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How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

To improve your reading comprehension, you should read extensively and constantly. In addition, you should master some reading skills. Now, let me develop these two points:

Reading extensively and constantly requires you to make full use of your time to read a large number of books. In fact, you should read some newspapers, magazines and novels besides your books in your spare time: after class, during vacations, on a journey, etc. It will help you to enlarge your vocabulary, to strengthen your language sense, to understand the grammatical rules better and to acquire a great deal of knowledge. In the long run, it will improve your reading comprehension.

In addition, mastering some reading skills are also necessary, such as scanning, skimming, recognizing signal words, understanding figurative language, using context clues and word part clues, grasping topic sentences, and so on. Skillful reading will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

My View on Sense of Responsibility

By responsibility, we mean the realization of one’s task, duty or obligation. As college students, our task is to study hard and well so that we will be able to apply our knowledge and skills in the construction of our country. A teacher’s duty is to be responsible to his students. He should try to make all his students master what he teaches.

As ordinary Chinese citizens, we have every reason to shoulder the responsibility of making our country strong. China is still a developing country. It is our duty to keep it powerful in the world. Therefore we should obey national laws. We should work hard for the country’s prosperity. When the country is threatened by any possible invaders, young people should be ready to join in the service of defending the country. In short, we must place the country’s future above our own needs.

Finally, we should keep in mind that we have the responsibility to make the world a better place to live in. We long for peace and hate war. We should protect the environmen

Generation Gap

Generation gap refers to the distance and contradiction between the old and the young. It’s a common phenomenon that exists everywhere in the world and influences both the old and the young.

Generally speaking, generation gap results in different understanding and appreciation of the great and constant changes of the world, different reactions to new things and different attitudes to traditional principles and beliefs. Therefore, where there are the old and the young, there is the generation gap. Take John’s family as an example. John and his father have never been in agreement in doing things and always have a quarrel whenever they are going to do something. Generation gap is natural, but very influential. If we can not deal with it properly, the gap will be greater and greater, and consequently affects the work and the relation between the old and

young. That’s not what we want, so we must take measures to bridge the gap.

Positive and Negative Aspect of Internet

With the development of computers, Internet has made its way into our daily life. It’s a fantastic information expressway that connects every corner of the world. However, like everything else, it has both positive and negative aspects.

On the one hand, Internet has many favorable aspects. To begin with, it provides plenty of updated information and greatly enriches our mind. Besides, it brings much convenience to our daily life. We can almost do everything online by just staying at home. We can not only get all kinds of information and the long-distance educational programs, but also shop on the website, order books and reserve hotel rooms. And we can even buy and sell stocks on the net and do E-business and E-mails. What’s more, people may get medical help, hunt a job via Internet.

But on the other hand, Internet also has its unfavorable aspects. First, computer viruses may easily sneak into our computers and bring us many troubles. Besides, Internet tends to make people passive by providing them with all kinds of entertainment, so much so that when there is a breakdown or jam, people may find World Wide Web turns into World Wide Wait. What is worse, some children may have access to the scenes of violence and sex on the Net, which will do them much harm.

In brief, Internet is like a double-edged sword. We should make the best use of one edge and try not be hurt by the other.

Is Hardship a Bad Thing

People have different attitudes toward hardships. While hardships have been minimized with the fullest possible use of science and technology, some people, especially young people, eagerly seek hardships for their spiritual and bodily health.

Hardships will benefit us in many ways. To begin with, hardships and suffering will help us develop our bodies. To sweat and toil, to wear simple clothes, to live on coarse food, to engage in many exhausting sports, for example, marathons are actually beneficial. Hardships can be an important means to our spiritual development. Having experienced hardships, we will know better how to survive in crisis. Hardships may also help us build up courage, wisdom and self-confidence. What is more, undergoing hardship is an invaluable experience and an indispensable training. If we can bear all kinds of hardships, we will build up the future, which is full of difficulties and dangers as well as challenges and opportunities.

Hardships are what most of us badly need, especially those who grow up in a "greenhouse" and cannot take care of themselves. Life is tough, we must get stronger to meet the challenges and succeed. He who is scared of hardship will accomplish nothing.

Fuel Enthusiasm for Clean Energy

This graph indicates annual natural gas output in China from 1992 to 1999 and the planned natural gas output in 2000 and 2010. For a long time, natural gas output was pretty low in our country, since coal was the main source of energy. Although there was a steady increase in the output of natural gas, the speed of this mounting was very slow, with 15 billion cubic meters or so in 1992 and a little more than 20 billion cubic meters in 1999. But, like a big mountain suddenly rising up to the sky, the planned output of natural gas will be 80 billion cubic meters in 2010, a very great increase indeed. This means, after years of consideration, China is to shift its energy strategy towards the use of more natural gas and away from coal as pressure for environmental protection grows.

Since the support to fuel enthusiasm for clean energy is in the expensive pipelines, a state policy package embracing heavy inputs of all sorts of resources has been adopted to attract various investors. Though it is no doubt that there are still many difficulties and challenges ahead, I am sure that China will launch into its ambitious programs of development and use of clean energy in the 21st century.

绿化 study and relaxation

Recent efforts toward the greening of our cities have achieved much, although the results are still far from satisfactory. In recent years many trees have been planted in the cities and much care has been taken of the planted trees. In spite of all this, the greening process is relatively slow compared with cities in many other countries. For example, the green space available on average to each Shanghai citizen is only 0.4 Mu while every Londoner has more than 20 Mu.

We can benefit much from making our cities greener by planting trees. First, trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen which is essential to the health of human beings. Second, trees and other greenery make our cities more beautiful. Third, trees can also improve the climate of the cities.

Since we can get so much from making our cities greener, we should spare no effort to do that. We should plant more trees and take better care of them. We also should not cut down the trees. In a word, we should do everything to add to the greening of our cities