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1. (2015届高三安庆一中、安师大附中第四次模考)

3月21日是“世界睡眠日”。面对临近的高考,你身边的很多同学在学习上加班加点, 出



I find many Senior Three

students feel sleepy and tired in class. It is obvious that they stay up too late studying.

As is known, lack of sleep does great harm to us students. For one thing, it accounts for the fact that we cannot concentrate in class, thus decreasing efficiency. For another, it has been proved that lack of sleep can cause diseases like obesity and heart trouble among young people. Furthermore, people who suffer from lack of sleep get angry and impatient easily.

So serious is the problem that we have to find effective solutions to it. First, a good sleeping habit is of vital significance. Going to bed early and getting up early will benefit us both physically and mentally. Also, before going to bed, we should try to relax our minds to help us fall asleep as soon as possible. Besides, it is important for us to improve our learning methods and learn more efficiently, which will save us from staying up too late.

2. (2015年莆田一中、漳州一中、泉州五中三校高三年联考)



1. 词数120左右, 开头语已为你写好,不计入总词数;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称。

Failure in Exams

As we all know, Senior Three students will experience various exams and it is hard to avoid

failure sometimes, which greatly upsets them. Recently,

One possible version:

failure in exams. Here are the results.

We all agree that there are both advantages and disadvantages of failing in the exam. Generally speaking, it is widely believed that there are several positive aspects as follows. To begin with, it reminds students to devote themselves more to their studies. In addition, it helps students realize what aspects they are weak in, thus leading them to improve.

However, some advantages may arise form failure in exams. Firstly, it ruins students’ self-confidence so badly that some of them even no longer study hard. And secondly, teachers and parents show their dissatisfaction with these students, which makes the matter worse.

Faced with failure in exams, what I usually do is to turn to my teachers for help. They will always analyze my problems and give me some advice on how to deal with them. Their comfort and encouragement mean so much to me.

3. (2015届山东省潍坊市高三上学期期末考试)

假定你是李华,你校国际部下面的一则海报引起了你的注意。请你给你的美国留学生朋友Sara,Andrew 和Jack 写一封电子邮件,告知海报有关内容,热切邀请他们参加并期待和他们一起合唱一首英文歌曲。



Hi guys,

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Yours ,

Li Hua

4. (2015届云南省部分名校高三12月份统一考试) 随着手机的普及化,越来越多的学生将手机带入校园。你作为校刊记者对一些师生就学生随身携带手机的现象进行了采访。请根据下面所提供的信息用英语给你校校刊写一篇报

2. 词数100左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:手机应用 APP 使分心 distract

It ’s common nowadays in some schools that students take mobile phones with them. And people have distinctly different ideas on this issue.

It ’s common nowadays in some schools that students take mobile phones with them. And people have distinctly different ideas on this issue.

Some people approve of it. First of all, it ’s convenient for students to keep in touch with families and friends by using mobile phones. It can also relieve students of stress from time to time. Besides, some APPs can help students with their study, such as Youdao Dictionary and music players for listening practice.

However, others object to it because it’s a great distraction for students, which may cause a drop in grades. And addicted to mobile phones, some students may spend much of their sleep time playing with mobile phones.

In my opinion, students should be allowed to use mobile phones as long as they keep in mind that study is their major task.

5. (2015届江淮十校高三11月联考英语试题)

你是李华,你很烦恼。最近,每天早晚,你们小区广场上都有很多人在跳广场舞,持续时间长且噪音大,给你和小区里其他人带来了很多的不便„„请你给小区委员会领导写封信,反映现象及其导致的不便(要求涉及生活、学习和工作等方面)并提出合理建议。 注意:



参考词汇: 广场舞 square dance 组织者organizers

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you something about the people doing the square dance in our community,

which has made me terribly upset.

Best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you something about the people doing the square dance in our community, which has made me terribly upset.

Recently, every morning and evening, many people gather to dance in our community square, which does help to keep healthy. However, the long-time dancing and the noise pollution caused by the loudspeaker really bring about unbearable inconveniences.

We can’t rest or sleep well. As a result, the students are not only late for school but also sleepy in class, and the workers are easily tired out while working.

Here are some suggestions to solve the problem. They are supposed either to shorten the dancing time and reduce the music noise or to make another choice of dancing places. Only in this way can they have fun and let others enjoy life.

Would you please communicate with the organizers about what I said?

Best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua

6. (2015届安徽省江南十校高三期末大联考)

一些父母经常翻看自己孩子的书包、日记甚至网上聊天记录(chat records),请你就这一现象谈谈自己的看法。

注意:1, 词数120左右;



Some parents tend to look into their child ’s chat records, which is very common in our daily life.

As you know, some students are not getting along well with their parents, and it is their lack of communication that leads their parents to often look into their bags or diaries, even chat-on-line records. I fully understand what they are concerned about. They are actually afraid that we may get into some trouble. On the other hand, they have probably learned that some horrible stories about other teenagers.

However, I don’t think it is a proper way to do so because we not only need respect, but also expect to be trusted. A good relation is based on respecting and trusting each other.

7. (2015届屯溪一中高三年级第四次月考)



(1)简要阐述图片反映的现象; (2)分析造成该现象的原因(至少两点); (3)提出自己的看法。


The Internet has long been regarded as a wonderful tool that allows students to gain insight to useful resources and information. However, this is not always the case.

As is vividly shown in the picture, a boy is happy with the fact that he can depend on the Internet to finish tasks without any difficulty. It mirrors a common phenomenon. Nowadays, students tend to make use of the Internet to gain information they need.

There are some reasons accounting for it. To begin with, students find it convenient to surf the Internet for useful information, where problems can be solved with the help of several clicks. What’s more, there’s no doubt that the pressure to succeed also causes students to turn to computers for accurate answers. As a result, it’s likely that students will lose interest in studying, which is not beneficial to their overall development.

In my opinion, measures must be taken to solve the problem. Firstly, it is vital that students gain confidence in themselves and their abilities while doing tasks. Besides, what teachers and parents should do is encouraging students to be creative. Finally, doing tasks independently is of great significance.

8. (2015届南侨中学、永春三中、永春侨中、荷山中学、



Opportunities favor those who are prepared.

内容要求:1. 你对该引语的理解;2. 你的相关经历;3. 恰当的结尾。





The door of opportunity won’t open unless you do some pushing. Chances always favor prepared minds. The story happened when I was in high school can help illuminate the true meaning of the proverb.

On hearing the news that one student would be chosen and appointed to be the tour guide of some visiting teachers from Ireland, all of us felt excited. However, what annoyed us was that few of us could speak English fluently because most of us attached little significance to oral English. But our monitor, who practiced her listening and speaking nearly every day, was no exception. She succeeded in grasping the opportunity. Even more excitedly, she was offered a free summer camp to Ireland later.

Contrary to common belief that she was simply luckier, I think it was her preparations in advance that led to her success. This is a lesson I can take from her success.

9. (2015届福建省厦门市高三上学期1月质检检测)

阅读使人充实,阅读对于每个人的成长至关重要。请认真阅读下面的引言(quotation), 按要求用英语写一篇短文。

Reading makes a full man. 一Francis Bacon









As Francis Bacon puts it,reading makes a full man._____________________________


As Francis bacon puts it ,reading makes a full man. It is reading that guides us into a world of

At the same time, the people living near the square have the right to live in peace. So I

suggest the time when people dance on the square should be limited.





1. 词数100左右;

2. 可适当增加细节使行文连贯;

3. 开头已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr. Smith,

I ’ve read your advertisement for an assistant teacher for a children’s winter camp.




_________________________________________________ Yours,

Li Hua


Dear Mr. Smith,

I’ve read your advertisement for an assistant teacher for a children’s winter camp. I am quite interested in this position. I am outgoing, energetic, well-organized, and responsible; and most importantly, I love working with children! In the past two years, as a monitor in my class, I have proved myself to be an excellent helper to my teachers. I speak fluent English, which enables me to help native English teachers communicate freely and effectively with students in an English-only environment.

I will soon have a three-week winter vacation, so I have no problem working evenings and weekends. I can start working from the end of this month. I would be pleased to assist both the teachers and students in this challenging and rewarding environment.

Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua

12. (河北冀州中学2015届高三第四次月考)


注意:1.词数120左右,开头已为你写好(不计入总词数); 2.可适当增加细节。

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of computers, more and more people are paying less and less attention to their handwriting.____



Nowadays, with the growing popularity of computers, more and more people are paying less

and less attention to their handwriting.

According to a recent survey, about 85. 8 percent of middle school students think that their

handwriting is poor. Yet for various reasons, many students don't want to improve their handwriting. 51. 5 percent of the students think that they can just use a computer, so there is no need to waste time improving their handwriting, and 32. 3 percent believe that they are so busy with the study that they do not have time to practise. 10. 9 percent think that practising handwriting is useless.

As the saying goes, “writing style shows the man ”. Beautiful and neat handwriting is beneficial, especially for middle school students. Therefore, in my opinion, more emphasis should be placed on this aspect in future.


假如你是李华,在感恩节即将到来之际,你校组织了以“What shall we do to thank our parents?" 为主题的英语演讲活动。



Good afternoon! My name is Li Hua. As Thanksgiving is drawing near, I’d like to express

our gratitude/thanks for the energy and time our parents have devoted to us.

As is known to all, great patience and perseverance are needed to bring up a child. We

couldn’t have grown up without the parents’ care and love. They always do whatever they can to help us make progress. I can feel my parents’ deep love for me, which encourages me to make

greater progress.

I think there are a lot of things we can do to show our gratitude towards them. For example

we can cook a meal for them. Besides, we can help them with some housework. What is more

important, we should tell them we are thankful for what they have done for us and we won’t let

them down.


假如你是李华,你打算明年作为交换生到美国Michigan University去学习。你从网上得知一










Dear Sir or Madam.

I'm going to study in Michigan University as an exchange student next year.



Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


Dear Sir or Madam.

I'm going to study in Michigan University as an exchange student next year. Having learned from your website that you provide accommodation information for overseas students, I’m writing to look for a suitable host family. My requirements are as follows:

First of all ,I’d like to have my own single room, which is comfortable for me to stay in. second ,the flat should be in the centre of the city, where the traffic is convenient for me to go around. Third, I’d appreciate it if the host family could provide a washing machine and some essential equipment for free so that I can wash my clothes and cook my meals, Besides, the monthly rent should be no more than $300.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


高三(14)班同学开展了一场“司机醉驾是否应该处罚乘客”的讨论。请你根据下表提供的信息, 给报社写一封信, 介绍讨论的情况, 并发表你的看法。

[写作要求]只能使用5个句子表达全部内容;开头已为你写好,不计入句子总数。 [评分标准]句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about whether passengers who ride in a car driven by a drunken driver should be punished.


Yours sincerely,

Li yan

The minority of the students hold the opinion that punishing the passengers helps reduce traffic accidents and increase traffic safety.Not to ride in a car driven by a drunken driver is not only a responsible behavior for passengers themselves but also for the driver and other people on the road.

The majority of the students,however,disapprove of the idea,stating that it is difficult for common passengers to know whether the driver has been drinking or not.What's more,even if the passenger knows the driver has drunk alcohol and has attempted to persuade the driver not to drive,it is unfair to punish the passenger when the driver does not follow the advice. As far as I am concerned,punishing passengers as well as the drivers is not only unfair but also hard to carry out.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua



At times, in relationship, to accept leads to peace and harmony while to expect leads to conflict and tension.







Everybody being unique, to maintain a harmonious relationship calls for acceptance while to

expect may merely ruin it. Thus, learning to be the ones who can accept is of utmost importance, which cannot be stressed too much.

The above mention of the quotation reminds me of what happened to me a couple of months ago, which fully illustrates how important it is to learn to accept other people, rather than expect others to change for us. Lucy , keen on singing ,used to be my close friend. However, with time going by something that I used to adore gradually started to drive me crazy, as a result of which we became distant. Not until she came out first in the singing competition did I realize that it was singing that added flair to her personality.

Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. Accept rather than change, appreciate rather than complain, and we’ll live in harmony. Only by thinking in a different perspective and putting ourselves in others’ shoes can we find a solution to the conflict between us and harvest one surprise after another in life.



Nearly everyone likes traveling during vocations. Traveling can not only enrich our experiences but also broaden our minds.







As far as I am concerned, nearly all of us like traveling during vocations. On the one hand, traveling is a good way to relax ourselves. On the other hand, it is important for us to learn about the world.

Take my personal experience as an example. I can well remember there was a time when my family went to Shanghai to see the World Expo in 2010. So many foreigners were there that I had the chance to communicate with English native speakers. Meanwhile, I visited the pavilions created by different countries. It was through colorful exhibitions and performances that I learned about technologies and cultures of these countries. Above all, during my stay there, I could also see science and technology in China developing so fast. Our country is becoming more and more thriving and prosperous, of which I feel very proud.

Based on my personal experience, I am firmly convinced that knowledge is not only in books but also in experience. Not only can traveling open our eyes to the world, but we can also learn what we can’t learn from books.



Entertainment activities can surely bring you pleasure; however, it is the same with helping to do the housework.

注意: ①无须写标题;






Entertainment activities make people’s life colorful and bring us pleasure while housework makes people tired and feeling bored. But actually participating in housework helps promote our competence and brings us pleasure as well.

On Sunday morning, I got up as usual, finding my breakfast on the table. I knew that my parents had left home and would be back by noon. Two hours passing quickly, my parents had not come back yet and I began to feel bored. At that time, it suddenly occurred to me that I could get the lunch ready so that my mom need not do it after coming home. So excited was I at this idea that I set to work immediately. At 11 o’clock, my parents got home, amazed at what I had done.

I acted as a cook by my most willing, which made the weekend meaningful and unforgettable. Feeling happy and proud, I made up my mind to do more housework from then on.



Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily. Friedrich Schiller







When it comes to the key to success, the most important thing lies in doing every simple thing well . Doing simple things may help us develop good qualities needed in undertaking difficult and important task, which lay a solid foundation for our future development.

When I was young, I was under the impression that mother always nagged me how to do some housework well, like making beds, emptying rubbish or cleaning my room, which I was almost fed up with. One day, after I finished washing dishes in the kitchen, mother criticized me for my doing a bad job, saying that if you don’t do such a simple thing like washing dishes perfectly , it is impossible for you to undertake any difficult task. Although I felt very wronged, my later life reminded me mother was right. It was by doing simple things well that I gained many fine qualities to do something difficult, of which the most important one was patience.

From my perspective, under no circumstances should we undervalue the power of doing simple things . Instead we should regard them as the sources of experience , skills and requirement of success.“Great achievement only belongs to those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly.”just as Friedrich Schiller used to say.


Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.


1. 师生间冲突时有发生,并举例说明;

2. 造成冲突的原因;

3. 解决的方法。


Dear Editor,

It is very common that conflicts between teachers and students often happen. For example, a girl in our class didn ’t hand in her homework yesterday and was criticized by our English teacher. She felt it was unfair to be treated like that and talked back to the teacher, which made the teacher very angry. Later, it turned out that the girl didn ’t feel well the day before yesterday so she couldn’t finish her homework.

So in most cases, conflicts between people come from misunderstanding. If the girl had realized that the teacher acted so just for her sake, or the teacher had first asked the girl why she didn ’t finish her homework, the conflict would have been avoided. So teachers and students should communicate more and understand each other.

In my opinion, putting yourself in others’ shoes is the key to avoiding conflicts.


Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 近年来,越来越多的家长希望把孩子送到名校学习。“择校热”成为一种普遍的社会现象。请根据下面的提纲写一篇英语短文:

1. 陈述“择校热”的现状;

2. 分析“择校热”的原因;

3. 谈谈你的看法。



In recent years, more and more parents would like to send their children to famous schools because they think it can ensure their children can be admitted into better universities after graduation.

It is true that famous schools are equipped with better teaching facilities. Besides, teachers there are excellent, who come from all over the country and even abroad. They have a strong teaching ability to make classes more lively and interesting, so students will be able to accept knowledge a bit easier and better. However, not every student is fit to go to famous schools where there is fierce competition among students. And students there have to work much harder than those in ordinary schools.

I hope the government will take effective measures to make sure all the schools provide

equally good education. Only in this way can all the students have equal rights to receive quality



Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.



1. 食品安全问题屡次发生的原因。(利益、道德、法律等方面)

2. 减少此类事件发生的措施。(对企业的法律监管,提高防范意识等)

要求: 1.书写工整,卷面整洁;

2. 词数不少于120个,开头和结尾都已给出,不计入总词数。

提示词汇:food safety;producer

Dear sir,




Dear sir,

I am writing to say something about food safety, which has caused a great concern among the


There are some reasons for this problem. Firstly, some of the food producers just care about

making money, ignoring its damage possible to people’s health. Secondly, we fail to recognize the

importance of moral education. Thirdly, the lack of adequate laws on those illegal producers

enforces the trend.

Safety measures should be taken to deal with the problem. On the one hand, more strict laws

should be made to punish the illegal producers and the sellers who break the law. On the other

hand, consumers should avoid buying unsafe food. What ’s more, the government should

strengthen management over the food quality.

In a word, if everyone can make a difference, I firmly believe this problem will be solved in the

near future.




假设你是李华,你的朋友Lucy 要来长春参观,请你用英文给她写一封邮件,简要介绍


1. 长春坐落在中国东北部,是吉林省的省会城市;

2. 是经济、文化中心, 被誉为汽车城;

3. 气候四季分明、城市整洁、交通便利、人民热情友好。


1. 可根据要求加以必要发挥,但不要逐字翻译;

2. 词数为100左右;

3. 电子邮件的开头和结尾已为你写好(不计入总词数)。

参考词汇: 汽车城 City of Automobile 四季分明 four distinct seasons

Dear Lucy,

I ’m so happy that you will come to Changchun. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to seeing you here in Changchun.

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


Dear Lucy,

I ’m so happy that you will come to Changchun. I’d like to introduce my hometown to you. Situated in the northeastern part of China, Changchun, the capital of Jilin, is the economic

and cultural center of the whole province. Famous for its developed automobile industry, Changchun is hailed as City of Automobile. With its four distinct seasons, Changchun has a very pleasant climate. Here, you can see a dynamic city with its clear appearance, friendly citizens and a convenient traffic system. When you come here, I would be happy to be your tour guide to travel around every place of interest in my hometown. Looking forward to seeing you here in Changchun.



Li Hua


火车、地铁、公交车内的“低头族”越来越多,尤其是青年人,上车后很快拿出手机,不管路程长短,不论坐着还是站着,人人都眼睛盯着屏幕,有的人走路也在看手机„„ 针对这一现象 ,发表你的看法。 注意:行文连贯流畅;




The mobile phone has been part of our life. Mobile phones bring us much convenience.

However, more and more phubbers, especially young people, would like to stare at their screen, surfing or playing games, no matter whether they are on a bus or a train, and no matter how far the journey is. And even they will not miss the chance to surf the in internet when crossing the street. They never care about what happened around.

As far as I am concerned, phubbing on a moving bus does harm to their eyes. Besides, phubbing is also dangerous while crossing the street. Wish phubbers hold up their heads to enjoy surroundings.

25(日照市一2015届高三上学期第三次质量达标检测) 动物是我们的朋友,目前濒危物种越越多,很多珍稀动物濒临灭绝,灭绝原因中人为因素居多,保护濒危动物人人有责。假设你是李华,请给编辑写一封信,以“保护动物”为主题,阐明动物濒危原因及解决办法。

注意:1. 词数100字左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头语和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数。

Dear editor,

Iamwriting to____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best wishes!


Li Hua


Dear editor, Iamwriting to tell you something about endangered animals.There are more and more endangered animals at present, so how to protect them has been our task of top priority . It's wrong for people to hunt animals for their meat and feather, for they are our good friends.

There are many reasons for animals dying out, but the most important one is the part that humans have played. First, many animals have been killed for food. Second, many of the places where animals used to live have been destroyed. Wet land has been turned into field. More and more trees in the forests have been cut down, but few trees are planted. Much land has either been changed into agricultural land or used for building factories and houses. Polluted rivers and lakes have also been a cause of death of some of the animals.

Luckily, some people are working to help save the animals. Some groups raise money to let people know about the problem. And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Quite a few countries have passed laws. These laws forbid the killing of any animal or planton the danger list. Slowly, the number of some animals in danger is growing. Best wishes!


Li Hua


假如你叫王凯,是学校国际班学生,上周五晚从楼梯摔下造成左脚受伤。虽手术及时,但仍须在家中休养一月。请你按以下要点给你的老师Mr .Smith 写一封信:








Dear Mr. Smith.


Yours sincerely,

Wang Kai


Dear Mr. Smith,

I ’m so sorry to say that I have to stay away from school for some time, because I hurt my left leg when I was going downstairs last Friday evening. Fortunately, I was given an immediate operation, but the doctor told me that I had to stay in bed for a month. What a long time!

So, what can I do during this long absence from you and other teachers and classmates? I’m really worried about the lessons, and I’ll feel lonely without you. What can I do, Mr. Smith? I ’m looking forward to your reply, and I hope I can get back to school as soon as possible. Yours sincerely,

Wang Kai

27(山东省实验中学2015届高三第三次诊断考试) 假如你是李华,从报纸上看到中老年英语培训机构Mid .Senior ESCH面向高中毕业生招聘暑期兼职辅导员,负责学员课间服务事项。请根据下面的广告内容用英语写一份求职信。


Valuable chances ale open for high school graduates who are good at English.Their work is to tend the senior students during the break.

Requirements attached:

1.Good at English.

2.Experienced priority.

Contact us by e-mail:midesch@163.com .




Dear Sir/Madam ,


Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


Dear Sir/Madam ,

I ’d like to apply for the post of assistant which was advertised in the newspaper. I found this position quite appealing to me.

I ’ve just graduated from high school. Luckily I’m good at English and I can speak English fluently. In addition, I have previous experience. During my stay in middle school, I used to be a volunteer and looked after the old people in a nursing home on weekends.

In short, I believe my experience and fluent oral English will be a great help for me in doing the work. I’m available for interview at any time. It would be appreciated if I can get your offer.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

28(山西省康杰中学等四校2015届高三第二次联考) 假如你是高三学生李华,得知你的美国笔友Peter 被Harvard(哈佛大学) 录取,请你给他写一封电子邮件。要点如下:

1. 表示祝贺且备受鼓舞;

2. 介绍自己目前的学习情况;

3. 请教学习方法。

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总数;

3. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Peter,

I have received your e-mail. _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________


Li Hua

【范文】 I have received your e-mail. I am very excited and inspired by the good news that you have been admitted into Harvard. First I’d like to offer my congratulations to you on your great success

and I also hope to enter a famous university just like you.

Now I want to tell you something about myself. As you know, I’m busy preparing for the

College Entrance Examination. Day after day I work very hard and have to stay up late doing piles of papers. However, I’m always feeling stressed out because my efforts don’t seem to pay off, which makes me frustrated and exhausted. Will you be kind enough to give me some advice?

I would appreciate it if you could write back to me as soon as possible.


Li Hua


假定你是学生会主席李华。为提高同学们的阅读兴趣,你校将于寒假过后(3月19日下午2:00) 在教学楼201室举行读书交流活动,请用英语写一篇通知,号召全体学生积极参加。要点如下:


注意: 1. 词数100左右,标题和落款已给出,不计入总词数;2. 可适当增加细节.



The Students’ Union



In order to improve the students’ interest in reading, our school is to hold an activity in Room 201 of the teaching building at 2 pm on March 19.

All the students are welcome to the activity, where the participants are expected to exchange views about what they have read. Besides, you can recommend books to others to read. It is hoped that all the students should spend more time reading during the coming winter holiday in order to have something to share with other students.

Let’s seize the chance and make good preparations for it! The Students’ Union

30(成都市2015届高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) 某中学生英文报近期开辟专栏,讨论班干部与同学关系问题。请你按以下提示,为该报 写一篇英文稿件。

1. 班干部的重要性及主要职责;

2. 班干部与其他同学可能会产生冲突;

3. 产生冲突的原因(三点);


注意:1. 词数120左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;


参考词汇:班干部class cadres冲突conf lict(cn.)


假设你是李冬,你的朋友新西兰交换生Nick 约你一起喝茶,而你却因故失约。现在请你根

据以下要点,用英语给他发一封E - mail道歉:









4.参考词汇:川菜馆Sichuan - style restaurant


Dear Nick,

I ’m writing to apologize to you for not having gone to the tea house to have tea with you yesterday evening.

I feel very terrible about it and want you to know what happened to me yesterday evening. I was busy writing my English composition, which was due today, till late into the night . I just forgot our appointment!

To express my apology, I’d like to invite you to have supper in a Sichuan-style restaurant with me . The restaurant, located in the main street, is especially famous for its Sichuan food . If you think it’s OK. I’ll pick you up at our school gate at 5:30 p.m this Saturday. Once again. I should apologize for any inconvenient caused.

Yours sincerely Li Dong


绵阳拥挤的道路给人们带来不便,引发社会广泛热议。是否应该拥有私家车,有人赞成,有人反对。请你以Whether or not --- Owning a private car为题,用英语论述人们的观点,并给出你自己的观点。

字数:120字左右, 开头已给出,不计入总词数。

Whether or not --- Owning a private car

Nowadays, masses of cars are crowded on the roads in Mianyang City, causing great inconvenience and a heated discussion. Different ideas vary from person to person.



Whether or not --- Owning a private car

Some people claim that there are many advantages of owning a private car. It gives a much greater degree of comfort. For example, they are no longer forced to rely on public transport. And with a car they can go where they like and enjoy themselves by making trips to the country or seaside on the weekends.

However, others strongly object to owning private cars. They maintain that as more and more cars run in the street, a large volume of poisonous gas has been given off, polluting the atmosphere and causing actual harm to the health of people. What’s more, in fact, private cars have contributed to a serious traffic problem.

Personally, I think private cars should be restricted rather than encouraged.


“如果你想强壮,你就跑步吧;如果你想健美,你就跑步吧;如果你想聪明,你就跑步吧。”这是古希腊2500年前的三句名言。 教育部(The Ministry of Education)也倡导学生:“每天锻炼一小时,健康工作五十年,幸福生活一辈子。” 请你根据以上提示,用英语准备一份发言稿,就高三学生是否需要每天花半小时锻炼,谈谈你的看法及理由。开头结尾已给出。



Good afternoon, everyone,

First, I’m very glad to stand here talking with all of you.

Thank you!


Good afternoon, everyone,

First, I ’m very glad to stand here talking with all of you.

As everyone knows, health is the most important thing in our life. Firstly, by doing sports, we get our body trained. Secondly, doing proper activities keeps us physically fit. Lastly, when taking part in sports, we can learn not only the spirit of cooperation and optimism, but also how to deal with difficulties.

What’s more, nowadays the Ministry of Education carries out a national campaign of the students’ sports. The motto is that “doing sports for one hour each day, you will work healthy in fifty years and live a happy life forever.”

As for me, I enjoy doing sports because this is a good thing for all of us. Some students in Grade Three think it is a waste of time, but I don’t think so. Doing sports can not only let us relax ourselves but also get more chances to breathe fresh air and appreciate the natural beauty. We can’t study all the time .We will be tired and have little progress if we don’t relax. Relaxing can make better progress, and it’s good for our study. So, let’s do sports together and make our life more colorful.

Thank you

34(浙江省嘉兴一中等五校2015届高三上学期第一次联考) 学校将组织“校园最美教师”的评选活动,要求学生推荐心中的最美教师。你想要推荐你的老师王华。请根据以下要点,用英语写一篇120词左右的短文,推荐你心中的最美教师。要求如下:

1. 简要表述王老师在你心目中的印象;

2. 用1~2个事例进行具体描述;

3. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。

范文It is my geography teacher Wang Hua that I intend to recommand because what he impresses on us is not only his expertise in teaching but his care for us.

Being knowledgeable and humorous,Mr.Wang never fail to spread knowledge in an interesting and simple way. In a class about earth ’s rotation and revolution,he held a basketball,which represented the earth,rotating it with his body circling around the classroom at the same time.Thus,the seemingly difficult process of study was neither complex nor dull.The other day,I was alone in the classroom.Knowing something was bothering me,he cautiously approached me.After he patiently heared my story out,he offered his sincere and sound suggestions,which cleared up my problem immediately.

I hope you will kindly consider my recommendation.


最近,你校的校园网将开辟一个英语学习交流博客(blog )。请你根据下面的内容提示,为校园广播站写一篇广播稿,介绍这个博客,并欢迎同学们积极参与。

1. 时间:2015年6月1日开通;

2. 目的:促进交流,提高英语水平;

3. 内容:交流经验,提出问题,参与每周讨论等;

注意:1. 词数不少于120;

2. 请勿提及学校真实名称;

3. 可适当加入细节,以使内容充实、行文连贯;

3. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear fellow students,

Good news for you! __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

That’s all. Thank you.


Dear fellow students,

Good news for you! A blog will be opened on the website of our school on June 1, 2015. It aims to help us students to communicate better and improve our English level.

The blog serves as an open platform where we can do a lot of things. First of all, we can

share efficient learning experience here to promote our English study. Secondly, if you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to post it here. And possibly, you will find proper solutions to them with the help of enthusiastic schoolmates. In addition, attracted by interesting topics, we are free to take part in the weekly discussion.

I am sure the blog will be of great benefit to our English study. And every one of us is encouraged to visit it.

That’s all. Thank you!


假如你是李华,学校英语社团暑期组织中学生出国参加夏令营(Summer Camp),有两个 夏令营供选择:英国文化夏令营(The Culture Summer Camp),美国语言夏令营(America Language Summer Camp).请用英语写一封申请信,报名参加其中的一个复令营。信的内容 必须包括:

1. 你感兴趣的夏令营:

2. 为什么想参加这个活动:

3. 对这项活动有怎样的打算和期待。


2. 可适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

Dear Sir,

Yours truly,

Li Hua Dear Sir,

I am very glad that some Summer Camps will be held abroad to help us improve our English and learn more about English culture.

I am writing to apply for the UK Culture Summer Camp. To tell you the truth, I am crazy about the UK’s culture and I hope the summer camp will help me better understand it . What’s more, I personally prefer British English, so while traveling there, I hope I will have a chance to communicate with local people and make some friends of my age, which I think will not only help me learn more about its culture but also improve my English.

In addition, in order to get more chances to communicate with the British, I expect to live in a home stay, especially those with guys of our age. I would appreciate it if you could take my application into consideration.

Best wishes!

Yours truly,

Li Hua

37(宁德市2015届普通高中毕业班单科质量检查) 青少年的健康成长问题一直是人们关注的焦点。现在越来越多的学生不爱参加体育活动,请你用英语写一篇短文,发表你的看法。


1. 指出不爱活动的表现;

2. 分析其原因;

3. 提出改变现状的建议。


1. 词数120左右;短文开头已给出,不计入总词数;

2. 文中不能出现考生的具体信息。

Nowadays, most students spend almost all their time on study. _______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ They don’t enjoy taking part in outdoor activities and avoid intense sports like long-distance running, basketball, volleyball, etc, which results in poor health and contributes to injuries in common sports.

As far as I’m concerned, many factors account for these problems. For one thing, too much emphasis is laid on study, which takes up even the time students would otherwise spend on sports. For another, things like computers and cellphones seem more appealing to them .What’s more, such stuff as online games, movies and so on, is readily accessible to them.

Thus, I suggest schools make it a rule for students to spend at least one hour a day on sports. Parents can also arrange some weekend activities in which their children are willing to get involved. As for students, they should be aware of the importance of physical health and take exercise regularly.


面对繁重的高中学习任务,高中生对参加学校活动有着不同的看法,请以Taking Part in School Activities为题,用英文写一篇120词左右的短文,着重介绍两种不同的观点和态度,最后谈你个人看法。不得署名。




Taking Part in School Activities

As for school activities, students mainly hold two views.

Taking part in school activities

As for school activities, students mainly hold two views. Many students are very enthusiastic about school activities; they have their reasons. Firstly, they think that learning from textbooks is not their only task and they should take any chance to get some practical knowledge. Secondly, they hold that after long hours’ study, they can relax themselves by participating in school activities.

However, a large group of students take little interest in them and spend most of their time on study. They believe that they should make full use of time to study and that school activities have little to do with their further development. Thus sometimes they even laugh at those who take an active part in school activities.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer the first view. On the one hand, we can learn a great deal from other students we meet in activities. Furthermore, the modern society requires many qualities of young students, so “book worms” can’t keep up with thee times.


假如你是李华,一名高三学生,经常为看电视的事跟妈妈闹意见,今天你跟妈妈达成一致。请根据以下表格的内容,以 An Argument 为题为《英语广场》写一篇100字左右的英

An Agreement

I am a Senior Three student. I often quarrel with my mother over whether I can watch TV after school. My mother holds the view that students in senior three, shouldering heavy loads, are too busy to spare any time to watch TV. It seems to her that' once I am allowed to do that I'll not be able to control myself and forget all about my study. She also thinks that it is bad for my eyes to watch TV too often. But I really can't accept her ideas. I think it a relaxation to watch TV after a day's hard work. Watching TV can not only relax me, but broaden my horizons. Now we've at last reached an agreement that I can only watch TV at weekends, and the programs should be limited to news, programs of entertainment, sports or science.


假定你是李华,你原本和Peter 约好一起去观看一场足球比赛,但是昨天下午你突然接到母亲的电话说她要来看你,结果你没能按时赴约。为此你感到十分抱歉。请根据以下要点给Peter 写一封信,以表歉意。

主要内容包括:1.表达歉意;2.解释没能去的原因;3.希望下周三邀请Peter 吃饭作为补偿。

注意:1. 词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.信的开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计人总词数。

Dear Peter, ______________________________________________________________ Yours’ Li Hua

Dear Peter,

I suppose you may be a little unhappy because of me as you were expecting me to come in any circumstance/ case. I am extremely sorry for not going to watch the

football game together with you yesterday afternoon. Please accept my sincere

apology. Yesterday afternoon I was going to leave the dormitory when I received my

mother’s call telling me she would come for a visit. You know I hadn’t seen her for a

couple of months and I did miss her. So I had to cancel the appointment with you.

In order to make up for it, let’s meet at Doe’s Café at noon next Wednesday. It

will be my treat.

I’m looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua


Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in


请就“Do you think everyone should go to university?”这个问题,以“To or not to university?”为

标题, 写一篇英语短文。

内容:1. 发表你自己的看法,说出理由;

2. 说说你自己的打算。




To or not to university?

Some people say one should go to university while others say it is not necessary for

everyone. What do I think?

I don’t think everyone should. With various kinds of jobs in the world, although some jobs

require a high level of education, others are more suited to people with different talents. Some

people choose to join a family business, many athletes prefer to concentrate on their sports

careers and people with practical skills such as carpenters and builders often learn on the job

rather than in a lecture hall. However, a good education is very valuable and university also helps

teach people life skills as well as academic knowledge.

As to me, I want to go to university, because I want to experience university life and then go

abroad for further study. I am working hard to make my dream come true. And I believe I can do




1. 感谢家人,朋友和老师。特别举例感谢某个老师(不用真名,一律使用Mr. Zheng, 并写出原因。

2. 回顾高中三年的生活。列举出你印象深刻的活动。

3. 展望未来。


Dear teachers, families and graduates, welcome and thank you for joining us tonight at Xinhua High School graduation ceremony for the Class of 2013!


Finally, best wishes to the Class of 2013. Thank you very much.

Dear teachers, families and graduates, welcome and thank you for joining us tonight at Xinhua High School graduation ceremony for the Class of 2013! First, let me thank all our families and friends for their love and support on behalf of the graduates. I also want to thank our diligent teachers for guiding us through to this moment. My personal thanks to Mr Zheng, you got me through Math when I had given up hope.Graduation is a time to go over enjoyable memories which have been made over the past three years. Many events become so vivid in my mind at this moment, military training, soccer and basketball games.

However, graduation is also a time to look forward to the future in front of us. No matter what you plan next, I hope you can go about it positively. Each of you will create your own unique path. Let’s remember the saying “Attitude determines altitude ”. Please always keep a smile on your face.

Finally, best wishes to the Class of 2013. Thank you very much.


假定你是李华。你的加拿大笔友Pcter 给你发了邮件,说他叔叔Smith 将于12月12日上午11: 30乘航班CA988到你所在的城市开会,同时带来了你想要的巧克力,请你按时接机。请你速回邮件说明:


2.接机方式:在飞机场出口处举一牌子“Smith is welcome;


注意:1. 词数100左右;



Dear Peter,

How are you doing?__________________________________________________________ I am eagerly looking forward to his visit to our city.


Li Hua












Recently, it has been a great public concern that the students tack self-protection awareness.

As is vividly shown in the picture, society, schools, parents and especially students should work together to ensure students’ security.

There is a lack of social experience among students and therefore learning how to protect ourselves is of great significance to us all. For one thing, security comes first. Without security, we can achieve nothing and can not live up to parents’ expectations. For another thing, protecting ourselves contributes to the healthy development of the students, which is associated with the happiness of every family. Meanwhile, it also helps to build a more harmonious society.

Personally, in order to protect us students, above all, we should strengthen our security awareness. Besides, when accidents occur, we should calm down and turn to teachers or parents for help. The government also plays a leading role in protecting students. In a word, only by the combined efforts of every side involved can we live and study in harmony.





以How to grow up healthily为题写一篇短文,介绍学生们该如何健康成长,写作要点如下:




要求:1.需包含所有写作要点,词数1 20左右。


How to grow up healthily

How to grow up healthily

As we know, cellphones and computers are common in our daily life. However, children

nowadays depend much on them, which, in my opinion does great harm to their growth.

In my opinion, the major task for children is to learn various knowledge. Therefore, they

should fix more attention on it and be less dependent on electronics. Besides, they should spare

more time to take exercise. If so, they can have a healthy body, which in turn contributes to their


The last but not least, children should learn to communicate with others. They can have a

heart-to-heart conversation with their parents and teachers if they have some problems hard to

solve. As they have more experience in life, they can give children plenty of instructions.










3.词数:120左右。 The fun game implies that success calls for such factors as luck,knowledge and hard work,

especiallyattitude ._______________________________________________________________




power and hard work can bring us harvest.

As is often the case, our attitude determines how we feel and what will become of our knowledge and hard work. For example, a positive attitude is certain to help us achieve our goals, but whether we feel optimistic or not lies in what attitudes we choose. Keeping positive can give us hope and improve our working efficiency, while being pessimistic only makes us feel desperate or even give up at last.

In short, we should keep a good attitude towards anything. After all, a good attitude is bound to make life brighter. There is no doubt that no one could succeed without a good attitude.


请根据以下提示,并结合实例,用英语写一篇短文。 ,but in setting our aim too low and achieving it.

注意: 1. 无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语;

2. 必须结合实例;

3. 除诗歌外,文体不限;

4. 文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称;

5. 词数不少于120。

A Chinese writer Haizi once said,“live the plainest life with the wildest dream.” Up to now, I think nobody has done this better than a girl named He Shuting.

As an ordinary student studying in an ordinary school, she was generally considered as a student who was doomed to stay away from a promising future, like her classmates. However, she didn’t give way to fate and the fire of entering Peking University burnt wildly beneath her ordinary appearance. High as her goal was, she made up her mind to challenge it. From then on, she spent every minute she could spare on her study, doing homework late at night and previewing school materials early in the morning. Gradually her scores picked up. At length her extraordinary efforts paid off with the result that she got the highest marks of her province in the College Entrance Exams, realizing his dream to be admitted to Peking university, which is really a miracle shocking the whole country.

We may fall short in the course of pursuing a high aim, but it's obvious that we won't gain anything if we never dream of it.



We are what we eat, so healthy eating plays an important role in our daily life.

注意: ①无须写标题;





As we all know, we are what we eat. Therefore, healthy eating is of

great significance in our successful life.

It was not until I witnessed my classmate Wanghui that I realized how important it is to keep a healthy diet. Wanghui is a distinguished student in my class and always highly spoken of by our teachers. However, faced with the pressure of the national college entrance examination, she had been working hard. Sometimes, she even went to school without breakfast or lunch. Day by day, she got weaker and weaker, resulting in her feeling sleepy in class. Yesterday, it’s a pity that she should fail in the English exam. To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with a terrible disease and had to stay in hospital for treatment.

From the above example concerning with Wanghui, we may safely draw a conclusion that only if we keep a balanced diet will we have a healthy body to achieve our goals.



Everybody was born with a heart for beauty, but remember the saying "Never judge a book by its cover."





⑤词数为120左右, 如引用提示语则不计入总数词。

What I have borne in mind is a saying, “D o not judge a person by his appearance”. Beauty, which blossoms from the most fundamental qualities, should not only be measured by the surface.

I cannot fail to remember the day I was arranged to be teamed up with the most ordinary student. On hearing the difficult task, I was too dismayed to begin working, thinking I was doomed to fail. However, It turned out that that student was expert at it, which contributed to our final success. Since then, I have got to make the acquaintance with him, realizing he was a excellent person indeed with his noble character.

From my individual perspective, we should never judge others only by their appearances, since it may provide you with what you don’t anticipate. Only in this way can we embrace the bright future.

51(仙桃、天门、潜江市2015届高三期末考试) 请你根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。

Only when we match our words with actions can we make a difference in what we hope to accomplish.

注意: ①无须写标题;

②除诗歌外,文体不限; ③内容必须结合你生活中的一个事例;



“Actions speak louder than words.” The message in this saying is conveyed very clearly: taking action is more meaningful than just shouting empty slogans. Only if we match our word with actions can we achieve our dream.

When it comes to taking action, Nelson Mandela’s example can’t escape me. Even when he was a young man, he dreamed of making black people and white people equal. Rather than just paying lip service, he went through many struggles to put his ideas into practice. To make his dream come true, he himself was in prison for almost thirty years. Not only has he inspired many to follow him despite many difficulties, but he has become an international symbol for fairness and justice.

Nelson Mandela sets a good example to us all, which makes it self-evident that we must take immediate action to make a difference in whatever we hope to accomplish.



When working in the company of other men, there must be one I can learn something from. 注意:①无须写标题;





One possible version:

It is obvious that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We should learn from others in order to make up for our own weakness.

Take my classmate Tom for example. He always failed in physics, which made him frustrated. Fortunately, through group cooperative learning he got a good chance to learn from his partners in the group. They all had their own strong points. He turned to his partners for help and learned their scientific learning methods. One of his partners gave him some useful advice on how to improve physics, thus helping him achieve much progress. He also worked hard to catch up with his partners.

We can conclude from the example that there is always someone around you to learn from

53(宜昌市2015届高三年级第一次调研考试) 请你根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。

Always keep In mind that your own determination to succeed is more than anything else. 注意: ①无须写标题;





It can’t be denied that the essential key to success is your determination. Therefore, whatever obstacles you come across, the best solution is to make up your mind to struggle for a way out.

I can well remember what great difficulty I had learning English. Constantly failing in exams nearly destroyed my faith and confidence. However, the head teacher sensed my depression and came to my help. Encouraged by her, I regained my ambition to learn English well. Buried in English for a long time, I finally achieved my goal. But for my resolution to learn it well, I wouldn’t have had such a good command of English.

S ince then I’ve been convinced that only when you determine to succeed can you possess the perseverance to work hard, which will eventually lead to your success. So hold on to determination, and you are guaranteed to embrace a brighter future.


快餐在现在的中国很流行,但快餐对人的身体却没什么好处。请你根据下面要点以“FAST FOOD” 为题写一篇英语短文。



⑴ 方便、节约时间;

⑵ 既可在快餐店里吃又可带回家吃;

⑶ 店里的环境干净、舒服;



注意:词数100左右。生词:营养(nutrition )

55(广昌一中、崇仁一中2015届高三12月联考) 为了帮助中学生健康成长,某中学英文报开辟了“HEART-TO-HEART”专栏。假设你是该栏目的编辑Jamie ,收到一封署名为Worried 的求助信。信中该同学向你诉说了自己的困扰:近日容易发脾气,使正常的学习和生活受到了影响。请用英文给该同学写一封回信。








参考词汇:temper n. 脾气,情绪

Hi Worried.:

I’m sorry to know that you’re having such a Yours,


One possible version

Hi Worried,

I ’m sorry to know that you ’re having such a bad time at the moment. The truth is everyone will have one of those periods when things seem to be going wrong, so you don’t have to worry so much. The important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret. Here are three useful tips:

First, talk to someone you trust about how you feel. This is a good way of letting your anger out without hurting others or yourself. Second, go outdoors and play games with your friends as physical exercise is an effective way to get rid of anger. And third, remain optimistic about your future. Such a positive attitude towards life can be helpful in lifting your spirits.

I hope you’ll soon feel calmer and carry on as normal.



56(江西省吉安一中2015届高三年级第二次阶段考试) 高三学生学习任务繁重。体育课已成为难得的放松时间, 可目前你们体育课内容单一,有时甚至被占用。请你用英语写一篇短文,给校报投稿, 词数不少于80,内容应包括:

1. 目前体育课的现状

2. 你对此现象的看法

3. 提出一些合理的建议

Dear editor,

As the college entrance examination is drawing near,________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Yours Sincerely,

Li Hua


Dear editor,

We senior high school students are occupied with busy work. To a certain extent, PE class is our only chance to relax and enjoy ourselves at school. However, it is a pity that our present PE class is quite dull and sometimes even replaced by other subjects.

Not only can PE class build our body but also can shape our personality. It serves to develop our awareness of cooperation and spirit of competition. Therefore, personally I hold the view that it would be a great loss to us students if it were replaced by other lessons. Meanwhile, I

think the teacher can design and organize some fun sports besides dull field and track practice or ball games, where everyone can be involved and have fun as well. After all, not everybody thinks running, jumping or ball games appealing.

I hope PE class can not only enrich our school life but also enable everyone to find his or her own pleasure in it.

Yours Sincerely,

Li Hua


高三学生面临沉重的学习压力, 很多学生利用课间十分钟的休息时间学习, 实际上没有什么效果。假如你是新华中学高三年级的刘梅, 就此现象给中学生英语报写封信,发表自己的看法。信的内容包括以下要点:

1. 十分钟的课间休息的必要性(说明理由);

2. 你是怎样利用这十分钟的。

注意:1. 词数 120-150; 2. 信的开头已经给出(不计入总数)。

Dear Editor,

I’m a Senior 3 student from Xinhua Middle school. _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Yours, Liu Mei One possible version:

Dear Editor,

I ’m a Senior 3 student from Xinhua Middle School. As is known to all, senior 3 students are suffering heavy pressure of study. As a result, many students are trying to spare every minute to study, even during the ten-minute break between classes.

In my opinion, taking the ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary, which makes us relaxed both physically and mentally. The ten-minute break is meant for us to relax and prepare for the next class. Only by doing so can we have more energy to study effectively in class.

My ten-minute break is always pleasing as well as relaxing. Sometimes I do some simple exercises. Sometimes I have a free chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside. Therefore, I always feel energetic and listen attentively in class.


Liu Mei

58(江西省新余市2015届高三上学期期末考试) 假定你是李华,你的一位美国朋友Tom 托你在北京给他找份工作。你看到《中国日报》(China Daily)上刊载了一则招聘启事,认为对他很合适。请用英文写一封短信,用e-mail

注意:1. 开头语已为你写好;

2. 介绍必须包括所有内容,但不要逐词翻译说明部分;

3. 词数:100个词左右。

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? Yours,

Li Hua One possible version

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? You’ve asked me to look for a job in Beijing for you. Now I have some good news for you. I read an advertisement in “China Daily” today, which says the Beijing Ladder Information Company Limited is going to provide an English course for children and adults, so they need native speaker English teachers. What they prefer is a university degree in education or other related fields. And a foreign expert certification is also required. I think you are the right person they want.

If you are interested, please directly call or write to the company. The telephone number is

86-10-68019433, and their e-mail address is: liecbj @ hotmail.com.

Good luck!

59(2015届高三丹东五校协作体期末考试) 假如你是李华,你向美国笔友Jack 介绍你校开设的学生社团活动的情况,大致


1、活动对象:高一和高二学生;活动时间:每周二 的三点钟以后。

2、 通过参加活动,你们的收获。

3、 你的感受。



3、 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter asking about the club activities in our school.





Li hua

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your letter asking about the club activities in our school .These clubs are set

up by the Students’ Union and they are intended for students from Grade Two and Grade Three,

open after 3 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon.

The club activities, aiming to offer students more opportunities to show their different talents,

benefit us a lot. Taking part in club activities can help us to make new friends, expand our circle,

and develop interpersonal skills. At the same time, these activities can help us to develop

self-confidence, communicating with each other more easily. Besides, we have developed

different skills and many interests, which enrich our lives.

In my opinion, I acquire more knowledge in an interesting way. Meanwhile, I bring myself

more relaxation after hard study, which reduces my tiredness.

Li hua


假如你是张迪,美国Standford 中学学生会主席Terry 将于今年感恩节期间组织学生来你


注意:1.词数:100字左右。 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯


你们学校英语俱乐部组织“2014年感动校园人物”的推荐活动,你们班决定推荐李华 请根据以下信息写一篇推荐他的发言稿。






Dear teachers, my fellow friends,

It is a great honor for me to recommend Li Hua, monitor of our class, as the

Touching Figure On Campus of 2014.

Thank you for listening.

Dear teachers, my fellow friends,

It is a great honor for me to recommend Li Hua, monitor of our class, as the Touching

Figure On Campus of 2011.

With a loving character, Li Hua is such a kind and helpful person as we cannot praise

too much. Whenever there is a trouble, his timely encouraging words always push us


Yet what has impressed me most is his unconditional love to those unprivileged

children. Knowing that some children had little access to reading materials, he started to donate books as early as junior high school. Two years ago, he volunteered to teach English

and painting in a small village during the summer vacation, which has inspired some other students to join in and thus helped open up a new world to those children as well.

Proud enough, we strongly recommend or support Li Hua as the Touching Figure of

2011, for his selfless love that touches our heart, his perseverance that inspires us to keep

going forward and his action that suggests even the smallest efforts can make a big

difference to those in need.

Thank you for listening.


假定你是李华,两周前你从网上订购了一套英语书虫系列读物(Bookworm series),昨天








可能用到的生词:投诉complaint n.

To whom it may concern,

Looking forward to your reply.

Li Hua


To whom it may concern,

I ’m one of your customers. I ordered a set of Bookworm Series on your website two weeks

ago, but I didn’t receive them until yesterday. And much to my disappointment, the books were so poorly packed up that the cover of one book was torn. To make matters worse, it is not a complete set, as I found one book missing.

It ’s bad to have received such poor service, and I believe I have every right to ask you to deal

with this problem. I hope that you either return my money or deliver a new set of books to me. Besides, I’d like to be informed of the process of your dealing with my complaint.

Looking forward to your reply.

Li Hua


设你是李华,打算高考完(7月份) 去伦敦旅游一周,现在你就此事发email 给伦敦