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Nowadays, a lot of people in society think the more money they have the more happiness they will obtain. As a result, they will try their best to get money, even without considering the law.


But in my view, the greatest happiness lies in one's satisfaction with one's surroundings. So long as we can look at things with a happy heart, we can be happy. It has nothing to do with a mount of money we have. Therefore, people shouldn't pay too much attention to their money. On the contrary, what they should do is to put their money to good use and try to have an optimistic outlook all the time.

但是,在我看来,最大的幸福在于人们对其周围环境的满意程度。只要我们拥有一个愉悦的心情,我们就会幸福。我们是否幸福和我们有多少钱并没有关系。因此,人们不应该太看重钱,相反,他们应该做的是把他们的钱用在正确的途径上并保持一个乐观的态度。 NOTES

1. lie in 在于

例:The solution lies in the improvement of the economic environment.(解决办法在于改善经济环境。)


For many years, we have been told that China is rich in various natural resources so many people take it for granted that they are inexhaustible .

People have not considered that one day some of these natural resources will be used up and that we will then be faced with energy crisis .


As a matter of fact, many of the natural resources can't be replaced once used up such as the coal mines or oil fuels, etc. Energy crisis will threaten our existence because of ourexcessive exploitation and because of the growing population.


Considering the above the government should try to take some action to

protect the natural resources and people should be educated not to waste them.


There are many arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of

examinations. Some people think that examinations can help them review the lessons regularly, while others maintain that too many examinations have frustrated them.


To me I think an examination is a good thing for both the teachers and students. Teachers can find out how much the students have grasped and then improve their teaching, students on the other hand will learn what their weak points are and then study even harder.


All in all, we should not waste time arguing whether examinations are good or not. What we should do is to try to improve the exam system and try to adjust it to our different requirements.



1. maintain 这个词有多种意思,在本文中它解释为“坚持,主张,断言”。

例:We must maintain a firm attitude. 我们必须采取坚定的态度。


例:maintain one’s family 养家糊口

maintain a good relationship with… 与……保持良好关系

2. frustrate 挫败,阻挠,使感到灰心

文中用到了frustrate 这个词,就想跟大家说一下frustrated 。表示心情沮丧、灰心丧气时,我们喜欢说sad, lose one's heart等,然而老外却偏爱frustrated 这个词。例如:I'm so frustrated that no girls wrote to me.(没有一个女孩子给我写过信,我真是沮丧极了。)以后当你想表达灰心丧气之意时,不要总是用sad 了,试试用frustrated 吧~

3. all in all 总的来说,总而言之



It is high time that schools thought more about the function of homework and tried to take practical measures to promote the all-round development of students.

Just as a famous saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is obvious that people should have adequate rest in order to work hard.


Yet some students especially those who are preparing for the college entrance examination are worried about their lessons and spend all their day time going over them. In their eyes they should sacrifice their rest time in order to get high scores on tests. As a result they suffer greatly from poor health and some of them may do poorly in the examinations.


In conclusion we should be aware that nothing is more valuable than health which is afoundation of one's success. With a poor health one can hardly

succeed in anything he does. Therefore as student we should have enough rest to ensure a healthy body to work and study.



1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 这是一句很有名的英语谚语。dull boy: 呆笨的男孩。来看句例句:You're not going to study all weekend, are you?

Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 你不会把整个周末都用于学习,是不是?要记住,有劳无逸,有害无益。

Jack 可以算是英语中的大红人了,有很多关于他的说法,除了刚才这句以外,还有:Jack of all trades and master of none.(万事皆通而一无所长的人),a Jack on both sides(模棱两可,两面派),Jack at a pinch(临时拉来帮忙的人),All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.(有情人终成着属)……还有很多,我们就不一一列举了。

2. sacrifice n./v. 牺牲

常用搭配:sacrifice sth. for…,例如:A mother will sacrifice her life for her children.(母亲将会舍身救自己的孩子)。另外还可以说at the sacrifice of,例如:He earned

对于大多数中国人来说,对于“狼来了”的故事都十分熟悉。我们从小便被告知要为人诚实。 However, as we grow up, we find that it is difficult to be honest all the time. Sometimes, we are forced to tell lies, and other times, we find people who are dishonest can enjoy great pleasures, while honest people have to suffer failures. And still there are times when we have to tell lies in order not to hurt

others. Consequently , people wonder whether honesty is going out of style.

然而,在我们成长的过程中,我们发现要想做到永远诚实实在是非常困难。有时,我们被迫去撒谎,还有些时候,我们发现不诚实的人得到了利益而诚实的人得到的却是失败。而且在一些时候为了不伤害他人我们不得不撒谎。因此,人们在困惑诚实是否已经过时了呢? As far as I'm concerned, honesty should always be an important feature valued by Chinese people. We should try our best to avoid telling lies (even white lies). Only in this way, is a fair society awaiting us.


between manufactures and consumers. By advertising, manufactures can

easily introduce their products and attract the attention of consumers. On the other hand, consumers will have more opportunities to get to know more about the things they are interested in.


However, there are still lots of people who complain that many of the words in advertisements are rather misleading . Some manufactures spend far too much money on advertising their products without trying to promote the quality of their goods. To make things worse, some people even use false descriptions in their advertisements for the sake of making money.

然而,很多人抱怨许多广告中的广告词非常误导人。很多厂家花大量的钱财用于广告,却没有想办法提高其产品质量。更糟糕的是,有些人为了钱甚至在广告中做虚假描述。 Perhaps it is not advertising that should be blamed rather we need to

strengthen advertising law. Only under the firm control of government, can advertisements benefit people in the broadest sense.



1. to make things worse 使情况更糟糕

= to make matters worse = what's worse = worse still = even worse

例:It got dark, and what was worse, it began to rain. 天黑了,而更糟的是,开始下起雨来了。

- What happened to you on your way back to the hotel last night? 你昨晚回宾馆的途中发生了什么?

- I lost my way in complete darkness and, to make things worse, it began to pour . 我在一片漆黑中迷了路,更糟糕的是,天还开始下起了大雨。

2. for the sake of…/for one’s sake


Consequently , the household phrases spreading. It is the "Generation Gap ". By using this phrase, both the young and the old have found a good explanation for

their misunderstanding of each other, yet they don't bother to take any measures to cover the distance between them.

这种现象的结果使得“代沟”一词广为流传。通过使用该词,年轻人和上了岁数的人都能对存在于他们中间的误解找到很好的借口。然而,他们却不去想办法消除彼此的距离。 In my opinion, I think we should first admit that there are indeed some

differences between parents and children. Then, we should try to take some time to communicate with each other frequently. Not only the parents, but also the kids should be equal when exchanging their views. Only by their joint efforts can the parents and children bridge the generation gap between them.



1. every aspect of各方面

to attend to each and every aspect of a matter 面面俱到

2. household

a. 家庭的,家用的

This is a good household soap. 这是一种品质优良的家用肥皂。

b. 家喻户晓的,为人所熟知的

He is a household legendary figure. 他是个家喻户晓的传奇性人物。

3. exchange views with sb. 同某人交换意见

exchange gifts 互相赠送礼品;exchange toasts 互相敬酒

exchange 也可以做名词用,如:an exchange of views with sb.

4. joint efforts 共同努力


Science and Human Life 科学和人类生活


随着科学的发展,人类的生活发生了巨大的变化。18世纪和19世纪的人无法想象我们现在所享用的家用器具。我们生活的各个方面,比如医药、农业,都经历了科学所带来的改善。 However, many people complained that science has also brought disasters to human life. Some evil scientists have used their knowledge to do

some illegal things. They may use science for the creation of weapons to destroy thousands of lives in wars. They might also use their knowledge to produce drugs to make a lot of money for themselves.


Generally speaking, science has provided us with many valuable things. But if used wrongly, it can also lead to harm. We should try to keep science under control and put it to the best use of mankind.



1. household appliances 家用设备

来举几个例子:washing machine 洗衣机,vacuum cleaner 吸尘器,microwave 微波炉

2. witness 做动词时有“目睹,见证,经历”的意思。

witness an accident, a murder, a quarrel 目击一起事故、谋杀事件、一场争吵


However, it's rather ridiculous to think numbers can bring good fortune to people. One's success has nothing to do with the number which one chooses, but is rather related to one's own efforts. Numbers are only numbers. We should not attach too much importance to them. If you really think a lucky number can bring good luck to you, simply choose it, but don't forget to still go out of your way to make your own effort. Without your own contribution, good luck won't simply fall on you automatically .


When we consider why we should attend universities, different people have different ideas. In some students' eyes, studying in universities means a bright

future after graduation. They think they are bound to find good jobs with a good college education.

对于我们为什么要上大学,不同的人有不同的看法。在一些学生看来,在大学里学习意味着毕业后有一个美好的未来。他们认为,有了大学的教育,他们一定能够找到一个好工作。 However, life in the colleges and the jobs that they can find are usually

somewhat disappointing. Especially under the severe competition of today's society, it is not very easy for a college graduate to find a satisfying job. As far as I am concerned , universities can provide good study opportunities and

essential facilities for those who want to acquire knowledge for the construction of our country, and this is the reason why we attend the universities.

然而,大学的生活和毕业后的工作往往使他们失望。尤其在当今社会激烈的竞争下,大学毕业生要想找到一份满意的工作也不太容易。我认为,大学给那些为了国家的建设而努力学习的人提供了良好的学习机会和必要的设施,这才应该是我们上大学的真正原因。 NOTES

1. in sb.'s eyes 据某人看来,在某人心目中。也可以说in the eyes of sb. 或through the eyes of sb. 或to sb.'s eyes。

例:Some customs in Africa seem rather strange in the eyes of the Europeans.(非洲的一些风俗在欧洲人看来相当奇怪。)

2. be bound to 必定,一定要……

例:be bound to do the work 有义务做这工作

The new discovery is bound to be of great service to mankind. 这项新发现对于人类必定大有用处。

此外,口语中还有I'll be bound.(我敢保证)的说法。

3. as / so far as sb. / sth. is concerned 就……而言

例:This has been a difficult period as far as the country's economy is concerned. 就我国经济而言,最近是其困难时期。


A: Have you seen the movie, Scream? 你看过电影《惊声尖叫》了吗?

B: Yes. It gave me the creeps. 看了。它让我浑身起鸡皮疙瘩。

A: Come on, it wasn't that bad, was it? 算了,哪有那么惨啊。

B: Yes, it was. As far as I'm concerned, I will never go to see this type of movie again. 真的。对我而言,我再也不想看那种电影了。