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1 new socialist countryside in the futurewith the efforts and support from the government in many aspects, a new socialist countryside will appearin china. there will be more new farmers with the basic knowledge of science and technology, laws andmanagement. many farming techniques will have been modernized. with the help of scientists, farmers will usethe latest technologies to increase agricultural production without harming the environment. as a result, the yearly income of the farmers will be increased and their housing conditions will be improved as well. people in the new countryside will enjoy a clean, tidy and orderly environment. besides, the government will provide freecompulsory education for rural kids and also perfect medical care system for farmers.as students, we should study hard to be well prepared for the future construction of the new socialist countryside, thus making our country more beautiful and powerful.2 one possible versionthe students of our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the national matriculation englishtest should be. kept or canceled. some students think that listening test should not be canceled. they insistlistening is among the four basic skills. we therefore can not ignore it. besides, listening is one of the importantchannels for us to get information from the outside world. $o it should be strengthened today when internationalcooperation is becoming more and more frequent. but others don' t agree. they think not everyone has to communicate with foreigners in the future. moreover, listening test is unfair to the students in the areas where radio signals cannot be picked up effectively. and for certain reasons, there is a big difference in teachers and equipment between the countryside and the city.a letter to high school students in jiangsu

3 dear fellow students,our government is aiming to build a new socialist countryside . i think it is every citizen's duty to work hard to achieve this goal now, i’d like to tell you something about the programme.first of all, more water facilities will be installed to irrigate the farmland and allow rural residents to drink safe water. at the same time , road construction will continue with the goal of facilitating farmers' work.according to the programme, efforts will be made to expand the use of clean fuels such as marsh gas and solar energy in rural areas and the construction of the rural power network will be completed.we’ll find that the rural education conditions , public health care system and social security system willbe improved. rural residents will have more access to culture,too.i think our dream of a new socialist countryside will come true soon.dear fellow students, let's study hard now and try to use our knowledge to build our new socialist countryside in the near future4.dos and don’ts for the XX olympic volunteersit is reported that about 100,000 people will be chosen as volunteers for the XX olympic games in beijing.what should the volunteers do and what should they not do?firstly, they should be polite and friendly to the athletes and visitors from all over the world, and avoidimproper behaviour. secondly, they should stick to their posts, offering good services, satisfying any reasonableneeds and being ready to help those in difficulty, and never fail to do theirduty. thirdly, they should introduce thechinese culture and history to foreigners so that they may know china better and never say or do anything thatharms the image of our motherland.if i have the honour to be chosen as a volunteer, besides the above, i will work hard and creatively, but neverbe lazy. i will follow the law and disciplining, but never break them. i will take the opportunity to make friendswith the athletes and visitors, and help make the XX olympic games a great success.5. one possible version:li hua and wang hai are two students of senior three. both of them work hard but they have differentlearning methods. li hua listens to her teachers attentively, trying to catch everything that the teachers say in class.besides, she often consults her teachers as often as possible if she has some problems. because of this, she spendsless time doing her homework, so it is certain that she can go to bed earlier and she always keeps energetic in theday. however, wang hai has quite a different way of learning. he likes to sit up late at night doing his homework,so he often feels sleepy in class. as a result, he misses lots of key points and it is usually takes him more time tofinish his homework, which makes it difficult for him to concentrate on what he is doing. in my opinion, li hualearns more effectively in class and has more free time to to enjoy herself. so i prefer her learning method.

6. recently i made a survey of senior 3 students on physical training. only 35% of the surveyed students do sports.there are many reasons for this. half of the students say they have too much homework and have not enough timeto do exercise. 30% of them complain that they have no places where they can relax themselves and that there arenot enough training facilities. 10% feel that they live too far away from the places and some even don’t know howto take exercise. because of lack of physical activities, many students are in poor health. we should realize theimportance of taking exercise, and measures should be taken to improve the present situation. it would be greatlyappreciated that our government and social organizations as well could offer some financial aid.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

7. how to build an economized societyour government is aiming to build an economized society. it is everybody’s duty to work hard to achieve thisgoal including us students.recently, the statistics in the report of one certain school in two school terms suggests that the expenses ofelectricity, water and paper are surprisingly large and growing rapidly, which draws our attention.as a common member of society, we must keep the following points in our minds. firstly, make sure that thelights and all the other electric facilities are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room. secondly, tryto form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used and the wide water can be reused for more purposes beforebeing thrown into sewers. thirdly, save paper as much as possible in our everyday life. it is even better to reuse it.in a word, if we pay much attention to our everyday behavior and take actions to reduce waste, we can makecontributions to an economized society.

8. sunshine physical educationthe “sunshine physical education” program, started by the ministry of education, requires students to do sports atleast one hour a day.due to heavy homework, most students, especially we middle school students, hardly have time to dophysical exercise. what’s more, pe classes are often cancelled. as a result, many of us are near-sighted and ourhealth is continuously declining.physical exercise will not only relax us but also help build our body. besides, it will give us a chance to cooperatewith others, thus forming a good habit of getting along with others.in my opinion, body building is important and necessary for us. however busy, we should spare some time totake exercise every day. only in this way can we be equal to our future jobs.

9. dear sir,i am writing to you for the mobile phone of dephone-s250 i bought on 20th apr.XX at telemall in wuhan, p.r. china. ten days after that, it didn’t ring and send short messages. then i took it to the seller, but was told that the model had been sold out and i had to wait at least three months for a new one. later i went to the repairman. he said since it was a new model in china,it was impossible to fix it without the right spare parts.i was so desperate on hearing that.how can i wait that long? therefore, i require that you send me a new one of the same model within a month.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

10. on may 12th , XX, a worst earthquake in the past decades struck sichuan province, china.people suffered great loss in their lives and properties. most buildings were razed in worst-hit areas with so many people, including school students, buried underneath the ruins. roads and communication facilities have been completely destroyed ,thus cut off from outside. a large number of school buildings collapsed and only a fewteachers and students escaped. what was worse, days of rain has held back relief efforts.fortunately, our government is taking effective measures to rescue those trapped and buried. premier wen jiabao was quick to reach the scene and personally oversaw the relief work. "as long as there is even a little hope, we will redouble our efforts 100 times and will never relax our efforts,” he told crying locals. troops and medical teams have been rushed to dig for survivors andtreat the injured without a moment’s rest. the population in the surrounding countryside is helping donating food and water for those affected. financial aid has been pouring in from all over china.substantial donations from other countries and humanitarian organizations have also been offered. i believe we can certainly overcome the disaster with the public and the government working together.

11. teachers and fellow students,as we all know, an 8.0 earthquake broke out at 2:28pm on may 12th in wenchuan, sichuan province.it’s reported that the earthquake was so strong that it has caused 68,109 deaths and 364,552 people were hurt. many houses and schools were destroyed and as a consequence, more than five millionpeople are living a hard life now. just imagine how the students there need help and that schoolsshould be built so that students can return to classes soon. people all over the world are trying their best to help them, not excepting us. here students’ unioncalls on everyone to give away your old clothes and pocket money and bring your used books,mp3s or something else to sell in the bring-and-buy sale. all the materials and the money to becollected will be sent to the earthquake stricken areas as soon as possible.my fellow friends, “blood is thicker than water”(血浓于水). please donate your love and give outyour hands without hesitation. we believe miracles can be created, a great many lives will be savedand the harmonious society is sure to be achieved.

12. one possible version: when people’s life is getting better and better, more and more people choose to spend their holidays abroad. the year XX sees a sharp increase in the number of overseas travelers compared with the year XX, when the number was already more than doubled of the year 1996. it’s a good thing that chinese tourism is developing very fast. and yet, reports about people’s bad manners flood in. some are even asked if all chinese spit and litter everywhere. the poor behavior has done great harm to the image of china, which is really shameful. china has long been regarded as a country with good manners. everybody should keep some do’s and don’ts in their mind to guide their behavior in public, home and abroad. win respect for yourself and our country!精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

13. one possible version: recently we have had a heated discussion on whether people should keep pets at home in cities. some students think it’s a good idea to keep pets because old people who live alone at home can get some comfort from pets.. besides, getting along well with animals will make our life interesting. on the contrary, the other students are against the idea. in their opinion, if too many people keep pets at home, it is bad for the environment. what is worse, pets may make too much noise and even attack people. i like animals, so i don’t think it is bad to keep pets at home. but we must take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment.

14. one possible version: western holidays such as christmas, valentine’s day and ect. are getting more and more popular in china. some chinese people even get crazy on them. but at the same time, people seem to have less enthusiasm for our traditional festivals such as the spring festival and the mooncake festival. however, most people celebrate western holidays without knowing the meaning behind them. they just go shopping, hold parties and have fun. in my opinion, the celebration of western holiday is a good way of learning the western cultures, which helps to promote understanding and communication between chinese cultures and other cultures. besides, the celebration can also make our life more interesting. however, we should make great efforts to preserve and enrich our own traditional culture.

15. one possible version:dear editor, i’m writing to tell you about the discussion we recently had about whether our parents should accompany us studying at school. we do have different opinions on this matter. most of us (about 70%) think out parents should not accompany us studying at school since it make us fall into the habit of dependence, so that we won’t form the good habit of studying. what’s more, it is harmful for us to form the habit of controlling ourselves. at the same time it affects our parents’ work studies and rest. while about 30% of my classmates think it necessary for our parents to accompany us studying at school. accompanying us studying school can let us have more time to spare for our studies. besides, we shall be more healthy for their cooking. on the other hand our parents can help us set up our aim, urge us to finish our task, encourage us to overcome difficulties and get us into the good habit of studying. yours truly, li hua精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

16. one possible version:dear mr. brown, i’d like to introduce my friend to you, mr. li ming, who is going to apply for a position with your firm. he graduated from college three years ago and since then he has worked as a lawyer. he is good at english and knows some japanese and german. he works hard and is careful in everything he does. he is honest, kind and easy to get on with. he was born on august 21st, 1980 in qidong, jiangsu province, china. he is married and lives at no 148 renmin road, qidong city. his telephone number is 0513-83335550. he shows great interest in your firm. if he is accepted, he will do his best. i’m sure he will be fit for the position. i’m looking forward to your early reply. yours, wang lin

17. one possible version: nowadays, some students would not like to live in a dorm. instead, they rent houses outside the school. there are advantages for both. living in a dorm can increase friendship and cooperation between classmates. and of cause it is safer. a dorm is more like a society, which enables students to learn to adapt to each other, thus preparing for the social life later. as for renting houses to live alone, it’s better for study as you can feel free in your own room without being interrupted by others. as a result, you can have more time and devote yourself to studying whole-heartedly. but there may appear some safety problems as you live outside of the school.anyhow, as a student, i prefer living in a dorm.

18. hi! it’s li ming here again. glad to learn you’re coming to beijing in a couple of days. my family and i are looking forward to your visit and we are so glad you can stay with us while you are in beijing. we have got everything ready for you so as to make you feel at home.on the day you arrive, my father and i will meet you at the airport and in the evening we will have a nice dinner party at home, i’m sure you will like all the delicious chinese food.during the following days, i will show you around many places of interest in beijing, including the great wall, which is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world. we will spend some time touring around downtown beijing, such as wangfujing, xidan and qianmen, where you can do some shopping if you like. of course, as it is the largest one in the world, tian’anmen square is a scenic spot we can’t miss. another exciting moment we will share is going to the XX new year concert given by china national traditional orchestra, which is held at famous vienna golden hall, austria during the chinese spring festival every year. the spring festival, like the carnivals in western countries, is a special joyous/joyful occasion of celebration for chinese as well as other many asians. if you can stay in beijing long enough, you will be able to share the pleasure of it with us.i believe we will have much fun together. well, see you soon. bye! li ming精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

19. one possible version: nowadays a lot of schools keep their students in school all day long. students have different opinions about it. some of the students think they enjoy less freedom and have little chance to get in touch with society. they are not able to fully develop their interests and hobbies. therefore, they have less interest in their studies. some others think school is the best place to get knowledge so they should put their heart into their lessons. some students lack the ability to control themselves. once out of school, they may lose control of themselves and do something that will influence/affect their studies. personally, i think it is necessary to keep students at school. but at the same time schools should organize various activities so that students can enjoy their school life. i don’t agree to keep students at school all day. schools should offer students more free time to develop their personal interests.

20. 经济开发区the economic development zone;小记者teenage report;投资investment;数码digital;录音笔recording pen;one possible version: forty teenage reporters from different middle schools in our city paid a visit to the economic development zone and had an interview with wang qinghai, head of the zone, on january 15th, XX. at the interview, the reporters asked mr. wang about what achievements they made last year, how they were to attract more investment and how the zone would be developing over the next three years. mr. wang gave them satisfactory answers. they used modern equipment, such as digital cameras and recording pens besides pens and notebooks at the interview. they were deeply impressed by the first-class design of the zone, as well as beautiful trees and grass and modern buildings there.

21. 取消cancel 折扣 discount one possible version:dear sir / madam, my family are planning a visit to hong kong disneyland this winter vacation. i’ve got some information about the ticket prices on the internet and now i’m writing for some detailed information. i wonder whether children under 3 need to pay for a ticket and what is the difference between a peak day ticket and a special day ticket. is it possible for us to get a discount if we buy tickets as a group? can we book tickets through the internet? besides, i’d like to know if we are allowed to cancel our ticket bookings if we cannot make the trip for personal reasons. i am looking forward to your reply. yours, li hua精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

22. dear editor, i’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve recently had about whether we should know our parents’ income. we do have different opinions on this matter. most of us (about 70%) think we should know our parents’ income since it will help us understand how hard our parents have to work, no matter how much they earn. then we will study harder and will not waste money any more. we may also learn to share our parents’ trouble. about 30% of my classmates think it unnecessary to let the children know how much their parents earn. if they know their parents have enough money to support the family, they will not study hard since they needn’t worry about the future. it is said,especially when their parents have a higher income, the children will easily form a wasteful habit. in my opinion, ---

23. it is known to all that the XX olympic games will be held in beijing. in order to make it successful event, we will improve the environment of beijing and build more venues. as the same time, it is necessary for us to improve the quality and culture of the citizens as manners play an important role in international communication. i notice that sometimes some young people don’t behave properly in our daily lives. for example, spitting in public places can be seen somewhere .the lawns are entered in the park although it is not right to do so .the flowers in public garden are picked. what is worse, rubbish and plastic bags are thrown on the ground in the street. in my opinion, these bad behaviors will make bad impressions upon visitors to china. so every one of us should form good habits from now on.

24. i have already told you about the job i did last summer in the international camp for children, do you remember? and this year they are looking for people for the same job so i have thought about you. why don’t we do it together? you will work with children between 8 and 12 and will help with the outdoor activities, sports competition and children’s games. the camp is situated in a wood, close to a river. it is such a beautiful place! everybody sleeps in tents. it is very exciting. we have only 5 hours’ work a day so it gives us enough free time to visit the area and do some sport activities on our own. as well as the accommodation, the food is free. it is not wonderful, but it is not the most important. (the contact with children, the feeling of freedom, the sense of responsibility and the life in the nature make from this camp an unforgettable experience.) let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in it, but don’t hesitate too much, it is worth! i am looking forward to hearing from you soon. yours li hua精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

25. i am a senior three student. i often quarrel with my mother over whether i can watch tv after school. my mother holds the view that students in senior three, shouldering heavy loads, are too busy to spare any time to watch tv. it seems to her that once i am allowed to do that i’ll not be able to control myself and forget all about my study. she also thinks that it is bad for my eyes to watch tv too often. but i really can’t accept her ideas. i think it is a relaxation to watch tv after a day’s hard work. not only can it set my mind at rest, but it can broaden my horizons. now we’ve at last reached an agreement that i can only watch tv at weekends, and the programs should be limited to news, programs if entertainment, sports or science.

26. dear editor, i’m writing to tell you about a food poisoning incident. several days ago, my neighbor family ate a bag of fake food from the market. after the meal, they had stomachaches and brought up what they had eaten as their faces turned pale. fortunately, another neighbor passed by only to find the accident and immediately called the ambulance, which carried them quickly to hospital. after several hours’ treatment they finally escaped from death. from this all of us have realized the importance of food safety. as some illegal businessmen are only interested in making profits in the race to become rich quickly, they seldom care about the necessary safety measures and hygiene or care what happens to consumers. they must be charged by law. meanwhile i do hope the whole society shall begin taking actions to protect people’s life safety. yours li hua

27. dear president, next year i will go to study at university, but i don’t know how to adapt myself to university life. i hear many freshmen are at a loss what to do when they are at university. they can’t take care of themselves in their everyday life, feeling lonely and homesick. clothes, money or mobile phones are sometimes gone. and because of different climates and food, they often feel sick. some even rent rooms outside the campus. could you tell me how to deal with these problems so that i will be able to suit the university life in the future? yours, li hua精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

28. as the college entrance examination is drawing near, the situation is getting worse and worse. from the picture, we can see that li ming is "studying hard". there are many books for him to read and many papers for him to do. how poor he is! at the same time, all his family are also busy working for him. nowadays, many parents expect too much of their sons or daughters. they hope that their sons or daughters study hard in order to be admitted to an ideal college or a key university. it is for this reason that parents are strict with their children. however, they don’t realize what they have become a heavy burden or a great pressure. it is the hard work or the great pressure that changes their children that much.so i hope parents provide a proper environment for their children. only in this way, will they try their best and succeed at last!

29. may i have your attention, please? as you know, our class will have a talk show on environment protection with class one on may 4th.before it takes place, we will invite dr li from qinghua university to give us a talk on the environment problem and he will also tell us about the improvement in environment protection in recent years in beijing. the report will begin at 2:00 pm on wednesday, april 30th in the auditorium on the third floor in the classroom building. i’m sure we can get enough information from his talk to make good preparations for the coming talk show. everyone should be there on time, then listen to the report and make full notes at the same time. by the way, we will have a discussion after the report. that’s all. thank you.

30. dear smith: i know you want to find a job in beijing. i read an advertisement in today’s “21st century”, teachers an english paper here. a beijing ladder information company is running a school. so they need native-speaker english teaches. what they prefer is a university degree in education or other related fields, which you have. and a foreign expert certification is also required. i think you are the right person they want. if you are interested, please directly call or write to the company. they telephone number is 86-10-68019433, and their e-mail address is: liecbj @ hotmail.com good luck!li hua精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

31. nov. 25 saturday fine about fifty american students came to visit our school today. we gathered at the school at 8 o'clock to give them a warm welcome. then we had a get-together in the reading room in our library. our headmaster told them something about our school. and then we talked with each other and exchanged gifts. from nine thirty we showed them around our school. they visited our classroom building, the lab building, the factory run by our school, and the swimming pool. a friendly basketball game started on the sports ground at then thirty. at twelve o'clock all american students left our school. in the afternoon my classmates and i went to some shops. we chose and bought some books and tapes.i was busy but happy today.

32. dear smith, jane, 20th i have got my plane ticket this morning. i'll take flight nw 1805 to the u.s.a. on feb. 2nd.the plane takes off at 10:30 am, from beijing airport. the first stop in detroit and there i'll have to stay about 3 hours. and then it continues its flight and arrives at los angeles. i am told the whole journey will last some 18 hours. will you be kind enough to meet me at the airport when i arrive at los angeles? thank you. best wishes. yours, 33. zhang ping

dear sir, i'm writing to tell you something about our discussion on the topic“whether middle school students can carry mobile phones (cell phones)" at the class meeting. forty percent students agreed, for they thought it was convenient for them to communicate with their relatives and friends. they also thought they could surf the internet to search for some information and store some useful information in the m. besides, they could play games for rest if they feel tired after a long time's study. however, sixty percent of us were against it. they said the radiation of cell phones was harmful to health, and the ringing sound did somewhat affect the cell phone holders and others. also, cell phones were luxurious things for middle school students and it was easy to lead them to compare with each other. as far as i am concerned, i agree with the majority. it is not suitable for middle school students to have cell phones. we can get in touch with others by other means and we can read more books to enrich ourselves. best wishes! yours, kate精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

34. li gang, a boy student of 21, is now studying in the english department of beijing foreign languages university. he likes sports and games, singing and dancing, and can speak english fluently. as a league secretary, he is highly spoken of by the teachers and students and regarded as an outstanding student with great ability. li gang is from shandong province. his parents are both teachers. they are dearly loved and respected by the students for their wonderful teaching work. li gang's elder sister, a famous doctor, works in a big hospital.li gang has made up his mind to be a good translator after graduation and serve “the four modernizations”of our country.

35. one sunday morning, there were some people in zhongshan park. at a stand, a woman was buying an ice–cream when a young man behind her snatched her handbag away. she shouted: “stop thief! he’s snatched my bag!” hearing this, a few people began to run after him. there was an old man sitting quietly on a bench nearby. as the snatcher was running past him, the old man quickly picked up his umbrella and put it between the snatcher’s legs. the young man fell down on the ground. soon two policemen came and caught him. the woman thanked the old man, and the people around praised the old man for his cleverness.

36. dear editor, recently a survey has been done to find out how middle school students spend their pocket money. in this survey, both junior students and senior students spend most their money on books, sacks and playing games, still some money goes to clothes, banks, sports, and so on. the survey shows that about 44% of seniors prefer books to sacks (37%)and playing games (31%).on the other hand, only 32% of juniors will spend their pocket money buying books, while over a half buy sacks and 44% spend on playing games. both seniors and juniors would not waste too much money in clothes or put it in banks. i think too much sacks will not only makes us put on weight but also does herm to our health. in addition, if we play games without limit, we'll lose much precious time, which results in low grades. furthermore, the money is hard-earned. i hope we students value our money as well as our time.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

37. the new grading system in our school in order to help students develop their abilities in all fields, our school now has asked the teachers to make some changes in the grading system. this chart shows how it works. the students’ final score will be made up of 5 parts. about 30% of it will come from their test results. the rest of the score is decided by the performances of the students in the following parts: 20% comes from your notes, and another 20% is decided by how you do your homework. if you take an active part in classroom activities, you can get another 20% of the score. teamwork in class is also important. if you want a higher score, you should be good at working together with your classmates. in my opinion, our school has made a good decision. this new grading system will certainly help to improve ourselves in all ways.

38. dear john, i’m so glad to know that you are coming to beijing. it so happens that my brother will be away on business through 18 – 24, so you can stay with us if you like. i’ve made a 5 – day schedule for you: the great wall(on 18, day 1), beihai park and my school(day 2), the summer palace(day 3), the forbidden city and the tian’ anmen square(day 4). nothing special is planned for day5. you can do some shopping or something else. please tell me the date of your arrival and your flight number so i can meet you at the airport. i’m looking forward to seeing you in beijing.

39.as is apparently shown in the chart above, many middle school students have problems both physically and mentally, with 70% of students having learning anxieties as well as bad eyesight, and a larger percentage lacking sleep. coming next is the lack of physical exercise. 40% of the students surveyed won't obey their parents or teachers. still fewer claimed not to have enough communication with others. so far as 1 am concerned, we students should balance our physical exercise and studies. just like a saying goes:" all work but no play makes jack a dull boy," without a sound body one cannot achieve anything; however, too much attention has been paid only to studies. therefore, i suggest we be given less homework and more time for out-of--classroom activities to solve all the problems. only in this way can we lead a healthy life.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

40.a recent survey shows what the students of our school like to do in their spare time. a recent survey shows what the students of our school like to do in their spare time. from the pie chat, we can see 53% of the students like sports, so doing sports is the most popular activity in our school. the second popular activity for students is surfing the internet and 36 % of the students have interest in it. only a few students, about 8 percent of them, take reading as a hobby. and even fewer are fond of playing musical instruments. in my point of view, our school should have more sports facilities built to satisfy the need of the students. guidance should be given to students on surfing the internet and ways must be found to arouse students’ interests in reading and music.

41.do you understand this cartoon? let me tell you. one day, the son wanted to help a little girl up when she fell over, but his mother stopped him and said, “don’t do that, otherwise others will think it was you who knocked her down.” a few days later, the mother was shocked at seeing her son just let the fallen oil bottle be. she asked him why he didn’t put it in place, but the boy talked back, “if i had straightened the bottle up, you would have thought that i did it.”i disagree with what the mother did in the story. i think parents should set a good example to their children. they should not only care for their children’s health, but their minds. they should let their children know it’s a pleasure to help others who are in trouble. we live in the society, which is a big family for all of us. everyone should do something good to build up our society.

42.february 4, sunday fine this morning our class organized an environmental protection activity in the nearby park. on arriving there, we were divided into three groups .the first group collected the rubbish ,such as the waste paper ,cigarette ends ,plastic bags and so on. the second group set up several boards to remind the visitors to take care of the flowers and trees. the last group gave a speech to the visitors on the danger of “white pollution” and the importance of protecting the environment. i think it is very important for us to protect the environment. for the sake of people’s health and happiness, measures should be taken to control and prevent pollution and everyone should make a contribution to it.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

43.fatness is one of the serious problems which have a bad effect on our health. and at present the situation in the teenagers is even worse, as to this, a discussion was carried out in our class. some students think fatness does harm to our health, so it is necessary to be on a diet and take suitable exercise to prevent it. those who are overweight should take measures to lose weight to be healthy.but others have a different opinion. they say losing weight will he bad for the teenagers during their growth course, as well as their studies. so there is no doubt to leave it as it is.

44.dear mr. li, last sunday, i went to do some reading in your library. over the time 1 was there, i found something unpleasant. therefore, i' d like to voice nay opinions, which, i hope, would be of help for you to create a more comfortable place for readers. first, there are few" new books on the shelf, and most books are not popular today. second, some books are not sorted in proper order, making it difficult for readers to find what they want quickly. third, the assistants didn't offer good service. instead, they were chatting. in addition, they took no notice of the fact that a light wasn't working. leave this state of affairs to stay the same, and i am afraid there will be fewer and fewer readers. so, for the sake of readers, i suggest that you change all these as son as possible. yours, li hua

45.dear smith, how are you? how time flies! now the winter vacation was over and i have come back to school again. we had 20 days in all for the holiday, during which we had the most important chinese festival—the spring festival. it took me about a week to visit my relatives and attend family parties, as it is a traditional custom in china. of course, i spent most of the time doing my lessons. as you know, i will take the national examination in june and there’s a short time ahead. every day i did some english reading materials, practiced writing compositions, worked out a number ofscience problems and so on. when i got tired, i would do something to relax myself, like playing basketball with my friends, listening to music, surfing the internet, playing games, and everything that helped to recover my energy. in a word, i had a full, busy and wonderful holiday. how about you? i’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. yours, wang ping精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

46.dear editor, recently, a discussion has been held in our school on whether it is reasonable for the universities to admit students through interviews. the results are as follows: 60% of the students support this action. they express that interviews can evaluate a student in a more thorough and comprehensive way. it can encourage students to develop their own interests and personalities. what’s more, with the development of society, a more open and efficient way to test a student’s abilities is needed. on the other hand, the other 40% students are against this idea. they argue that first, interviews may be subjective and one-sided, which could lead to unfairness. second, not all students are good at showing their talents in interviews. last but not least, a student can’t be judged in only three or five minutes.

47.from this table, we can see that a middle school student in china has as many as 12 different subjects in a week. a child under this schedule will have to go to school every day including a half of saturdays. the total studying time in a week adds up to as many as 45 hours. knowledge is important. but this does not mean what you get out of the textbooks. “pure” textbook knowledge can be useless without combining it with practice. it becomes worse if it is acquired at the cost of the students’ health and sense of happiness. so what we should do is to reduce the academic burden of the students. add in more “free time” for them. the students may find studying more interesting and will be more willingly to do it under better health conditions.

48.why students have tutors(家教)? les’s take one class, either in primary or high school, as an example and divide it into three groups: the slow, the middle, and the fast learners. in the past, the slow learners used to have tutors. today, however, it seems all of them have tutors for one reason or another.……精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

why students have tutors(家教)? les’s take one class, either in primary or high school, as an example and divide it into three groups: the slow, the middle, and the fast learners. in the past, the slow learners used to have tutors. today, however, it seems all of them have tutors for one reason or another. the slow learners need tutors because they can’t catch up with others with their own efforts. they have difficulty in understanding the teachers and doing their homework. so after – class tutoring is really important to them. but the problem is that they may become dependent on tutors and not work very hard in class. as to the middle group learners, they worry about being surpassed and turn to tutors, too. what about the fast learners? though they are confident about their present position, they are not quite satisfied. they fix their eyes on a high goal. they desire to learn more in order to be more competitive later. i think they have the right to have tutors, though i have no tutors.

49. what is happiness in my mind? happiness means different things to different people. for example, some students believe that if they have much money or large possessions, they will be happy. they believe that they will be able to do anything they want to if they have much money. some students think that they should be in good health, and enjoy whatever they like. many students wish to have much wealth from their parents. in this way they don’t have to work hard, and they can own everything. i don’t quite agree with the above points. i don’t think money means happiness. we can’t buy many of the things with money, such as health and knowledge; i value knowledge, which makes me happy, for i can do much for mankind with knowledge. although different people value happiness differently, my happiness comes from my study.

50 liang liang is no longer the boy he used to be – he has changed greatly. only a year ago, he was overweight and a little lazy. he got tired easily and did not like sports. his favorite meal was fried chicken and chips. one day, he realized that he couldn’t continue like this. so, he decided to change. he started to exercise. he ran in the school playground every day. he also began eating a healthier diet of more fruits and vegetables, and less meat. these changes helped him lose a lot of weight. he is now a very happy boy in very good shape, and he is always so active. what can we learn from liang liang to feel better and look better? we should all be careful about what we eat and make sure that we get enough exercise.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

50.every student will be faced with the question when he passes the college entrance examinations: should we choose a good major or a good university first? some students prefer to consider majors first so that they can learn what they are interested in. it will also make it possible for them to take their favorite jobs in the future. however, those who think differently believe that the environment is important to one’s development and that graduates from leading universities are often more likely to find a good job. in my opinion, the best choice is a good major at a good university. if we cannot obtain both, the first thing to consider is a good major, because no matter where we study, we can still achieve a lot in a certain field if we try our best.

51.how to build an economized society our government is aiming to build an economized society. it is everybody’s duty to work hard to achieve this goal including us students. recently, the statistics in the report of one certain school in two school terms suggests that the expenses of electricity, water and paper are surprisingly large and growing rapidly, which draws our attention. as a common member of society, we must keep the following points in our minds. firstly, make sure that the lights and all the other electric facilities are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room. secondly, try to form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used and the wide water can be reused for more purposes before being thrown into sewers. thirdly, save paper as much as possible in our everyday life. it is even better to reuse it. in a word, if we pay much attention to our everyday behavior and take actions to reduce waste, we can make contributions to an economized society.

52.we often give money to the people in poor or disaster-stricken areas. some students don’t think it a good way to help people there. however, some prefer helping the unfortunate with money. in their opinion, money can be used to buy daily necessities and can help people rebuild their hometowns, while sometimes the things people there receive are not what they need actually. but some other students think that giving used clothing to the people in those areas is better. many people, especially in rich areas and in cities, have much clothing they no longer like or need. by giving it away to the needy people we can make the best use of it. besides, we are just students, and we have no incomes of our own. anyhow, no matter which way is considered better, we should try our best to help those who need help.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

53.dear jack, how nice to hear from you again. you want to know what is going on in our school. in short, things have been improving since the school began to carry out exploring study. in the past, the teachers always kept on explaining the points in class. we students just listened and took notes. but now we often discuss and try to solve the problems raised by the teachers or ourselves. after class, we enjoyed different kinds of activities instead of doing endless homework. for example, we can read what we are interested in. we can go to the library or surf the internet for various kinds of information. in a word, we are now masters of study, and we are happy. best wishes. yours, li ming

54.it is reported that a well-known writer went to the street begging