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第一篇 我的爷爷 My Grandfather

My grandfather is over sixty now,but he is in good health,and his hair is still black. He is tall and handsome,and looks like a gentleman.He is very kind to me.Believe it or not,he began to learn to drive last year,and now he drives his white Nissan every day.My grandfather has taught English for about 35 years, and he has been to many countries, such as America, France and Canada. Now he is on holiday in Europe with my grandmother.

第二篇 我的宠物狗 I Have a Dog

I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much. It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown. It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family. It has its own house, but it likes to sleep under my bed, play in my house. I like talking to it, because it''s a friend worth of trusting. I would like to share my happy things with it. When I am sad, talking to it makes me feel good. I am happy to have such a lovely friend.

第三篇 保护水资源 Saving Water

Water is the most valuable resource on the earth. Water is the necessity of our life and we must drink it everyday.Now, many people can not drink clear water, because many of them are badly polluted. So, in order to save water, the first thing we should do is reduce water pollution. In addition, we should develop good habits to save water. For example, turn off the tap after we use. Or we should recycle the water to make it full use. In one word, water is scarce for all of us and we should try our best to save it.

第四篇 我喜欢的食物 My Favorite Food

In our country, there are plenty of delicious foods. They are popular among Chinese people. I like eating very much. There are many food I like, such as chicken, fish, beef, tofu, noodle and so on. Among them, fish and tofu are the food I like most. Fish is delicious as well asrich in nutrition. It''s good to our health. There are various cooking methods and I

think the simplest way is the best one. Tofu is my favorite as well. It can be cooked with many other dishes. Different tastes combine with each other to make the food more delicious.

第五篇 我的未来 My Life in the Future

My life in the future will be colorful. I ’m going to be a good doctor after I graduate from the university.I believe I'll bring my family health and happiness. In my spare time,I''ll stay with my family.We''ll travel a lot and do lots of sports. I'll also read as many books as I can. Even if the work is busy,I won''t give up studying. I ’m sure my dream will come true because of my hard work and the life in the future will be wonderful. 第二期

第一篇 新学期计划 a plan of a new term

Another new term comes again,so i should have a study plan to promot

myself. Firstly,i descide to finish my homework more carefully than before.And pay more attention to the knowledge which i didn''t know it clearly. Secondly,i will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge.and try to combine thoery to practice. Finally,i will learn to adjust, to be more positive and more helpful. That''s what i plant to do in a new term.

第二篇 乡村生活 Life in Village

The life in the village is very simple. In the daytime, people get up early. They make breakfast,clean the house and feed the animals. After breakfast, they go out

and start their farm work. Sometimes, they stay outsideall the day. They come home until the sunset. Because of the hardwork, farmers usually go to sleep very early. They have to have a good rest to prepare for the next day.

第三篇 早餐 Breakfast

I eat breakfast everyday, because it’simportant to my health. At first, I did not like eating breakfast, but mymother forced me to eat. Every morning, my mother prepared delicious breakfastfor me, such as milk, egg, bread and others. Gradually, I liked havingbreakfast. I feel energetic after having breakfast. Having delicious and

nutrientbreakfast brings me a happy day. I hope everyone can build this healthy habit. 第四篇 日出 Sunrise

I once saw sunrise. I was very amazing and beautiful. The night before, we lived in the top of mountain. About 4 p.m., we went out of the tent. It was so dark outside that we could not see anything. I was very quiet and seemed that everything was sleeping.About twenty minutes, the sky turned to white slowly. And we can see the outline of mountains. Suddenly, the clouds turned to brighten and slowly, the sun rised slowly. It was red, but after it appeared totally, it became golden. Its light irradiated to everywhere. The sky was totally golden and it was really beautiful.

第五篇 我的妈妈 My Mother

I have a greatmother. She cares much about me in my life and study. In the morning, she getsup early to make breakfast for me. When I was little, she prepared my schoolbag.But now, she tells me to do it by myself. Because she thinks I have been oldenough to do it. Besides, she always checks my homework. When I finish myhomework, she checks it and points out the mistakes. She is very careful and helpsme a lot. I love my mother.


第一篇 我的语文老师 My Chinese teacher

I love my Chinese teacher.Her name is Lui Xiaohong. She is from Nanchang. She ’s very active and strict. She has two big and brighteyes. She’s very nice.She is short and thin. Sheis alwayssmiling. I don’t know what season is her favourite. Because I don’t know her very well. Her class is very funny, Ilove it very much.

第二篇 我可爱的宠物 My Lovely Pet

One day,my father bought a little cat for me. I was very happy. It has twosmall ears, two black eyes and quite a lot of brown hair. I like it so much. Ioften play with it, so it becomes my good friend quickly. It does not eat verymuch. It likes to come to my room to play with me. When I am not happy, Iusually chat with my little cat.

I love my pet, and I know it loves me, too. W e are happy to owneach other.

第三篇 早餐 Breakfast

I eat breakfast everyday, because it’simportant to my health. At first, I did not like eating breakfast, but mymother forced me to eat. Every morning, my mother prepared delicious breakfastfor me, such as milk, egg, bread and others. Gradually, I liked havingbreakfast. I feel energetic after having breakfast. Having delicious and

nutrientbreakfast brings me a happy day. I hope everyone can build this healthy habit.

第四篇 我的朋友 My Friend

I have many friends, and one of them is Lily. She is one of my best friends. She lives in the same area with me. We become friends for three years. Every school day, we go to school together. We have many things in common. For example, we both like listening to the music, reading books and playing badminton. We both study hard and do well in studies. We help each in study, because we want to make progress together. I am happy to have such a good friend.

第五篇 我是一个快乐的女生 I Am a Happy Girl

My name is Xin Xin and I am in my eleven years old. I am a happy girl, because I have no trouble in my life. I have a happy family. My parents love me very much. They care much about me. They work hard to supply a good life and good education to me. Besides,I work hard in school and my study is very good. My teachers always speak highly of me. I can help my classmates in their study. I am always ready to help them. In addition, I have many friends. We are happy when we stay together. We have many in common, so that we have plenty of topics to talk about. I love my life. 第四期

第一篇 我喜欢的运动 My Favorite Sport

There are many kinds of interesting sports,such as basketball, football, swimming and running, but the most I like isswimming. When I was a little child, my father took me to the river which nearmy house to learn swimming. Then, I found it''s really fun and cool when I swimin the water, especially in summer, It''s the most exciting thing to do whensummer comes, I like swimming. It''s so wonderful.

第二篇 法国 France

France is a country of Europe. It locates in the west of Europe. Paris is the capital of France. There are many tourist attractions, such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum,Triumphal Arch(凯旋门),Notre-Dame Cathedral and so on. Frace is an

attracting country. It famous for its beautiful sceneries. France has long history and it has great influence on Britain, including culture, language and lifestyle. I like France very much, so that I hope I can visit there one day.

第三篇 我的卧室 My Bedroom

I have a lovely bedroom. It is small butclean and beautiful. The wall is light green and the floor is white. There is abed in my bedroom, it is really comfortable. I sleep with it every night. Andthere is a small sofa near my bed, I always read books on it. There is also adesk in my room, I do my homework on it every evening. Near the desk, there isa shelf. There are many books on the shelf. You can borrow books from me if youlike reading. My bedroom is so good that I like it verymuch.

第四篇 暴风雨 Rainstorm

Yesterday, it was sunny, but when it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky turned to black. There were many dark clouds and it started to blow. After a little while, it began to thunder and lightening appeared. I was frightened. It seemed that the sky was badly angry and it wanted to punish the peoplein the earth. And then, it rained heavily. It looked like there was someone pouring the water in the sky. The rain lasted about fifty minutes.

第五篇 一次旅行 A Trip

The summer holiday begins. I am very happy. Last week, I traveled to Zhuhai. It''s a small but beautiful city. The streets are clean and the buildings are huge. The traffic of Zhuhai is good. There is almost no traffic jams here,because the

transportation system is good. Macau is on the opposite of Zhuhai. We can even see the cars running in the streets of Macau. I hope I can step into Macau to visti this magical city.


第一篇 我想拥有一个机器人

In the movies, robots are common in people''s daily lives. At that time, people do not need to do much things. Robots make their lives become simple. Therefore, I hope I can have a robot to do things for me. For example, it can go to school instead of me. It will remember all the knowledge and then bring them home for me. Therefore, I can go to do the things I like. Besides, I hope it can help me to clean my bedroom, finish my homework. When I am in trouble, it can help me pull out of it. And I hope it can take me to everywhere I want to go.I badly want a robot.

第二篇 友谊 Friendship

Friends are important in our life. They are always with us. When we are happy, we feel happy as we are.When we are sad, they try to cheer us up. Friendship is our necessity.It ’s a warm feeling between you and your friends. This feeling makes you smile allthe time. With friendship, your world seems brighter. It lights your life. Everyone needs friends and friendship. 第三篇 记一次大扫除

Today is Friday. It''s time to do a general cleaning. Our classmates are divided into two groups. Today it turns to my group. As usual, we clean the blackboard, doors, windows and the floor. And we rearrange the desks and chairs to make them orderliness. Besides, we plant a couple of bonsais in our classroom. So, we must water them. They are beautiful sceneries of our class. We all take good care of them.

第四篇 我的偶像 My Idol

I like playing badminton very much. I play it every weekend. And I like watch

badminton games. The idol of mine is Lin Dan. He is the best badminton player in the world. His skills are so excellent. Watching his games is very enjoyable. We can say that he has no rival in the world, so people call him as Super Dan. Besides, he is handsome and attractive. So he has many female fans. In my opinion, his hardworking spirit is the most admirable. I hope his glory will last.

第五篇 打扫 Cleaning

Today is Saturday. I stay at home with my parents. My mother said that today we should do some cleanings. I agreed and I would like to help. I cleaned the windows. It was really a tough job. Now matter how hard I tried, they seemed dirty all the same. Therefore, I asked for help. My mother teached me a method to clean the windows. It realy worked. And then I cleaned the floor. It was much easier than cleaning the windows. I did it in a short time. My parents praised me. 第六期:

第一篇 一个便条 A Note

Dear daddy, When I was doing my homework, Blaire called me to go out with her. She

wanted to go to the bookshop. I also have some books to buy, so I go out with her. I will return at about 5 o''clock p.m.. Don''t worry about me.



第二篇 我的爱好 My Hobbies

I have many hobbies, such as reading, writing, singing, drawing, watching TV and doing exercise. I think hobbies can make my life colorful. And I can make

friends easier, because we have common interests and we have many things to talk about.Besides, having some hobbies can bring knowledge to me. For example, reading isa good way to get knowledge. I can not learn all from class, so reading canbring me other knowledge. Singing and drawing are skills. They can help me toimprove myself.

第三篇 我的家人 My Families

There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my elderly brother and I.My father is a computer engineer. He works in a big company in my city. My motheris a nurse. She works hard to help patients. But she is always busy and alwayscomes home late tiredly. My brother is three years older than me. Now, he is amiddle school student. He is sunny and easygoing. He can help me a lot in mystudy. I am primary school student. I love my families. So do they.

第四篇 暑假生活 My Summer Holiday

Last term, I graduated from primary school. It means that I will be a junior school student next term. I am looking forward to my school life in the new school. Likewise, it means that this summer holiday is my last summer holiday in primary school. I want to do something different. Firstly, I do some preview for my junior school study. I want to have a good preparation for the new study tasks. Secondly, I learn to be independent. I learn to cook, so that when my parents go out, they don''t have to worry about me. Besides, I try hard to finish my work independently. I hope I can start to handle my own affairs by myself. Through this summer holiday, I do well in this aspect. Finally, I play a lot in summer holiday, meeting friends, doing exercise and so on. I have a rich summer holiday.

第五篇 我喜欢玩游戏 I Like Playing Games

When I am free, I like playing games, especially computer games. Playing games makes me relaxed. I usually play computer games at the weekends, because I have much free time then. In weekdays, I can only play small games, because I must finish my homework first. Playing games before sleep do not influence on sleep and my parents agree me to do that. I am happy they do not forbid me playing games.