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假定你是红星中学初三学生李华。你的美国朋友Jim 在给你的邮件中提到他对中国新近出现的一种共享单车“mobike”很感兴趣,并请你做个简要介绍。请你给Jim 回信,内容包括:

1. 这种单车的使用方法(如:APP 查看车辆、扫码开锁等);

2. 这种单车的优势;

3. 你对这种单车的看法。

注意: 1. 词数不少于80;

2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

提示词:智能手机 smartphone, 二维码 the QR code

Dear Jim,


Li Hua


One possible version:

Dear Jim,

I’m writing to tell you more about the new form of sharing bike mobike

mentioned in your latest letter.

It’s very convenient to use if you have a smart phone. What you do is find a

nearest mobike through the APP, scan the QR code on the bike, and enjoy your trip.

Compared to other forms of sharing bike, the greatest advantage of mobike is that you can easily find one and never worry about where to park it. It is becoming a new trend as a means of transportation, which relieves the traffic pressure and does good to the environment as well.

Hope to ride a mobike with you in China.


Li Hua


About three decades ago, China was known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”. But the two-wheeled mode (方式) of transport’s popularity began to fade, with many bikes soon replaced by their fuel-powered competitors.


But recent months have seen a revival (复兴) of the humble (普通的) bike

across China, with an increasing number of people choosing cycling instead of driving to schools, to workplaces or to do

sightseeing. The introduction of bike-sharing schemes, pioneered by start-ups (新

兴公司) like Ofo and Mobike, has brought the trend to a new level.

但在近几个月中,中国大地上见证了一场普通自行车的复兴,越来越多的人选择骑车上班上学、游览观光,而非驾车出行。而由Ofo 、摩拜单车等新兴公司发起的共享单车计划,则将这一趋势带向了一个新高度。

According to data compiled (编制) by iResearch Consulting Group, the first week of this year saw 5.85 million active users of Mobike while Ofo had 1.4 million active users.

根据艾瑞咨询集团整理的数据显示,在本年度的第一周中,摩拜单车共有585万活跃用户,而Ofo 则有140万。

People can unlock the shared bikes by simply using their smartphone. The bikes are equipped with GPS and can be left anywhere in public for the next user. They’re popular among many Chinese people as they provide an effective solution to the “last mile” problem, which refers to the final leg of a person’s journey. 仅凭自己的智能手机,人们就能解锁这种共享单车。这些单车都装有全球定位系统,可以被放在公共场合的任何地方,等待下一位用户使用。它们受到了许多中国人的欢迎,因为它们有效地解决了“最后一公里”难题,即个人行程中的最后一段。

“In places where the subway doesn’t extend (延伸到), where it’s difficult to change from one kind of transport to another, it’s so easy to get where you want to go with Mobike,” Hu Hong, 29, told AFP. She pedals (骑自行车) to her Shanghai real-estate (房地产) job.


However, the schemes have also led to problems such as illegal parking, vandalism (故意破坏) and theft.


Last month, two nurses in Beijing were placed under administrative detention (行政拘留) for five days for putting locks on two shared bikes.


And in December, a man who stole a shared bike was sentenced to a 3-month detention with a 3-month probation (缓刑期), and fined 1,000 yuan by the Shanghai Minhang People’s Court.


“Bike-sharing is a greener method of transportation and provides a user-friend ly experience,” said Liu Xiaoming, vice-minister of transport. “But it’s a combination of online and offline business. Operators are usually strong in online services, but lack offline business experience, which causes problems.”


In fact, these problems are also shared by bike-sharing schemes abroad.

Launched in 2007, Vélib is a large-scale public bike sharing system in Paris. At its early stage of operation, it also suffered from problems of vandalism or theft. 事实上,这些问题在国外的共享单车体系中也同样存在。创建于2007年的Vélib 是一个位于巴黎的大型公共单车共享系统。在其初期的运营中,它也曾遭遇故意损毁及偷窃等问题。

By Oct 2009, a large number of Vélib’s initial bikes had to be replaced due to vandalism or theft, according to The New York Times. Bikes were found hanging from lampposts (街灯柱) or thrown into the Seine River.

据《纽约时报》报道,截至2009年10月,由于故意损毁和偷窃问题,大量初期的Vélib 自行车不得不被置换。这些自行车曾被发现挂在街灯柱上,或是被扔进了塞纳河中。

To deal with these problems, the company came up with the idea of

encouraging people to return the bikes to stations by rewarding free time for their next rides.


Now, Chinese service operators are also trying to address these problems. For example, Mobike sets a 100-point credit score for each user, with points taken in the case of bad behavior. Once a score drops below 80, bike rental is increased to 100 yuan per 30 minutes, up from 0.5-1 yuan.