My school, My home写学校的英语作文
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My School, My Home

Everyone of us has home. My school is my another home. When I stay at school, I always feel warm. The first time when I stepped into our school, I was surprised for the beautiful flowers and green trees. They are everywhere!

I think our school is the best school in Guangzhou! First,there are many school bulidings standing there. Such as computer room, music room, art room, library and so on. There is a big playground here. We have many happy hours here. Besides, When you step into our classroom, you will feel that it’s so bright! And you can see a lot of first-class learning equipments here. Many vistors said that we really have a good place to learn!

Also, we can take part in lots of activities in our school. Last year , I joined the sport club. In our club, we help each other. Once, I got injured when I was training. My classmates send me to the hospital at once. I felt so warm. We knew that we were together! Finally, we won the prize at the sport contest for our school! That was a great honor!

I am so proud of my school! It just like my warm home!