救援,需要我们去帮助,我们根本没有时间哭,所以我们强忍泪水,彼此安慰,我们要再上路,奔向灾区,因为那里有需要我们救助的姐妹弟兄,我们要坚强,我们大声告诉自己,现在,我们还不能哭。