To Be What We Are
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Everytime when we watch movies and dramas we're all trying to imitate those decorated role who are possessing good characters.On one hand,that's a really good way to educate ourselves,not only our personalities but our behaviours.On the other hand,sometimes the ones who duplicate the best part of that characters have shown what he or she wants to be.

But is it appropriate that we imitate them?Well,Studies show what we have got from them is actually superficial things which may influence our conducts,neverthless,inner thoughts inside our hearts can only change a little bit.Why is that happening?The reason is quite simple:our images are changing because of the unconsciously effects from people around us including the deceloping social interactions and most importantly,the sense we have about ourselves.You may think,"Then it seems difficult to shape our good statues!"The answer is obviously no.Think carefully about what kind of person you wanna be and take immediate actions to make sure that strong will deep inside your mind,you will find that this is what you truly are,who is one of the kind that no one can ever duplicate.